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  1. I think that was Daniel Boon who said he had never been lost just mighty confused a few times. Same here. When in strange country I always carry a small back pack with space blanket, small amount of food, water, and most importantly a way to start a fire. Water proof matches are great to have as well as a magnesium flint but I've always carried a emergency road flare and have been able to start a fire in severe winter conditions. That flare had bailed me out several times when I used to hunt all over the western US. GPS was not available back in those days but now a days I always carry my GPS. We like the Garmin Rhino series combo GPS walkie talkie. When you click to talk it automatically gives GPS coordinates to your buddy so they know your last location. strick
  2. Nice work once again...sniffing out those tiny deep pieces takes lots of skill an patience. Is there much trash where you are hunting? strick
  3. # 3 is probably the most under stated. Looking for gold is not quantum physics nor is it splitting atoms. You have to spend the time. You have to have the time. If you don't spend lots of time looking for gold you will not find much it. You can spend lots of time researching on line, reading books, old newspapers etc.... but boots on the ground and lots of time to do this is what it takes... Especially when patch hunting with a metal detector. I can only hope and dream for more time soon. strick
  4. Nice work! Great photos and good choice on the detector.
  5. Reminds me of the time someone stole my bicycle when I was in college...the police called me three years later and said "we have your bike" When I got to Davis it looked nothing like my original... I they had changed the handlebars, wheels, seat and just about everything except the frame..... which was all banged up. strick
  6. Some people are slow learners. Had people wiz by me in bad road conditions as well. I'm thinking I'll see you down the road and sure enough there they are spun out. Glad you got a couple and added a little character to the Jeep while you were at it. Just call it "Clarks road art" strick
  7. Good article...even the basics confuse me sometimes but I always try and get the main take home message and do appreciate your taking all the time to write them. strick
  8. I think we call that a "pocket" over here...nice work ! strick
  9. One of the few hobbies where you can go out and make $300 instead of spending $300...just saying strick
  10. I just got a excalibur with 8" coil for trashy beaches with black sand. I think it does better then my CTX in this environment. If I were picking one just for the beach I think I'd go Excalibur since you required simple strick
  11. I'm sure many of us would stand in line. As fast as Steve types writing several books would be no problem. Probably want to start with a beginners book first. Then move down each topic writing a book about each. Or maybe just a gold hunters adventure book. Gotta figure what would sell I guess. strick
  12. Nice chunky piece..had me fooled for a minute strick
  13. Beauty and the beast in your adventure...thanks for sharing! strick
  14. Thought I'd hit a beach on the delta after the big winds this past weekend. Got there at low tide...problem was the water was almost to the parking lot at low tide! Turned around and went turf hunting instead. strick
  15. Nice work Mitchell! I still am looking for that Penny/Gold signal. THATS A BIG RING! strick