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  1. Why My Gold Is In A Safe Deposit Box

    WWWWELLLLLLLLL...... I have 2 teenage daughter's that don't let my gold get close to being saved .... it all goes to their needs which anybody that knows about teenage girls.....ITS EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!
  2. Found A Virgin Patch

    That's an awesome looking piece...nice job
  3. Tuff Earned Reward

    Nice gold!!!!
  4. Selling My Nokta Fors Gold

    U r more than welcome... it's an excellent machine...
  5. Great Grand Pa's Nugget

    That's a pretty nice nugget but even a more interesting piece of family history...
  6. A Few Dirty Nugs

    Nice lil nuggies
  7. New GPX Owner In Alaska

    Nice photos.... I'm ready!!!!
  8. Selling My Nokta Fors Gold

    The machine is still on the market
  9. Reintroduction Of The Minelab GPX 4500

    Steve Idk how u do it...for me to gain all u r knowledge I'd have to live 100 more yrs...I'm working real hard to get one of the GPX4500. ..the for all the helpful info..
  10. Selling My Nokta Fors Gold

    Sorry Steve didn't know exactly how to do it... yeah I really don't wanna part with it but I wanna try and catch the mine lab 4500 deal...
  11. Selling My Nokta Fors Gold

    3 coils total
  12. Selling My Nokta Fors Gold

    I have the pro package... It comes with the Koss ur30 headphones as the stock ones were garbage...also have an Xtra set of rechargables...the package lists for $850 new.. I love the machine I'm just getting a new one here shortly so this one has to go...