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  1. Equinox 800 At My House!!!

    Wow, you are doing GREAT with the new toy!! CONGRATS! Steve
  2. Mike -- Couple things. Think of the "center" of the DD coil as a "knife edge, running from forward :toe" of the coil, back through where the rod attaches, to the "heel" of the coil. That whole "knife edge," narrow, from front to back, is the main "hot zone" of the coil. So, when you hit a target, sweeping left-to-right in pinpoint and locating the strongest "sound," will let you locate the "axis" on which the target lies (let's call it a "north-south" axis). But, within that narrow north-south axis, the target might be anywhere from the toe to the heel of the coil. SO, next, turn the coil 90 degrees, and sweep from the opposite direction, running back and forth ALONG that north-south axis -- again, trying to find, based on listening for the strongest tone, where the target lies in THAT axis (let's call that an "east-west" axis). Where those two axes cross, is where the target is. It's different from a concentric coil, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy, and accurate. You can practice with a coin on the ground; watch what happens as you practice this pinpoint technique based on a target you can actually SEE. THEN, you can take a large piece of paper or cardboard and cover the target, and try again. A bit of practice like this, and you will have it down in no time. Other guys like to use the "wiggle back" method, but that works best in areas of "sparse" targets. If you have many targets under the coil, or nearby, it's harder. But the idea goes that you don't even have to switch into pinpoint mode. As you sweep, and hit a target, sweep back and forth in small sweeps until that toe-to-heel axis is over the target. Then, using short left-and-right wiggles of the coil, gradually pull the coil back toward you, at the same time you are doing the short "wiggle" sweeps of the coil. As soon as the sound drops off sharply, the target is at the "toe" of your coil. Hope this helps! If not, I'll try making a video... Steve
  3. Another Equinox VDI Chart...

    strick -- with a 3030 and Deus, you are "set." Like I've said before, I want the Equinox to be my "Deus," such that with a 3030 and an Equinox, I'm similarly well-equipped with high-end performance for virtually any type of detecting I might encounter/wish to do. But yes, no rush for you, regarding the Equinox, given what's already in your "arsenal!" A birthday in April (which should be after the "supply" issues currently ongoing) would be a good time to see where things stand, regarding whether you wish to try one out, or not! Steve
  4. Eq800, First Hunt

    EXCELLENT post there, Steve... Steve
  5. Another Equinox VDI Chart...

    Cabin Fever -- THANKS for testing those coins "on edge." I was rushed last night, headed to work, and didn't do any more extensive testing; I was focused on just getting the air-test values, to get them posted online for anyone that might be interested. So, though I noted with interest that "ring on edge" thing, I didn't have enough time to test coins "on edge," or anything else. Glad that you followed up, and did so; I was planning to do more, and still will. This is something I expect Minelab will look at, and hopefully adjust for. strick -- I hope this little "quirk" doesn't "spook" you; it's really a super machine. "Quirks" like this are inevitable, is the way I look at it. Getting the brand-new machines released and into the hands of the masses means instead of "tens" of testers, there are suddenly "thousands," and no doubt "quirks" will be uncovered, some of which need will need to be addressed. The beauty is, the units are "upgradeable," software-wise. I'm sure Minelab is aware, or will be, of what we are finding here... Steve
  6. Another Equinox VDI Chart...

