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  1. If Oroville dam were to be breached, this would be the supposedly affected areas in the local area
  2. After I posted, I saw that 🙄. I forget to look over on the sub forums at times. Doh.
  3. Since the V4 update came out, it has been real quiet on here. Anyone using the update with any success? Anyone figuring out the programs and making any custom ones? I got a custom program from a friend. For iron infested areas. He was explaining to me the Deus was made for European hunting. Of course I knew that. But he further explained that they have wrought-iron in Europe and we don't we don't have so much in the states. So he has figured out a program that is better suited for the iron and steel in the united states. So I am going to go test run it. So if you have any success stories or issues, please share. That is my goal with the Deus this year, is to learn it, and become more proficient with it.
  4. You know the best thing to come out of Australia? Qantas Airlines .
  5. You know what they are doing for safe sex in Australia? Marking the sheep that kick. 😆
  6. It says 1000X. But those Chinese are not the most honest bunch.
  7. GPS COORDS??????
  8. Happy Birthday. I only get tired after 5 ounces. Nice gold.
  9. I purchased this digital microscope off of Amazon for around 25 bucks. It came from China, so it took forever to get here. But it does work on my PC and comes with a program on disc. So if your interested? Get one that is already somewhat local to where you live. Like not China. Also make sure it has a App made for it. I had to search the app store and finally found one that worked after several tries. Also make sure it has a OTG Adapter if you want to use with a smartphone. But it should be fun to check out specimens and gold with it. Here is the app that worked well with it.
  10. 1. Know your machine. 2. Know where to look. 3. Spend lot's of hours doing it. 4. Repeat.
  11. I just got everything updated, headphones and coils included. Easy peasy. Went without a hitch. Gonna read up on it tonight. And hit the mill pond tomorrow. Popular swimming spot.
  12. When is the V5 coming out? 😆
  13. Went for a drive down the Feather River Canyon yesterday. Beautiful day, lots of water everywhere. With lots of water, comes lots of bugs. As the sun was starting to set, the mosquitoes and buffalo gnats were horrendous. So make sure bug repellant is in your bag. Lots of water made for a good scouring of the riverways. Should make for a good prospecting and detecting season.
  14. Im hearing the update will be released later today.
  15. Very nice day for you two. Awesome gold.