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  1. Steve..... thanks as always for keeping us in the loop.... strick
  2. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    i have both and have found that the stock 6" round will punch a little deeper then the elliptical...at least it seems that way. If I had to get rid of one it would be the elliptical simply because it is about ad heavy as the 11" and does not fold back well when setting the machine on the ground. The 6" round is a MUST HAVE coil for the CTX. Steve I'm a little confused first you said the CTX is not on the chopping block and then later you eluded that it may be? I would rather cut off a my left pinky finger then get rid of my CTX strick
  3. My Own Gold Monster Shaft Modification

    Thanks! I have an extra GPX shaft sitting in my shop doing nothing...I'll see if I can make it work. strick
  4. I saw the thred on "Friendly" when you found the ring....and the drama with the other hunter lol. Personally I don't know if the angel in me would have been able to look for the owner since my wife likes to confiscate my good finds. Your a good man and Karma will certinly be heading your way! GREAT VIDEO ! strick
  5. Driving Off The Beaten Track

    Good advice. Tire plugs and a mini Air compressor is what I carry into the back country for extended stays....having worked for Big O tires when I was 14 years old. Fixed many a flats. Nice video. strick
  6. Video - Hunting Parks & Beaches For Gold

    My two favorite search modes using discrimination. The first one is called "Doc's ferrous coin"...the second is called "Indians and Silver".Downloaded from Findmall at http://www.findmall.com/read.php?87,1737486. Doc's is no longer there for some reason but just copy the screen shot. I use these when "cherry picking" so to speak. The first pic is "Doc's ferrous coin"...second is "Indians and silver" You won't ever dig a bottle cap with either of these two settings when park hunting. strick
  7. Yikes - Big Change To Forum!

    I thought someone might have hacked my computer but good to know all is OK strick
  8. Good on you Mitch for finding the treasure.......the nuggets.... everyone of them are precious.... but rings are my thing too and love finding rings. Wish I could have made the outing but circumstances got in the way again. Heading up there tomorrow for some serious digging....Thanks for posting and hope to meet some of you fellas some day. strick
  9. Eating GPZ Crow

    Just get the coil over it and the GPZ will tell you it's there or not. I found a nickel close to 24 inched deep up in Rye Patch with a sensitivity setting at 7 in Normal ground. This was over a push so I assumed that it was buried by the tractor years earlier. Any way most of the time we are not over the gold which is when we wonder if we are missing anything. This was my GPZ moment about two years ago and I've been going to church ever since strick
  10. Briggs Pocket Gold

    Great job on that video. I really enjoyed it. strick
  11. Video - Hunting Parks & Beaches For Gold

    Very entertaining as usual...and I love his videos....hunting parks i'm still a wide open screen type of guy (at times) depending on the specific area of the park. Found a nice religious cross today that would have been notched out with his recommendations on the CTX. Also the large mens gold ring that I posted the other day (12.30 on the CTX) he would have passed up. Even in trashy areas I feel that sometimes running wide open is better then running in Disc...and carefully analyze each target using Target ID and target trace together to determine wether to dig or not to dig. Beach wide open is a good call. strick
  12. Maybe they could go and invest tens of thousands and design/engineer their own new gold detector... maybe it will be better then Minelabs? and then they will reap the profits....go for it! But please make it simpler to use then the GM for idiots like me.... strick
  13. Little tid bits here and there can be clues to our next gold nugget. The Nelson creek blurb intrigues me...there was a land slide near there that I was interested in checking out a couple years ago...thanks for posting...so many areas and so little time strick
  14. Thanks for the tip. The button is what always seems to be the problem with the Garrett's.... I'll try a TRX on the next purchase. strick
  15. I always look forward to you posts...... and BTW detecting for 37 years makes you a pro in my mind strick