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  1. does anybody actually own one of these electric offroad scooters, supposedly street legal, and have a review? Hard to believe they can go 15 miles on a 20 amp battery or less ,and offroad to boot. Minimum price is 2300 and goes up to 4500,almost affordable, and no noise. How would you carry a detector and other gear I wonder?
  2. I used to go mining with Jimbo in the video, over in Indiana, once in Illinois down by Peoria too, hate them steep hill climbs,dunno how they do it and at 6,000 feet altitude to boot... -Tom
  3. I just got my new used Racer 2 today, sure am glad I got a slightly used one and with 3 coils. Would have cost over a grand new. I paid $600 shipped. So, California, what settings/coil size would you recommend for Indiana gold hunting? Mostly shale bedrock creeks,black dirt, gravels , not too many hotrocks. We have got 1-3 grain size nuggets on my friends fave creek just panning but there are lots of nails and iron trash there too. -Tom V, ps, winter seems to be on Hold hereabouts in NE illinois in January, 40's temps for 3 weeks with rain. Is it that way elsewhere too?
  4. Sorry to hear about your fave people passing but life goes on...sure would like to hear some more about your Racer 2 gold finds? I hope to be acquiring a used Racer 2 shortly, sure would be nice if I could detect nuggets with it too? -Tom V.
  5. How do they stuff the cable inside the pole and still be able to use multiple coils? Sure wish they had poles that would adjust like my hollow camera tripod legs with almost infinite adjustments and locking tabs instead of locking collars.
  6. I got nervous when my crystal ball predictions stopped working, bailed out today with almost 40 grand vs the 8 grand I started with in October,better to cut and run for now...guess I can afford to buy a Macro Gold Racer now?
  7. I suddenly started having some luck dowsing stocks after losing my shirt for years. Seems to be related to 2 potions I started using for some health issues. I just use a pendulum, look for stocks in breakouts ,or that I have watched for years, and start tracking them. I had 6 figures in my stock trading account last week on 8600 I started with in October but was scared to sell cause of taxes.In the meantime I lost 1/2 when my stock sold off. But its a new year now. Time to try again for early retirement is my aim. Too bad I basically have to give Uncle Sam 1/2 of what I make is the new problem, with short term trading. Not for the faint of heart either. Today,I lost 8 grand in 1 position but made 10 grand elsewhere. Maybe thats why my guts are hurting so much lately? Think of all the nice metal detectors I could buy. But retiring and exiting the rat race early is number one priority right now.
  8. Wanted

    I always wondered what the difference was between my original TDi and the Pro? I had heard the Pro model was meant for Australia? -Tom
  9. I want a decent radio control excavator or bucket loader to clear the snow off my driveway while I stay indoors at the controls? I have a cheap plastic one buts its next to useless. Sounds like winter boredom is settting in on us once again?
  10. I have a number of coils with my TDi. Might be able to part with 1. I am near Chicago. Do you hunt Civil War relics or ? -Tom
  11. American Made drone with gimbal mounted camera included ,25 minute flight time, GPS, Fly Home functions, controller shows you remaining battery life, and altitude,price is a measly $699 for the premium version with hard case to carry it in, 1.2 mile range, company located in Virginia,USA, their Customer Support is supposed to be top notch, Best Buy sells these drones but their price is 899 vs straight from the mfgr of 699 AND, the company has optional CRASH Damage insurance policies available
  12. whats the difference between the G2 and G2 +? I see the G2+ on Ebay for 499. I like the audio tones on it and the boost mode. Is it hard to pinpoint with that large rectangular coil? I'd prefer a round coil or elliptical myself. -Tom V.
  13. And I have a chrome steel Lobo dowsing rod made by Sam Wolfe from way back when. Will post a photo later. ( Always wanted a Darnel rod but never could find one for cheap?) My 1st metal detector was a Bounty Hunter that cost me 90 bucks back in 1973 when I was in high school. Money came from mowing lawns. That darn thing could not see a roll of silver dimes at 2 inches hardly. Somehow, I graduated to a Teknetics Mark 1 about 12 years later.That was1 HOT machine on silver and one of the 1st with Ground Balance for prospecting. Thank goodness for plastic money back then. Had a couple in between as well. -Tom V.
  14. Rat, I have an LST also and 5 Tesoro coils. I prefer the 3 x7 as its so easy to pinpoint with. Which of these NEL snake coils do you use with yours? I had my 8 inch round coil out at a soccer field recently but the detector kept chattering even tho it sure seemed like black dirt with no minerals? I had to turn Sens down to 5-6, vs my usual 9-10. And where are gold chains usually lost on soccer fields and can the LST pick them up? I was told by a fellow detectorist using a Minelab 705 ,that gold chains are easy to find for him? I always thought they were next to impossible to detect? I know to hunt the sideline areas for goodies where folks change their shoes and leave their backpacks. What's a gold chain sound like anyway, IF it is even detected? I've gotten a few silver chains and they made a loud chatter noise. Thanks, -Tom V.
  15. Goldgrabber, I am in USA, near Chicago,Illinois, zip code 60502. -Tom V.