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  1. Ah lads would you stop, spent the last 8 months up to my neck in pan's, pick's and shovel's over here in Ireland for a total of 6.5g, feeling depressed now. Haha only joking, keep the pics coming, if only I had the chance of fraction of what you lads find over there, I would give up the hammered coins in a flash. I even envy yanks with their puny little nuggets,
  2. The same reason I sold my CTX, I just could not get the coils I wanted.
  3. The AKA Intronik STF
  4. According to the latest post on XP's blog the frequencies of the HF coils are different than published before. The 9" round HF is now 14-30-59 KHz and the Elliptical HF, available in May 2017 is now 14-30-81 KHz. With 81KHz the Deus V4 should be even more sensitive than the GB2. http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/blog-detection/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/02/DEUS_update_V4_UK.pdf
  5. Do we know for sure that 55 kHz will be a harmonic frequency or will it be the main frequency?
  6. Problem is V4 will make no real difference to existing coils performance, its main function will be for new coils and pointer. So we have gone from being told new coils will be multi frequency to coils that are no real advantage to relic hunters. From pure excitement to a real bummer. They could have a least made a new small oval with regular frequencies or at least 10-20-30-40 kHz. I see the Deepar oval is 10-20-30-40 why not the Deus. XP have forgotten their grass roots and that Relic hunters made XP who they are. We were promised better ground balance capability but now that is only in the gold field programmes. We asked for the V2 audio to be returned but no V4 is based on V3.2. So what are relic hunters getting? reactivity of 2.5, big bloody deal! oh I forgot an over priced pinpointer. Lets see how newly introduced units for other manufacturers at half the price take over this market.
  7. No your 11" will work perfectly on V4 on its existing 4-18 kHz, 100% sure of that.
  8. I wonder how long till Minelab sue them?
  9. I went back to V2 myself after trying V3.2 for over a year. The quality of the audio in V2 is much better. The audio in V3.2 is very digital whereas V2 the audio has a lot more "colour" to it. Its not to much an issue relic hunting but for parks and the like, the audio difference between coins/jewellery and junk is a lot pronounced than V3.2.
  10. Reports of early Feb all over Europe. Some dealers will be getting hardware and beta v4 software this week in order to show customers.
  11. Only looking at prices last night and this is the cheapest I found http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Metal-detector-Minelab-GPX-4500-per-ricerca-oro-accessori-PROFESSIONALE-/191859266106?hash=item2cabb4123a:g:-z4AAOSw5b1XI6F0
  12. As does the Explorer and Etrac. I wonder how the introduction of Rutus Alter71 will impact the sales of the Impact and the Deus, maybe not as much in the States but here in Europe the the Rutus is getting great reviews, so much so some lads have sold on their Deus after testing.
  13. This project was the only reason (at that time) I joined this forum, since then the forum has become my first go to place for reliable detector information and big credit to Steve for the great work, but, as the say in this part of the world, get the finger out
  14. 8" AKA concentric coil, AKA have them all you have to do is ask, they also have a 5" concentric sniper and are working on a 5" super concentric (what ever that means). Now for me, without doubt the best detector I have used in trashy parks in the Deus in V2 with high silencer settings. The sounds are so much better than V3 (which is more suited to relic hunting). My friend and I have being doing a festival site for years, he uses a Deus in V2, I have used many different detectors on there and no matter what I have used (Minelabs, Fishers, Whites AKA's etc and even Deus V3) he always does better than I. The only time I match him is when I used the Deus V2.
  15. Looks like a coin weight, maybe for a British silver coin.