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  1. I was going to say the same thing but you beat me to it. Trying to screw on the coil nut on my AT Gold has me cussing every time the idiots that engineered it. For the $ the AT series is one of the the best bang for the buck out there. The external speaker went out on my AT Gold soon after purchase. I never sent it back for repair because the headphones still worked but mostly because Lisa liked to use the machine without the headphones on the beach. The machine was so obnoxiously loud ( non adjustable AT Gold speaker) it had people people looking her way all the time. strick
  2. Finding Waldo is easier Lunk...just saying strick
  3. Not something I'm interested in at the moment. Already have the 4 other coils. Three of which I use regurarly. The large 17" coil does not really give me much if any in the way of depth over the 11"and I hardly ever use it due to the extra weight. This new coil is heavier then the 17". It will have to perform miracles before I can be suckered into buying it. strick
  4. This last storm was like bamboo under the finger nails I sure hope the weather gets better up there in Gods country...or we may see more of this type of behavior...confiscating a man's dog? that just aint right.... strick
  5. Hmmm what to do...what to do strick
  6. Always looking forward to your reports. I've been tempted to get a G2 for a while now but learning self control with detectors has kicked in finally. I have always been better at buying stuff then selling stuff....Trading is an option that I have utilized at times. Thanks to Ridge Runner's April fools joke a new Gold Monster 1000 will arrive a month or so after my birthday...Minelab has not disappointed me yet so I assume I will end up with a good VLF to hunt the trashy areas when the 2300 and 7000 start to annoy me. strick
  7. A perfect example of efficiency. strick
  8. Glad you got into the pretty yellow Rick. We woosed out over here due to the storm...see you up there some day. strick
  9. Well done on the gold once again. To be completly honest I think I was more impressed with your culinary skills... strick
  10. I was digging lots of #9 birdshot with the GB II the other hard to see with aging eyes... strick
  11. Steve is right. I see lots of folks wearing rubber rings these days.... and then there are the cheap carbide style. In the past it was just gold and silver. I'm happy to find any ring in good condition. I will admit that I picked out a cheap carbide myself. I once lost a gold wedding band while swimming in Hawaii. Maybe Steve found it? I was in Kaanapali around 1997. strick
  12. One of the nicest nuggets posted on this forum. Your wife is right! and I won't call you that but thanks for sharing... strick
  13. Maybe we can find a used one on craigslist. I was wondering if anyone had ever designed a hat like that and Presto there it is. l would buy one in a second. strick
  14. So maybe I'll get my Birthday present in August instead of April? ... No time to use it now anyways... busy working the real gold fields here in the bay area. strick
  15. Growing up I wanted to be a helicopter pilot. My father flew in Vietnam during the war. The closest I got was a Cesna 150 about 13 hours... If I remember right ...never got to solo but got to land and take off. A different career was chosen but I have no regrets. The Hughes 500 has always been my favorite chopper... Have fun out there ! strick