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  1. CTX 3030 Gold Codes

    Gold codes? What you mean?
  2. Chuck, they know about it.Mark Lawrie promise that they will change rear part of armrest - legs? They told me about it on Detectival...
  3. Yes, so I was write to Vincent O'Brien Business Development Director about final units. Very nice peoples from Minelab. They answer for the questions without any problems.
  4. Thank you Steve. Some polish guys ask me we I'm doing those videos without complete tests... so I promise next time level of NASA laboratory... and drop tests from 6 meters on concrete ground ;) I just want to spend my time with my wife and friends. And check how new Minelab is build. But for real test I need more time.
  5. Very easy. You have waterproof cable option with water tight connector...
  6. Recovery speed is also important. But most is overall feeling with machine. Ergonomy, weight, audio line etc.
  7. New Minelab Go-Find 66?

    Interesting, I was look for this detectors at event and didn't see anything different, but...
  8. You are wrong. Audio is not well made. Floating, drifting. No crisp, precise respond. IDis jumping... and iron range is very short. All modern coins fall into it. And you can't adjust range.
  9. Recovery speed very fast. But audio need lot of work yet. This is simple machine. New Go Find. I was test it few times. I will wait for new Mibelab. CTX or new E-Trac.
  10. Yes, discrimination but tool should be also handy and easy to use... many of customers give up even with analog two knobs units...
  11. Only AKA goes deeper than others VLFs but is not easy to setup and to ground balance... at behavior is unstable sometimes.
  12. And it will be waterproof soon. But, Steve has right. It depends what person want to buy it. And what kind of tool searching for. Some peoples loves AKA machines, some not. For one Garrett is too simple for other person too complicated... so. Apples and oranges. What to choose and what is better? For example I love Whites V3i and I know that is not best machine. But I feel good with this tool in my hand.
  13. Not agree. Nokta has DEEP mode...and this mode is really deep. I was find few bigger coins deeper than 11 inches.... I remember AT PRO performance very well. I don't think so, so AT MAX will be much better...than ATP. ATP has very good audio, but ergonomy and weight distribution - balance... terrible. Wrist crusher... I still remember this pain very well.