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  1. I went for DNK hard plastic floats myself, inflatable pontoons and sharp sticks a constant worry otherwise,plus air leaks,hopefully not an issue for Bob? Bob, how did you attach the frame to the pontoons?
  2. I was wondering where he got the coin popper tool? You say it is actually a gasket scraper?
  3. Cool...but why is there a fence in the water in the swim area?
  4. We had 70 and 80 degree temps all week in NE Illinois, now its back to 45 and rain for the weekend...why are the weeekends always so crummy weather wise? Somebody told me they thought it was because of more airplanes flying on the weekends? Am rebuilding my big highbanker in the meantime... Ps, nice gold...sure am glad I am not the only one who digs empty holes...
  5. Are these coyotes or what? Never seen wild dogs in the US? Do they attack people? -Tom
  6. I don't see that chip on my LST circuit board.Here is the best photo I could take:
  7. Hmm, wonder if I should trash my old USGS maps from 40 years ago? What with Google Earth and online topo maps, is there any need for these paper maps anymore unless somebody wants them? NC and Arizona mostly.
  8. I printed off your photo, will take a look this weekend perhaps
  9. And how do you tell the iron from the goodies? -Tom
  10. I have a beater LST..where would I find this chip on the board?
  11. Great writeup Lunk, especially the TIPS you discovered in the field and the PHOTOS. Now, how do I resist another detector purchase? Ignoring magnetite especially appealing. So, after you got the sounds down, did you ignore the meter responses, something I am at fault with on my MXT. Looking at the meter all day can be hard on ones neck after awhile. -Tom
  12. Thanks for sharing that hard won info Steve. Is nice to hear I am not the only 2 fingered typist here. And I look at the keys , bad habit but I can't help it. Now, since gold is not overly abundant where I live, there are basically no mining records of its existence, what to do? Plenty of coal and limestone and gravel deposits, even oil and gas and some galena. All gold so far has been glacial. Makes the search a bit tougher. I do belong to 2 Indiana mining clubs which have regular outings but usually to the same old beaten to death places. Somehow tho, the gold gets replenished every year after heavy rains and subsequent floods plus the dredgers/highbanker operators running their machines too fast or too steep an angle and blowing some of the gold right back into the creek. Is it safe to assume where gold was found before by modern day prospectors, that the floods will redeposit more gold in the same spots year after year then? I've had 2 different parties tell me they got an ounce of gold fines in the same stretch of creek. These 2 people do not know each other. Something I picked up on from chatting with miners and friends. This particular spot is in an S curve with a thick layer of blue clay under the water and creek gravels. The blue clay seems to act like a gold magnet. There is about a 100 feet of it in this stretch of the creek in the main channel from bank to bank. I've seen fines and pickers from these 2 parties that were mining here with homemade machines. -Tom
  13. Can you blast and suck at the same time? I bought a 2 inch suction nozzle with a blaster thing welded on via a short pipe and a butterfly valve to turn it off and on.Somebody in Ca makes it and sells on Ebay. Need to get out and use it this summer. Got any video or photo of you doing the standup dredging thing? We made extension handles from PVC pipe and 2 hose clamps fastened together . -Tom
  14. So, how come gold detectors don't have a bunch of frequencies scanning all at once like the Minelab coin detectors do- Etrac, Explorer, etc? -Tom