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  1. Short Trip To Baja

    Hahahah.. great choice for emergency hydration--- seems like my Aussie mates know that trick well
  2. Short Trip To Baja

    I think it was son Payton who did the mechanic work---- just a guess!!! AND put a cover on that pick before you wreck and bleed out from a kidney puncture....!!!!
  3. Busted A Fatty Today!

    No worries...i figured you were hot on the trail of some more fat boys
  4. Busted A Fatty Today!

    Steady as jw.... He is probably out digging gold instead of posting....
  5. Looking for a CTX with all the goodies
  6. 19" Big Boy And The 5" Monster

    Yep, I got all his ...now I'm going down to get Luckys
  7. Just a picture or two showing some gold from the Redding area....I moved on south a ways and will try again tomorrow. Too much rain up there!!!! 20171118_141432.mp4
  8. Recent Encounter

    Steve ..... If were in Reno I would try to help you knock on strangers doors...... But I am way too shy to talk to strangers!!!
  9. Highly Mineralized Ground

    Every time I get excited about a vlf that is going to be great in trashy areas I get the rude awakening... They don't discriminate tin cans or can slaw. That does my head in everytime I get in a old camp....
  10. GM 1000 As A Pinpointer

    Norvic did that the second day he had his... It is his goto pp
  11. I want a WM12 for a spare.. Thx Paul
  12. Boots, Boots, Boots!

    I remember seeing the mongrel boots there. They did look heavy but I still check them out. My feet were rolling in my boots yesterday when Klunker had me swinging on a mountain side.lol They are Reeboks but I couldn't seem to get the laces tight enough. Probably needed heavier socks.
  13. My New Detecting Vehicle

    Exactly what i was going to say! but bada doesnt need it---he may get too efficient at culling!!!