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  1. Minelab's Sensational New Metal Detector

    I will be on place boys. I have reserved tickets and camping field. I will take some photos and movies also.
  2. VLF Punching Deeper

    Second question how recovery speed is connected with frequency. In Impact user manual, we get information about that we need to work with 20kHz to get best performance... right?
  3. Expensive Lesson Learned.... Insure !!

    Heavy package on package syndrome. I have few videos about it... normal day in business.
  4. MX Sport And V3i

    V3i is my favourite machine, but has slow recovery speed. I'm working in mixed mode only. I love it. MX Sport is not good machine. A lot of software errors. This unit is unfinished.
  5. On factory program. I don’t remember settings right know. I will check when I back to home. I have set it in machine.
  6. Lead musket ball, from 48cm, loud and clear signal. Heavy mineralized soil.. with tons of trashes.
  7. New Garrett AT Max

    I was read somewhere about 850 USD.
  8. New Garrett AT Max

    If you are true ATP fanboy... maybe. I don't buy it. I love my wrists. Sorry. Not again.
  9. Is Garrett Coming To Town Today

    Still those bulky housing ergonomy. I call this model wrist crusher. Sorry. Good idea but in wrong body. The same like with Garrett ATX. They should talk with some engineers about it fast. Unit has probably good audio, is fast and deep. But is heavy nose machine still.
  10. Nokta Impact Finds

    Cool story. Thank you mate.
  11. Ok folks. We have software update for Rutus Alter 71. Software update version 1.1. What is new? 1. VCO on/off 2. New pinpoint indicator. One bar with scale. 3. Notch disc. is easier to adjust now. 4. Automatic backlight. 5. Faster hot rocks adjustment. 6. New menu page indicator. I was talk with inventor, so we can expect few more changes in software without official announcement.
  12. Used 5 times. Condition perfect. Soft factory backpack, 8 inches and 10x12 coils. Warranty EU - copy of bill from Italian dealer. I was replaced on it 10x12 inches coil. Both coils new. Used 2 times. Best offer. Send me PM. Item location: Warsaw in Europe. Payment in advance. PayPal or wire transfer.
  13. North Africa, always declare it when you arrived in customs office... if not, you are in serious troubles at way back to home. I was test it by myself this year.