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  1. Paul has mud crabs. I heard.
  2. One reason I'm going to purchase one is because the wife wants to give detecting a try also. So with the ease of operation and being lightweight, a no brainer. But I think I might like more. What I like about it is that it is easy for a novice to learn, yet still packs a punch for the avid dectectorist. So easy a Cavemen can use it. Or Aussie Nurse Paul..
  3. You weren't holding your mouth right!
  4. And on going on Steve's post... We will also have to see when the Xp Deus HF elliptical coil at 81 khz will perform.
  5. I know it is really early in the bout. But possibly is the new kid on the block going to knock out the reining champion of many many years in the gold nugget VLF sport? I'm hearing so many good things about the GM 1000. And I'm really leaning on getting one soon. Hearing so many good reports from " Average Joe" dectectorists. I have had way more experience and success with Minelab detectors than any other brands. So I guess I speak Minelabbian better than anything else. My gut feeling thinks that we might be crowing a new Welterweight Champ. I guess time will tell?????
  6. Very nice job. Sounds like the Monster is the real deal.
  7. I will just ask my trusty sidekick Klunker. Hey Klunker, is this gold? Well SS, it looks like another piece of lead. I'll just keep in my bag and dispose of it for you SS.... I sure find lots of lead.
  8. I'm going to stare right into the eclipse. If I go blind, well one of my other senses will be enhanced, like my hearing. So if my hearing gets better, I can find more gold.
  9. Due to National Security and blowing the covert operations of my peoples under deep deep cover. I cannot comment on this thread. And fully recuse myself from further implications on this matter.
  10. Dang, your making me hurt just looking at those pictures. VA nurse Paul would have said Draw a circle around it and get back detecting. Here is to a speedy recovery.
  11. I've heard from several unreliable sources, that Gold Lake Road is now open. Probably couple more weeks until you can get off onto the dirt roads.
  12. I heard that Plumas County rd dept will break through up to the Sierra County line tomorrow.
  13. I just ordered another one. Not sure if it is Minelab approved. But should help you clean up in a pinch, if in the boondocks for a couple weeks.
  14. 1. A helium filled coil 2. Sky hooks to make the machine lighter. 3. A smaller, more elliptical coil. Not sure if a elliptical coil is even possible with the super D design? 4. More depth. I think that is possible now, just have to run in Normal more and listen to a noiser machine. 7. All posts above are great suggestions. Still pondering numbers 5&6.
  15. There is HOPE in my nuggetshooting arsenal for the Deus then.