    Steve -- I DID get one, I haven't done a lot of reporting yet. Seems I was too dad gum excited, once I unboxed it, to do proper testing first...and went straight to my local "hunted out" park to start swinging it!! LOL! I got it Tuesday; it took until last night before I finally did some air testing for ID numbers (hence that chart), and I have YET to take it out to the test garden! Testing is forthcoming, but just couldn't wait to hunt it! No "great" finds yet; a couple of wheats and a buffalo nickel, but that's pretty darn good for this park, anymore. One of those wheats was a solid 8" deep, amongst iron, in one of the trashiest parts of this particular park. That dig, among a few others, really impressed me. It's deep, it's fast, it's light, and I LOVE its descriptive language (I've hunted exclusively 50/multi-tone). I need to learn its "dialect," but I can tell that it has a lot to "tell me," once I know how to decipher the nuance. I've stayed in Park 1, but have adjusted Iron Bias and Reactivity settings a bit, and I'm running it as hot as I can -- 25 sensitivity. I really like hitting the "horseshoe" button, and running with no disc. That "gap" between the highest iron tone and the lowest non-ferrous tone, is great. It allows the iron to be heard, but very "unobtrusively," with non-ferrous tones standing out starkly against the background iron grunting. Learning how those low tones and high tones co-mingle, so as to indicate co-located non-ferrous and iron (versus just plain iron "falsing") is what will take me a little time, but I can tell the tonal nuance is there, once one learns to decipher it. The headphones are really nice -- comfortable and they sound real good, the machine is built well, the screen is great, the backlight is perfect (love the adjustability), the pinpoint mode is SUPER-accurate... I could go on, but it's nothing you don't already know! I just need time on the machine, and I really want to get it out to my test garden and compare to the CTX. I stink at video, and know nothing about editing, so probably no video... Here is one VERY bizarre thing I did notice. While air testing, I tested the two rings I wear -- my 14K wedding band, and a "coin ring" a friend made for me out of a Walking Liberty half (see the ID chart in my first post). After testing it "flat," with respect to the coil, I wondered if passing it under the coil "on edge" might alter the VDI a bit, so I tried it. Would you believe it would NOT HIT THE RING? Even "scrubbing the coil," it would not detect it! Just an occasional pop or chirp! I need to verify if I was still running "no disc," or if the machine defaulted back to the standard "Park 1" disc (-9 to 1), but either way, it shouldn't have mattered -- I was floored! It sang out perfectly with the ring "flat," with a 34-35 VDI, but I could get SQUAT from it, when turned "on edge!" SO -- I took my wedding band back off, to try it. And -- it was FINE. On edge, or flat, it gave a good, clean, "as-would-be-expected" result. But that coin ring? NO JOY, if turned on edge, no matter the distance from the coil. I have no explanation... (see below, for a picture of the ring). Anyway, in summary, I love the machine! It's just plain fun! I see why you like it so much! ;) Steve
  7. I know I'm not the first, but maybe there are a few items in here that are not on other charts... Steve
  8. Report From Terry Soloman

    I can't wait to see/hear what you have to say. Are you going to post it here? Steve
  9. Outstanding, Dan!! Will be fun to "compare notes" with you! Steve
  10. Equinox 800 Coming Tomorrrow!

    Yep; there seem to be more arriving in users' hands than I first expected... Steve
  11. Equinox 800 Coming Tomorrrow!

    I'm trying to decide whether to sneak out for a bit to hunt, or whether it makes more sense just to take some time learning how the menus work, etc., and doing some testing in the test garden. I know what the SMARTER thing to do would be, but... ;) Steve
  12. Equinox 800 Coming Tomorrrow!

    Ha -- that's funny! We both have the same story!! Good luck with yours! Steve
  13. Well, as several others have been posted, having been fortunate to be receiving an Equinox this week, I got a totally surprise, unexpected text from my dealer today with a tracking number attached! I spoke with him a few days ago, and was under the impression that he had "missed out" on the first batch of machines, being the small dealer that he is. Guess not! I was #2 on his list, and he got two! I was expecting it would be several more weeks, before I might see mine! I guess it's time for me to find a way to shift gears, shift the schedule around, load-shed a few things, and get ready to do some Equinox testing!!! LOL! Steve
  14. Good Video

    Keith IS a good guy. I had never ordered from him -- and yet he still took over an hour of his time to talk with me on the phone a couple of months ago on some detector questions. Impressive -- and a knowledgeable guy, too. Steve
  15. Good Video

    UGH -- I HOPE you are wrong about the complaining, but suspect that you are right on target! I have been swinging the CTX only a couple of months, and even coming from 7 years of FBS experience before it, I STILL am nowhere near understanding the nuances of this machine, and thus being able to utilize its full capability. Sure I can find goodies with it, but am I exploiting it to its max ability? Nowhere CLOSE! Anyone that thinks they can accurately assess any machine's ability in a week or two, is, simply, mistaken. Steve