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  1. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Beautiful nugget!!! LOL on the "Wayback Time Machine" I thought me and my buddy were the only ones who remember it---Sherman and Peabody!!!! I can't wait to get back!-- Norvic may have to loan me some petrol money if i come over now ...like i want to.....
  2. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Yeah mate, the front end is what makes it...
  3. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Hahahaaha,, I don't blame him for that ,, She's a classic! It seems odd to me to see there is gold near green grass.....????
  4. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Yeah mate i have seen the show--I have about 2 more episodes to watch of season 2.. That new Transit looks like a shoe box compared to the styling of the old vans lolol--- There just isn't any 'Wow effect' with a cargo van. I have to look the part when Im out,,,right Norvic??? You would have a hard time staying under the radar with "Green Gold Getter"--- I like the older styles...maybe because I am getting older..
  5. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    I need that Transit van for my travels in OZ !!! I would be the coolest prospector in OZ
  6. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    What is that green car?
  7. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    Easy on the culling days..one is enough
  8. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    Wow.. That is great news badabing.. So Norvic is telling me the truth when he says it is just laying around everywhere out in WA. That's going to save me on using that pesky oziexplorer..... Now i can just blunder around and pick up the pieces..... No wonder all the FNQs are coming over there... As soon as I get my secret Intel about, "culling dates" I am missing plans to slip across the border
  9. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    That's the reference for my earlier post : When you let me go past you said i was l gone when you came over a hill I was like a ghost. PS that was the fastest I made that trip to the Fox
  10. Yanks Do It Right In Oz

    Nicely done.... uh,, you still have a copy of those co-ords, right??????
  11. 9 Bits Of Zed Gold

    Looks a lot like Nevada
  12. Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    Just lay it against your shoulder like CAGold does...
  13. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Well this thread has successfully caused me to have to go out and purchase a personal AED machine.... thanks
  14. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Follow the ghost trails!!!! be careful going in there those roads can change quickly if there has been any water running