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  1. Love your stories Lanny.....but I can't recall where you live? We actually struck gold in a new area this past weekend, in a 2 foot wide ditch in a farmers field near Galena, Illinois. It wasn't but a few colors and some pretty red rocks in gravels but it proves gold is in this old lead mining area. How do we tell if its glacial gold or native to the area? -Tom V.
  2. tvanwho


    Hmm, I thought we had a deal going to get my like new rockerbox to Bethel for $450 which included that water pump in your photo? $20 wasted on packaging expenses now... -Tom
  3. tvanwho

    Why Do We Go To Treasure And Gold Shows

    How do I get away with charging criminal prices for a hot dog and getting rich at somebody elses expense? We need show specials at the eats area of GPAA shows.Or else have Costco come by and feed us for $1.50
  4. tvanwho

    Why Do We Go To Treasure And Gold Shows

    See the newest gold finding and recovery goodies and hope to see people I only know from Facebook and gold forums. Sure wish they had hotdogs at Costco prices tho? 5 bucks for a lousy hotdog....my pet gripe... -Tom
  5. tvanwho

    Info On Diamonds Needed

    Diamonds can be double pyramids or have triangular faces. Look at them under a stereo microscope. They also hate water. Water drops should roll off of them. And I think they float in Kerosene and get stuck in grease.
  6. tvanwho

    A Couple Pounds

    Can we ask what area of Arizona this came from, machine used, ave depth? I thought all the big stuff was found already by the guys on this forum? Looks like patience and perseverance paid off for you.... -Tom
  7. tvanwho

    Wanted Rocker Box Wanted

    I have a mini rocker with hand pump I got from Alan Trees a couple years ago and never used.Its all heavy duty plastic.Near Chicago. -Tom V.
  8. tvanwho

    Golden Nuggets Of A Different Kind

    so, did they read like pulltabs or foil or ?
  9. Hmm, I can't stand fruits and veggies-poor digestion, however I just discovered climbing stairs at work seems to be something I can handle. Kinda have to as they moved our dept fridge upstairs last week. I keep my almond milk in there. At least the almond milk keeps my cholesterol under 200 for over 5 years now with no pills. One less thing to worry about anyway. I am gonna leave my Beach Brute scoop alone. I had already put in a grate with 3/8 inch holes on it and a 6 foot heavy wall aluminum handle. It also has an angled backside for my foot to push against. I can dig into the creek bottom similar to a lake bottom, sift out the bigger rocks, small stuff falls thru the holes back to the hole bottom, and pull the handle straight up and move the rock laden scoop off to one side I think ,should ease my lower back pain, especially keeping the scoop under water as the rocks are lighter then.. Gold bearing material in the hole bottom for a sucker stick or my 2 inch dredge nozzle to suck up the small gravels. And my steel tined rake to remove surface cobbles.I can always nylon tie a piece of sheet metal under the scoops holes if needed. Sounds like a plan anyway...
  10. How do I get my lower back muscles in better shape for the gold digging season is what it all boils down to really? Or losing my spare tire, or both? Sit ups don't help much and too painful . I wasn't expecting so many aches and pains at the tender age of 61? Wonder if walking up and down the flights of stairs at work would help any for starters? My lack of exercise during the winter months and a desk job don't help matters any I guess.
  11. I had a sudden brainstorm on this. I will experiment with my beach scoops. See about putting a piece of perforated metal sheet in the bottom curved area of the scoop, fasten it in with nylon ties. And maybe a solid ramp piece ,possibly on a hinge at the front bill of the scoop to act as a trap door. Then some solid sheet metal tied to the bottom of the scoop. I am thinking I could push with the foot pedal thing in gold bearing gravels/rocks, then shake the scoop a few times just like when sifting for coins at the beach . The small stuff should settle thru the perf plate and get stuck underneath. I can then keep the scoop underwater to lessen the weight and pull the cobbles out by hand. Then dump the small stuff out by tilting the scoop forward into a sluice or bucket. Heck, I could dig down 3-4 feet doing this and wear my life jacket in case I need a rest or stand inside an inner tube. Use a floating plastic tub tied off to my waist to dump the gravels into and/or have a gold pan handy. I need a project to putz around with anyway...
  12. Thanks for the video Steve.I have something similar to this .Its only 4 inches wide. Just something about the long handle and reaching over to the sluice while half bent over , puts a HUGE strain on my lower back. Maybe I could use a beach scoop with foot pedal and bolt on a curved piece of solid metal sheet under the holes. The gold tends to be in the smaller sands and gravels so don't want to lose that stuff. I could also use the scoop to remove up to softball size rocks without so much back strain. Just need a sturdy handle that won't snap off.
  13. I just don't like the scoops with a longer sharp point on the digging end as they tend to rotate as you dig down. I prefer the more rounded tip. Now if I could just find a scoop with absolutely NO HOLES?? My lower back doesn't like gold digging in the creek when I am bent over doing it or throwing rocks. Severe lower back pain afterwards. Any suggestions? If I had me a beach scoop with no holes and a kick thing in back, I could dig standing straight up I think and just lift the scoop up to my highbanker or sluice and maybe wear a lower back support thing. as well. The joys of being over 60 and stuck at an office desk job all week. Most of my running around at work stopped after our mainframe computer was junked. Network is nice but no legwork nowadays. -Tom
  14. tvanwho

    All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    Gas mpg, try these CHEAP tricks. Go to Walmart and get some Mobil 1 Oil . Make sure to get the stuff that says FOR CARS OVER 75,000 MILES. I accidentally found this is the ONLY version of Mobil 1 synthetic oil to give an MPG boost. I get about 2-3 mpg more after using this oil in my 2010 Subaru Forester with AWD ,170 horse 4 banger, and automatic trans.And it feels like I have a V6 power wise with this oil vs my 4 banger, accelerates VERY quickly nowadays. I sure would like to know if this Mobil 1 oil will boost 4Runner MPG? I also seemed to get an additional 1 mpg this winter after putting Mobil 1 synthetic gear lube in my rear differential. I dunno why you guys are bad mouthing AWD ? I love it ,never have got my car stuck yet. Goes thru 2 feet of snow with dedicated snow tires. Floats on top of mud holes without sinking in. Just wish it had more ground clearance for rocky trails...oh and Silver gas sometimes gets me 1-2 MPG over 87 Octane, not always, but sometimes, especially on the highway. Premium gas not cost effective. All season tires get 1-2 mpg better than knobby off road rubber too. -Tom V.
  15. tvanwho

    Sleeping Gear Advice Request

    How do you get up and down from the truck top tent? With my luck and poor memory, I'd ferget that 1st BIG step down .Us older guys have to do our business several times at nite nowadays. Sharp lookin Taco. Do Tacoma truck frames rust out west like they seem to do here in the rust belt? I am leaning towards a Chevy Colorado instead or the new 2019 Ford Ranger to try to avoid this rusty frame Tacoma issue. And 4 inches of thick foam padding is an absolute must have, unless you don't mind painful hips in the morning? I learnt that the hard way from tent/car camping. They do have double thick air mattresses, twin size ,about 18 inch tall, around 50 bucks for an Intex with electric air pump. -Tom V.