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  1. Beautiful gold from dredging SJM ...I can only dream...
  2. I'd sure like to see some photos of your back saving rock moving sleds and contraptions in action. I just installed a new spark plug in my Honda WX15 motor after getting a severe tongue lashing from my buddy last time we went highbanking. We spent 20 minutes trying to get my formerly reliable pump to start which it absolutely refused to do, even with a new carb installed by the lawn mower shop a year ago.. Well, every so often it came to life but refused to keep running. After bearing more verbal abuse than I could stand almost, we went to plan B, sluicing....well, I had a sudden thought? I would pray and ask God to help? I couldn't hardly believe it when I went over and gave that starter one last pull and she fired right up and kept running !!! Thank you God !!! So, due to my friends angry tirade, I invested in spare spark plugs, plug sockets and ratchets, have sets in both highbanker and dredge toolboxes now. The WX15 plug was black and smelled of gas. Dunno why it wasn't tan like it should have been especially with a new carb on it? Incidentally, I got a 3/8 inch no name ratchet wrench, 16 mm deep socket, regular deep spark plug socket, and 2 inch extension, off Amazon and 2 sets of these and shipping was under $25, a true bargain as long as the ratchet holds up. I also was able to get 2-13 inch tall x 4 inch pneumatic wheelbarrow tires with steel ball bearings and axle adapters for a measly 22 bucks shipped from Home Depot Online, shipped to a local store. These would have cost over 50 bucks locally. Am experimenting with a wheeled highbanker, easier to move around.
  3. Anybody got ideas for moving rocks/cobbles out of dredge/highbanker holes besides tossing them out by hand? I suffered severe lower back pain/hemorrhoids from doing this a month ago, and the hole was only 18 inches deep and 3 feet across. Is it possible to rig up a cheap tripod or something with rope and bucket attached to move the rocks off to the side of the hole, but how to dump the bucket? I like gold highbanking and dredging but lower back strains are no fun.And for some reason, rocks seem lighter underwater vs out of the water, why? I assume the backstrain happens when I am leaning over the hole at a sharp angle ,then tossing rocks out of said hole. Why does my lower back not like this? Of course being 60 years old and not in the best of shape probably doesn't help either...are there exercises I can do that might help too? -Tom V.
  4. just the individual detector prices, can't afford to get 2 of them, lets ferget the Tejon, just quote the CZ6a and shipping to zip 60502? The CZ3D looks pretty impressive on YouTube, sure wish it had notching ...
  5. so what are the prices on the CZ6a and the Tejon with shipping less the 15%? My zip is 60502. Can I hip mount the CZ machine and use the 5,8 ,and 10 inch loops? -Tom
  6. Jeff Williams Video

    If we could only get Steve to make videos like Chris Ralphs Adventures in Prospecting videos?
  7. Jeff Williams Video

    you meet all kinds of characters when chasing gold and Jeff has dozens of gold finding videos, this is one of the better ones...
  8. Jeff Williams is kinda corny but here we learn about finding gold in a desert wash with eyeballs and dowsing rods, how to recognize alkali deposits as a source of shallow water in the desert, rock formations, volcanic plugs, dikes, contact zones and such
  9. Gold And Quicksands

    There are several scary YouTube videos of quicksand/gravel situations, 1 guy was stuck for 3 days in a gravel pit he was hiking around in, fortunate to be rescued but almost lost his legs to gangrene, another persons horse went in out in a California desert along a sandy creek, took a helicopter to get the horse out, in England they use 2 x4 foot pieces of plywood as stepping stones out to the person in distress. As a teen we walked on quick sand where a dozer operator told us he had compacted it to where it was safe as he was excavating a swamp. It was like walking on rolling jello as I recall, a VERY uneasy feeling.
  10. New Patch Gives Gold X 2

    What do you mean by beach cuts and such? Got any photos? I used to detect at Chicagos Lake Michigan beaches until parking fees went up to like $ 16 an hour and that was it for me...
  11. I was out in a seemingly dried up creek panning for gold in southern Illinois. A lot of the local creeks going under the roadways were about dried up I noticed, even some rivers. I stopped at a creek out in the boondocks that was 40 feet wide and a gravel bottom but hardly had a trickle and a few inches deep of water flowing. I never expected to encounter quicksand in pea size gravels but in one area closer to the bank with seemingly no water present, I went in up to my shins unexpectedly. Being 500 feet from the bridge , on a Sunday, in the country,well screaming for help would not have worked too well with nobody around !! Fortunately, I got out ok and told myself, lets get outta here. No gold was showing up and I was kinda scared. Not worth the risk. I know when we were at Ganes creek gold mine they warned us not to go in areas where they were washing gravels by the big sluice. I never understood why until now. Be careful out there. Its not just quick sand but quick gravels too on what looks like solid ground. Has anybody else had this happen to them? How do you get out if you do go in too deep and nobody around to help you? -Tom
  12. New Patch Gives Gold X 2

    I always heard it was easy pickings after Florida storms? Maybe thats just an old wives tale thing?
  13. New Patch Gives Gold X 2

    Just wondering why we are not hearing of Spanish gold doubloons and such being recovered on Florida beaches with these hurricanes stirring things up?
  14. I was feeling sickly all year, still am, but winter will be here soon, so....I put in for a week off next week to play. I will be taking my homemade 2 inch suction nozzle dredge out for her maiden voyage in an Indiana creek. I need to know how to anchor the dredge so the creek doesn't take it when I let go of the hose? I will be dredging along an inside bend maybe 100 feet long x 25 feet out into the water and there are trees within 25 feet. This area was all 3-5 feet deep to visible bedrock a month ago. Now its all filled in with small gravels, no bedrock in sight. I happen to know the area upstream is gold bearing gravels so am hopeful this will be easy to dredge with few jams and gold to boot. The water is barely ankle to knee deep now. How long does it take for gold to settle down thru the gravels to bedrock after a flood, days, weeks, months, years? How do I find the paystreak? I do have a waterproof Garrett AT Pro, dunno if that's a waste of time or not? Do I just get to dredging a hole or is there a method to use? I don't want to dredge , then end up re-dredging my tailings. Just long arm dredging here, no air. I do have a plastic pipe I could attach to the nozzle to get down 3-4 feet. -Tom