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  1. I just ordered another one. Not sure if it is Minelab approved. But should help you clean up in a pinch, if in the boondocks for a couple weeks.
  2. 1. A helium filled coil 2. Sky hooks to make the machine lighter. 3. A smaller, more elliptical coil. Not sure if a elliptical coil is even possible with the super D design? 4. More depth. I think that is possible now, just have to run in Normal more and listen to a noiser machine. 7. All posts above are great suggestions. Still pondering numbers 5&6.
  3. There is HOPE in my nuggetshooting arsenal for the Deus then.
  4. "Cell phones are a gold mine. Really. According to the EPA, for every one million smart phones recycled, 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 33 pounds of palladium and more than 35,000 pounds of copper can be reused."
  6. Downloaded. Thanks for the lead.
  7. I too have had not much success with the gold racer. But only because I don't use it much. I have really no need having the GPZ 7000. But on a side note, wife and I were driving on the California Oregon border. We drove past this Potato farm. I then yelled at the wife. I said " dammit I wanted the Russet potatoes, not the red potatoes. You got the Wong Potatoes" . We then laughed for a half hour. Lol.
  8. I bought two 19 inch coils. Snowshoeing in right now. They work well. If you think I'm trying to keep you out a few extra weeks? Come knock yourself out on getting up there. Even if the counties open up gold Lake Road. It will still be weeks until the Forest service road open up. Especially longer on northern slopes. And bring bug spray. Buffalo gnats are ready for the non locals that don't have the gnat shot.
  9. Here is a picture taken on Gold Lake highway today. April 30. Looks to be awhile to get up to the prospecting and detecting areas there.
  10. I notice this also. I have led lights throughout the house. And when I want to listen to my portable radio, I have to keep the lights off or the radio station is very static.
  11. My 1st Detector was a Heath kit and radio shack I got for a 2 for 1 deal as a kid at a yard sale. From hard earned money from mowing lawns too. And raking pine needles, shoveling snow, picking up dog sausages. Then acquired a old whites goldmaster. Then a whites spectrum. Then after the dredging moratorium started. I wanted to learning detecting for gold. Got a new whites goldmaster. But that didn't fill my need to find bigger pieces of gold that I was used too from dredging. So I saved and was able to get a GPX 5000. And was able to learn the ropes from some experienced people. Then had a sdc 2300 for a spell. Then got the 7000. Also have the xp deus and makro gold racer.
  12. What was the 1st metal detector you ever owned? Brand & model. How many detectors have you owned?
  13. Damm, I'VE BEEN SERVED! I will bring my counsel (Rooster). Will be looking for a change of venue. From the high court snowfalls to the moderate low lands courts of the ground sluice diggins. Judge Wap Wap Wapner will preside.
  14. The 1st of many ,many more to come. Congratulations. It is game on now for you.