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  1. I've detected small green copper nuggets in Indiana and friends have got baseball size ones in Wisconsin. Copper Harbor in upper Michigan you can detect them I heard. My prospecting buddy found a 9 ounce copper nugget dredging in Indiana last year.It is all jagged, not water worn. -Tom
  2. Thanks for all the tips guys. I am currently recuperating from big toe nail removal surgery, right foot this time, was tired of getting repeated painful ingrown nails on the big toes. Not much open country where I live near Chicago, almost all private. But if I ever get to Arizona again, getting lost in the desert can be a concern. I can't do much until the toe heals up which could take months. will stick to Indiana gold creeks for this year unless I hear from a buddy in Tucson. A spot I want to check out, I am hoping he knows the rancher and can get me in on this private land to prospect. I stumbled across a land listing for this property and could hardly believe the cost for almost a thousand acres of desert, 3 small mountains, and a ranch house was under $250,000 , but is not currently on the market. Heck, where I live ,$250,000 will barely get you 3 acres of bare land, if that.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys. We depend on our electronic toys too much these days in my opinion. Need some built in backup smarts too.
  4. I eyeballed/ picked up a rock that looks sorta like an Apollo space capsule from a farm field.It has a paper thin black crust and grey interior where a farmers plow broke it, but my magnet won't stick to it. How do I tell if it is or isn't a meteorite? There is a parking lot there now. There are sparkles inside the rock. I hear there are stony meteorites that are not magnetic? I'll find the rock and post a photo later. -Tom
  5. I can never figger out my GPS or else the battery is always dead or I left it at home...hmm, what about boyscout navigating..the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and moss grows on the north side of a tree stuff?
  6. Tortuga, Is there a placer gold mine a few miles north of Greaterville,Az ? If you look on Google Earth you will see a large reddish/brown area with heavy equipment parked close by and what looks like scraped areas in the desert. Can't tell what they are doing there? GPS 31 deg 50 min 04.69 sec N, 110 deg 45 min 19.68 sec W, elevation 5200 feet
  7. I am mostly out there alone. IF you do get lost or disoriented and can't find your way back to your truck, do you panic , use a GPS, or do what to get back to camp? -Tom
  8. IE locks up constantly at work on this forum but if I enter from Google Chrome,all is well. Seems to be ok at home with Win 10 and IE tho. Maybe its the firewall at work? -Tom V.
  9. I was detecting in a local privately owned military park where my friend had permission some years back. I was in shock when I came across numerous gopher holes he had dug and absolutely refused to backfill in the grass lawns. I filled them in myself and he cussed me out .Needless to say we were no longer friends after that. Out in Arizona in Lynx/Rose creek, on private property, were numerous large holes. I filled in a couple but it was next to useless. I later heard it was gold clubs doing the digging. You would think they would be the more responsible ones?
  10. Just was wondering if you nugget hunters find fine gold/flakes in the same dirt you find gold nuggets in? Do you go back and drywash/highbank those areas? Just curious. -Tom
  11. So, are Arizona and Nevada getting clobbered too? Wonder if Lake Mead is coming back up behind Hoover Dam? I'd like to move to Arizona or Nevada when I retire in a few years, tired of winters, but don't want to get flooded either? Any suggestions appreciated. -Tom
  12. Is that dam really 700 feet tall? Would make a heck of a wave...and I thought Ca was still having a drought? Scary stuff.
  13. how're you gonna mount that on your drone? Might need jet thrusters...are you still dredging or has Oregon outlawed dredging now? Ps, whats your recommendation on a drone under $700 ballpark with camera and monitor included and a good range ? Is it better to get a under $100 drone for starters before a more expensive one? -Tom V., Ps, I own a Canon SX50 myself..
  14. will this work with my Goldbug 2 ? -Tom V.
  15. I didn't see this one but have seen 3 white ones and a green tailed one over Interstate 55 near the city of Streator 10 years ago while coming home from a gold prospecting trip.