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  1. There is an error in this table.I am updating the site now... I apologize....For those who have downloaded the manual, please download it again.Dilek
  2. Dear Members,Below is the link to the manual as promised.I am sorry it took so long but we went thru several edits.Thank you all who helped us with the manual.
  3. Dear Valued Members: We are proud to announce the new IMPACT, that has been tested in 5 continents by more than 30 engineers, experts and users! IMPACT is a 3-frequency device (5kHz/14kHz/20kHz) combining multiple detectors and enabling a unique yet easy-to-use detector experience for new to experienced detectorists. Impact Features: 12 Search Modes (2 non-motion, 2 all metal, 8 discrimination modes) Advanced Discrimination & Unmasking Ability Online Firmware Updates Optional 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones Vibration LED Flashlight Operating Frequency: 5kHz - 14kHz - 20kHz Warranty: 2 years Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs.) including search coil and batteries 12 Search Modes: 2 Non-motion Modes (with audio discrimination) 2 All Metal Modes (with audio discrimination) 8 Discrimination Modes - 2 Tone / 3 Tone / 4 Tones / 99 Tones / Deep / Conductive Ground / VLX1 and VLX Ground Balance with 3 Options: Automatic, Manual, Tracking Notch Filter: Discriminates single or multiple Target IDs of unwanted metals by silencing them or giving an iron tone. Tone Break: Adjusts the break points of the target response tones on the Target ID range. Iron Audio (Fe Vol): Turns off or adjusts the volume of the low iron tone Audio Tone: Changes the frequency of target and threshold tones (150Hz - 700Hz). iSAT: Allows for a stable operation of the device by eliminating false signals caused by high mineralization and hot rocks in the all metal and discrimination modes as well as eliminating threshold drifts caused by ground and temperature changes in the static modes. Magnetic Mineralization Indicator: Shows mineralization intensity of the ground. Extra features at the push of a button: Audio Boost, ID Normalization, Target ID Depth Level. Backlight (Bright) FD / Save: Easily saves your settings or restores factory defaults. PRICING AND AVAILABILITY 11000701 IMPACT STANDARD PACKAGE MSRP: $849 USD Includes: Waterproof IM28 - DD Search Coil 28 cm x 18 cm (11'' x 7''), Headphones, 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries, USB Cable 11000702 IMPACT PRO PACKAGE MSRP: $999 USD Includes: Waterproof IM28 - DD Search Coil 28 cm x 18 cm (11'' x 7''), Waterproof IM19 - DD Search Coil 19 cm x 10 cm (7.5'' x 4''), Headphones, Carrying Bag, Protective Covers, Stand, Extra Lower Shaft, AC & Car Charger, 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries, USB Cable Optional Search Coils: Waterproof IM40 - DD Search Coil 40 cm x 35 cm (15.5'' x 14'') Waterproof IM24 - DD Search Coil 24cm x 13cm (9.5'' x 5") We are now taking the pre-orders from dealers and product will start shipping to dealers the 3rd week of March. We will ship the orders to dealers in the order they are received. Should you have any questions regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards,
  4. Hello Dear Valued Members.We are proud to announce that Nokta &Makro Detectors has been certified as a Research & Development Center by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in Turkey.On behalf of my team and company, I want to thank all who have supported our company to grow at a fast pace and to develop new technologies and products. We owe where we are today to our valued customers!Best Regards,Dilek
  5. Thank you Steve. I actually thank you and all the members of the forum who guide our company to excel in what we are doing and then offer it back to our valued customers in the form of better performing products. I sincerely hope on behalf of my team and company that 2017 brings all detectorists, firstly ''health'' to be able to swing the detector and secondly the finds of their dreams! Dilek
  6. Hello all.I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year on behalf of my team and company.THANK YOU for a great 2016 and your support guys! Dilek GonulaySales and Marketing Manager
  7. Hello there. We have received your PM. Please send a short video showing the issue if you can to and we will further assist you. Please also include your full name, delivery address and tel number along with the serial number of the device. Thank you!
  8. Do you have the latest instructions included in the package? 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones Pairing Instructions 1. Insert the dongle in the socket located on the left side of the system box and turn the detector on. 2. Switch the on-off button located on the right side of the headphones to ''on'' position. 3. The blue LED on the left side will start blinking fast. 4. For channel selection, push and hold the trigger switch forward and press the down button simultaneously. Each time you press the down button, channels will change between 00-05. 5. When the pairing is successful, the audio will be heard through the headphones and the blue LED will start blinking slowly. 6. If no pairing occurs, press on the button marked with a white dot on the headphones with your finger to switch to the channels at the alternative frequency. Then repeat the pairing process at number 4. Each time the white button is pressed on, 1 or 2 beeps will be heard from the headphones. Each beep indicates switching between channels at alternative frequencies. 7. Once the pairing is complete, the headphones and the device will connect automatically at the next start-up. 8. If the paring is not successful after you remove the dongle and insert it again, repeat the above processes. 6. To adjust the volume, use the on-off/volume knob on the device. NOTE! 1. If the connection is lost during pairing, turn off and restart the device and the headphones and repeat the process. 2. If the disconnection continues, turn off the device and the headphones and remove the dongle. 3. Insert the dongle again in its socket and repeat the above process. Charging 1. Insert the supplied charging cable into a USB socket (PC, adaptor etc.) 2. Insert the other end into the charging jack on the headphones. 3. During charging, the LED next to the charging jack will light up red. 4. Charging will last approximately 4 hours. 5. Upon completion, the red light will go off. Technical Specifications Frequency: 2.4 GHz Audio Output: Mono Battery: Li-Po Battery Life: 14-20 hours Charging Time: Approximately 4 hours Transmission Range: 10 meters (33ft.)
