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  1. PI gonna go deeper for sure. I have a whites TDI pro that I use regularly. There are times when I say the heck with this (digging everything) and go back to the truck and get my CTX. When targets are scarce go to a different beach.. or look for low spots on the beach you are at. strick
  2. If you get into the wet sand at the beach some machines don't like it (AT Pro) It's hard to find one machine that does it all...Thats why most of us have several. Still sounds like the AT pro or Whites MX sport might be your best bet. If I was going to buy a metal detector for someone that was new to the game those are the two I would look at closely. Good luck and show us what you find! strick
  3. -1 is what I always keep it on. strick
  4. Yep first rate photos for sure. This may have been asked before but do you run into many hot rocks in your area? I used the GM this weekend for the first time this weekend in hot rock heaven and using manual HOT sensitivity would not cut it. In Auto it toned them down quite a bit. It's a nice little detector that can be used quickly to discriminate out trash I found. Thanks for posting! strick
  5. It appears angled from the photo. Nice looking scoop but I already have 3 SS beach scoops lol strick
  6. Scott T = gold bug 2 pro. Great guy! strick
  7. I'm planning on being right in it's path...well not that I planned it but my buddy has permission on some private property near Baker City Oregon on his old family homesite that he wants to detect and he is planning our trip at that time to see the sun go bye bye for a few minutes..... . So I got suckered into it. I don't know maybe helping Sourdough Scott sort through his trash is a better idea strick
  8. There is a website try and find someone in your area that can help. probably your best bet. strick
  9. Wow I just look them up.... I have never sold anything I've found....... but I think I would break my rule with that find! strick
  10. Thanks as well. Now to just get out and try it. I was playing around with it at home and noticed that the good targets gave a signal in both directions and the iffy ones would be spotty inconsistent blurps. The detector is going to be very easy to get used to. I noticed that the aluminum shaft wants to loosen sometimes allowing the coil to turn to the left...but that an easy fix strick
  11. That Rudy sure knows how to sniff them nuggets out... like a Redbone hound. I ran into him while I was up there couple weeks ago and he was kind enough to share some of his secrets with me. Nice work Fellas.. strick
  12. Barracuda put up a great fight ! Hold onto that Rod! strick
  13. Thanks for the replies fellas....Interesting little read on bottles I give them to my buddies wife who puts them in her collection. She has a nice glass case they go into. Merton- Buddy likes to play with the Lizards mostly. When I tell him to "drop it" he seems more than happy to! Deathray- I fixed the new now.... only a couple inches shorter. I have yet to find anything really good near that chimney site.... The first time I hunted there I turned on the Deus walked 2 steps and found a nice very old Wheat penny. Thought to myself this is good ....I'm gonna kill it here. Only found one other coin a Chinese variety.....gave it to my bud who owns the place...and I been there about 4 times now lol. Clark I hope your right about the ring.. I've dug so much aluminum! Buddy goes to work with me every day. He can dig with the best of them..but like some prospectors he does not cover his holes! More photos for you dog loving Aussies! strick
  14. Always like hearing your stories. Your Possum's are much more cute then ours over here in the states. Pesky little buggers for sure... strick
  15. Thanks Bryan, I'll check into getting one of those shafts. Strick