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  1. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Hi Mun, no just the VPN (or any VPN proxy that lets you choose a country to get the IP address from). I've updated my instructions above to be non browser centric, thanks for the heads up. Hide my ass VPN also has an iOS version, I use it to watch my Coronation Street (a U.K. Show) via a Canadian site. Jen
  2. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Thanks for these links... Just an FYI guys n gals, if it does not seem to load for you (the page loads but the video does not) it's because you're not in the UK and the site is geo restricted to the UK (and maybe Aus, not sure). I've been using the Hide My Ass VPN proxy for years to watch Aussie TV as well as Canadian and UK and it in fact had to be loaded prior to the page loading for this to work. Note, if you load the page and it fails to load and you then go install HMA VPN to be able to watch it, you'll have to restart your browser and search in your cookies for ones from Quest as shown below and delete them ALL close your browser, re open it ONLY after having already launched the VPN client and already made a connection to a UK proxy. If the cookie get stored that you're not in the UK, it will not load the page even if you have the VPN running.... 1: Open your web browser and a US page, like this one 2: Search for the cookie and delete it 3: Close your browser. 4: Start VPN, connect to UK proxy site 5: Go to page link above to watch videos. Jen
  3. The Sound Of Gold

    Bundy flavoured apparantly.
  4. The Sound Of Gold

    Here's a direct link to the video, the link above is to the actual email file... click this for video, thanks for sharing Mungass. PS: go check out the Aussie Gold Hunters link boys, I just put up a few new links, watch before they get taken off Youtube. Jen
  5. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Episode 2: (which was previously posted but removed) Episode 3: Episode 4:
  6. Thanks for the thoughts Steve, my thoughts are along the same lines...... especially when I have extra batteries, I'll never get that money back and there's no need to bundle an Evo coil in that I know I can get better money for separate.... so that's what I'll probably do, sell it as the basic as sold from Minelab and part the rest... thanks again for your taking the time to share your thoughts. Jen
  7. Hi guys n gals.... well as I start accepting the fact that I'm going to be keeping Zeddie and selling my beloved GPX-5000, I have a quandry (peer pressure, being laughed at and being locked in the school lockers every day on the gold fields can be a very powerful thing ). Over the years, I've tried to sell coils individually on the forums and ebay and have been saddened with the lack of interest or having to sell them low ball. I've built up a HUGE coil (and extra goodies) collection on my GPX and am wondering what luck those of you who HAVE sold a detector on the classifieds have had with selling as a combo and not have to deal with the coil (and extra battery etc) selling separate or have you had more luck/made a better profit parting it out, selling a basic detector? I guess it depends on what your own tolerance is to spending the next 6 months flogging the coils off but do people buy GPX's really pay what all the extras we have are worth or have most of you just sold the package cheap to not have to deal with the dramas? It saddens me to sell it but alas, as both Jim and Chris say "a detector in the closet only finds dust". Jen
  8. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Don't knock it, some of my funnest friends have been the most unstable (hahahaha)... NAAAAARFFF!!!!!!!
  9. Still available, have it in Gold Basin/Meadview for local pickup if needed. Jennifer
  10. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    NO!!!! As a fellow Canadian I forbid her return, the little t*rt..... she gives us Canadian's a bad name the way she flirts with the foreman..... no no no..... (unless she puts some clothes on at least)....egads she was shocking!!!!!
  11. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Hillarious... (Click link below) IMG_2441.MOV
  12. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    The Aus govt recently canceled 457's, too much abuse by "heads on a stick" recruiting slave labor shops so when his expires's he'll have to throw a ring on her finger (and I can say that cus that's how I became an American).
  13. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Personally I'm rooting (ok aussies, out of the gutter, that's not what I meant) for Kellie and her detecting partner. Kellie's adorable and cute (usually) with sadly a bit too much bi-polar/psycho at the blink of an eye.... she's funny but at times, in a dead bunny scary sort of way..hahaha.... She's a crack up when she finds a nice nugget and screams.... HEEEEEEEEEENREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Jen
  14. GPZ 7000, A Look Inside

    Ask and ye shall recieve, inside a 3030 for comparison (he's re attaching his GPS module). Jen
  15. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    GREAT Link (from above), thanks Steve... awesome info. http://www.minelab.com/__files/f/254714/KBA 27-2 Gold Detecting in Difficult Ground Conditions.pdf Jen