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  1. Cyanide Tailing Piles

    Tailings from a heap leaching/cyanide recovery operation should not have any detectable gold if any at all. A mine dump may have some gold as Andyy suggests. Dredge tailings maybe have nuggets if the area they dredged was known for nuggets rather than fine gold. Most of the dredge piles in Montana are now sitting on private land because the original claims were patented. I am not sure where one could get access to dredge piles. If you don't already have this book get it. It shows all the places in Montana that were placer mined: http://www.mbmg.mtech.edu/mbmgcat/public/ListCitation.asp?pub_id=11597& I would think your best bet would be to check for open land on the streams indicated in the book. Also check our the Libby Creek free panning area south of Libby. The Northeast Montana Prospecting Club has claims in that area. Cost to join $50 or $75. http://www.nwmtgoldprospectors.com
  2. Not sure if you made your decision yet, but I had a Keene 12 volt "puffer" dry washer. It worked good, but it is heavy and setting it up is somewhat awkward. If you are going to be packing your drywasher for any distance I would get the Thompson. I have read many good reviews of the Thompson.
  3. And for enthusiasm and colorful language you can't beat General Hercules. (I know he has been on the forum before but I couldn't resist)
  4. Nice gold. You gotta love the 7000, but on the other hand you got to hate all the tiny pieces of iron junk they target. I have reached the point where if the target moves after a boot scrape I'm moving on. How do you cope with this annoying problem?
  5. New BLM Lr2000

    How did you install Land Matters on Google Earth? We are still in the 19th century when it comes to getting the actual location of a claim. That has nothing to do with Land Matters. At least many county records can be searched online.
  6. Metal Detecting Pants

    Wore my CAT pants for the first time today in AZ. Temperature about 70F. Pants a little too hot for my liking at that temperature. I do like the knee pads in the pockets idea.
  7. Metal Detecting Pants

    My wife had to retake the picture a number of times because her laughing blurred the picture.
  8. Thank you Steve. I will certainly check these out. Geology is very interesting to me. I graduated from Montana School of Mines (so named in 1963), but with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Nevertheless I did take courses in geology, petrology and mineralogy. I forgot most it of over the years as I was more involved with the drilling and production of oil and wells. I have renewed my interest in geology since taking up the hobby of detecting for gold. I missed out on the "golden age" of detecting while pursuing my career in Petroleum and raising a family in areas not even close to gold. So be it.
  9. As I read the amazing "Reg Wilson" threads about the numerous large nuggets found in Australia I began thinking about the amazing depositional situation that created them. I have "Googled" a bit to try and find any literature on the subject, but have not found anything to satisfy my curiosity. . Can anyone recommend any papers or books that describes the creation of the Australian deposits. I understand how gold is deposited, but what is unique about the Australian situation that resulted in so much large gold?
  10. Adam, I would like to see more information to support your comments/opinions.
  11. The Roadrunner's do have claims in the Rich Hill area, but I doubt they will rent out claims by the week. Your best bet may be joining the GPAA. They have a number of claims north of Morristown, AZ which is near Wickenburg. Like any club claim they have been heavily detected. http://www.goldprospectors.org Also you may want to check out the Quartzsite area. GPAA has claims in that area and the Quartzsite Metal Detecting club has a number of claims and a very decent membership cost of $30. http://quartzsitemetaldetectingclub.com
  12. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    Steve, I like the forum "as is". Thank you.
  13. Jen, The "red line" on your map is the official access to the RRPC Rich Hill claims. Ditto Beatup's comment on the condition of the road. Last year traveled it on a ATV. I assume you do know you can purchase a RRPC membership in installments of about $300/yr. Better to go that way if you want to get a reading on the club claims/club. At least you are not out $1800 if you aren't happy with the club experience.
  14. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    Clay, thanks for your reply. "Mystery" solved. Points taken.
  15. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    The so called "railroad lands" still remain a mystery to me. They are marked on the LM map as managed by the BLM yet do not seem to be open for mineral claim (or they would be claimed to a certain extent). So exactly what is their status? I have never seen or heard a reasonable explanation. Like Mitchel, when detecting Rye Patch I have assumed these lands were open for detecting. I also assume if they were actual privately owned land they would show up that way on the land status map. Looking for a definite answer.