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  1. Ok folks. We have software update for Rutus Alter 71. Software update version 1.1. What is new? 1. VCO on/off 2. New pinpoint indicator. One bar with scale. 3. Notch disc. is easier to adjust now. 4. Automatic backlight. 5. Faster hot rocks adjustment. 6. New menu page indicator. I was talk with inventor, so we can expect few more changes in software without official announcement.
  2. Used 5 times. Condition perfect. Soft factory backpack, 8 inches and 10x12 coils. Warranty EU - copy of bill from Italian dealer. I was replaced on it 10x12 inches coil. Both coils new. Used 2 times. Best offer. Send me PM. Item location: Warsaw in Europe. Payment in advance. PayPal or wire transfer.
  3. North Africa, always declare it when you arrived in customs office... if not, you are in serious troubles at way back to home. I was test it by myself this year.
  4. That is not true! Broken coil cable. They change for new one coil for free but only one time... and you get the same... After few months broken cable isolation, slave. If you work in water... this is sad story. (Fiber glass reaction between low quality cable sleeve). Problem with shaft and shaft cam locks - blocked by sand and dirt... Wrong design of rear on-off switch. If you drop your unit - you have nice hole in housing. First models was without coil covers... so if this is no problem machine... I don't think so, also!!! Horrible weight... not housing - shaft! The should change material for lighter...
  5. I have the same opinion. Heavy shaft from fiber glass, rear ON/OFF switch in collision place... and cracking coil cable. Other words - NIGHTMARE. I really like it... but for this price should cost half of it.
  6. You should wait for update. Maybe soon we get multi frequency Alter like Spectra V3i.
  7. Multitones reactivity 2.5 mostly, silencer -1, disc - minus values now, and GB manual - minus 3 to 5. And is good enough but little noisy. And sweep speed should be lower for better audio respond.
  8. Buahahah. No way. Few yers and will be ready to made patch. New 4.0 need patches to be true 4.0... sorry.
  9. Good words. But they are think that way and you are right. That is true. XP is serving the same meal but with different name ;)
  10. Some bugs with program slot in polish language... shame XP.
  11. Update is ready. You can download it right now!
  12. But I can be wrong... I was think that transmitter is mono... because I was check at this moment only Garrett Z-Lynk and this works mono with my stereo Nautilus...
  13. Ok I have another minus of Deteknix wireless headphones... mono. No stereo only one channel. This set doesn't work with stereo mixed mode machines... like Spectra or Nautilus...
  14. At 59 kHz is very, very fast ID is very good. You hear everything. Like ground minerals, ground changes. Very fast processing. But I don't test it 11 inches black factory coil yet with 4.0. Now is B19 version... and you have ID normalization feature again. I will check black coil tomorrow. At lower sens HF coin works more noisy and ID is jumping.