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  1. First was a GMT, then TDI SL, GB2, T2, ATX, GPX 4800, SDC 2300 (my favorite), GPZ 7000, CTX 3030. Sold GMT, TDI SL, ATX, and have been tempted several times to sell 7000🤔.
  2. Recently read Lucky's post about his Rye Patch adventure. Nice job guys and gal. He mentioned "we cover hundreds of acres with our coils a day". I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that literally, it just felt that way. Anyway, it got me wondering how much ground are we covering with our coil in day. For the sake of simplicity let's assume we are swinging a 12" coil in a 6' arc. Therefore we cover 6 sq. ft each swing. To cover an acre (43560 sq. ft) we need to make 43560/6=7260 swings. Also let's assume we are taking 3 sec./swing. Then 7260 swings x 3 sec/swing=21780 sec or 21780/3600sec/hr=6.05 hrs. So to put your coil over an acre of ground with a modest swing rate takes about 6 hours excluding any digging, eating, or whatever. You could cut that time by swinging faster or using a bigger coil, but covering an acre takes a fairly long time. You also could move faster and pass over ground between each swing, but your coil is still only seeing one acre. Food for thought. Damn, I got to get a hobby.
  3. Nice gold. Can you say whether it was scrape and detect, or straight undistributed ground detecting. Either way I think it is just freak'n amazing.
  4. I hope you find what you are looking for on your adventure, in addition to the gold. I, for one, will be looking forward to reports.
  5. Yes sir, Happy Birthday!
  6. My view, 1. They find good ground through research, local knowledge, experience in a given area, and boots on the ground. 2. They spend many hours detecting. 3. They have good detecting technique. 4. They know the language their detector speaks. 5. They are persistent and positive. 6. They aren't 77.😁
  7. Nice, very nice. I am pretty sure you put in many hours to make those finds. Have you ever kept track?
  8. Make sure the boots you are wearing with your snake guards/chaps are also snake bite proof. They can bite you on the foot. No use getting all geared up with protection and wearing boots that a cholla can pierce. Some folks wear high leather so-called snake boots, but I don't have a lot of faith in those.
  9. Interesting. Looks like one can go too slow and miss a target. When one hears a faint target at normal speed and goes over it carefully and too slow you may walk away. Food for thought.
  10. Another nice feature of these coils is the center mount. When I had my ATX it was a PITA to keep pushing the front of the coil with my foot to level it. Nice improvement all around.
  11. I found it interesting watching the video from the perspective of a nugget hunter that one man's treasure is another man's trash. No offense to relic hunters intended.
  12. Lucky, no problem, you are packing a large medicine cabinet. ?