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  1. Nice to see you posting on this forum...Get Tom over here now.......after all whats just one more little itty bitty forum strick
  2. A Unique Accidental Coin Find

    I'd bet its a bullet hole for sure..Tossed in the air and shot right through the middle by a sharp shooter...Maybe thats taking it a bit too far but treasure hunters have to dream big you know... strick
  3. Equinox Battery Replacement Program?

    I dont think it's going to be a big concern...The batteries in the Deus components are flawless...at least they have been for me going on 3 years now. And I do have to worry more about my cell phone's battery then the batteries in my metal detectors for some reason. strick
  4. Beer Caps

    Thanks for the reply back Steve...it is sounding better by the minute. I had to go back and re read one of your earlier threads several years ago. Now where will I fit in is the question. strick
  5. Beer Caps

    Trying to get caught up with the new Equinox as I've been away for a while. My CTX allows me to ignore these pesky little annoying objects. I can do this either through sound, target trace or simply notching them out. I can do this confidently knowing that I am not missing coins or solid gold objects. I rarely dig bottle caps (non aluminum) with my CTX even when hunting with a wide open screen. Target trace, tone and ID help me identify them. So.... how easy is it going to be with the Equinox? I won't use my Deus in a park because bottle caps read in the coin range. The parks where I live are littered with millions of corona bottle caps. strick
  6. Thats not far from Pismo...plenty to look for over there. The great thing about a metal detector is you can take them just about anywhere and entertain your self. Thanks for the nice photos... strick
  7. A Late Fall Day Of Detecting

    Yep dittos what the others said that a super find..I gotta get back in the game soon...been working on stuff here at home for the past few months. Thanks for sharing strick
  8. Silver

    You got more guts then I do. I have yet to take my TDI anywhere but at the beach. I dig enough nails when I head to the mountains looking for gold. I've seen where a lot of relic hunters on the east coast hunt with PI's and do well. Some day I might try the TDI in a park first so I can kinda get used to what coins might sound like. When I hunt the beach it's with ground balance off usually for the extra depth. The TDI is a great machine thanks for posting. strick
  9. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    Leave it be. This site is getting big enough as it is ....If it's not about hunting treasure with a metal detector...or anything that effects us doing that.....I'm not clicking on it. strick
  10. Impact, Deus, CTX

    Merton pictures...tried to upload last night but had some trouble
  11. Nice work Tennessee ! thanks for sharing an amazing old coin! strick
  12. I Finally Joined The Club!!

    Oh my, you filled up the Scale!! Congrats on the beautiful nuggets! strick
  13. Rye Patch - The Struggle

    Pretty nuggets Rick! congrats on a nice hunt! strick
  14. Gerry and his crew are the best. Found these on my first and only training trip with these great people. This was when I got the Fever... strick
  15. Everything is cool here too... strick