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  1. I think we call that a "pocket" over here...nice work ! strick
  2. One of the few hobbies where you can go out and make $300 instead of spending $300...just saying strick
  3. I just got a excalibur with 8" coil for trashy beaches with black sand. I think it does better then my CTX in this environment. If I were picking one just for the beach I think I'd go Excalibur since you required simple strick
  4. I'm sure many of us would stand in line. As fast as Steve types writing several books would be no problem. Probably want to start with a beginners book first. Then move down each topic writing a book about each. Or maybe just a gold hunters adventure book. Gotta figure what would sell I guess. strick
  5. Nice chunky piece..had me fooled for a minute strick
  6. Beauty and the beast in your adventure...thanks for sharing! strick
  7. Thought I'd hit a beach on the delta after the big winds this past weekend. Got there at low tide...problem was the water was almost to the parking lot at low tide! Turned around and went turf hunting instead. strick
  8. Nice work Mitchell! I still am looking for that Penny/Gold signal. THATS A BIG RING! strick
  9. Great deal on a machine with lots of warranty left! strick
  10. "you have to dig the junk to get the good stuff" No saying has ever held more truth then that simple line. strick
  11. Norm- Good on you for getting out and braving the elements. I hope you had Luther with you to help keep warm at night in the event if the Jeep got stuck. I'll have you know that while detecting a "Tot Lot" the other day I had some bark get stuck in my shoe and that totally ruined my hunt! strick
  12. Good on you! lots of red dirt in that second photo. Good luck and welcome to the forum. strick
  13. Wishing Jim a speedy recovery strick
  14. I had a feeling they would do that...glad to hear. strick
  15. Perfect christening for a new machine. So how does it compare the the ATX ? strick