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  1. vanursepaul

    How To Ignore Users On The Forum

    Uh oh...there go all my readers.... Lol
  2. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Only when I have a really sharp pick
  3. vanursepaul

    Gold Bug Gold

    Good job!
  4. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Not down under ....😎
  5. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    40 + shirts! in Dale's mandatory earth tones....(no more white t shirts allowed 🙂 - 4 pairs of boots for a whole lot of kicking, scraping, and climbing.
  6. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    To Minelab Australia and all Australian Minelab dealers..... There was a collective sigh of relief heard all across Australia today when there was actual proof that I had made to Australia this year with all my metal detecting gear intact!!! The 800 is all there....and---- I think I even know where I put the Gold MONSTER.... Life is always good on OZ...
  7. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    OK tomorrow is the BIG DAY---- Leaving on jet plane, dont know (or care) when i'll be back again....lolol Hopefully i can get some good video and other pictures this year ... Thinking seriously about taking the train across the southern part of OZ and putting the car up on back.... Can't wait to see the Nullabor and the rest--- But that is all dependent on whether I get out of FNQ---hahahaha See you all later---- i leave at 1130 in the am.... Don't forget me Dale!!!! Wait he doesnt even read the forum... and Vic's out barra fishing, Dave is busy with his (real job)--- Tremain is going a a rapid pace and nowhere to be found...- JP is too far south.... Reg is even further, Trent is too far west and Bada..... well let's just don't bring him into the equation...lol ........looks like i'm stranded in Cairns, mates---
  8. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Not completely aware of the rules........I am tenative to say that this is actually my third trip---- and I never got instructions on how deep to re-bury the released nuggets????
  9. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Australia 2018 Entry #1 Hey Fred, I hope to do a better job of documenting this year. I have a new camera and computer plus a external hard drive to dump pictures and videos on. I plan to go to WA and will probably have a lot of quiet evenings/nights too keep the video journal up. I will start off in Queensland with a get together with the Goldhounds first, (as Norvic will be out of town chasing the yellow and the barra by the time I get there.) Dale will pick me up in Cairns this year on the 9th of May. Will do a meet up with Dave and Tremain probably at Dave's. (Nice digs, pool, barrel of coldies, great tucker!) Then run down to Dimbulah to pick up my Subaru and camping gear from Norvic's. Not sure then....Don't know if we will do a mission right away in Queensland or if I will drive over to West Australia for the first mission. Haven't decided the route to take yet Fred and if I will use the Subaru to go out WA or pay for a proper fourby Hi lux. I truly dislike washboard roads.Too old for them. Trent could chime in and let me know if I would be better served with a Hilux in WA...although I think I know that answer....But I am still an apprentice! That's it for now. Going to start a new thread for the trip if that's ok Steve. Thanks for getting me on it Fred..
  10. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Thx Dave, I am fairly worthlesss at work this week...lol I am so ready to be there.
  11. vanursepaul

    Cashed My Equinox Clad In At Coinstar

    Love getting those goldies in the parks~~
  12. vanursepaul

    Best Detector For Quartz Reefs

    That's the same thing the Goldhounds told me about working near the excavator!!!! hahahaha
  13. vanursepaul

    Best Detector For Quartz Reefs

    So after watching a few of your videos trent..... i guess i am going to have to get a rock crusher and a shaker table before I come out..... There goes the ATV and the Ute i was going to buy,,,,, Guess i will have to stick with the Subaru Forester....
  14. vanursepaul

    Finally Arrived, Still Have To Wait

    Plenty of thawed out spots there mate---have at it!!!!!