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  1. A Few Days At Rye Patch

    Great Finds!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and adventures.
  2. Late Season Cabin Fun!

    Great finds and nice way to wind down the season at the cabin. Thanks! for sharing you story and photos.
  3. This 5-day sale features 2,900 lots in multiple collecting categories including Mining, Minerals, Native Americana, Bottles, Gaming, Cowboy, Tokens, Numismatics, Railroad & Express, Postal History & Philatelic, Firearms & Military, and General Americana. The auction starts October 19th through October 23rd on the Holabirdamericana website: https://holabirdamericana.liveauctiongroup.com/auctionlist.aspx Item# 1198 list the Black Box Gold Detector This device is for the "black box" affectionado, the person that specializes in unique "tools" to "detect" gold. Metal tag on the top: "A.E. Meek T & B Co./ Makers/ Denver, Colo." The box has the name of one of the owners on the front of the opening top "Jack Bell." The device inside the box also has a tag (brass): "Sachs, Lawlor M & M/ Co./ Denver, Colo." The box is 6.5" square, 11" tall. the device fits snugly into the box. It has muscovite windows with gold foil connected to some "electrodes". A small box comes with it containing thin papers and some gold foil. A manuscript note calls the device a gold electroscope. Have fun looking at the items that up for auction!
  4. GMT Tiny Nuggy

    Congratulations ! Now the other and bigger nuggets you search for will be much easier to find . The gold gods have smiled on you and may you luck continue.
  5. What type of coils do you have for the TDI?
  6. Denver Gem And Mineral Show

    Hi Joe, I and my wife know Ken O., Larry B. and John V. We showed them the location where Ken found that specimen and as you say the rest is history. Unfortunately Ken sold that specimen to quick and he could of got a lot more for it than he did. We saw John V. and his mining partner Glenn G. at the show and caught up on recent and past finds in Colorado. Lots of amazing finds are still being found if you know where to go.
  7. Denver Gem And Mineral Show

    Sorry I didn't get this information to you before the show, I will let you know next year schedule or any shows or seminars in our area.
  8. Denver Gem And Mineral Show

    In addition to all the great gold, silver and other specimens on display, they had three days of speakers which included Jeff Scovil (outstanding Gem and Mineral photographer), Terry Wallace on Colorado Silver, Gene Meieran on the Magic of Silver, Virgil Lueth on New Mexico Gold, Ben Elick on High Grade Cripple Creek ore, Scott Werschky on Fire Creek Mine Gold Specimens in Nevada, Les Presmyk on Arizona Gold and Silver specimens, Penny Williamson on Australian Gold, Bruce Geller on Tellurides and Byran Lees on the Golden Dragon. Byran Lees talked about finding the "Golden Dragon" and how is company (Collectors Edge) preform the work on preparing the one of kind specimen from the Colorado Quartz Mine in California. The Golden Dragon is estimated to be valued at 1 million dollars. These were just some of the speakers that we were able to see. " THE GOLDEN DRAGON"
  9. Denver Gem And Mineral Show

    Sorry about some the pics being out of focus and the quality. I only had my pocket camera and shooting pictures through the glass isn't easy. Wished I had taken my good camera along.
  10. I'm using Firefox and no problems logging in. If it becomes a problem I will use another browser.
  11. The Denver Gem and Mineral Show at the Denver Mart celebrate its 50th year and the theme was Gold and Silver. There were outstanding gold, silver, telluride and meteorite specimens on display from collectors and dealers. There were over 800 dealers this year at the Denver Mart and surrounding venues. Denver is the second largest show in the United States.
  12. Gold Tellurides

    Thanks Steve and Jim Hemmingway for the additional input and information. I have had several people ask me if gold tellurides are able to be found with a metal detector and couldn't find information if that it was possible. The Colorado School of Mines has several gold telluride specimens that I could have available to me to test. I will let you know the results when time permits. Hopefully other forum members could chime in with additional information.
  13. Gold Found With Anything But A Minelab?

    Here's one of my recent finds with a White's GMT a 3.1 gram specimen. Before and after pictures.
  14. Peg's Summer Gold Trip

    Great Pictures! Great Finds! Thanks for sharing your latest adventure!
  15. From Mining Gold To Mining Neutrinos

    My wife, sister, brother-in-law and I went to the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center and took the tour last September when we were vacationing in the area. Anyone in the area would find interesting to take the tour and go through the visitor center. Her's a link to the visitor center: http://www.sanfordlabhomestake.com/