  9. Hello! This is Dilek. We have not received any email regarding an overloading GR small coil. Which address did you send it to? I personally check each email (just like I try to read the forums on a regular basis) and I make sure that each email is answered by somebody in my team if not by myself. If the issue continues, please contact me directly at and I will take care of it directly. Thank you!
  10. Hello all. Just to give you guys an update - we have made a change in Makro brand distribution. We will distribute the Makro brand to multiple dealers in the USA moving forward meaning we will not have an exclusive distributor.There is no change in the Nokta brand distribution. It is still distributed thru Kellyco to other dealers. For Makro, we are evaluating dealership applications and will assign a few more new dealerships based on certain criteria with location being the most important one. Any dealer interested in selling Nokta products, should still contact Kellyco directly. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you!
  11. Hello all.Please note that we sent the wireless headphone samples to a few testers in the USA, Europe and Australia.We got no negative feedback on the volume from any of the testers so we released them as they are. We believe it is more of a subjective point rather than an issue.However, we are tweaking the volume now since some customers are concerned.Since we did not ship any units to USA yet, no concern for the customers who have pre-ordered them as they will be getting the revised version.For any customers who already bought them thru Europe or Australia and who think the volume is high, we can replace the headphones with a new one.
  12. Hello Steve! As I was about to respond to some of the posts here, I saw your post. What is going on? I am being very sincere and honest here as I always have been while representing Nokta / Makro Detectors. We have shipped a few thousands of these units around the world and we have a total of less than 10 directly reported cases of failures. Then again I have personally asked the US distributor to give us a report on failures reported to them and I am yet waiting to receive it. The failures reported directly are happening in the power unit which our engineers linked to a bad component in two units we received. We checked other samples from the same production batch and could not duplicate the issue because the failure is in correlation with the tolerance of the component. However, we still changed the component as a pre-cautionary act for the following production runs. In the worst scenario, the chances of a failure for a device within that specific tolerance range is around 20% for that specific production run which equates to 40 devices shipped to USA only. The issue gets resolved simply by replacing the power unit and is not a spread issue so it should not create a concern for those who are not having an issue. We recently shipped extra power units to the distributor to service any customer who experiences an issue. In SLGuin’s case, I personally got in touch with the customer and he said he sent the unit back to the distributor. Then I saw him complain about the down time. As we decided to send him a new unit, he said he was getting it back the next week so we held off. Then he wrote to me the other day saying that the unit failed again. I do not know what was changed or replaced on that unit so I asked the distributor to give me details which I am waiting to receive. Meanwhile though we did send him a brand new unit and gave him the tracking number. Please understand that 0 failure for an electronics device manufacturer is very hard to achieve no matter how good your QC is. There are acceptable percentages of failures especially if you are working with a large group of suppliers as well. As I have stated, this is not a spread issue and the component in question was changed right after the first failure reports in the first production run. I still apologize to SLGuin or anybody else on this forum on behalf of my company and finish by saying that although we are thousands of miles away, we are very close to our customers in terms of standing behind them as well as our products.
  13. Dear Valued Customers: First of all, we thank you all for the increasing sales of our Racer series detectors. As you all know, Racer 2 is an addition to our current Makro product line up and we have no intentions of discontinuing the original red Racer. As a matter of fact, for those customers who do not need the extra features of the Racer 2, the original Racer still stands as a very good performing hi-end detector. Many of our dealers and customers have been asking Nokta& Makro for a device that would retail around the $500 price range.. Therefore, as of June 1, 2016 we changed the price of the Racer as below to meet this request. We believe that the new price change makes Racer absolutely the most competitive and attractive product in that price range! RACER STANDARD PACK SUGGESTED RETAIL $499 RACER PRO PACK SUGGESTED RETAIL $699 Thank you!
  14. That I cannot answer yet. I have a shipment going out to USA this week... may or may not make it on this shipment. But definitely the next one. Will keep you updated.
  15. Dear Valued Customers:Please note that we are adding a new, optional elliptical coil to the Gold Racer based on customer demand.This smaller coil is excellent on exposed bedrock or hunting around rocky areas or tight spaces. GR19 Waterproof DD Search Coil19cm x10cm (7.5''x4'')MSRP: $119