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    We love the hunt of gold! You can find us swing'n a coil about anytime anywhere. We offer training to help you understand your detector! This may take more than one day and we understand a continued training in proven goldfields into your future with Rim Rock Detector Sales.

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  1. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    Cobill, Love your History lesson! I’m not here to get either of you claim owners upset! All claim owners have the same problems w/Unauthorized minerals withdraws. Like Clay’s above information everyone should know the basics to know where they are in searching for a nugget! The underlining problem is only One Percent do. Next time your out in the Goldfields, stop and ask someone where section 8 or 18 is located. Like, Clay mentioned above not knowing where your at isn’t much of and excuse...but, it’s a fact. Until all Prospectors are educated on researching open/claimed mineral land status this is a never ending story we face with our claims. Now, I’ve had adjacent claim owner problems as well...they all ready know your sweet dredge or Detecting spots. LuckyLundy
  2. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    CoBill, I believe, I talked to you and your GrandSon out in Rye Patch a month or more back. If I remember right you didn’t have much luck. Your claim is on a main road with one of your claim markers. That would be a great place for you to place a map of your claim for Folks that are new to our hobby. Kind of like rest stop maps, your Here! My claim boundaries are within the Highlighted area. Remember only One Percent of Folks out there can understand claim paperwork. Just like only One Percent of Folks consistently find nuggets. Again, your claim was hunted for the last 25 years by the best in our hobby. I’m sure there are a few more left for you and your GrandSon to share the hunt in finding! But, the Hey Day’s of Rye Patch are long gone. Yet again, remains easy access for new folks to our hobby to have a chance of digging up a nugget! I’m more than happy for you and Rail Dawg in claim ownership. Instead of threatening verbiage try educating the young enthusiast in our hobby! Hope to see you in the goldfields with a big smile on your face and a sweet nugget to go along with it. LuckyLundy
  3. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    Rail Dawg, I met you and your Brother at the Pizza Joint at Rye Patch, a week or so back. You swing AT Pro detectors. 99.9% of Rye Patch detectable Gold is long gone for that metal detector! You seem to be blaming all the Claim Jumpers for taking your Claims Riches. Thousands of people enjoy Rye Patch for the relative easy access to hunt for a nugget. Being a Past and Current Claim owner, it’s a job with all the paperwork, checking your corner markers, etc. Most folks, don’t understand Sections of land like Section 8 or 18. Nor, do they understand claims! Here is what I’ve done in the past with folks wondering onto my claims. I tend to put up more signs than just corner signs, I know you only have to have your corners marked. But, most folks don’t know that, especially, when your other corner marker is over a hill or out of sight. I’d also, have with my paperwork, a map of the Claim at each corner. Again, most folks don’t understand coordinates, SE Corner of Sec 8, etc they are just out in the woods or desert to spend a day with Family or Friends. Your claims in the past 25 years have been detected by some of the best in our hobby. I’m sure there is a few left for you and your Brother to find and to enjoy our hobby with others! Here’s to your success LuckyLundy
  4. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Rudy and Family, had a great time at the GPAA event!
  5. My Rye Patch Hunt

    Jeff, you two had a great trip! The Wolf Pack enjoyed you and Sue’s company in the Goldfields and at our Clubs outing. Your a great student and this trip, I feel like all your training finally paid off. We look forward to seeing you two at our next adventure! Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  6. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Mitch, Which Hunt are you talking about? WSPA or GPAA Rick
  7. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    There isn’t any gold at Rye Patch! Believe me, lol LuckyLundy
  8. Rye Patch - The Party Hunt

    Kiwijw, Brats, is short for Bratwurst! We had kids there with us. One 8 year old was messing around with his Dad’s Monster 1000 next to the trucks and digs up a 1/2 Gram nugget! We had a good laugh at our sore feet and parking on top of the Patch, lol. Rick
  9. Rye Patch - The Party Hunt

    Peg, it was a little chilly during the eve’s! During the day, it would have been great without the wind chill. Someone pointed out a little Jeep riding around the desert with a couple of your friends. I couldn’t get close enough to call them over to follow us. Of course our Motley Crew would warm normal folks to stay their distance, lol Rick
  10. Rye Patch - The Party Hunt

    Peg, it was a little chilly during the eve’s! During the day, it would have been great without the wind chill. Someone pointed out a little Jeep riding around the desert with a couple of your friends. I couldn’t get close enough to call them over to follow us. Of course our Motley Crew would warm normal folks to stay their distance, lol Rick
  11. We had a club outing at Rye Patch! Even our little group showed up in in force to see if we could pickup where Rudy and I, left of the week before. Our little group of detectorist have dozens of nugget finding spots in Rye Patch. Some with names we give them, so we can keep track of where we are located with the use of our radios. It’s kind of like Fishing, if they aren’t bitting at one spot maybe somebody at another location will sound off to come their way. Jack Rabbit, 4-Corners, October and Crossroads or some examples of where we might find the nuggets wanting to end up in our pokes. This trip, we had a few guest Club members, with us on each day. Some needed a few pointers with their settings and others only needed a pointy finger! As usual, October is a transitional Month for the North Western Seasonal change. Cold, Windy, smoke one day blew in from Northern California Fires making me think there was a local fire very close by. With extreme dry conditions with the wind, it made metal detecting difficult with static EMI’s. But, we fought thru Mother Nature elements and she rewarded us for the effort. This Tail Gate photo, was one day we had a late lunch cooking up a couple dozen brats. Only 6 pokes in the photo, as everyone else was hunting different location...just more Brats for us to eat, lol. We had a great time with our hobby and enjoying each other’s company! Just wish I could have ended up with the total Party’s Tail Gate photo with everyone’s pokes on it...maybe next time! Rye Patch still has nuggets to find and it continues to produce smiling faces. Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  12. 15 Pieces For The Zed

    I love days like that one you had! Rick
  13. Rye Patch - The Struggle

    Lunk, is Awesome! Brian, the ground is perfect...but, had to work hard for this poke! I like easy diggin's, lol Rick
  14. Rye Patch - The Struggle

    Fred, Two members of the crew was on the hunt with me! But, we hunted different locations the last day and couldn't end up with a everyone's tailgate poke photo Op. Diffently, over 1/2 ounce with the 3 pokes! Rick