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  1. $391.75 for the 11.8" TomD CZ shipped via MO pmt. Let me know if interested and I can pull it of ebay. Actually just round it down to $390. Thank you
  2. If time permits, these are the TDI coils I will try and get listed over the weekend once I figure out what the going rate is for them. I don't know their values anymore. Most never or barely even used.
  3. Just listed a Tejon. Total would price of cz and shipping plus price of tejon minus 15 percent. Tejon can be put into same box as CZ so do not include tejon shipping in equation. Also all the cz coils except cz6 will work on it. Don't know about hip mount, never used one for any machine. Thanks
  4. I have several will try and list them soon and will let you know soon as they are up. Thanks
  5. No TRX. Was not a fan and sold it the day after I got it. Ebay listings are tedious and time consuming (but necessary in order to properly be able to calculate shipping once the item is packed) so I will add to the listings when I can. Time is in short supply. Will get a few more things on hopefully this evening. Thanks
  6. I am selling off just about everything I own including my large collection of detectors, coils, and accessories. I will include a link at the bottom to my Ebay listings. I have a lot to sell off and have very limited time these days so I add something new when I can. Check it frequently. If you are interested in anything, I will give a 15% discount if paying with USPS Money Order. No paypal unless through ebay. 15% discount is the ebay listing price plus shipping quoted minus 15%. Not doing the free shipping thing. I will answer question when time allows between 2 full time jobs. Getting out of the hobby completely for now so not interested in trades. Pics are just some of the stuff I have not listed yet and will be listing on ebay as soon as I have time. Once they go on ebay, please feel free to hit me up as the shipping costs will be there too. Until listed, can't give you an accurate quote. Thank you, Anthony. If you have questions, Please contact me here and not on ebay. diggin_holes listing on Ebay
  7. Like New White's Bigfoot Coil Only $525!

    Wow! I guess it may be time to let my stash go.
  8. Thinking About Buying A Tesoro

    Also lookin for that elusive 4 pin cleansweep. Would go perfect on my Tejon. I know of one person who has one but have not been able to convince him to sell it....yet.
  9. I could see spending $3500 - 4000 on a new beach machine if it outperformed the ctx. I dont detect expecting a complete return on investment though. Wouldnt happen within a reasonable time frame on the beaches around here. I detect because I enjoy it. Even with the ridiculous number of my machines I have in my collection, I still think its cheaper and more effective than conventional therapy.
  10. AKA Signum Mft Discussion

    Excellent. Thank you. Will try it out.
  11. AKA Signum Mft Discussion

    What is the bottle cap check method?
  12. Storms Are Good

    Wow. Thats an excellent ring. Very nice.
  13. New CTX 14"x 9" Coil

    Same here. Acquired an etrac specifically to run the X8 coil.
  14. Official Nokta Impact Announcement

    Very intersting machine indeed. I read Toms full report/corespondence. The things that caught my attention were depth like f75 and stable target id. I had An f75 briefly but passed it off quickly. The machine i had was all over the place with target id. Be interesting to see how it does in trashy locations with mixed low conductors like foil, pull tabs, and bottle caps. Pricing appears relitively modest. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the machine