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  1. Headed Back North

    Yes...I missed you dragging me out of the desert when my truck lost its keys
  2. Headed Back North

    Is that more than last year ? That beautiful gold down there Good job mates
  3. Cyanide Tailing Piles

    Better states for detecting IMO--if you are going there and are detecting as a side venture then that's different. I would pick other states such as CA, AZ, NV if Montana isn't proprietary. It is a beautiful state tho--i used to have a home in Ennis---south of Bozeman near Alder... But I was addicted to ETOH back then instead of AU
  4. Half Day At Quartzsite

    I knew I should never have shown you my patch!!!!! lolol
  5. Selectable Frequency And Multiple Frequency

    I love "dumping detectors"-- means I can justify new ones!!! lol
  6. AA Battery Extender For Equinox?

    That's good news--- course after I said that i looked closer at the picture and realized the coil is bigger than the 5" and that would help stablity. I was going to tie a 2x4 across the 5" one day i was so tired of it falling over...... Life is tough ...out West!
  7. AA Battery Extender For Equinox?

    On a side note: Does that ZEKE roll over as bad as the MONSTER--that drives me nuts! Looks like it is a shy top heavy there mate. On the blinking light--i found out when the 7000 battery charger is blinking it just won't be charging as fast, but it will charge. Looks good tho and, Crikey,! I think i am going to do good with her
  8. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    It's not like i didn't already suspect you had alternate culling devices in operation BB..... and what are you doing looking behind you ??? I am up front looking from behind the spiniflex...lol
  9. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    That's true--- the phone videos become a pain... I keep it turned off when detecting and in my pack, so if i have a good target i get more excited about digging than filming...lol
  10. Selectable Frequency And Multiple Frequency

    i had the detector, not the book....lol
  11. Smallest Piece Of Gold With The 7000

    You back home by the sea????? LOOKING GOOD!
  12. Selectable Frequency And Multiple Frequency

    I had one of those!!!!
  13. Minelab Zeq "zeke"

    That's OK Norvic..... I'll have the ZEKE in me carry-on nik....!
  14. Minelab Zeq "zeke"

    Hers the shotgun...--[edit: It is a butane cigarette lighter!]