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  1. Simple bench test. Full screen version of video allows you to activate English subtitles.
  2. Boys, you are ground balancing ATX or trying to search after ground balance factory reset?
  3. I have second unit. If you are buying new or used, ALWAYS check coil cable. This is factory issue. Broken - cracked isolation of coil cable. They replace it under warranty !
  4. New coil are with coil covers... Should be better a little bit.
  5. What to say? Only XP is working hard on software, but also has serious bugs and delays, new 4.0 update... But you have totally right. At modern times old models like Nautilus are like Holly Grall.
  6. Yes with other brand clear signals... not jumpy... Probably those buttons are copper with iron core... You have little broken respond with analog machine but like bottle cap not trash! With Spectra all 3 freq. bars are in one straight line.So, I'm disappointed mate. MXS audio line is very good... but with this... We have plenty of this buttons here they are from 1800 to 1900 years. I was found few of them with crown... it was special only for tsar family.
  7. Only with this kind of old russian military buttons... two layers buttons. Other items appears to be good... Steve, when object is close to coil signal breaks and jumpy more... is typical trash response. If you compare to bottle cap is few times worst... Other buttons and coins are ok. So, we have here broken coil, broken software or hardware of MXS. I was send those video to Whites UK and I'm wait...
  8. I was send my video to Whites UK. I'm waiting for answer. Everything is working ok except those buttons.
  9. Sad story. I'm keep my fingers crossed and pray, on the other side of Ocean. We have only one value here... out life. Nothing less nothing more.
  10. Check english subtitles mate ;)
  11. Some ID Button issue on my movie:
  12. Check some more videos from Australian prospectors. Some of them use it for gold prospecting and meteorite hunting. I can get pieces 1x1mm with it...
  13. With CTX or V3i is not possible, but with Deus, MX, Sport, Excalibur etc. With Alter not you see it on the LCD.
  14. That is true. It will be cheap solution, but idea is strong ;) We talk about few more software updates. Becasue Alter is first platform for next new models by software upgrade. Now you have only ground balancing with pump method. Not ground balance ID at main screen. Only value after pumping. No offset and no automatic ground tracking. In my opinion RUTUS should work on it. But some peoples say, that pumping method is ok....