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    We love the hunt of gold! You can find us swing'n a coil about anytime anywhere. We offer training to help you understand your detector! This may take more than one day and we understand a continued training in proven goldfields into your future with Rim Rock Detector Sales.

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  1. I use it all the time in Manual Ground Balance. I also, retune when I can't keep a stable Threshold. Seems to help? Rick
  2. Another tip for hot noisy ground is to hunt in Ground Balance Mode in Manual, and turn your sensitivity down to 9 - 12. I have my quick button set up with a push of the button to switch from Manual to Auto Tracking. I don't want to say that the GPZ, will track out a target...but, switching back and forth on occasions has added a few nuggets to my poke! Rick
  3. Beatup! Sick up and Feed out, or is it Feed up and Sick of, lol. Rick
  4. Kiwi JW, Theres still a ton of snow in the high country of Northern California. Talking about snow skiing into July! It will be nice to look at it from a distance and wishing to be rolling around in it soon enough here, lol. Rick
  5. Fred, No cake walk down there this time of year! I may have tossed 50 of those hot space rocks in the Dales! lol. Good shooting Rick
  6. Fred, Rye Patch, is a tough gig this season! By the time it's dries out there you'll be fighting the heat. Pine & Cedar Trees are calling me, if Summer ever arrives! Rick
  7. It's been and extreme wet season in my hunting areas for months! Back in the day when I dredged, I'd be jumping in the creeks hitting my known gold lairs. But, and extreme wet season for chasing nuggets with a metal detector isn't necessary for success. Wet soil means extra hot ground as we fight the minerals in the different soils of our goldfields. I swing the GPZ 7000 and like many High Yield/Normal is my favorite setting when the ground permits a smooth Threshold. But, for months I've been stuck in High Yield/Difficult. Using Difficult, means some different gold tones to store in your mind too. Our entire hunting group this year has had to simmer down their SDC 2300 and GPX's to combat this wet season soil conditions. In these hot soil conditions expect numerous hot spots of minerals that sound like a likable target. You have to check these spots out! Mineralized hot dirt most of the time will not get louder as you dig a couple inches. Hot rocks can/will get louder as you dig, but most of these spots you can try to ground balance out before you dig deeper...some! A real target will sometimes fool you in hot soils. It's may sound good as your digging it and out of the hole. But, in the pile hard to hear and may sound like hot soil. Kick your pile flat helps to bring your target back to life. Who said, in metal detecting you'd need a Criminal Justice Degree in syphring out a true target and catching a sly nugget in hot soils...hard enough in good conditions! This trip, there was no skunks in our hunting party of 5, my two are top center and the big one was just shy of 1/4 oz 4.89 dwt. Until the next hunt! LuckyLundy
  8. You still have this unit? My Brother in Arizona is looking for a nice used one LuckyLundy
  9. Mitch, Your more than correct! My fast speed is slower than a ton of people I see swinging in the gold fields. Coil control is just as have learned and your poke is showing your study & practice! Rick
  10. I have a few Analytical friends, that are full of facts to share! I try to keep things as simple as I weighing my gold in Penny Wieght (dwt) 20 to the ounce vs mind boggling 31.1 grams to the ounce! Now of course when we hunt for new ground, your hunting for one sitting Duck. Once that is found you hunker down with a slower coil swing in that area. Repeat process and GPS each spot with nuggets for future swinging. Now we park our vehicles and swing up to a half mile from parking spot and return swinging a different line. We move up to 3 times a day! So this last trip with 5 hunters at 3 miles a day swinging a coil, that's a ton of dirt. And with the desert soil being wet and hot, I know we walked right through a patch or two of nuggets we couldn't hear and found a couple of new spots for a later date revisit with better soil conditions. Sure we swing SDCs & GPZs, and they work magic in hot soils, but they aren't perfect! It's the hunt, that keeps my eye brow raised. Once I hear that perfect nugget tone, the hunt is over and I'm mining now, lol Rick
  11. Strick, Always good to see you and your cooler full of 🍻! Rick & Robin
  12. Art, I seen a sweet Jeep in the desert, and drove by thinking it might be you. But didn't see anyone within eye sight...guess it wasn't you, maybe next time. Rick