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  1. I've been in the hunt mode to find and acquire one of the rare 3X18 Delta 4 pin Hot Technology cleansweep coils for about 3 years. Finally got my hands on one. These coils have been out of production for about a decade and they're about as rare as 'hen's teeth'. Tesoro still makes the Cleansweep in the 5 pin Epsilon configuration but not the 4 pin Delta . Mating this coil up to my Lobo Supertraq has provided me with some interesting observations. Generally speaking it does cover a large swath of ground with each sweep, but the sweep speed has to be slowed down to say 1/2 to 2/3 of the speed of the stock 6x10 elliptical coil to get a good target response. My best depth was a measured 5 inches on a quarter on edge. It pinpoints fairly well off both the toe and the heel, but I do a full circle of the target to make sure the target is within my 6 inch cut plug. The coil discriminates very well. Now the interesting stuff. First, it does not fully ground balance in the All metal mode. Pumping the coil down and up, it sounds off loud on the down push and does not respond on the up pull. However, it is still functional in the AM mode, targets are still picked up clearly and the pinpoint function still works. Both modes, All Metal and Discriminate achieve the same depth. I ran the Sensitivity at a gain of 3, more gain didn't achieve any more depth. In All Metal with a smooth threshold the coil ran stable and only responded to ground tracking and targets. In Silent Search Discriminate (setting of 3 1/2) the coil had at times a propensity to load up and give off erratic chatter, it also sounded off on 'bumping'. I found the best way to run the coil was in AM and upon locating a target I would do a quick switch to Disc. to determine to dig or not to dig. I will do some further testing but I believe I have found it's boundary limitations. A good coil, it just has some quirks. I would imagine this would be more stable on a Vaquero.
  2. Lobo ST With NEL Snake Coil, No Bueno

    Very good point Steve, you're response is one of the main reasons I did this post. Any issue with a detector or coil from Tesoro, even 2nd hand and for $50 they will make it right. I'm sure this is one of the main reasons so many call aftermarket coils a crap shoot. I wish the Tesoro factory still produced this coil size. Long Live Tesoro. The other reason for this post was to find out if others with the LST Snake coil also had problems with the LST's microprocessor not being able to ground balance and auto-track. This may be an inherent problem with this size coil on the Lobo. Quite possibly the CORS Shrew would be the same. According to Rusty, in the 4 pin Delta coils, the small elliptical coil and the 3 X18 Cleansweep were taken out of production because of the high volume of returns. Circuit incompatibility would definitely cause a manufacturer to cease production of an item if they offered a lifetime warranty on said item. Perhaps aftermarket producers have run into the same problems.
  3. I really enjoy using the LST, most of the time it is wearing the 5 X10 elliptical coil. I've always wanted a small shooter coil so I picked up a NEL Snake coil, same size as the White's Goldmaster shooter coil. Installed the Snake and 'whoa' the LST will not ground balance in All Metal mode. Pumping the coil repeatedly ... down stroke nothing ... upstroke the coil sounds off loud. I tried changing the ground conditions mode and found no significant change. I put the LST in discriminate mode and the machine seems to work pretty normal, much the same as my Tesoro 5.75 concentric. Placed back in the AM mode, unable to ground balance, I tried sweeping a 5 grain pellet at 2'" then 1" and got no response. Needless to say, pinpoint didn't work either. The coil looks pristine, the previous owner had about an hour run time on it on his Vaquero. He says it performed flawlessly on the Vaquero. I emailed NEL just to see what kind of response I would get. Response... none. Perhaps I'll not get the NEL coil for my Sovereign I've been eyeing. At this point I'm very disappointed.
  4. Gold Hunting Shop In Ca?

    A little late chiming in. If you're in the High Desert....In Hesperia there is miningsuppliesandrockshop.... in Victorville there is helmsoutpost. Add a dot com to either for their site. They're both brick and mortar stores that should be able to meet your needs. http://www.miningsuppliesandrockshop.com/ https://www.helmsoutpost.com/
  5. GB...Thanks for the link....good info. Quite obvious the battery type will vary with the needs of the end user, sounds familiar.
  6. however, being somewhat 'thrifty' I have often gleaned over the thought of using a rechargeable alternative. My brother, who is thriftier than I, not long ago told me about rechargeable alkaline batteries and their abilities. I have experience with both the normal NiCd and NiMh rechargeable varieties each type having their pros and cons and the biggest being the lower operating voltage when fully charged of about 1,2 volts. Alkaline in my experience initially will be in the 1.6+ voltage range, much better for my LST and GM4. I guess my question might be, why did the Rechargeable Alkaline alternative never get advertised or promoted? I believe they may be a worthy consideration but, " anyone out there ever go this route?"
  7. White's " Garage Sale "

    Same site and a "Heads -up". New item listed for the Goldmaster detector series. A 6" concentric coil, described as also having been produced for chasing patches in the African gold fields.
  8. Hi Mando, I like your enthusiasm. I would highly recommend you first purchase the book, " Follow the Dry Washers" by Jim Straight. He has the knowledge you need for the area you are in. He lives in Rialto. I believe he is a member of the mining club 'The Valley Prospectors' in San Bernardino. Areas dear to his heart are Randsburg, Coolgardie just north of Barstow, Holcomb Valley, etc. areas you may find yourself at in the future. Knowledge is power and he is a wealth of knowledge.
  9. Please Help- Got Poison Oak

    You're reaction is to the oils that have come in contact with your skin. Wash gently and thoroughly and apply Calamine Lotion. While you are at the pharmacy ask the pharmacist for advice. If your reaction is severe or you need a quick fix, you will need to see the Doc and get some cortisone pills. The pills stop the histamines in your body from reacting which allows the area to clean up easier and faster.
  10. Benchmarking The 5x10 DD Coil

    Thank you Mike, great post and read. I love to see direct comparison tests on similar machines. It would be fun to have a detector Rodeo where we could get any and all makes and models together and have a hands on comparison. Soil conditions would come into play but nothing substitutes for hands-on.
  11. HP, the F19 would be my preferred tool of choice. But capital and time constraints tell me to go with what I have until I see some yellow. I just need to get up there and get some swing time in. Afterwards I'll re-assess what I've learned hands on, you're probably right on target. Thanks for your input.
  12. Thanks Steve, kinda what I was thinking. Not great but I'll have the GM II with me also. I have roots in Cantwell and support in Fairbanks so just another outing. Would love to get back up on the East Fork of the Koyukuk in the late summer when the water line drops, that would be a big trip.
  13. Going to spend 3 weeks in the Alaska interior. Some time on the outskirts of Fairbanks with an Lobo ST. Would I be better served with a 10X12 DD , stock 5X10 DD or something smaller? Maybe a Concentric? Thanks in advance
  14. Small Nuggets Vs Mineralization

    John, I wish to thank you for your follow-up to Steve's posting on 'VLF concentric or DD coils'. I had been infrequently watching the post and became concerned about the suitability of the older White's concentric coils to match up with the newer GMT. Having Steve explain that some machines (ie.T2) were designed specifically for DD type coils made me wonder about the White's GMT design. You have put that question to rest and I thank you for your posts. The topic itself, thank you Steve, gave me a much better understanding of the parameters of the VLF system. Don
  15. Thanks Steve, I anticipate eventually getting all 3 of the DD coils and staying with the GM series of detectors, just wondering which one to start with. I'm kinda nerdy in that I still cling to the analog stuff. Also very fond of companies which have a good service department like Whites and Tesoro.