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    We love the hunt of gold! You can find us swing'n a coil about anytime anywhere. We offer training to help you understand your detector! This may take more than one day and we understand a continued training in proven goldfields into your future with Rim Rock Detector Sales.

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  1. Pick And Tool Maker's Mark

    Mitch, i like that cobblers mark! I'll ask around! I was back out in the woods today...hot as hell and only one dink. talk soon, Rick
  2. Today's Gold

    The smell of tall pines, the sound of a sweet target, the excitement of the dig, the rattle of a fat one in the poke bottle = perfect hunt day! WTG Rick
  3. Semi-auto GPZ Ground Balance

    Scott, I have one favorite weird gold tone! Have to remember them tones Rick
  4. Finally A Hanger

    Art, Sweet nugget for your Sweetie! Rick
  5. Tiny Gold Gm 1000 Video

    Man, don't know about that having problems with the bumping of the coil. Have you or Peg tried taping the coil wire so it has no play when bumped? Like to see a fix before I get on the Band Wagon! Rick
  6. The Monster Strikes Again!

    Fun times! Keep swinging Rick
  7. GB2 Vs. Gold Monster 1000. A New Champion?

    Mitch, I've seen you detect and I've seen your pokes of gold...your on your way! But, if you think a noisy machine is the ticket, my book begs-to differ. What I was saying if the GM has to be maxed out run to be close to the GB2...why bother with the bumping coil noise? Seems Mike C, has the fix...you must be and old GP/GPX veteran. Rick
  8. GB2 Vs. Gold Monster 1000. A New Champion?

    Steve, is more than right! In hot ground, looks like the GM is the winner and there is a million placers with hot ground the GB2, struggles on...or at least my patience! In mild ground the size of specks the GB2 can find boggles my mind. Do I need another VLF (GM1000)? I'd like to see a fix or hear it myself with the maxed out coil bumping noise issue. Rick
  9. Gold Monster And Gold Bug 2 Detecting

    Now, I might just have to see one in action! Good shooting!
  10. Aftermarket Coils For GPZ 7000?

  11. Minelab Goes Above And Beyond For A Forum Member

    WTG Paul and Minelab Now get that coil down and dirty! Rick
  12. The Zed & GM1000 Gold Hole

    I like that type of digging! Rick
  13. More Rye Patch Fun!

    Fred, Thats Rudy's GPZ. He added and extension to the lower shaft to swing the 19" coil. We have 4 of the 19" coils in our group and no one uses them...well except for serving pizzas 🍕. The extension works great if anybody does swing the 19". Rudy's size 14 feet and that coil wasn't working out for him. There is flex in the lower shaft with the added length. To me it seems like it would break. But, Rudy made it Rudy tough! Rick
  14. More Rye Patch Fun!

    Rudy, now don't be giving away all our secrets! I know there is less gold in Rye Patch after each trip we make there...lol. That coil in the hole doesn't do that dig much justice. The hole goes deeper behind the coils nose into the bedrock. Once we zeroed in, we didn't want to waste time busting out all the bedrock, just where it counted. Rick