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  1. From Mining Gold To Mining Neutrinos

    My wife, sister, brother-in-law and I went to the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center and took the tour last September when we were vacationing in the area. Anyone in the area would find interesting to take the tour and go through the visitor center. Her's a link to the visitor center: http://www.sanfordlabhomestake.com/
  2. Gold Tellurides

    Thanks! Steve for the information. In your opinion would the high frequency VLF gold detector, Falcon Gold probe or PI detector would give the best results in detecting gold tellurides? It seems there are many types of gold telluride. Calaverite and Sylvanite is common to the Cripple Creek, CO and other areas of the US. Would this type of telluride be detectable? Here's a link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calaverite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvanite
  3. Gold Tellurides

    Can a vlf or pi machine detect gold telluride? Does the gold telluride have to be in large concentration in a specimen for a detector to be able to detect it? Could a Falcon Gold probe detect a gold telluride specimen? Thanks! for any information or tips you can provide.
  4. Metal Detecting - The Hobby

    Hi Steve, Figured it out, if you have a browser somewhat restricted it does not show. Works fine with no restrictions. Thanks!
  5. Metal Detecting - The Hobby

    Hi Steve, Apparently the embedded Facebook video does not work for me, I see your text but nothing else. I'll try using a different browser later on.
  6. Under 4 Pound, Under $2000 GBPI Challenge

    Steve I'm not that up on the workings of the current or past Minelabs. Is it the weight of the battery, electronics or search coil that causes a PI to weigh over 4lbs or the combination of all three? I know with the TDI the weight of the battery and 12" search coil make the detector on the heavy side, but if the smaller coils are used the detector is manageable for all day use. If it is the battery that causes a PI to be on the heavy side, is there technology out there to power a PI today that would make it lighter?
  7. Audio Or Visual Target ID

    I bet if you polled the guys that are consistent in finding nuggets, coins, relics or jewelry on a regular basis that audio id would be first and visual id, if available would be a secondary confirmation. In my opinion when nugget hunting learning the nuances of the audio responses of your detector is key to a person being successful.
  8. Minelab And Customer Communications

    Maybe the established detector industry will look more closely as how Nokta communicates to customers when introducing new products or resolving issues as they arise. But that maybe wishful thinking.
  9. A Monster Month

    Very informative report, great photos and good finds. Interesting the detector has no threshold, it would take me a little while to get use to that. Looks like Minelab has a winner!
  10. Problem With Detector

    I agree with you Steve, it sounds like a faulty search coil. I've had search coils that would do the same thing where the gain turned up with the search coil in the air would have the same results. Switch out search coil with a new or existing good search coil and the problem goes away.
  11. Metal Detectors & Emi - Electro Magnetic Interference

    Thanks! for the info Steve, but now I have another question. With technology moving towards wireless, is wireless be it headphones or a detector more or less effected by EMI?
  12. Metal Detectors & Emi - Electro Magnetic Interference

    Question Steve: How does EMI effect a PI detector at the frequency they operate at? If you could put in layman terms, the Minelab info is over my head.
  13. Friday Specimen Gold Find

    Very nice specimen gold, Congrats! on a great find.
  14. Ultimate White's V3i Info Page

    Thanks! for posting Steve, some info I wasn't aware of. Someone that has a V3i this link is a great resource.
  15. What Was Your 1st Detector?

    My first detector was a Compass Yukon that I bought from my brother-in-law in 1976. Still have it, why? Maybe a antique! Own different brands of detectors like A.H. Pro, Compass, Minelab and was a White's Dealer for over 25 years.