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  1. Except that I think the is more surface water in that picture of your Canadian sluice equipment than there is in all of Gold Basin!
  2. Exciting experience, isn't it? I hope it works out great for you and you get some more of that nice gold. It certainly looks like it hasn't gone far. Thanks for sharing your adventure and I look forward to hearing future developments.
  3. Good for you Jennifer. Those are very nice finds. I hope to be out prospecting more frequently soon myself.
  4. Who did you purchase your detector from? In Africa there are many fake detectors made in China which do not work and it is a very big problem. When first in Africa I saw a Minelab GPX detector that looked exactly like the real thing. It was fake and did not work. The African man who bought it paid thousands for it and was assured it was genuine. The seller lied to him as it was a fake and not genuine. It would not detect even very large pieces of metal like a cell phone. It is a sad thing, but thousands of African people are being robbed of their money by other Africans selling fake detectors from China which do not work. It is not the fault of the makers like Garrett, Minelab or Fisher that thieves are selling fake Chinese metal detectors that do not work - the fakes are made to look exactly like the real thing so African miners will be fooled by them. I saw many of these fake detectors when I was in Africa - they were everywhere. Some of the fakes work, but work only very poorly - not even close to as good as the genuine detector. Nearly every detector I saw in Africa which was not working was one of the fakes. The fakes cannot be fixed - as the false electronics inside them are all wrong. The Chinese who make these fakes are also thieves and liars.
  5. I only was able to meet him once, but he seemed like a great guy.
  6. I expect to be doing much more river sniping this summer (having only done a little in 2014 and 2015, and none in 2016). I will be using the 2300 in the water and being real careful with the seals to get it water tight. I have the waterproof headphones as well. If the cork effect is too much, I may end up attaching small lead weights to it to make it closer to buoyancy neutral (Still want it to float a little). We shall see and I'll report back when the time comes.
  7. Why didn't you fill in the trench behind you as you dug?
  8. Interesting. I'd like to hear how the mono performs on some of the more hot rock infested areas too.
  9. They time ads to go together with the release of the product, but every once in a while the ads proceed the release like you saw for the SDC, but its not the intended result. Its happened in the ICMJ mining Journal in the past too. Part of the confusion in making arrangements with a magazine is cutoff dates for ads and magazines released way in front of their published dates like the May issue of LT coming out even before April 1st. I bet you see a bunch of ads in magazines like the ICMJ and the GPAA magazine after the GM1000 has been released. I just got my March - April GPAA magazine, but no GM1000. The minelab ad for this issue of the GPAA is about the 19 inch coil for the GPZ. I have no idea what will be in the ICMJ for April as I dont normally see all the ads before publication. The fact they have been displaying the GM1000 detector at shows, telling their dealers to take orders and put a couple videos and bunch of specification info on their website makes it a sure thing that the GM1000 is coming. Just a matter of waiting a bit for more info.
  10. Of course there are people who speak English in Africa and even countries where English is spoken widely, but in the part of Africa I visited (West Africa) there were very, very few people who spoke English and many in the rural parts where the mining takes place spoke only their tribal languages and very little French - the common language of West Africa.
  11. There will be plenty of info, reviews and comments AFTER the detector is on the market. That's just how it always works - there is limited info before the detector actually hits the market. Many detectors have come on the market in the past with no pre-announcement at all - they just arrive and suddenly are on sale. Actually for a yet-to-be-released detector, its pretty well known. There is quite a bit of info available on the GM1000 right now on the internet. Its been seen by thousands of prospectors at GPAA gold shows across the west coast from Phoenix to Seattle. Dealers are saying they will have them in April. I am sure there will be plenty of everything you wanted to know about it, but all that info and the official release of the detector is still a few weeks off.
  12. Debbie the Mine lab representative at the recent GPAA Shows has said April repeatedly and a lot of the dealers are saying the same. I think you can rely that it will be April. I don't know what day but even April 30 is only a little more than a month away. Africa is not a place for prospector tourism. You will find almost no one who speaks English. However I can heartily recommend Australia as a fine country with great people and good gold. They have services and cities much the same as those in the US. Plus in Australia they speak a language that is almost English.
  13. 36 C = 97 F Ninety seven is still plenty warm but not unbearable like 110F 110F = 43C
  14. Sounds like a new product is on the way.... If you liked Gold Rush before, you are going to LOVE our new show, Gold Rush:California - now with 300% more idiots!
  15. Exactly what I would recommend. There has always been some sensationalism in the news, but it just seems like they have thrown news and factual reporting into the dumpster for nothing but sensationalism and hype. There will be some good gold found and I expect I will do a good amount of sniping and that I will use my SDC fully underwater in a way that I've not used it yet, but I don't expect to see nuggets lying all over the ground everywhere.