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  1. Exactly. It was a bit overwhelming with the myriad features and functions.
  2. Perhaps, or maybe the machine was in another mode and I just didn’t notice and thought it was in Gold Mode.🤔
  3. Sorry for the confusion, but I just meant that the user had the option of selecting either a single frequency or multi-frequency. I only employed multi-frequency. And yes, the response was not VCO.
  4. Just as a matter of my personal preference, I hope there is one more tweak to the Gold Mode, and that is the audio response; I mentioned to Mr. Lawrie that typically with Minelab gold machines (and the prospecting mode on the X-terra 705) the audio response changes in pitch and volume, increasing as the coil gets closer to the target. This allows the operator to approximate how deep a target is. The audio response of the EQX gold mode, however, was just a single-tone beep of constant volume and pitch, just like the other modes.
  5. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the annual Minelab Partner Conference in Phoenix that was just held during January 14th to 16th. And I was lucky enough to swing the Equinox 800 under the tutelage of its godfather, Minelab Engineer and Product Technical Manager Mark Lawrie at the GPAA Golden Dreams mining claim near Morristown, Arizona. Being composed of tertiary volcanic rocks and soils, this area is extremely noisy, making it very difficult for most VLF gold machines to cope with. Using a small 2-grain test nugget buried at 2 inches, Mark and I adjusted settings on the EQX to get the most distinct target signal from the test nugget relative to the ground response. Although the Nox performed admirably in these exteme ground conditions, finding many small bits of lead and brass bullet shrapnel that litters the area, suffice it to say that I won’t be trading off my Gold Monster 1000 anytime soon. Granted I only was able to swing the EQX for half a day and would need a lot more time to get familiar with its capabilities, and I’m sure it would fare much better in search of small gold nuggets in non-volcanic soil types. As far as I could tell, the Equinox 800 was running the latest software version, as the Gold Mode had the multi frequency option available.
  6. They usually show up on doppler radar: https://www.meteorite-times.com/tag/doppler-radar-imagery/
  7. The top nugget looks kind of like an octopus.
  8. WTG Phrunt! The ice has been broken.
  9. I can’t figure it out, but this nugget has to look like something to sombody...any ideas?
  10. Looks like it has some copper carbonate - azurite.
  11. First Gold Of 2018

    Pics look great Goldrat, let us know how your gold looks after the sauna.
  12. Thought I’d start a thread where folks can post there first gold finds of the new year. Here’s mine:
  13. Although there is a type of magnetite called lodestone that is naturally magnetized, most magnetite is not. However, it can be magnetized with a strong magnet such as a rare earth super magnet.
  14. I agree with Fred; the color and surface features are typical of magnetite, which has a density similar to that of meteorites and a metallic luster on a fresh surface. A simple test would be to rub the stone on a piece of unglazed porcelain (streak test). Magnetite will leave a dark grey to black streak.
  15. Merry Christmas Tree

    Nice tree Gerry, Merry Christmas my friend.