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  1. As I mentioned in the original post, the market now is poor for selling and also poor for finding new ones. You have to go counter to the market. around 2004 and for a few years before that there were a number of good properties you cold have picked up for the time and effort of staking and filing. Gold was considered a dead holdover from the past, it had wafted down and further down for years. No one was interested in gold mining. But 5 years later when the fed started pumping money into the system, the price and market for gold boomed for a few years in selling properties - there were buyers. Now darn near everything is staked but no one can raise money to explore, few are letting property go, but just holding on in case things get better. Most of the stuff being let go is the dregs of the dregs, and no one is interested.
  2. Its a hard rock property adjacent to an open pit mine that was worked in the 1980s and early 1990s. The biggest huge pieces of gold there are half a millimeter in size (and not many of them), so no placer. It was valuable mostly for its location. I did some assays, but its pretty low grade - but that's what it was - a low grade open pit mine. I think I staked it around 2004 when the price of gold was still low and no one was interested. A mining company acquired the adjoining property and they contacted me. A day's work of staking and a few hundred of filing fees - worked out to be a pretty good investment.
  3. It's a gold and silver deposit, with gold being the more important and silver as a by product.
  4. Prospecting can be profitable, but there is more than one way to make money in the prospecting game beyond just finding gold. Leasing out prospective claims to mining companies is a subject I have written about several times in the ICMJ and also in my book on prospecting. I know people who have made big money doing this - a lot more than this check. Its a serious effort to find claims mining companies want. Right now, the market to lease them off is not good. I am publishing this check with critical areas blanked out for security reasons - it would be a waste try to copy it. I also greatly altered the colors of the check, the company who issued it is out of business and I am guessing there is no significant money that is left in their account. So all things considered, I figure its safe to show. As one can see from the date, the issue was two years ago in 2015. I'll get my 2017 payment in a few weeks from a different company.
  5. A few years back in Alaska, Steve found a patch that yielded just shy of 100 small nuggets on a stream bench. Afew days later, another friend (George) and I dug it up and ran it through a high banker. It took a few days to dig and run, but we got a little over 2 ounces of fines. It does go both ways worth it and not - it just depends. If you get a bunch of nuggets close together, its well worth taking a few samples to see if its worth processing.
  6. Arizona is getting some good water - I saw some pictures of the AZ desert the other day all green with new growth. Nevada is getting much more water than usual, but flooding is limited to a few specific flood prone areas mostly. We've actually had more than a normal year's worth of rain in these first few weeks of 2017. Lots of different places to live in NV and AZ, just depends on what you like and what your budget is.
  7. This thread is really wildly off the topic of prospecting, but most of us agree that family is important. Since we are already on this point -
  8. Very true, Steve. The prospector will also always need to deal with the fact that the detector will see a target farther than it can discriminate accurately. This is true for both VLF and PI types and I am sure that if and when it arrives on the GPZ platform, it will be a factor there too. Actually, I think the GM1000 will end up becoming a very popular detector. I know that at the Minelab dealers conference, the dealers who looked at it were very excited about the GM1000 coming on the market.
  9. I failed to instill a love for prospecting in my own kids, maybe I will succeed with one of my grand kids.......
  10. I don't know the mass, but its small as you can see the individual loops of the shag carpet it is sitting on. I'd guess its not more than 2 inches long. It belongs to John B. - meteorite expert and all around good guy.
  11. Hope all goes well for you Scott. Looks like on the forecast I am watching that they are downgrading it a little so lets hope you stay dry.
  12. A pretty meteorite from Nevada with a nice fusion crust. Not mine, it was discovered by and belongs to a friend.
  13. I'll be hoping and praying for the best. What a terrible thing to happen. Bob - please keep us updated and if he does pull out of it, please give him our best wishes. I'll send you a PM.
  14. A good number of American dealers are taking orders for the new gold monster from Minelab right now, with delivery scheduled for something like April. I expect you may be wrong in assuming its an Africa only product. I think the fact that a number of dealers are taking orders for the same price and with the same projected delivery time means the dealers have been asked to do this, and that it will be available here in the US, probably in April like the dealers say.
  15. That is enough to let me know. It is who I feared. I will check and if he is up to it later in the week, I'll try to go by the hospital to see him.