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  1. Dear Valued Members,For those who are curious about our company and team, here is a video about Nokta & Makro Detectors, enjoy! Dilek GonulaySales & Marketing Manager
  2. Come And Meet Us At Detectival!

    Steve, it would be lovely to meet you in person! Maybe next year? UK or USA..
  3. Dear Valued Members, Please read the below info carefully regarding the 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones compatible with Racer 2/ Gold Racer and Impact: WE SHIPPED ALL DEALER BACKORDERS AS OF TODAY. The headphones have been updated and finalized with hardware and software changes. We have also added a battery level indicator tone when the headphones are turned on. FOR RACER 2 AND GOLD RACER - The headphones will ship with a dongle and MAKRO LOGO on them. FOR IMPACT – They will ship with NOKTA LOGO and without the dongle. In other words, there is only 1 headphone and they will work on all 3 machines – without a dongle on the Impact and with the dongle on the Racer 2s and Gold Racers. We apologize that they were delayed so long and thank you for your patience! Dilek
  4. Dear Valued Members, This is to inform you that my team and I will be attending the Detectival Rally in the UK between September 15 - 17. We are inviting all who are planning to attend the event to visit us in the main marquee to meet the team and to learn more about our company and products. THANK YOU! Dilek Gonulay Nokta & Makro Detectors
  5. Dear Valued Members,Due to customer requests, we have added a new 7’’ CONCENTRIC COIL to IMPACT and RACER coil assortments.Please find below the part numbers and the pictures of these new coils.The coils are available now and we will ship them to dealers as they are ordered! IMPACT IM18C SEARCH COIL (7") CONCENTRIC BLACKPART NUMBER: 20000725MSRP:$129RACER RC18C SEARCH COIL (7") CONCENTRIC BLACKPART NUMBER: 20000726MSRP:$129
  6. New 9.5"x5" DD Coil For Nokta & Makro

    Thank you Steve!! You are a great help in terms of passing the info.
  7. Hello all...I get emails from customers asking for an update on the optional coils and headphones for the Impact. IM24 Waterproof DD Search Coil 24 x 13 cm (9.5" x 5") and IM40 Waterproof DD Search Coil 40 x 35 cm (15.5'' x 14'') are now in production and have shipped to most of the dealers around the world. Wireless headphones - test samples have been received by the testers and we are waiting for their feedbacks. If no issues are encountered, we will go to production. Will keep you updated. Dilek
  8. Minelab And Customer Communications

    Hello Jason. As I explained to you in my email, it is very unlikely for me to not to respond to a customer who is having an issue with our device. I had an email from the service center confirming that they had already talked to you which I just forwarded to you. Since I have not heard from you after that point, I thought it was all OK on your end. I still apologize though on my behalf although I tried my best to do the right thing for you. I believe the most important thing here is for you to get a working unit in your hand and I already gave you my word on that. My team will follow up with you with further instructions tomorrow. Dilek
  9. Minelab And Customer Communications

    Hello there... I am quite surprised with this post. It is true that we refer customers to Kellyco because they are the authorized repair center. It is just more convenient for people in the USA. However, once we refer them to Kellyco, we assume that the problem is being handled and the customer is taken care of. Can you please do me a favor and email me with details of your issue and I will personally make it right for you. dilek@noktadetectors.com
  10. Dear Valued Members, This is to inform you that we have developed the below stand for the Racer series which is also compatible with all round shafts with 22mm diameter. Thank you. Dilek
  11. Impact Software Update

    Dear Valued Members,This is to inform you that we just released an update for the IMPACT based on a few feedbacks which is now available for download at the IMPACT product page below:http://noktadetectors.com/onlineupdate_impact-metal-detector.aspR1_V1.13_V1.11 (System Software V1.13 / LCD Software V1.11)Updates Made : Individual frequency shift values have been assigned for each frequency (5kHz/14kHz/20kHz) and the frequency shift feature has been improved overall.Regards,Dilek
  12. Congratulations To The Team At Nokta / Makro

    You guys actually made me blush! THANK YOU! Although I am the one interacting with the members on the forums as well as customers around the world, I am not alone in this. Starting from the top -meaning the owner of the company- down to each engineer customer satisfaction is clearly of utmost importance here and we want to keep it that way regardless of our size. We will never forget those, including you all, to whom we owe where we are today so a HUGE THANK YOU on behalf of my team. Dilek
  13. Dear Members,Below is the link to the manual as promised.I am sorry it took so long but we went thru several edits.Thank you all who helped us with the manual. http://noktadetectors.com/downloads/impact-user-manual.pdf
  14. Dear Valued Members: We are proud to announce the new IMPACT, that has been tested in 5 continents by more than 30 engineers, experts and users! IMPACT is a 3-frequency device (5kHz/14kHz/20kHz) combining multiple detectors and enabling a unique yet easy-to-use detector experience for new to experienced detectorists. Impact Features: 12 Search Modes (2 non-motion, 2 all metal, 8 discrimination modes) Advanced Discrimination & Unmasking Ability Online Firmware Updates Optional 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones Vibration LED Flashlight Operating Frequency: 5kHz - 14kHz - 20kHz Warranty: 2 years Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs.) including search coil and batteries 12 Search Modes: 2 Non-motion Modes (with audio discrimination) 2 All Metal Modes (with audio discrimination) 8 Discrimination Modes - 2 Tone / 3 Tone / 4 Tones / 99 Tones / Deep / Conductive Ground / VLX1 and VLX Ground Balance with 3 Options: Automatic, Manual, Tracking Notch Filter: Discriminates single or multiple Target IDs of unwanted metals by silencing them or giving an iron tone. Tone Break: Adjusts the break points of the target response tones on the Target ID range. Iron Audio (Fe Vol): Turns off or adjusts the volume of the low iron tone Audio Tone: Changes the frequency of target and threshold tones (150Hz - 700Hz). iSAT: Allows for a stable operation of the device by eliminating false signals caused by high mineralization and hot rocks in the all metal and discrimination modes as well as eliminating threshold drifts caused by ground and temperature changes in the static modes. Magnetic Mineralization Indicator: Shows mineralization intensity of the ground. Extra features at the push of a button: Audio Boost, ID Normalization, Target ID Depth Level. Backlight (Bright) FD / Save: Easily saves your settings or restores factory defaults. PRICING AND AVAILABILITY 11000701 IMPACT STANDARD PACKAGE MSRP: $849 USD Includes: Waterproof IM28 - DD Search Coil 28 cm x 18 cm (11'' x 7''), Headphones, 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries, USB Cable 11000702 IMPACT PRO PACKAGE MSRP: $999 USD Includes: Waterproof IM28 - DD Search Coil 28 cm x 18 cm (11'' x 7''), Waterproof IM19 - DD Search Coil 19 cm x 10 cm (7.5'' x 4''), Headphones, Carrying Bag, Protective Covers, Stand, Extra Lower Shaft, AC & Car Charger, 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries, USB Cable Optional Search Coils: Waterproof IM40 - DD Search Coil 40 cm x 35 cm (15.5'' x 14'') Waterproof IM24 - DD Search Coil 24cm x 13cm (9.5'' x 5") We are now taking the pre-orders from dealers and product will start shipping to dealers the 3rd week of March. We will ship the orders to dealers in the order they are received. Should you have any questions regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards,
  15. Hello Dear Valued Members.We are proud to announce that Nokta &Makro Detectors has been certified as a Research & Development Center by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in Turkey.On behalf of my team and company, I want to thank all who have supported our company to grow at a fast pace and to develop new technologies and products. We owe where we are today to our valued customers!Best Regards,Dilek