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  1. Confirmed with the speaker today . I just love the history of our area and the gold rush. If in the Reno area , your invited to attend .
  2. Andy Sabisch had a full and detailed report on the V4 beta testing and info on release dates on Facebook . This is copied from Andy's post. V4.0 . . . Let's try this one more time . . . . . People keep posting that they are upset at XP for not releasing V4.0 and having the "audacity" of releasing it to dealers while the consumer is left outside looking in. Well, to put it bluntly, the reason the software has not been released is that it is NOT ready . . . not sure what makes people think it is. The fact that a VERY small number of dealers just received the beta software and accessories to test was done intentionally and it was to ensure there are no glitches rather than giving them a leg up on the competition as some have posted. XP is not playing favorites but rather trying to get all the test data they can to make sure it is ready when released. All of the new accessories need to work with the V4.0 software and while some people have zero interest in them, they are part of the updated software. The testing is taking place to ensure the software works with them for the 95% of the people that want at least one of them as well as the 5% that simply want the software update. Personally I am sure that future updates will not be discussed prior to their release as was done when V3.0 - V3.2 was released after this debacle in terms of customer posts. That way there is no hype, speculation and angst when it is not released due to issues that arose. Many of you have said XP should release it and then issue patches to address any issues . . . . . if you feel the Microsoft-way of releasing software is the answer that's fine but XP does not subscribe to that approach. That happened when V3.0 was released followed by V3.1 and V3.2 within a few weeks and they have said there will be no V4.1, V4.2, etc.this time. There have been multiple revisions to the V4.0 code (4.0.XX) to get to the present point and as issues are found they are getting addressed but when the release is made, it will be V4.0. It i still in beta testing at this point and input is being collected from around the world. XP wants to make sure this release is done right period. Not sure how many users you think there are in the States but the U.S. user base is a very small percentage of Deus owners worldwide. Having been at the Gold Rally in the UK where there were 750+ Deus users made me realize that it is truly a worldwide detector that has taken the world by storm . Everyone is anxious to get it but when it is released the number of people that will be downloading it will make your head spin. The last thing XP wants is an issue with the build that requires more recoding, testing and another release. They have more projects on the table and the sooner they can get V4.0 out, the sooner they can move on to getting them into our hands. Personally I would rather have it RIGHT than RIGHT NOW and that is the approach that XP is taking. Andy Sabisch
  3. Chris, congratulations to you and family on your new grandchild . Spoil the heck out of her.
  4. Heading to Reno to stock up on groceries , supplies, and essentials before the next storm rolls in tonight . I will be home tonight , only dreaming of going detecting .
  5. Congratulations . A beauty. It weighs more on the flip side ! Turn it over and weigh it again , it keeps getting heavier .
  6. I've been filling 20 sandbags a day after work, in preparation for the next storms. Another couple of inches , it would have been in my garage . Praying everyone is safe.
  7. A article about a Plumas county man. He is very lucky to be alive .
  8. Does it matter if you dislike Basalt or Serpentine ?
  9. Just wondering, and may have already been asked. Will the new V4 upgrade have any improvements on the 3.2 I already have with stock coils .
  10. A great read from 1861 miners pov.
  11. I'm secret double undercover, incognito right now below the spillway . I'm in my Ghillie suit . I almost got spotted a few minutes ago. Found a big nugget and got jumping around.
  12. Also, not out of the woods yet. More storms incoming middle of this week.
  13. I don't think they are dropping them in the damaged spillway . They are dropping them under the emergency spillway .