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  1. Fun In The Sun

    Congrats Lunk.... Keep em coming. Dave
  2. Perfect Hunting Season

    Lucky, Good to hear Jeff is still hunting with you. I remember years ago, when he purchased my Minelab SD2200. Great story, and I hope you guys find more. Dave
  3. 2 Good Days In Gold Basin

    Chris your kickin butt out there dude !!! I cannot keep up, hehe ... It was a good hunt, congrats. Dave
  4. New BLM Lr2000

    Your webpage Barry, is so much better. Do you know how much the BLM spends per year on their LR2000 system? Have you approached them about running/ contracting the system for them? I' sure there is a bidding system for it somewhere.. The old ALMRS system, the BLM spent over 400 million over 15 years, to a failed system before going to LR2000. Dave
  5. Great Finds.... Thanks for sharing
  6. Repairing / Modifying My Picks

    Great way to save some Dinero..... Thanks for the idea, and post... Dave
  7. Franconia Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Thanks Mike, Trying to add a little humor to some of my boring posts.... hehe.... Dave
  8. Got out yesterday with 2 buddies to Franconia, AZ. meteorite hunting. It's been a long time since getting back out there. I didn't miss all the hot rocks, WW2 bullets and trash, digging 2 foot .50 cal bullets, ect. The GPZ handles hot rocks pretty good, but not out there, there are some hotter than a goats ass in a pepper patch. 😁 But overall it was a nice day, and we all beat the skunk. Here are some H Metal Iron meteorites found out there. Dave
  9. Meteorites On Mining Claims

    The 3 miners contacted the Smithsonian Institute and agreed to lead them to the site. After the visit and a determination that this particular find is one of largest and rarest specimens ever found, the three miners were informed that the Smithsonian was claiming title to the meteorite on behalf of the U.S. government. They gave the following reasons for their action: a) it is the property of the federal government if proven to be located on federal land, because it is subject to the 1904 Antiquities Act, and b) it does not qualify as “valuable mineral” as defined under the 1872 Mining Law. In other words, a large nickel/iron hunk of matter comes from some where else and is, therefore, not a mineral that can be claimed through discovery. The stunned miners were told that the Smithsonian typically negotiates a “finders fee” with those who find meteorites on federal land. This is just what I have researched, and to claim Antiquities act ??? Hmmmm..... Supposedly the 3 miners were forced sell the meteorite in a non disclosure , but only given a small amount, not the actual amount it was worth in millions...
  10. Meteorites On Mining Claims

    I do not believe in trespassing on others claims, but someday it will be written in law on what a meteorite will be considered. I tend to think it will swade in way of the claim owner.... good info from everyone... thanks Lunk and Clay for the input. I am surprised with all the lawsuits nowadays, there hasnt been a civil case on this subject yet. Dave
  11. Arent meteorites / meteorite hunting with a metal detector still exempt from placer or lode claims? I know there has been some nice meteorites found in the Rye area's. Just be sure to leave the gold right where its at if you detect it on someones claim... :) Dave
  12. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    https://vimeo.com/75880467 http://www.levitatetech.com/
  13. Late Season Cabin Fun!

    Very Nice finds Congrats....
  14. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    Thanks for the info Clay, I am always glad to see lands coming back to us.....
  15. I Finally Joined The Club!!

    GREAT finds Chris !!!! I think you got that 7000 paid off now :).... John B use to give out the 1 Ounce Club certificates long ago..... We need it back ..... Dave.