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    Equinox 600, Equinox 800 ordered, Garrett ACE 300 ( x2 for Family use), Garrett Carrot. Minelab Pro-Find 35, White's Ground Hawg, MPOW Ears
  1. Copper non-key date pennies are now worth more than double their face value, according to Coinflation copper valuation. I have a big water cooler bottle about half full of 'em. Getting rich! LOL!
  2. Sorry, wrong forum.
  3. Oops! I went back a page and misread the pricing. I used the Anderson Shaft price, not the coil's. You are right the European price is actually LOWER than ours. At current exchange rate, Their base price in US$ is $168...and then add VAT depending on which country it is purchased in. The total price that El Nino77 paid with VAT in US equivalency is $203.00. Taxes are hard on them there, but their base price is still lower than ours, and we don't pay tax if bought from another State outside our own. Croatians, and the Danish are hit the worst, with a 25% VAT rate. Yikes! Nonetheless, we are being squeezed!
  4. That includes VAT (Sales Tax), right? Solvakia VAT is between 20-22%. Germany is 13%. UK is higher...so you have to figure that the actual price minus VAT is significantly lower. At the current Euro/$$ conversion rate of $1.23 to the Euro, and minus the VAT, the price he got the coil for would be $172.00. About $25 higher than the U.S. MAP price that is being advertised here. (After living in Germany for three years, I got very used to doing these formulas for comparison!! )
  5. Dewalt 20v Metal Detector

    Well...when you have the itch, scratch it! Pretty innovative. The important thing is they are having fun, despite the fact that that detector isn't going to find much of any worth, unless it's huge! LOL!
  6. Cheap Carbon Fiber Shaft

    After coming from years of swinging a 4.9lbs Garrett GTI 2500, the Nox is light as a feather. I don't have a wobble issue with my 600 and hope that my 800 won't either once I have it. My shaft locks work just fine, and I don't find the detector nose-heavy because I use a short shaft swing. I may change my mind after I have a few hundred hours under my belt, but for now, the stock shaft is not even the slightest issue for me.
  7. Tomorrow Is The Day!!

    I'm not sure you can say the depth meter is "inaccurate". From what I understand, the depth is based on a particular-sized coin lying flat underground, so all other sized objects, and how they lie may vary from that formula standard. Can't remember where I read this, but it was quite illuminating.
  8. A Peek Inside Nox Control Head -video

    Looks like some people have more money than sense! $899 worth of curiosity, I guess.
  9. Excalibur At The Beach

    Yup... send me all the lead weights. Saltwater fishing is one of my passions, and lead gets expensive when you are losing them all the time to the ocean! I'm perfectly happy when hunting beaches to find lead along with jewelry and coins!
  10. Can you post a link to the company or supplier you purchased from? I can't find a supplier with less than a 100 piece minimum order!
  11. Test Your Skills

    I have much to learn, Sensei! How may I join the temple to find the path to enlightenment?
  12. I received the 35 barely used from a member here at a great price. On arrival, I tested it against my Garrett Carrot, and find it much easier to use, with better adjustment ease, as well as being capable of deeper activation on coins. The non-ferrous capability is phenomenal, and it is designed not to affect your detector while riding on your belt. Speaking of belts...the one thing I really DON'T like is the very narrow and tight belt loop on the holster. I would have much preferred the Molle-capable snap and velcro style of the Garrett. Someone wasn't thinking at Minelab. It won't fit on any wide belt. I may have it modified with a velcro fold-over and snap. All in all, a fantastic new Pinpointer, and I think my Garrett will end up in my son's or wife's MD equipment...at least for now!
  13. Yikes! The 15 is going to be EXPENSIVE! My guess is $279 MAP.
  14. They don't honor the military discount offered by Minelab. Too much trouble for them. I don't support any company that has the opportunity to offer a discount to the military and vets at no financial cost to them (MineLab rebates them), but refuses to do so because it's a pain. Well...we vets and military have endured pain for them. Guess no tit for tat. They don't get my business, regardless of their available stock! I'll continue to wait.
  15. Best Day With The Equinox So Far...

    Or..... you could have a bunch of replicas like Kellyco's ridiculous "bonus" gift made up. Probably cost about $3/ea, if that! LOL! It's an "Authentic" Replica. Geez! Kellyco 1715 Spanish 8 Escudos Gold Coin Replica