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  1. The snow wave on my roof
  2. I too, love the poems of Robert W. Service . The summer nights, at my grandfather's claim on West Nelson creek. He would recite the poems from memory by the glowing warmth of the campfire . The flickering fire, the creek flowing, were the only other sounds to be heard, as he spoke. Those were some wonderful memories that I hold dear.
  3. Satellite images of January 2014 and 2017 . Quite a difference in the snowpacks. I'm going to spend my day widening my driveway for the next round of storms arriving Wednesday .
  4. A break for a few days now.
  5. That Klunker has the magic touch . He offered me the use of a generator , since we were out of power for a day. I went down and picked it up from him. Came home, voila! Power was back on.
  6. Power has been out since last night. Including cell service . Will be back later........
  7. The picture of the Yuba is from 1997. It is all over Facebook .
  8. Fred, the trestle is still there. This is just west of it about 1/2 mile . There is also some old diggins right there. But I could never find any information on them . Some hydrothermal looking stuff.
  9. UP RR tracks near Clio on C road, a few miles from Graeagle.
  10. River has stabilized now. The roads are a little nessy now.
  11. Fred, it is. We got 14" of snow overnight. Going to check the river here in a bit.
  12. Stay safe Ausome Allen.
  13. Within a foot of the Veterans Memorial Hall . I was able to walk to the trees in the forefront this morning . It has risen approximately 3 feet since this morning . My house is at the same level as the hall, but I have hwy 70 to buffer me slightly. Although, the flooding is working it's way up the drainage ditch towards my house. Safe for now. Will update in the morning .