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  1. I wonder why stainless vs aluminum?
  2. I never thought Steve would finally admit to aging and its various issues? I like the folding chair idea tho, just add a bucket underneath and disposable toilet bags from the Sportsmen Guide store. I hear the Forest Service doesn't like human waste on their/our land? But if the bears can do it, why can't we? Oh, and the squat over the hole routine can be quite embarrassing when you do stand up and a passerby just happens to be right close.....oops....
  3. I wish they would show the scoops backside too? I need an angled backside to push against without my toenails turning black and blue. Plus plastic wrapped magnets inside to catch ferrous junk. -Tom
  4. AMRA claims in Arizona where you can dredge. It costs 200 bucks to join them. They have YouTube videos to watch, dredging in Arizona creeks.
  5. That's great news Chris.I always enjoyed watching your Adventures in Prospecting DVDs even tho I had to pay to watch and have watched them repeatedly.
  6. Wear some elevator shoes
  7. Hmm, I just got word from UPS that a package was ripped apart, that I had refused delivery, and the package contents were missing, all from viewing my tracking number history, except that I never received the package or declined it? I called the place I ordered from and they had not heard a word from UPS but sent me out another package right away. My regular UPS driver confessed to being the party who told UPS I had refused the 1st delivery due to package destroyed. I still cannot figure out how a 3 inch diameter heavy cardboard tube with plastic inserts and tons of paper wadded up inside, could have been damaged so badly? At least my 2nd shipment arrived safely. Incidentally, I now search the Internet for Promo coupon codes for stuff I order online and have successfully got Free Shipping twice now, saved me over 30 bucks. Some codes are worthless, some get free shipping, some get a % discount on your order you would not otherwise get. Definitely something to be aware of to stretch our prospecting equipment dollars !!!! -Tom
  8. I went for DNK hard plastic floats myself, inflatable pontoons and sharp sticks a constant worry otherwise,plus air leaks,hopefully not an issue for Bob? Bob, how did you attach the frame to the pontoons?
  9. I was wondering where he got the coin popper tool? You say it is actually a gasket scraper?
  10. Cool...but why is there a fence in the water in the swim area?
  11. We had 70 and 80 degree temps all week in NE Illinois, now its back to 45 and rain for the weekend...why are the weeekends always so crummy weather wise? Somebody told me they thought it was because of more airplanes flying on the weekends? Am rebuilding my big highbanker in the meantime... Ps, nice gold...sure am glad I am not the only one who digs empty holes...
  12. Are these coyotes or what? Never seen wild dogs in the US? Do they attack people? -Tom
  13. I don't see that chip on my LST circuit board.Here is the best photo I could take: