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  1. Klunker - what is the complaint these guys are giving you? Is it that they thought they were getting a really valuable property and it turns out its not? Is it that they want you help to get all that gold? Is it that they were not treated fairly? I'm just curious.
  2. Stay in touch and keep me appraised. You have my email - that is the best way.
  3. Just another Gold Gettin' Gizmo. - The triple G.
  4. So very nice. Lets do some of that this summer and bring your son along.
  5. I'm sure that's true about the Johnnie district, but its true in general about almost everywhere.
  6. The gold mining district near Pahrump is more commonly known as the Johnnie District. It is mostly hard rock, but has some good placer too.
  7. Looks like another atmospheric river / big rain event starting next Tuesday will bring another round of flooding. Its still a ways off and predictions do change, but its possible we see another round of it.
  8. I've seen some nice silver specimens from Australia, but agreed, its not as common. Australia is a big silver producer - it just doesn't get the attention given to the gold.
  9. Going to be trying this at a few little silver prospects this spring. Nice silver specimens often sell for more than their equivalent weights in gold (for gold that is not crystalline).
  10. (Making sure my sniping equipment is ready)
  11. They put in another, second bridge and its higher. Traffic now goes on the second, higher bridge. They did not actually raise the old bridge. I saw a shot of the confluence of the NF American and MF American taken this morning and it was amazing. water was maybe 10-15 feet below the road from Auburn to Forresthill. The water is normally 40 to 50 feet below the road. Steve - I think where we were panning there last spring would be under 25 to 30 feet of water.
  12. Shhhhh...... That's a secret.
  13. In the 1997 flood, a guy in Nevada tried to wash his dozer that way (he was doing some last minute repairs in preparation) and was washed away. They found his dozer half a mile down stream (well washed no doubt). Never found his body.
  14. Boy, you can say that again. Its like once I try to talk a little bit about reality, I am seen as if I am personally trying to stomp on their dreams. Sorry gents, there really aint no free lunch. The people who sell the claims have been around for years, and some are more and some less dishonest. However I've seen a big uptick in the number of these folks out there. Its like one outfit has made some good money with this technique and so competition has suddenly sprung forth. If you get a GPAA magazine, there is a big two page spread for one. I saw another that gave itself a name like it was not a business, but a government agency. Its a game of whack-a-mole.
  15. I am doing up a more detailed coverage of this for the ICMJ, but I want to post at least a little on this here: I've gotten several contacts in the last month from folks who have bought claims through ebay or by other means over the internet. These are people who don't know much of anything about mining or claims or anything else. They make old weird beard on Gold Rush look like a know-it-all mining genius. They ask me for help in recovering the millions and millions of $$$$$$$$ they just know are on their claim. I've also been contacted by folks who have filed legitimate claims and had encounters with these folks who stake over their valid claims to sell them to the inexperienced. Now don't get me wrong, it is totally legitimate to stake and then sell a mining claim. it's totally legal to stake a claim with the idea that you might sell or lease the claim to another person. No problem there. The problem is mis-leading your buyers with things that just really are not true. Leading your buyer to believe there is valuable ore on the claim when you have no sample data to show that is simply fraud. What they sell is more like a dream than a business - the buyer thinks something like: ooooh! Owning my own mining claim sounds so dreamy.... Those of us who have been doing this for a while are less dreamy eyed and more practical about it. I know most of the guys who regularly post have a reasonable level of experience. I post this to the new guys and those who lurk here to learn. Here are my iron clad rules about buying mining claims that you should always follow: 1. Take everything the seller says with a giant grain of salt - they want to make a sale and will tell you what you want to hear. Let the buyer beware! 2. Never buy a claim until you have the skills to go out and sample the claim and evaluate it for yourself. Until you have those skills, you have no business trying to buy a claim. 3. Never consider buying a claim until you have the knowledge needed to go out and stake your own claim independently and maintain it with the government in good standing. You will need this information to determine if the claim you are buying is valid or not. 4. Never, never buy a claim without first inspecting it on site and in person, and performing a full property evaluation for yourself as noted in No. 2 above. Buying a claim is a business decision and should be made like a business decision, not made as a daydream to seek and hope for something good.