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  1. Since we are talking about breaking bedrock the best tool that I have found for under water work is the crackjack. It is essentially a slide hammer. I used it a lot in Georgia where there are a lot of bedrock shoals which basically are reefs. The water was somewhat fast so swinging a hammer to hit a bar under water did not work out so well. The rubber mallet is crutial to get plugs out of the hose. I have seen some guys use dead blow hammers but I haven't tried it. Most dredgers I have met spray paint their tools orange for visibility. I recently sprayed these with tool dip. I can already see the downfall to this because once it starts to peel it will completely come of. Even if the surface is prepared by cleaning and scuffing. Either way I think the top dip will be easier to grab the tools underwater.
  2. Thanks Steve. It works great on rotten bedrock as I said in other post. Tom, yes I blast and suck at the same time. I don't have any recent pictures using the handle but in this one that I posted before I am standing on bedrock working in a old open mine cut. I have used the hydro force nozzles on a 3" highbanker. I thought it worked pretty good and moved a decent amount of material
  3. I also have an extension on my blast nozzle at well. I addition I also but hooks on it to hook it to the nozzle. I thought about making a bracket to fix it to the nozzle but I like the freedom to move it.
  4. I am inspired to write this post by sjmpainter and his recent dredging expedition. It looks like so much fun. The intent is to share dredging tips, practices and modifications. Currently I am going through my equipment in preparation to move back to Alaska this summer. So I will start with business end. I put an extension on all dredge nozzles to give leverage to maneuver. I have seen many variations but all of them that I have built are made from aerators because I liked the shape. One of these is on a 6" and the other is on a 4". When I first decided to do this it was because I was mining in an open cut where all the work is done by feel standing up. I used to take them off for river dredging but now I leave them on all of the time.
  5. Nice, that is still some good gold for the first time out this year. It will only get better!! Sliding dredges on snow is pretty easy, just like a sled. The runners on the bottom keep it going straight.
  6. I knew a couple before that had a Dalke Dredge with the two get. It was a 5" with if I remember a 8hp. They said it had a lot of suction and I know they didn't run it that hard at all. I have a 6" like sjmpainter with plent of power. I had guys tell me before that a 6" needed 9hp motors but currently I don't see the benefits with cost and weight. They would be nice in deeper water with a longer hose.
  7. I have found gold in Alaska, Wyoming, Georgia, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. With a detector I found nuggets in only Alaska, Wyoming and most recently New Mexico. I did find nuggets in Montana and Georgia that are big enough to detect but I found them either dredging or highbanking. I tried extremely hard to detect a nugget when I lived in Georgia but they eluded me.
  8. Finally

    Today I went to an area that I recently gained access to. I looked at imagery to see where the old workings are. I picked a spot where a drag line and wash plant had been though. As I was driving in I noticed a lot of the ground had all of the rocks racked off. I figured who ever did it had to have found something. So the tailings will have to wait. I decided to run the SDC 2300 over that ground. After digging the 10th piece of shot I got another signal about a foot away from one I just dug. It was real hard to pinpoint and find but the sun hit it right on the coil and I knew it was a little piece. Finally I found a nugget in New Mexico. Nothing like others recently on the forum but I was pretty jazzed. My first desert piece.
  9. Great video. I had been to most of the dredges around Fairbanks. At Dredge #8 they talk about the process but it's pretty cool to see it on the video. I am moving back to Fairbanks this summer. I love it there, can't wait.
  10. Boot Alert

    I have been wearing the same reebok boots in the southwest metal detecting since the original post. I like them so much I bought another pair in brown for my duty boots. Unfortunately the brown ones do have metal eyelets. In Alaska I wear lacross muck boots for almost everything from metal detecting to hunting. In the cold water they are great but hot when out of it.
  11. Wow, you are going to start a gold rush
  12. Steve or others, Did any of you find copper nuggets in crow creek? I found a very small piece there a few years ago. It was completely oxidized blue on the outside.
  13. SDC 2300 Under Water?

    I posted previously about using a SDC in a open cut while dredging. Where I was working there is very little water flow so even when dumping tailings in another area the water becomes cloudy fast. Work is all done by feel but I don't dive there. The bedrock is about 3 feet under the gravel and rotten so you can dredge into it for a few feet. I took a layer off in one corner of my hole but I figured I didn't go deep enough. I used the regular headphone keeping them above the water but I submersed the detector. Just as Steve and Chris are saying I had to push it down to get it to go to the bottom. In the corner the were two signals so I dredged into the bedrock further. In the box there were two half pennyweight nuggets. After that I used the SDC to guide me to where I was going to dredge next. This winter I bought the water proof headphones but have yet to use them.
  14. The jet looks great. I have been thinking about creating a thread with other dredge mods and useful tips. I am in school right now but when I get some time I will.
  15. I should do that. I just leave the hoses on it which causes problems as they like to flail around. I glued an extra gasket in the over size coupler for the suction hose because I seen where they don't seal well. I used a 6" cam lock gasket available at Alaska Rubber. Even if you don't put the extra gasket in there it is nice to have one anyway.