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  1. Nice work Tennessee ! thanks for sharing an amazing old coin! strick
  2. I Finally Joined The Club!!

    Oh my, you filled up the Scale!! Congrats on the beautiful nuggets! strick
  3. Rye Patch - The Struggle

    Pretty nuggets Rick! congrats on a nice hunt! strick
  4. Gerry and his crew are the best. Found these on my first and only training trip with these great people. This was when I got the Fever... strick
  5. Everything is cool here too... strick
  6. 14" TDI Coil

    I have the 14x8 "Digger coil" in the pic that Steve posted. My use have been limited to beach hunting and that being said I've only had a chance to use it twice. Works great so far....found a couple deep pieces of jewelry with it. Works as well or better then the 12" duel field did for me and adds a little more ground coverage. Thats about all I can tell ya for now. Heading to Pismo in Nov and might have some pictures to post then. strick
  7. I got a hard case for the Deus...never use it. Poor investment except when I go to sell. strick
  8. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    It's 4:30 AM here in California and I'm drinking coffee not Kool- Aid. The comment on the video about the CTX becoming second tier did raise an eyebrow. The screen on this new machine appears to be basic and kinda resembles the Deus's screen. One of my favorite features of the CTX is Target Trace. I see nothing mentioned on this new machine about that. I don't see Minelab chewing their foot off yet with the CTX although sales will likely go down some with the introduction of this new machine. I think they are making a machine that can compete with the other manufacturers at a certain price point to a certain group of customers. It would be nice to get a metal detector that can do everything for under a grand... and if this thing can do exactly what my CTX does but faster then I probably will get one.... but something tells me this will not be the case....time will tell....so this morning when I head out the door for a hunt with my CTX and Deus in the back seat of the truck I know that I have two of the best machines out there. strick
  9. Hurricane Irma Report

    "I'll let y'all know if I find anything, if you're interested." what do you think?
  10. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    It will be interesting to see how fast and how accurate the ID is. Minelab is looking to take away some AT Max sales as well as Deus. Cant wait to see some test vids. strick
  11. 625 Silver Halfs Found

    Location...location...location...just sayin strick
  12. I've been having trouble sleeping lately so I should be able to catch it...... if I can remember. Detecting has been on the back burner these last couple weeks but Merton is coming down soon so that will definatley change strick
  13. Boot Alert

    Sorry guys very busy weekend and have not been to the site for a few days. The boots are holding up well. I'm very happy with them. They are very light. Feet have not got wet in them yet. I do a lot of scraping with my feet and so far they are doing the job....but I still have not had them for very long...I don't really know how many miles your supposed to get out of boots...I could tell you that I know more about miles on truck tires then I do boots. I have several pairs of boots and these boots are only used when detecting for gold with the 7000 and since i don't get out that often they have not many miles on them yet. Been to the High Sierras 3 times and the foot hills 3-4 times and the Desert once so for 7 or so trips I'm Happy. strick
  14. 2017 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot

    Great Video Steve ! strick
  15. I agree with Steve...its really about putting in the time and choosing your locations. A lot of the parks I hunted two years ago seem to be hunted out (by me) now. I find fewer good targets and less gold rings. Of course there is always the fact that you cannot cover every inch of ground at every location which keeps me going back and checking for missed targets...I will say that most of my good finds are either on my first or second visit to a new location. Good luck and show us some pictures of your finds! strick