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    We love the hunt of gold! You can find us swing'n a coil about anytime anywhere. We offer training to help you understand your detector! This may take more than one day and we understand a continued training in proven goldfields into your future with Rim Rock Detector Sales.

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  1. Mitch, I've seen you detect and I've seen your pokes of gold...your on your way! But, if you think a noisy machine is the ticket, my book begs-to differ. What I was saying if the GM has to be maxed out run to be close to the GB2...why bother with the bumping coil noise? Seems Mike C, has the must be and old GP/GPX veteran. Rick
  2. Steve, is more than right! In hot ground, looks like the GM is the winner and there is a million placers with hot ground the GB2, struggles on...or at least my patience! In mild ground the size of specks the GB2 can find boggles my mind. Do I need another VLF (GM1000)? I'd like to see a fix or hear it myself with the maxed out coil bumping noise issue. Rick
  3. Now, I might just have to see one in action! Good shooting!
  4. WTG Paul and Minelab Now get that coil down and dirty! Rick
  5. I like that type of digging! Rick
  6. Fred, Thats Rudy's GPZ. He added and extension to the lower shaft to swing the 19" coil. We have 4 of the 19" coils in our group and no one uses them...well except for serving pizzas 🍕. The extension works great if anybody does swing the 19". Rudy's size 14 feet and that coil wasn't working out for him. There is flex in the lower shaft with the added length. To me it seems like it would break. But, Rudy made it Rudy tough! Rick
  7. Rudy, now don't be giving away all our secrets! I know there is less gold in Rye Patch after each trip we make That coil in the hole doesn't do that dig much justice. The hole goes deeper behind the coils nose into the bedrock. Once we zeroed in, we didn't want to waste time busting out all the bedrock, just where it counted. Rick
  8. Joe, Your visits this last Winter/Spring were not kind to any prospector! But, we did locate a couple spots for the now ground conditions to yield dividends. I'm sure your on Wolf Pack Detecting on FaceBook, I post most of our weekly finds there. Looking forward to your next visit with a "Hunt with the Bunch!" Rick
  9. Randy, Rudy & I, missed seeing you this last Winter/Spring in Rye Patch. We talked about you helping out with Rudy's last big nugget at this location. This one was about 100 yards from the one you helped us dig. We had another couple watching this dig with big smiles as they held his nugget! Hope to see ya soon, Rick
  10. Strick, Rudy, in his early days was a sponge with big ears. He listened, learned and now very common of him to out shot his Sensei. Wish you were out there, he really drank all my beers celebrating his hot coil, lol Rick
  11. Mitch, They are there, but you have to have your ears on high alert! Rick
  12. Condor, Rudy, is always looking in my cooler for them Redneck Eggrolls...he drank all my cold beers on this trip! lol. Next time I'll make a bunch so he fills up on them and leaves me a couple cold ones to enjoy after the hunt! Rick
  13. All Winter/Spring in Rye Patch this year was a tough deal fighting the ground noise. We knew we had to wait till Summer for the ground to dry out for some spots that hold the deep gold. Robin & I, were on and extended road trip that started for a few days in Laughlin, NV and a hunt out in the gold basin area. Then a short drive to Las Vegas for a couple days and then ending up in Reno stopping here and there for a hunt on placers along the way. During this time, a couple Buddies where sending me pictures of their Rye Patch poke. Braving the heat and with night hunts fighting off the Rattlers with some impressive pokes! While in Reno, they told me to checkout weather for the upcoming weekend! What Spring time conditions in June! 😳 We made our hunt plans. I got home and unpacked Robin's Jeep and tossed my Detecting gear in my truck and the next morning bright and early hit the road with some heavy rains on the California side of the hill on I-80. Rains, gave way to partly cloudy in speed limit East of Fernly, NV is 80 mph, what! My hunting partners Rudy & Steve caught me in Lovelock filling my truck up and off we went...arriving at Rudy's last spot of deep nuggets at 11:00 am. Rudy, deployed out of Steve's pickup like a seasoned Veteran and was on his little patch as Steve and I, was still gearing up! He had two nuggets before we hardly had our detectors tuned, each around a foot deep. I knew the area and gave Rudy a wide berth respecting his 23" biceps 💪 as he swings and extra large pick with rocks flying in all directions on each swing of his pick. I soon, popped two deep nuggets and Steve yanked out a fabulous 2 dwt Chevron. We had to run back to the trucks as a heavy downpour of rain gave us a break for a late lunch. Soon after, hit it again, or should I say Rudy with a couple more nuggets before we headed back to camp. Next morning, was more of the Rudy show! He called me over to his chewed up 20 ft long deep nugget Patch for a listen of a target! I stuck my coil into a 6" scrap and heard the classic nugget tone...we both smiled at each other as I gave a head nod of approval 😀. We now began a 30 minute dig through the shale. Rudy's pick at 15" had to give way for my special bedrock pick in the back of my truck. At 20" this target was screaming bloody murder on the GPZ, but so does a 2 dwt'er! Many breaks later and another 4" deeper we knew we were close. Rudy's pen pointer was pointing at the crevice in the bottom of the hole. Steve, finally works his way over to see what we are doing on our bellys with our heads in a big hole! I give way, as I heard his bench made pocket knife open up and Rudy moved his giant finger away from the pointed spot. A couple scraps and out pops the fruit to the effort of the dig! Over 8 dwts nugget, is sweet in any gold field new or old diggings. Steve and I, bowed to Rudy as the King of the short hunt weekend as he added a couple more before he finally let us pick up the scraps in his mini patch. He was laughing at our misfortune sipping a cold one in a lawn chair for a couple dinks! But, it's the hunt, the thrill. What a great hobby to keep your blood pumping...over 18 dwts on them coils. The trip home with a cold I picked up from Robin, hit me hard and so did the surprise snow storm on top of Donner Pass. Home safe and nursing my cold and wishing I was on the hunt, before the heat comes back to the high desert! Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  14. I use it all the time in Manual Ground Balance. I also, retune when I can't keep a stable Threshold. Seems to help? Rick