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  1. is it better at finding gold than its cousin the AT Pro, that I own?
  2. Scams Out There

    whatever happened to good old fashioned handshakes in person sales transactions and green cash, altho I see cashiers constantly checking even 10 and 20 dollar bills for fakes ? Society just seems to be going straight downhill lately, dunno why ? -Tom V.
  3. Question On Whites TDI

    that machine was $1000 plus new, its a steal at 150 if it works ok
  4. Sure is nice of Steve to have these forums where we can learn from others ...thanks...
  5. The last time I was out west to prospect was around Prescott Valley, Arizona on Rose creek. I could not figger out why I was out of breath just carrying a few tools and a Tesoro Lobo detector around? I had to stop every 50 feet and try to catch my breath. And I am not a smoker either. Just some asthma and allergy issues. Had the same issue around Rich Hill area. Well, then I noticed elevation signs about 4000 and 5000 foot altitudes. Hmm, having lived around Chicago now for almost 40 years and a bit of asthma as well, maybe that's the issue since we are at 500 feet above sea level.? So, how do I get my lungs up to speed when on vacations to gold country and the elevations ? Is there a reason why gold and minerals tend to be at higher elevations vs low ones? -Tom V.
  6. Could we possibly see some photos of these mine dumps so we know what to look for in the field? Thanks. -Tom
  7. Hmm, that could be an issue, but better than 30 seconds with the 1960's rocket belt...guess we better stick to the ground. I understand these flying machines have no parachute for backup...flying over water is about useless for prospecting...
  8. Thanks Lunk. I personally saw a huge green fireball soar over my truck some years back down by Streator, Illinois, on my way home from an Indiana gold hunting trip. I never heard any explosions ,just saw the light go out all of a sudden, had to pull over and sit in a Shell gas station for 30 minutes , anxiety got a hold of me. Looked like a giant size Roman candle green ball of fire with a short tail. I never heard anything on the news about that one. But I did make a mental note of where I was and what direction the green ball of fire seemed to be heading in. My landmark was the Mazon river bridge by Streator on i55 north, fireball heading northwest.. Not that it matters now.
  9. thanks, your article seems to give a clue as to where the rocks landed...buts its snow on the ground there and 300 miles away so I guess somebody from Michigan will strike it rich on space rocks instead of me...
  10. Heard the news lately? Today a fireball exploded over SE Michigan and registered a 2.0 earthquake. Now, since we know the rock exploded, how to find the meteorites on the ground ,if they made it that far? I always heard that when the meteorite light goes out, the rock can still be 5 miles high? So, how would you trace it to where the rocks fell to earth exactly? It was seen in 6 states and Canada. -Tom
  11. Is that a dredge and a boat? Great engineering for home made !! -Tom
  12. I dunno, Vermont is pretty bad. They INSIST that HAND panning means to literally use your hands to scoop up gravels from the stream, no trowels or shovels allowed !! They don't mention sucker sticks or using gloves on your hands tho? Dunno if they enforce this or not? Maybe find a Vermont GPAA chapter to ask and get back to us? I'd sure like to know too? -Tom
  13. I totally got rid of the grizzly bars and put in perforated steel sheet with 3/4 inch square holes. It does mean I have to rake rocks out by hand a LOT more, but I won't lose bigger gold or other stuff out the back so much, like coins, copper nuggets, arrowheads, jewelry, etc. I also squeezed in 4 x 1 inch diameter spray bars so it pounds the gravel better from all 4 sides. I hardly lost any small pea size gravel and sands out the back like I used to with the grizzly bars. I would guess 95% under 3/4 inch size went into the sluice. In my sluice I have a foot of bare metal under the hopper, then 8 inch of Keene Miracle mat, then 16 inch of raised expanded aluminum over carpet and moss and just a few stream riffles. It works better now than ever before, nice smooth water flow and no clogged riffles. I am just using a Honda WX15 pump and 70- gpm , might try my Keene P90 pump this year and 2 inch dredge nozzle and hose. And I have the rear end mounted on 16 inch wheelbarrow floatation tires to make it easy to move. Had to weld an aluminum tube axle under the approx. center of gravity spot. I can also mount the engine/pump on top of the sluice just in front of the hopper if needed. Vibration to settle out the heavies? -Tom
  14. That 3 x 7 is my fave Lobo coil.It can see lead/galena nuggets a foot away in sw Wisconsin. I won't part with mine tho, sorry. -Tom V.