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  1. Is that dam really 700 feet tall? Would make a heck of a wave...and I thought Ca was still having a drought? Scary stuff.
  2. how're you gonna mount that on your drone? Might need jet thrusters...are you still dredging or has Oregon outlawed dredging now? Ps, whats your recommendation on a drone under $700 ballpark with camera and monitor included and a good range ? Is it better to get a under $100 drone for starters before a more expensive one? -Tom V., Ps, I own a Canon SX50 myself..
  3. will this work with my Goldbug 2 ? -Tom V.
  4. Wanted

    Chuck, Its almost impossible to ship a used engine via UPS or Fedex especially air freight, dunno about USPS. I went thru this already. The engine has to be certified as shippable by an approved company, and no gas in the tank, not even a hint of gas smell. Otherwise, you can find yourself in the hotseat with the Feds, will be.better to buy new unit or a separate pump with no engine to avoid the hassles. Ground transport is even a BIG maybe. Good luck. -Tom V.
  5. I didn't see this one but have seen 3 white ones and a green tailed one over Interstate 55 near the city of Streator 10 years ago while coming home from a gold prospecting trip.
  7. LIEN need spellchecker....
  8. -Chris,no wife here, still single..wonder if I am faultless? -Clay, great site at Land Matters and I can actually see local fault lines. -IdahoGold, pitt edu has great color photos of actual faults in the field and tips as to what to look for. As a side note, my IE keeps crashing for Steve's website but Google Chrome works perfect, dunno why and the Land Matters website runs soooo fast on Google Chrome, barely crawls on IE... Glad I asked the questions...altho I am a bit slow on geologic terms like hanging walls. Just took a class for beginners on doing Rock and Mineral Id tests at the Lizzadro Lapidary Arts Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois this past Sat and learnt a few things , spent $100 on rock and fossil books with tons of color photos too.
  9. Where do I even get a geologic map of an area in USA? We don't have any mountains in Illinois and Indiana, only glacial moraines pretty much. Of course there was the gigantic earthquake back in 1820 something that changed the course of the Illinois river, the New Madrid earthquake as it was called. The only metals mines were for zinc/galena in extreme NW corner of Illinois, coal mines central parts of both states, sand dunes around Lake Michigan.
  10. We all talk about gold and fault lines BUT how do you go about finding these fault lines exactly? They are not shown on Topo maps that I know of. What maps should I be looking to acquire? What do they look like in person? Sharply uplifted rock areas I am guessing? -Tom
  11. does anybody actually own one of these electric offroad scooters, supposedly street legal, and have a review? Hard to believe they can go 15 miles on a 20 amp battery or less ,and offroad to boot. Minimum price is 2300 and goes up to 4500,almost affordable, and no noise. How would you carry a detector and other gear I wonder?
  12. I used to go mining with Jimbo in the video, over in Indiana, once in Illinois down by Peoria too, hate them steep hill climbs,dunno how they do it and at 6,000 feet altitude to boot... -Tom
  13. I just got my new used Racer 2 today, sure am glad I got a slightly used one and with 3 coils. Would have cost over a grand new. I paid $600 shipped. So, California, what settings/coil size would you recommend for Indiana gold hunting? Mostly shale bedrock creeks,black dirt, gravels , not too many hotrocks. We have got 1-3 grain size nuggets on my friends fave creek just panning but there are lots of nails and iron trash there too. -Tom V, ps, winter seems to be on Hold hereabouts in NE illinois in January, 40's temps for 3 weeks with rain. Is it that way elsewhere too?
  14. Sorry to hear about your fave people passing but life goes on...sure would like to hear some more about your Racer 2 gold finds? I hope to be acquiring a used Racer 2 shortly, sure would be nice if I could detect nuggets with it too? -Tom V.
  15. How do they stuff the cable inside the pole and still be able to use multiple coils? Sure wish they had poles that would adjust like my hollow camera tripod legs with almost infinite adjustments and locking tabs instead of locking collars.