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  1. steveg


    VERY nice job -- excellent digs! Steve
  2. steveg

    Class Ring Goes Home

    WOW! Cool story, great digs! Steve
  3. steveg

    Big Specimen Little Gold

    Mitchel, that is REALLY cool. What a beautiful specimen! And that gold is definitely there, and quite visible -- both left and right of your dime! Beautiful! Steve
  4. steveg

    Nox Knocks It Out Of The Park

    Excellent report. Hard for me to disagree. It's quite a great unit. Wait until you REALLY get used to it, and learn how it behaves when targets are co-located with iron. That's when you begin to see the machine REALLY shine... Congrats on your purchase, and a really good "familiarization" session today. I totally can relate to that excitement you described, as well...every time I have a new, potentially exciting site to hunt the next day, I can't sleep either -- waking up every hour to look at the clock! LOL! Steve
  5. steveg

    First 2 Hour Hunt With The Nox 800

    NICE job on your first hunt, sillllvar! Sounds like you will get along just fine with the Equinox! Steve
  6. steveg

    Beach Hunt #8

    VERY nice digs! That half heart sure LOOKS to be gold... Steve
  7. DukeBoxer -- GREAT hunting, way to persist in a place where you dug mostly zincs in the past. EXCELLENT job, and super finds! I love that 18K ring, it's a nice one! Steve
  8. steveg

    Ordered An Nox 800

    Buzzard -- CONGRATS! Looks like you got one! I think you'll enjoy it! 😉 Steve
  9. steveg

    The Past Couple Of Hunts...

    GB_Amateur -- I was running my normal (thus far) Park 1, sensitivity 21, Recovery Speed 5, iron bias 2, horseshoe button pressed (no disc), 50 tones. Yes, they usually come out fairly clean here, though there are some places that the old ones can be pretty bad/crusty/scaly. It IS interesting how different ground affects things. No, nothing exciting. The wheats ranged from 1936 to 1955 (and a 1929-D) on the first night. Nothing of any special value. For me, the most "special" part of it was the learning experience I got -- that little section of that old country club site turned out to be like a little "laboratory," in terms of digging partially masked coins. If you would have told me how many coins I'd recover in that little area, AFTER having pounded it with the Explorer, I'd have told you "no way." Priceless experience, for me, in terms of moving along the learning curve... Steve
  10. steveg

    The Past Couple Of Hunts...

    Geoff -- YES, a lot of nulling with the Explorer (I ran with iron mask set at 22). The Explorer was able to pull a bunch of wheats out, but it missed ones that were in the more nail-infested part of the area, within a few feet of the sidewalk. And YES, I slowed my swing speed, even though running a moderate (5) recovery speed on the 800. I was trying to listen carefully, and a decent-sounding chirp of a high tone, I'd investigate. If I could isolate something semi-repeatable (especially if I could coax a good two-way hit from even one angle), it was something worth thinking about. One telltale sign is this -- if you get a high-tone chirp, and you start working it, and you can get decently repeatable 20s numbers, but then as you gradually rotate, those 20s numbers start rising in a small sector, and now you are getting, from a small sector, really high-pitched, high 30s IDs (and then you rotate your body JUST A TAD, and those high 30s go away), those have been iron 100% of the time, for me. Anyway, a bunch of these coin digs, after I'd pop the plug, I'd lose them, either in the plug, or in the ground. Changing the orientation of the coins and the nails, relative to each other, often resulted in complete masking of the coin. Recoveries were taking much longer than normal, as a result... Steve
  11. Hi all! I have been out doing some night hunting the past few nights, as this is the time I have available right now due to my shift schedule! The first picture (of the UGLY war nickel and the wheat) is from my local park that after too many years of hunting it WAY too much, it's become VERY stingy at giving up good finds. The second, is from the following night, from a site that was an old golf course. I've hunted one small part of this site heavily with my Explorer (a sidewalk next to where the pool used to be), as this small section gave up a large number of wheats -- probably about two dozen, but never a silver coin from this part of the site. However, there are a lot of nails in this little area as well, so I thought that maybe with the Equinox I might be able to scare up another wheatie. Well, I underestimated the Equinox's ability to find partially masked targets! Nearly every one of those coins (plus several Memorial pennies not shown) had at LEAST one nail in the hole with them, and the ones that didn't, had nails nearby enough to foul up the signal, to varying degrees. After several of these digs, the Equinox and I got on the same page, and I became really confident in what I was hearing -- and when it was trying to alert me that there was a coin hidden in the iron. Let's just say I'm EXTREMELY impressed. EVERY one of these coins was passed over with the Explorer, multiple times. To say I am a bit shocked, is an understatement... Steve
  12. Outstanding!!!! I LOVE seeing Seated coins saved from their hiding places in the dirt! Great job! Steve
  13. steveg

    Equinox Beach Finds 10-05-18

    Well, that's getting better, Nuke em. Meanwhile, you seem to be digging plenty of coins, whatever the depth! Steve