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  1. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    Still a few smaller mineral closures enacted by fiat in the last days of the Obama administration. I hope they will ultimately meet the same fate as this one.
  2. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    Here is a link to a map of the area that was withdrawn - https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/Proposed_Action_Withdrawal_Map_PubMeeting.pdf
  3. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    I know of at least one guy who has successfully beeped some very nice gold within that area. Its good news to hear and as the new BLM appointee said " The proposal to withdraw 10 million acres to prevent potential mineral development was a complete overreach". I have a copy of a BLM report on the study used to justify the withdrawal and even in a report generated by Obama era BLM appointees, the data shows that roughly 90% of the 10 million areas had little or no potential as Sage Grouse nesting ground. Before that they had concluded that the Sage Grouse did not qualify for protection as an endangered species.
  4. Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    What was the ring made of? Silver? Gold? or ????? the coating of dirt made it hard to tell.
  5. The GB Pro is a good, all around, basic nugget detecting VLF - but that price for the F19 (an equivalent to the GB Pro with a few improvements) is a very good one. Less than $500 for such a very capable detector is impressive and very hard to beat. I remember the first F19 I saw was in pink Cammo - and I guess they still offer that option. Also Steve, it doesn't seem like you are shrinking your detector collection very fast.... Hope all is going well...
  6. There is a bit of skill to pinpointing. Just waving a coil over a target to see if a target is present is not the same thing as pinpointing. He never really did an actual pinpoint of the target so he only had a vague idea of where it was - and in the end that was not good enough. The other thing is that when you are underground and chipping stuff off the walls of a working, you are crazy if you dont first lay down a canvas tarp or something like that to catch the rocks you are chipping off the walls. Often the floor of old workings are loaded with gobs of trash that can make your detecting the gold bearing chips you knocked off very difficult. Some sort of catch will make your lives about 10 times easier because you can see the stuff you knocked down on top of the tarp and keep it separate from the junk on the floor.
  7. You know we will pay you for those stories if you write a bit more length than a forum post. Another alternative is to invite me down for a tour and I'll write a story. Let me know if you are interested. The Colorado has produced some very nice specimens over the years - I'm sure you will be finding more..... Chris
  8. You may really be overthinking this. The guy really isn't saying much in the quote you cited. All of what he is listing are oxides, and they are not likely present as pure oxides, but combined in with other minerals. Soda and potassium feldspars are aluminum silicates as well, and loads of minerals have magnesium (magnesia is the oxide) in them. So basically he says that the rocks are made of typical rock forming chemicals, although that varies. He might as well say the pockets are associated with various types of common rocks and minerals - though that varies from place to place. it is a low information statement.
  9. Denver Gem And Mineral Show

    Steve - Its the American Mining and Exploration show (the organization was formerly the Northwest Mining Assn.) its more a commercial oriented mining show, but the magazine attends to pass out free copies. Its not really oriented to individual prospectors but more exploration and mining companies. A few mineral dealers attend to sell nice specimens. You attended the show with me a few years back. See: https://www.miningamerica.org/2017-annual-meeting/
  10. Using The Gold Monster To Pick Up Specimens

    Some of the gold I got on this trip was also like that - a chunk of quartz with no visible gold - but if the GM1000 says its a non-ferrous target inside, you can pretty well bet its going to be gold even if you cant see it from the outside.
  11. Koss Headphones

    Well, while I would agree that some of the special headphones maybe are a little better, but its like you get a 5% improvement for a 5,000% price increase. I do have a couple broken old ML Koss headphones, so I will send them into Koss, so Mitchell thanks for the heads up. Its very handy to have extras. I guess my fat head is swelled up enough that I just dont have a problem with the UR30 headphones falling off.
  12. Denver Gem And Mineral Show

    Great to see that Mad Mutha was there - he finds some good wire gold specimens. Miners lunch box should be here at a show here in Sparks in December. I will just note also how difficult it is to get a well focused image of the Olinghouse gold specimens - I have lots of fuzzy pics of those specimens.
  13. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Mine falses even with very mild, very low mineral ground. It is only a very tiny percentage of the total number of GM1000 units that have this issue.
  14. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    To be clear, I have talked to Minelab, and I am sending my GM1000 in. Like you I will send in a note with it saying what I have observed. However I am out prospecting and am using it for a few more days before I send it back.
  15. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Chuck, I dont know about you, but I also have a problem with both coils and for me when I turn the unit on for the day it is a little touchy but not terrible. It only becomes really bad after a couple hours use. If your problem is similar, the tech could turn it on and find it was OK, while you noticed that running it for a time it was extra touchy. Mine, once having run for a half day will make dozens of chirps when slid lightly over the ground (chirp every time it touches a little rock. It does this with both the small and large coils.