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  1. strick

    Class Ring Goes Home

    Nice work...happy smiles strick
  2. strick

    Big Specimen Little Gold

    This motivates me to head to the hills maybe next weekend! Thanks Mitchell for digging a 1 on the equinox strick
  3. strick

    One Additional Step...for Me

    Thanks Chase I forgot about that advice in the manual... l will try it later this week when I get back there....and tracking also.. Strick
  4. strick

    One Additional Step...for Me

    I have not tried tracking yet...I find myself auto ground balancing often which seems to make the machine run more stable. Yesterday I was hunting a beach for a couple hours here in the Delta...full of black sand..I could not get the machine to GB at all. Still found lots of targets as there was lots of erosion present. Small coil needed please Minelab! strick
  5. strick

    More Patch Gold

    Very nice..... that gets the ole heart a thumping! strick
  6. Never get tired of looking at the wonderful area you guys live in. It's amazing what you can build with just rocks! Thanks for taking us there once again. strick
  7. strick

    Upcoming New Gold Nugget Detectors

    Thats fine. Frankly I don't need to spend any more money on detectors...what I have seems to find stuff to my liking any ways... finding the time to detect and getting the coil over gold seems to be the problem... Hopefully I'll get to the high country soon for some fun in the Pine forests. I'd better charge up the GPZ as I have not looked at it in months lol strick
  8. strick

    Needle In A Haystack

    Thanks guys! Ray when I first seen the ring is was sideways to me and all I could see was the notches which resembled a serrated edge of a coin from a distance...The last thing I expected to find was a gold ring out there... a gold coin would be more probable. Jim- some of those Chinese coins are older then we might think. A buddy of mine showed one I found recently to his wife (who is Chinese) and it was made in the 1600's ! I guess thats why some of them are disintegrated. GB- There are no markings on the ring...it appears to be crudely made of high k gold. I'd like to think it was dropped by one of the Chinese miners or their wife...Or maybe the head of the Chinese mining company that came to inspect their work...lol. At any rate there was a small community living in this area long ago and everything I've found so far is Chinese. Those Beer caps have got enough publicity on their own lately and I think I might have left one on the ground for the next hunt strick
  9. I had intended to go to the beach today...easy and relaxing digging is just so irresistible. Last night I had readied the Equinox 800, CTX and beach scoop in my shop in preparation. During the night as I slept voices kept telling me "Screw the stupid beach and take the Equinox to the foot hills and try it out in some real dirt" Gold nuggets and relics were calling for some reason. I didn't expect to find much...mostly lead bullets etc.... maybe a Chinese coin if I was lucky. And to tell the truth I was not in the mood to dig bird shot today so I hunted mostly in field 2 and Park 2 I put the 800 in gold mode 2 for maybe 5 minutes then switched back. First came the Chinese coin...nice to get one intact...I'd dug one in pieces a few minutes earlier. Then I decided to hunt some tailing piles and I was elated to get the powder flask...an hour or so later I was hunting near a creek so I could retrieve an ax head I had dug last year and left it on a fallen tree. A solid 12 on the equinox...at first I thought I had a small gold coin due to the serrated edge... But hey i'll take a gold ring any day. This sucker is old...the Chinese mined this place and I have yet to find any silver coins here. There are gold nuggets few and far between plus the place is riddled with lead shot of all shapes and sizes. Grass was tall which made for challenging hunting. The ring came from the other side of the creek near the tree in the middle. Good luck and HH! Park 2, Auto GB, Sens 22, reactivity 6, iron bias 0 I had to auto GB often due to soil. Pic with the Sierra is a toast to the old timer before I covered the hole strick
  10. strick

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Wait...I thought you detected in Flip Flops? AF1QipNhamfjDbsaxTf8xM7SyTu4fjOYhJmlXQmm4a9L strick
  11. strick

    Gold Bug Gold

    Nice! Next time your in California give me a buzz... I'm 2 hours north of Monterey strick
  12. strick

    Beach Hunt #7 Is In The Books

    Great hunt! ...do you remember the ID numbers on the three un broken rings? strick
  13. strick

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Believe me you are not alone..The Nox has plus and minuses like any other detector. Bottle caps have been discussed in detail. They can be avoided for the most part with a little detective work but you will still dig some here and there and that cant be avoided. Do a search on this site for more info on bottle caps and the Nox strick
  14. strick

    Ammie's Travel Blog

    How about the back yard? did you try the back yard area? strick
  15. strick

    Nox And The Ctx

    Good hunt. Lucky 13 I call it..The engineers at minelab must love that number. I'm learning to kinda recognize the sounds that nickels make...much different then a fresh bottle cap which is a much broader sounding target. I have not ran my CTX since I got the nox but will soon. I never dug bottle caps with the CTX use "Doc's Ferrous coin " and "Indians and Silver" programs. I'm thinking the Nox is a great machine for coin, beach and relic hunting...Trash infected parks are a another deal.... if your looking for gold you better be in shape. strick