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  1. From Mining Gold To Mining Neutrinos

    Thanks for posting that article, Steve. I've been fascinated with particle physics ever since being shown a film about the atom in my 6th grade class. It would be interesting to know how much gold will be in all that rock that is going to be removed.
  2. GM 1000 & Zed Gold

    Awesome, JW! Hard earned gold, well worth the effort.
  3. Weekend Gold

    Haven't weighed them yet, but since most of the nuggets are flaky-thin, I'm guessing closer to 3 grams at the most.
  4. Summertime just doesn't get any better than swinging a beat-up nugget patch with old friends and new detectors. Shout out to Steve in Idaho and Shane; let's do it again soon.
  5. Crumby Afternoon

    Looking forward to it, Steve.
  6. Crumby Afternoon

    JW, I was flipping back and forth between manual sensitivity 10 and auto+ sensitivity (12), since the falsing wasn't that bad.
  7. Decided to take the Monster out from under the bed and up into the hills for a couple hours today. Used JP's recommended procedures outlined in his Minelab blog and it worked very well. Also taped the coil lead of the 5-inch coil to the shaft very close to the the coil as posted elsewhere on the forum. While it didn't completely eliminate the falsing that occurs in max sensitivity when bumping the coil, it was greatly improved. Altogether, the Monster located a dozen flakes of gold this time out. The total weight is 2.5 grains, or 0.2 of a gram.
  8. Today's Gold

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I feel your pain, JW; I once dug 4 ft (1.2 m) only to find an old tin pail waiting for me at the bottom of the hole...or was it a shaft? In all the excitement I nearly forgot to turn my device's location services off before snapping some pics, lol.
  9. I managed to get the mighty Zed out to the hills today for a short hunt in some old Tertiary bench gravels. The ground proved a little too troublesome for the Locate Patch Ground Smoothing in High Yield / Normal, but by turning the Ground Smoothing off and changing to Difficult Ground Type I was able to nullify the ground response. It was only a short time before the WM-12 alerted me to a warble of moderate intensity. Switching back to Normal Ground Type, the signal became a solid, strong hi-low response which led me to believe that a respectable gold nugget was hiding below, but more likely it was just another piece of corroded square nail like the countless others I've dug at this particular location...only one way to find out! After blasting nearly a foot into the ancient gravels with my pick, I struck bedrock and the target was now screaming off the edge of the coil; definitely a promising sign. One final strike of the pick and the target was out - a chunky nine gram bit - in my book, a fat quarter ouncer. As an added bonus, there was a smaller, point seven of a gram piece in the dig pile. Happy Hunting!
  10. Pocket Gold!!

    Can't miss that hint of yellow! Nice find LipCa.
  11. GPZ 7000 Update Gold

    Jennifer, please let us know how the Salty Soil Ground Smoothing works out for you there at Rye Patch.
  12. Got out to the hills for a couple hours today to have a play with the new software update on the GPZ 7000. Straightaway went to a spot that has variable hot ground that is noisy in the Normal Ground Type setting. The new Ground Smoothing with the Locate Patch option selected almost completely eliminated the ground noise, while still retaining really good sensitivity. It wasn't long before the first target revealed itself with a crisp, obvious response. Only an inch or so into the weathered quartzite bedrock, out popped a small, thin nugget: Next I hit a patch of variable ground that was really noisy; in fact it proved to be too noisy even in Locate Patch, so I turned the Ground Smoothing off and switched the Ground Type from Normal to Difficult, increasing the Sensitivity to compensate. The noisy ground completely disappeared, and within a few swings I had a nice solid target. Three inches down was a chunky, ragged little piece of gold: The new Semi-Auto Ground Balance Mode didn't seem to have much effect in the variable ground that I was hunting. Since this Mode fixes the X-balance, I assume it's meant more for uniformly hot mineralized ground types. The new Salty Soil Ground Smoothing mode was very chattery, even at low sensitivity levels and with Audio Smoothing set to High, so it's very susceptible to EMI, but to be fair I was in close proximity to power lines. All in all, a great update that provides more tools for the GPZ 7000 toolbox.
  13. Mitchel, while I'm assuming your question is rhetorical, I can think of a lot of places the new upgrade will come in handy, chief among them being the damp alkali soils of the Rye Patch region. I'll be testing the new functionality of the Zed tomorrow in some hot spots.
  14. Upgrade complete...thanks for the post Steve!
  15. Tiny Gold Gm 1000 Video

    Thanks Mike, I'll definitely be trying that as well.