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  1. Gold Spear

    Last time I looked at the mfgr website, this thing was over $3500.I believe the website is in Sweden. I had a used one many years ago but it was about useless and too hard to figger out.
  2. Recent Encounter

    I have the same shyness issue in Midwest gold hunting as most land is private. I keep running into little old ladies who own hundreds of acres of land with potential gold creeks. Seems most of these older women are widows and they do NOT want outsiders from their family on the land even if they are unable to get out and enjoy the land due to old age issues. Older men are more apt to let you on the property I have found. It helps if you can find somebody who knows the landowner and have them call ahead for you. I tried the real estate agent approach this last time. Found a listing for land with a creek in an area I want to prospect in and the female real estate agent told me she had listed and shown an old Victorian house I had mentioned. She told me she would run down to that county and make some in person land owner inquiries for me to get into their creeks. Still waiting to hear back. Heck, maybe she can help me get to do some yard detecting too. -Tom
  3. Got a website address? Not that I need yet another screen but I kinda do to fit into a 2 gallon white bucket. I can't handle 5 gallon buckets anymore, too darn heavy when full. http://www.pyrodirect.com/Item/027-2004, and this place is here in USA in Pennsylvania. Yes, they are 12 bucks each, thanks for the money saving info. -Tom
  4. Are you gonna drag a backhoe along with you?
  5. Google Earth Question?

    Its all private property so can't just hike in plus its 150 miles away. Plus its deer hunting season so kinda dangerous to be out prospecting for now. I need to get my butt off my chair and go check a creek I map dowsed about 60 miles away. Sure would be nice if it is a gold creek and so close to home. About a dozen farm ditches come together right before there and the resulting creek is like 40 feet wide with fast water, gravel, and bedrock areas. But there are 4 land owners to deal with. It is an old coal mining area and world famous iron concretion fossils just 20 miles away where Joe Public is allowed to collect but NOT dig for these things. Sposed to be ferns, amphibians, and such in these concretions mainly at Pit number 11 of the old strip mining area I hear. I did get a few colors in a creek 5 miles away. I just got a new triangular shaped alluvial sluice from a seller in Surprise,Arizona to try out too.
  6. Does anybody know why a gravel bar in a creek on Google Earth would show as Pink instead of black and white? This is in central Indiana, not much in colored rocks or mineral deposits in the area. It is a glacial gold area and with copper nuggets but they don't show up on aerial maps. I did spot a large gray clay stream bank on another creek which had alternating layers of red and gray just above the creek line like an ice cream cake. Too bad its owned by the state and they refuse to let us prospect there. It is a known gold creek too. It cannot be seen without Google Earth and a Historical Imagery view of the woods taken March 30 ,2005, otherwise tree cover blocks the view on both of these creeks. What's the best color laser printer for around $300 for aerial map prints? -Tom V.
  7. Potato Gold

    Hmm, so that's how mad scientists go mad? I noticed his shirt says Newmont? Is that for Newmont Gold Mining company?
  8. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I like the Prospectors Lounge , might have to wander over there and visit. They even have some good laughs over there....
  9. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I guess it depends on what off Topic means? I have no interest in seeing bashing and insults . I am just glad you have some other forums we can post on already besides just metal detecting for gold. As in Jewelry hunting and gold dredging, etc..
  10. Has anybody used one of Keenes 12 volt battery electric hookah units? Might be another option to consider. -Tom
  11. Nice Georgia gold, is getting me tempted to add another engine with compressor to my 2 inch dredge after seeing DJ's Indiana gold and now this chunky gold from Georgia.. I know Keene makes an unadvertised 2.5 horse engine with compressor unit. Wonder how much the whole air setup will cost me? i could bolt it to my frame up above the sluice i think and still keep the dredge weight under 140 pounds.
  12. Yes, quite chunky bits and the odd thing is I used to mine upstream of this location 1/2 mile for 6 years and no matter how deep we dug/dredged/highbanked , we got only gold fines, nothing chunky, the gold had no weight, just pretty little fines and hundreds of them, made a nice swirl in our pans. This was all gravels and large cobbles . But bedrock was just upstream 500 feet. I am wondering if the whole creek bottom is bedrock with dips in the bedrock where the gold laden gravels gather in certain spots like where the photo was taken and like where we got them fines? I just thought some more about my ponderings. Just immediately upstream of the fine gold location and before the slick bedrock, were jagged chunks of bedrock and the stream was deeper with a 10 foot tall bank. I bet we should have dredged right there for there for bigger gold !!! That whole spot is off limits now as the land changed hands, dammit... Come to think of it, where this stream is straight and narrower is where the bare bedrock and boulders tend to be and where it widens out and bends hard is where the gravels and gold tend to be. Does this mean anything to you as far as reading the stream? Will the gold be the biggest right where the creek widens and gravels begin to show? How do I tell how deep to bedrock in the gravel areas? I can only go about 2 feet with my baby dredge. If only I were not so afraid of being underwater or getting sick from having my mouth on a hookah thing potentially teeming with bacteria from dirty river water....I had that Giardia bacteria once which put me in the hospital 2 days ...picked it up at the Crisson gold mine in Georgia from the gold panning troughs...do hookah divers generally have strong stomachs or do you get sickly after dredging underwater? And upstream of the spot where we got the fines highbanking is another hot spot for fines, BB size nuggets and copper, all in a giant S bend with slick bedrock and potholes and FAST water. The stream is VERY wide there too, like 80 feet and the locals swim in the deep holes. Upstream of that no gold at all between limestone bluffs and an island, then a 1/2 mile of slick bedrock the kayakers love at high water, but not a speck of gold. Hmmmm, so maybe I should ignore creek areas with straight narrow stream width, bare bedrock, as they tend to have no gold and just concentrate on wide areas with fast water just after a narrow stretch and where gravels tend to be , especially if cracks can be worked in bedrock? Deeper potholes are usually poor but the shallow ones tend to have gold ,coins, rings or at least they sure did by that swim area. -T
  13. This previous post, the gold was found in a central Indiana stream where some folks think it is all worked out? Took my friend 6-8 months or so to dredge this gold for 2017. He has to drive 200 miles round trip to the spot. Dunno if he got enough gold to pay travel expenses or not? I think he said this photo was 22 grams of gold. I only got fines in this location with sluicing. The dredgers are getting the good stuff pretty much. Is also the spot where the bedrock area is now under several feet of new gravels just washed in and downstream on this large bend about 100 feet across is where the pickers are being dredged up along with multi ounce copper nuggets. The bottom is jagged hand to arm size pieces of broken up bedrock in FAST moving water 1-5 foot deep. My friend says he has gotten like 10 pounds of copper nuggets in and around this stretch of creek, maybe 1/4 mile long.He is using an old Keene single sluice 4 inch dredge with air. Guess we best not tell Chris Ralph that Indiana has more than gold dust? -Tom