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  1. Fun In The Sun

    Nice Pieces Lunk!Ig
  2. Original Golden Eagle Nugget Find

    Gerry -HaHa That's a good vid watched many times My first detector was a Whte's GMT so it was your GMT vids -that I got my first "training" on threshold and running "hot" . But Ive watched them all, more than once! Thanx Ig
  3. Original Golden Eagle Nugget Find

    Gerry- Thanks for all Your're Video Advice Over the Years...Much Appreciated Here in Central Idaho. BTW that Hunk of Gold Your Buddy Found Is "Priceless" IMO! Wow Ig
  4. Diggin' Gold

    Rickyou'll haveto ask Dusty on the video thru YT.Cheers from -1f Idaho tonite, Ig
  5. Been watching Great Basin Man for a couple o' years now, here's his latest! Awesome Spot never quits producing! The gold coin vid is from 2017. Cheers Ig
  6. Headed Back North

    Off the Charts Beat' Beautiful Gold Awesome detecting prowess! Good4 you! Ig
  7. Creswick Produces Again

    Rock On! Rockett , Good on Ya's mate! Lovely pieces" All the Best from Snowy Idaho. Ig
  8. Oldy but a Goody ! Cheers from 20f Idaho. Ig
  9. 24 f here rt.now. I like warm country...Enjoy the ride! Ig
  10. Even the Birdshots .995 fine over there Eh? LOL ... ig
  11. Big Win For Southern California Miners!!

    HOORAY! GREAT NEWS for ALL! Here are a few pictures from jan,8 2018. of the desert's beauty, taken while walking in it near the Angeles Forest Hwy between Glendale and Palmdale, Ca....I was walking and admiring the beauty and Amazed how the desert restored itself after the Huge Fire that burned everything years earlier. I left shaking my head that what I had just done was "against the law" and "how could they lock YOU out" of this great scenery! Cheers, Ig
  12. Petrified Wood?

    Bob there is a 2ft.wide jasper seam in the vicinity....bout 100yds away! Ig
  13. Finding Pocket Gold

    Oregon Pocket History- 1963 Wow! http://www.oregongeology.org/pubs/og/OBv25n06.pdf
  14. Fresh Lava Could There Be Placer

    Yankee where did you see the report? cantfind anything.....just wondering? Link? Cheers, Ig