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  1. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    Gerry McMullen also offers training classes in the Sumpter area in Oregon, and we train you regardless of where you purchased your detector.
  2. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    They are both excellent nugget detectors, however the Gold Monster has the edge in mineralized ground, is very user friendly with it’s fully automatic operation, comes with two coils and costs less.
  3. The New Coils For The 2300

    Jin, since nobody has commented on your post, I just thought I'd mention that you are correct in guessing that the threshold in the video is not that of the SDC 2300; I would recognize that sound in my sleep.
  4. The New Coils For The 2300

    Thanks for the additional information, Phoenix; sounds like once all the details are worked out, the end product should be a winner. And just to be clear, I never doubted that you had seen the prototype...I always give people the benefit of the doubt and take them at their word...I was just fishing for more information about the subject. Well, I guess I have certainly ignited the discussion on this topic that I was looking for!😄 Cheers
  5. The New Coils For The 2300

    So one solution to the problem would be to produce some sort of coil mount that fits onto the end of the lower shaft. And I’m assuming that the new coils have their own unique electrical connector that plugs into the SDC; if they didn’t, why develop new coils when there is already a plethora if mono loop coils of various suzes and configurations available on the market. Just conjecture at this point...🤔
  6. The New Coils For The 2300

    Thanks Steve, I stand corrected. But even at that, like you said, there is the warranty issue. And is the coil manufacturerer going to come up with a simple way to attach these coils for those of us that are mechanically handicapped?
  7. The New Coils For The 2300

    Steve, looks like we were both posting the same thoughts at the same time, lol!🤣
  8. The New Coils For The 2300

    Phoenix, While it would be nice to have other coils available for the SDC, I am just surprised that there has been no discussion about the obvious difficulties associated with replacing the 2300s stock coil, which is electrically hard wired to the unit, as well as being mechanically difficult to remove. Not to mention doing so would void the warranty. Also, I haven’t seen any mention of what company or individual(s) is developing these coils. Did I miss a post about this somewhere? Cheers
  9. The New Coils For The 2300

    Okay, I can’t be the only one who sees the elephant in the room here...🤔
  10. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    That’s a hard-won nugget Mitchel, you get an “A” for effort!!
  11. I Finally Joined The Club!!

    WTG Chris, that's a dandy!