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  1. Happy Easter - " No Tel " Perfect 4 You?

    Great idea IdahoGold, I have always wondered if there was a way to sleep in the cab of the truck comfortably, as I have spent many uncomfortable nights in the cab of my truck in the desert. I have even tried looking for truck seats that lay all the way flat to make a bed in the cab.
  2. Equinox Going Solar

    MArx, Steve is right... You can setup the detector to open up the discrimination on certain meteorites. Take an L meteorite for example, it likes to hit on -9 on the detector, if you are in a strewn field open that up, and discriminate the others. I am new on the NOX, so Im sure there is other tricks. To me personally, the GB2 seemed to go deeper on meteorites than the NOX, but there needs to be more time for testing, just to new. But the NOX loves small gold, I need to take it to a worn out patch, where its been hit by almost every detector possible, and see how it responds. Chase- I detected the other day with it on there for about 2 hours, and didnt seem to effect me much, but this is the same arm that swings the boat anchor GPZ 7000 all day, so the NOX feels like a feather. I wouldnt advise having it on there unless your swinging your detector long past its battery life. Dave
  3. Nice finds Chase.... Also nice find on the golden Jesús.... Dave
  4. Equinox Going Solar

    Tom, Yes, with discrimination on it sees ( Ordinary Chondrites) as iron -9 and wants to discriminate it out. In all metal mode, it picks it up pretty good, but if choosing the best vlf for meteorite hunting, I would have to say the Gold Bug 2 is still on top (In my opinion) ... Dave
  5. Equinox Going Solar

    Got my Equinox 800 to solar charge, well kind of . The external battery bank and solar charger will help for those extended trips to the desert. I got it on ebay, and put a mount on the detector.
  6. Finally

    Lunk, wow !!! Awesome find dude.... The terrain looks like a dark crusted, possible ancient lava flow flat top? I have never really found gold in that, only meteorites. Congrats. Dave
  7. It's Time To Get Serious!!

    The solar is not much, I think like 300mA or around that range. But a full charge on the battery pack charges detector and phone. Dave
  8. It's Time To Get Serious!!

    Hey Chase, Dont you want the wife calling you in the field in the middle of detecting saying when you getting home ????
  9. It's Time To Get Serious!!

    Hope you get some good stuff Dan, I bought a similar charger to yours to mount underneath, but also has a rechargeable solar panel on the battery pack (Picture enclosed)... Also keeps the phone charged... hehe.... I love the fact you can link your phone to the bluetooth minelab headphones, and if you get a call in the field, you can answer it by pushing the button on the headphones... Dave.
  10. Really nice small gold, congrats kiwi..... I also got my Equinox 800 the other day, and tested it with a small .10 (tenth of a gram) little picker nugget, and it picked it up nice and loud and clear both in the 20khz and 40 khz freqs... Dave
  11. New Cold Find

    Congrats Lunk, you have been killing it in Arizona on cold finds. Dave
  12. Fun In The Sun

    Congrats Lunk.... Keep em coming. Dave
  13. Perfect Hunting Season

    Lucky, Good to hear Jeff is still hunting with you. I remember years ago, when he purchased my Minelab SD2200. Great story, and I hope you guys find more. Dave
  14. 2 Good Days In Gold Basin

    Chris your kickin butt out there dude !!! I cannot keep up, hehe ... It was a good hunt, congrats. Dave
  15. New BLM Lr2000

    Your webpage Barry, is so much better. Do you know how much the BLM spends per year on their LR2000 system? Have you approached them about running/ contracting the system for them? I' sure there is a bidding system for it somewhere.. The old ALMRS system, the BLM spent over 400 million over 15 years, to a failed system before going to LR2000. Dave