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  1. Great interview with you Chris... and yup, still loving the Fists of Gold book. :o) Jen
  2. Can you elaborate please, I didn't see the tip when it first came out.. thank you. Disregard... found the video: Jen
  3. Hard to hear over the wind noise but good demo of the bungee under control head fix.
  4. As we say in the IT Audit/Infosec space "Cloud..... someone else's computer" Agree 100% G Jen
  5. Wow, seems like I just clicked submit on Paypal yesterday.... it's here... a huge pat on the back to Rob, I've ordered heaps of stuff from him over the years and several items for Zeddie (GPZ) the last few weeks and it's always boxed and shipped so fast, almost getting here the same day, thanks Rob!!!! Jen
  6. Thanks JP, I ordered a hipstick from Rob as well as a solid NF coil cover and assembled the included harness to try instead of this aftermarket one. You run it without the two J struts eh? I figured those would help the hipstick take some of the load, I'll try it both ways. By Snaffle bit do you mean that crossmember that has the rope on it to that clips across the stop? That makes sense, I'm right handed but use my detector in my left hand and pick in right. And yes for all those who wondered, the Bunk pick for SURE sets off the detector if you swing far enough right and it's on your right hip where I wear mine. In fact, the only way I didn't get a slight notice of it was by having it up on my shoulder. I had to remove my Garmin 60csx GPS from my right hip as well as my iphone from my right top pocket as well. I also had my bungee going down and under the control panel for best swing control. I think a lot of my problem as well was the area I was in, lots of harsh rockage and that over the shoulder boulder holder I was using (the aftermarket one) wasn't setup to hold it up far enough. It worked great but for simplicity sakes it's probably getting replaced with the hipstick combo like JP uses. Next stop, grocery store for more spinach Thanks for the tips in email as well JP. Jen
  7. Hi JP, I sent those settings to your email address. But just realized I may as well put them here.. I'm probably running too sensitive. And yes all, I'm going to focus on the 14" for awhile PS: I love the way you can see the settings via icon or number from the main screen. Thx Jen
  8. Thank you
  9. Awesome, that's a relief.... thanks Lunk... that's what I wanted to hear. Jen
  10. Thanks guys, just ordered a medium (I'm 5'11" tall) hip stick from Rob to use along with the Pro-Swing 45 that came with the ZED. Jen
  11. Has anyone heard from Jim lately, I haven't seen him post in a long time and asked on another forum in a thread under his name, no luck, I hope he's ok??? Jen
  12. Thank you for making this it's own thread Steve.