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  1. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I think I will just wait till they are on the shelf..... this is crazy strick
  2. Thanks for the vid It was a while ago and to be honest I cant remember if I did or not. I'll get it out and test it again. I mainly have it for back up but if I can get it to be a s sensitive on the tip as you say then I might use it instead of the Garrets. The Garret can be annoying sometimes at max sensitivity you have to turn it down to find the target when in high trash nails etc. To be honest I would rather have just the tip putting out then the sides as usually I have a pretty good idea where the target is before I dig. Hitting a old homesite tomorrow that I have not detected before and to my knowledge nobody else has. Both pointers are going Thanks for that. strick
  3. Garrets carrot will false in mineralized ground because they are sensitive. If you do any kind of serious detecting "One pinpointer" is not going to stick with you through thick and thin....they break easily I forgot how many I have now. I recently bought a Whites TRX...used it one day and placed it back in my spare bag....not a sensitive as the Carrot. strick
  4. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    My dealer has always been there. When one of my detectors was in the Kellyco shop (authorized minelab repair center at the time) and they were not returning my calls (for 2 months) My dealer called them for me and the next day I got a call from them saying my detector was on the bench and being worked on...coincidence ? I think not. My dealer will take trades...my dealer will talk me through a problem on the phone....My dealer will and has showed me where there is gold... So therefore my dealer will get my order....when and if I decide to place it. Now can someone please elaborate on the Equinox not hitting big silver on edge? It was said in a previous thred (about VDI charts) on this forum. I got an answer from "detector comparisons" on youtube that it will not see it in the center of the coil but will hit on the outside of the coil. Is this just going to be how it is with this detector or is this something they will fix? strick
  5. I have a quarter I'll sell you for 3 bucks better deal then a dime for 2 bucks strick
  6. Several old lantern parts... 5-6 bullets, 6-7 22 casings, insides to an old watch. Cool looking key of sorts...1 Lincoln memorial, one crusty zink, two vintage bottle caps. several pieces of copper wire, and lots of other junk....was hunting an old hotel site...that has been beat to hell by me and others but it was nice to get out and swing for a couple hours. strick
  7. Bottle Caps And The Mighty Equinox

    This was my main concern. Living in California there are zillions of corona bottle caps in different stages of decay. Thanks for the heads up. strick
  8. Another Equinox VDI Chart...

    Thanks Steve...Have 3030 and deus on hand so no reason to rush into things right now. Preliminary reports look mostly good so far and even if I ordered one now it would be a while before I got it so for now I'll just sit and watch....but thanks for that post as I'm sure it will get some attention. I cant imagine Minelab not testing high thick conductors at every angle. Watching closely.. Birthday not till April strick
  9. Another Equinox VDI Chart...

    Thanks guys for the Big silver on edge info....Have not ordered yet and will wait to see how this turns out before I do. following this thred closely. strick
  10. Report From Terry Soloman

    Are you sure thats the real Terry and not some one pretending to be You can have my SandShark when you pry it from my cold dead hands strick
  11. ***fixed Audio*** Nail Test Revisited

    I've found your posts and videos useful. Please post more of them when you have the time. strick
  12. Multi Iq Spectrum Test

    Thats it! I cant take it any longer.....I'm ordering one TODAY!!! strick
  13. Check It Out My First :)

    I like how the ID stays solid and does not jump around like on the Deus. strick
  14. I'm going to introduce the Equinox to the bigger more powerful CTX 3030...maybe they can get to know each other and perhaps become close personal friends. The CTX can tell the equinox some of his secrets to finding treasure...kinda like a debriefing of sorts. It can educate it on stable target ID at depth for example. Then he can show her some of the treasures he has found over the years. Perhaps the Equinox will be impressed? Maybe they can go on a hunt together? and then really get to know each other? I'll even wish a bit more and maybe they can really get to know each other and Minelab can produce some CTXInoxes? strick