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  1. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    https://vimeo.com/75880467 http://www.levitatetech.com/
  2. Late Season Cabin Fun!

    Very Nice finds Congrats....
  3. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    Thanks for the info Clay, I am always glad to see lands coming back to us.....
  4. I Finally Joined The Club!!

    GREAT finds Chris !!!! I think you got that 7000 paid off now :).... John B use to give out the 1 Ounce Club certificates long ago..... We need it back ..... Dave.
  5. Scored A Few

    Great gold Chris..man that 19 can wear you out fast.... Dave
  6. Another Gold Basin Post

    Very nice finds Chris, congrats dude.... and the over 1000 grams in meteorites...nice.... Dave
  7. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    Glad I didn't get the Gold Monster 1000, the Gold Monster and Equinox 800 operate pretty close together in the 40khz freq. , but the Equinox has a lot more options. Dave
  8. Minelab Equinox???????

    A Hybrid vlf/BBS Detector....hmmmm
  9. A Nugget Here & A Nugget There

    Very Nice Finds with both detectors, good to see the 19 producing good gold.. Dave.
  10. Some Gold Basin Love

    Nice Gold Cris.... congrats ... I have a feeling much more is in the future ... Dave
  11. Most Effective 19 Inch Coil Cover

    Fred, Thank you !!! I used 3m Flexiclear body seam sealer, it makes a strong bond, and is a synthetic rubber, I can also remove it without damage. I would not recommend epoxy, unless you want more of a permanent attachment. Any strong bond/ silicone will work. Dave
  12. Most Effective 19 Inch Coil Cover

    Hi Fred, Like others on this post who made their own for the 19" , I did the same. I bought a sheet of 1.5mm Clear Lexan Makrolon Polycarbonate, for $45, long enough to make one for the 19" coil, and I made one for the stock 14" coil also. I cut it, and used a heat gun to form it around the coil for a snug fit. I made the front form fit the 19" coil, to help eliminate any dirt from going on top of coil. Here are some pics of making it. Dave.
  13. I sold my 5000 with all coils and accessories to someone on craigslist. I got a fair market price for it. I also included a full day of training with it, and actually got several inquiries even after sold. Also you will save listing fees from ebay and paypal if you sell on the forums, or craigslist. Dave
  14. Doc sure gets around... .... Oh man Jen, that Jungo Road loves tires.... Its claimed some from me also. Hope you get something good out there.... Dave.
  15. Identity Of Minelab Shovel

    Same as Lunk, Minelab sent me one, when the gpx5000 first came out, and I purchased one, still have it somewhere 😞