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  1. From Mining Gold To Mining Neutrinos

    I live next door to Fermi Lab practically, 3 miles north of me.
  2. We metal detected bedrock cracks in a river at Logansport and got an 1873 seated dime.It was black. Look at my old posts for the photo. We used my Detector Pro Headhunter Diver and a waterproof TRW pinpointer.The coins were in small potholes in the bedrock areas between bridges, often loaded with sharp nails. Glad I had my tetanus shots up to date. Fast river water and slick bedrock so had to move slowly doing this. I just bought a 3 x 6.5 Core Shrew elliptical coil for my AT Pro waterproof Garrett detector. Has anybody used this coil/detector combo and results? Hope it does well in trashy parks and in the river. Should fit in between rocks and in crevices easier than the round coils.
  3. That's quite a hike down Salt creek mister GB. I've gotten downstream to 2 pools of waist deep water with soft bottom, that I barely made it past, then past the fork and past the ford. I was heading towards that bridge you spoke of but wasn't sure just how far I could go? Heard some motorcycles along a path in the woods opposite the cornfields and sluiced a little gold thereabouts where my copper dowsing rods were crossing over a line of gravels . My map dowsing liked a particular gravel bar down towards the bridge but I never made it that far. NEVER leave on a trek without water and some Gatorade. Dehydration and dizziness are no fun when you are alone and no good water in the creek to drink. I wonder if one of them straw filter purifier things actually work for water in the field? I had a bad case of Giardia once after a visit to the Crisson Gold Mine in Georgia. Miners in Maine told me to wet my finger with saliva and then touch the gold and it would stick to my fingertip. This does work but as I discovered is BAD news in dirty water. Spent 2 days in the hospital a few months later and 18 months of nonstop bathroom suffering afterwards. My aunt told me the cure was an old fashioned antibiotic called Flagyll. It solved the Giardia mess in a weeks time. I was about to punch my doctor in the nose for not having tried this when in the hospital.He claimed there was nothing wrong with me at the time despite my puking and other nasty things. Heck, I puked all over the nurse in the ER after she asked if I had ever fainted before? send me a PM and we will have to go mining together ,preferably before hunting season starts. I once encountered 2 squirrel hunters in Morgan Monroe SF who had never heard of gold hunters there. They were armed with what looked like cannons strapped to their backs and camo. Poor squirrels.... I was unaware we could go 1/2 mile upstream at Gatesville? Was always told the cutoff was 50 feet behind the old fire station. Incidentally, there is a layer of blue clay in behind the old fire station, and I've seen pickers being dredged off the top of this clay. Its about a 50 foot stretch between 2 sharp creek bends there with the blue clay under the gravels. Must act like a false bedrock. Watch out for sharp rebar.I cut myself pretty good and had to get a painful tetanus shot later. I've heard 3 people say how they struck it rich in there.The floods must redeposit the gold there every year perhaps? At least 2-3 ounces recovered over the years by various people I am aware of on that blue clay layer they told me. I only got specks so maybe it was already mined out for the year. Water is 2 -3 feet deep there. Steve, I have a photo or 2 in Chucks book, Galena specimens I metal detected in sw Wisconsin.
  4. My buddy has got 1/2 ounce from dredging in Indiana just this year ,mostly from a spot others have written off as barren, including me. He does use a Hookah air system and dredges mostly alone and goes in up to 6 feet with boulders threatening him, but he does so well. A lot to be said for perseverence...his goal is an ounce for 2017. Dredging thru the gravels to bedrock cracks under the gravel he says plus find bedrock areas with jumbled up,messy, broken bedrock is where the gold hides. I could post a Facebook photo of his vial but it would show his full name, not sure I wanna do that? I bought a GB2 off Steve H 2 years ago with 6 inch coil. It air tests my 1.6 grain nugget at 4 inches. Tesoro Lobo ST with similar coil gets it at 2.5 inch. Heck, the Goldbug 2 will sound off on my vial with 3 grams of loose Arizona gold in it.Bunch it up in a corner , 1/8 inch square flakes and pickers, GB2 beeps.So, it could sound off on a rich pocket in a pothole or in the bank I imagine,if its less than a few inches deep. Not much mineral to GB out in Indiana, some red /orange dirt and black sands is all. Loads of lead shot and nails in the gold areas too tho,will take lots of patience and pulling your hair out in frustration no doubt.
  5. I have mined alongside Chuck Lassiter in Indiana. I don't know quite how he does so well at gold recovery despite the fact that he runs his 5 inch dredge pretty hard, has all custom made screens and short dredge riffles. His dredge box is barely 4 feet x 16 inch roughly and the slurry washes thru the box like a series of tsunami waves, yet he still catches most of the gold in the upper foot of his dredge and tons of lead shot and scrap metal and coins as well. Wonder what he is up to these days? His website has not been updated in years. Chuck showed me a gold nugget he metal detected on top of an old quarry in Indiana. It was as thick as a nickel and about the size of my thumbnail. I went with him one day and got numerous copper nuggets in limestone bedrock cracks using my MXT in Prospect mode. Anything that read 10-20% iron probability was copper. Anything much higher was dozer trash. I guess they scrape the glacial till off the limestone and shove it into the woods. But that stuff is loaded with glacial gold and copper. Too bad we can't buy truck loads of it from the quarries? -Tom..my biggest Indiana nugget was 1.6 grains and I have seen pennyweight pieces from a couple other prospectors over the years from 2 creeks in particular..we mostly use the garrett classifier with 1/2 inch holes Pss, Is GB Amateur a member of the southern GPAA chapter in Indiana? If not, they have monthly outings at Gatesville, Indiana, 3rd Sat of the month I believe. I've seen fines and 1/4 inch square pickers from North Fork of Salt Creek there on occasion...I am west of Chicago 40 miles, in Aurora,Illinois
  6. 10.3 Kg Slug From Russia

    Thanks guys, I am kinda weak on metric stuff....
  7. I thought personal attacks and profanity were not allowed on this forum, unlike some others I never go to anymore?
  8. 10.3 Kg Slug From Russia

    what is a kilogram?
  9. Need Crystal Id?

    another cool Gem Video,too bad we can't metal detect gemstones....
  10. Need Crystal Id?

    Cool Australian commercial sapphire mining video...looks like they are using gold placer mining type of equipment plus eyeballing...does anybody know if sapphires glow under a UV blacklight for night time prospecting? I know some diamonds glow blue.
  11. I just happen to have a PulseStar 2 with 3 coils I never used, might be interested in selling? Bought it slightly used for cache hunting and never pursued that endeavor. I am near Chicago. -Tom V.
  12. I would guess Indian fishing net weights, but only a guess...
  13. I sure have not forgotten the BAD start of the original AT Pro !!! Having to send them back to Garrett cause so many were BAD right from the start.Heck, it cost me almost $200 cause I didn't get mine back in time before the special offer had expired. Guess I should have screamed for the Garrett Service manager instead of taking it on the chin from the little old lady at Garrett customer service ? She did manage to knock 50 bucks off the needed work after I vented my wrath.. Hmm, it was BAD control box, bad coil, bad connectors....all courtesy of the Garrett factory...not my fault in the least.. It works perfect nowadays, thank goodness. Am still wondering if can use my old blue Infinium headphones on the AT Pro since they are waterproof?
  14. sounds good to me.I'd say 10 posts vs 2 is better.
  15. Some Nevada Gold Nuggets

    So,just wondering how did the poor skunk get such a bad reputation among us gold seekers?