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  1. Equinox 800 Video - Gold Chain In Salt Water

    There was a video posted somewhere on here that showed an air test on a gold chain. It gave a very broken signal with little depth, not sure what mode he was using but if it was Park 1, Field 1or 2, a vdi of 1 would actually being rejected with any of those modes, which would explain the bad results???
  2. Equinox 800 Video - Gold Chain In Salt Water

    Vdi is coming up at 1, may explain a thing or two.
  3. Nice haul Nuke, question for you, what are you doing with the old pond coins, is there a way of cashing them in. I use to love finding them over here in Ireland but now I don't know what to do with them.
  4. Don't Give Up!

    Whats really getting up my nose is that no prices have being released for the spare coils. It would be nice to know if I will be buying a nox or not at this stage. I would have ordered months ago if the coil prices were released. According to Minelab the nox is due out next week and still no prices??????
  5. Minelab Website Down

    LOL I meant the 17th
  6. Minelab Website Down

    Its not unusual at all for Minelab, it usually means they are uploading major content to the website and remember what date it is tomorrow?? Dec 12th, oh where did we hear that before
  7. Mercury Dime Teaser

    I am wondering is there a different ground balance methods for the multi compared to the single frequency modes? Traditionally multi frequencies use ground compensation, whereas singles use ground balance or ground cancel, so what makes Equinox tick?
  8. Wet Sand Beach Performance

    Excellent video Steve, cheers for posting. The second half of the explanation is as follows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EgHQSpxps0&t=3s
  9. Minelab, Please Tell Us What The Coils Cost!

    I for one, will not be ordering anything till I know the price of coils.
  10. 8" Coil For Equinox

    This whole concept of Minelab listening to its customers is a bit alien to most of us Yes the Equinox did not pop out of thin air and yes peoples 'wants' have influenced its design, but one has to think, was its introduction because of what people wanted or was it in reaction to reduced sales?? I have used Minelabs since the mid 90's and have used just about every BBS/FBS unit ever since but I actually don't own a Minelab anymore even though I am an avid beach hunter???? My love with Minelab ended a few years ago, for various reasons like the factory closing in Ireland, the competition suited some sites better but the fact coils are not available for the CTX that suit my needs. With the introduction of the chip inside the coil I realised that there will never be any available, and 5 years later has proved that fact. Sure Minelab have sold more coils than on older units but the question should be, how many more CTX's would have sold if coils were available??? Haha, the day I can get rid of the cute little French thing will be a very happy day for me I hate the thing, I call it the "evil necessity" I do a lot of detecting on a festival site, which is a important part of my income, and up to now Deus package being fast, wireless headphones and light, just cant be bet till now hopefully. The Rutus Alter 71 is close and it has a suitable 9" coil, so now a combination of the Rutus and Equinox should fulfil all my needs (excluding the TDI for beach) until suitable coils come out.
  11. 8" Coil For Equinox

    Steve if you have the ear of Minelab, would you please try and get it into their heads that if they want to compete with XP in Europe, they will have to come out with a coil suitable for hunting in stubble fields. The 11" is to big and 6" is to small, what is needed is a 8"-9" round. I am looking forward to the 800 but all ready I am thinking I cant get rid of the Deus for this fact and if I cant get rid of the Deus, I just cant justify buying an Equinox. I would still own my CTX if there was a proper selection of coils.
  12. I don't think so, the Xterra bottom stem is 19mm. I was hoping that a middle shaft off an Xterra would fit the Equinox as I hate straight shafts but I was told the Xterra shaft was narrower.
  13. My New Detecting Vehicle

    Thinking to myself "no that's not a chopper, its a dirt bike????" then I saw the helicopter, Duhh!
  14. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    Emm, why is there a TID number 46 on the screen???