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  1. The Iron age started roughly 600bc in Northern Europe so are talking 2600 years. Deus users have being using the high frequency coils quit successfully in the UK on iron infested sites, at higher frequencies than the gold monster, so why not?
  2. I got as far as he started his guns lol.
  3. Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    You should mean, what's in the boot.
  4. 14" TDI Coil

    I was going to say yes till I saw the 14" coil in the pic
  5. Equinox Speed Test Video

    This speed test recreated with an AKA Intronik. Even better is this one
  6. Equinox Speed Test Video

    The one thing I am not impressed with is the VDI range. 0-25 for nonferrous is just to tightly packed.
  7. Minelab PRO-FIND 15 + 35

    LOL I was wondering when someone would notice, after all people have being crying out for a discriminating pointer for years and hardly a word about it. Maybe when they lads get back from Detectival this evening things will emerge.
  8. With all the Equinox hype, these seem to have being overlooked, if true that is. I cant find anything on Minelab website. http://allmetalmode.com/mikes-blog/2017/09/16/minelab-pro-pointer-35-my-pinpointer-dream-come-true/
  9. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    Has anybody thought that the Equinox just might be the little brother of a new Minelab flagship?
  10. Minelab's Sensational New Metal Detector

    But the speculation and all the crazy ideas is great fun
  11. https://hobby-detecting.com/what-will-minelab-show-in-september-2017-in-the-uk-new-detector-2018/
  12. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    5 hours left to view Ep5 http://www.questtv.co.uk/video/aussie-gold-hunters-2-episode-5/ 7 days left to view Ep6 http://www.questtv.co.uk/video/aussie-gold-hunters-2-episode-6/
  13. True All Metal No Motion Mode

    Add the Rutus Alter 71 to Steve's list.
  14. GPZ 7000 Wish List

    Not having to take out a mortgage to buy one would be nice.
  15. Minelab And Customer Communications

    Why blame engineers when it the job of PR and advertising?