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  1. How much production do you need? For $2k, if you had an axle or old trailer frame you could weld together a 3 tray towable unit, especially if you got the trays used, not sure what they cost these days new. It's possible, I found 3 used trays on AZ craigslists all at the same time about 3 or 4 years ago when I was going to buy and old one that someone else built. But after looking at it I was pretty sure I could build it myself. Here is the unit I was looking at, at least I'm pretty sure it was this one or maybe just a very similar one, the guys in this vid are on this forum occasionally, or at least one of them is.
  2. Nope. I feel I was born to do this, but I don't live near goldfields where I can go out for fun. I love the freedom and adventure, but that alone doesn't buy food unfortunately. I'd do more of what I'm doing now and diversify my search into other minerals closer to me and start mumbling a lot about the "good ole days". The only exception I could see is if they loosened regulations significantly where I could roam around with a backhoe and dozer like they did up until the 80's, and do some actual prospecting for commercial grade deposits. Or if they came out with something a leap ahead of the GPZ even.
  3. Would you say there is any mineral sector you see as underexploited right now as gold was back then? I keep eyeballing REE's because it sure seems like global energy/auto/electronics industry is headed that direction now and for the future too, plus there are no active mines left in the US (unless that one in CA reopened?) and they are mostly in China (or were until recently anyways). Not easy to prospect for though like gold. But some of the associated minerals/elements are easier to prospect for such as thorium. What do you think about that sector?
  4. Hmm yeah it seems like the mining companies try to avoid this happening these days by just blanket paper staking any historically commercial level mining areas and then 2 miles around them just to be safe. Ran into it happening a couple times in the middle of nowhere NNV, both times were just crews of kids not long out of college for surveying or geology, who weren't even making real discoveries, just pounding stakes and hanging paper every 20 acres as contractors for some big companies they wouldn't name. Have you had any luck finding and then selling claims to mining companies after like 2012 or so?
  5. What was involved in proving it up? Like run a small placer plant or process a couple tons of hardrock + assays? That was my goal too but I never really found anything that seemed commercial to me and they all played out when I was trying to prove them up. Do you have mining industry connections or did you just contact the companies directly with a proposition?
  6. Quick question - I haven't really browsed much via phone until lately and I just realized that often when I touch the screen to scroll it turns the little flag in someone's post blue. Does that mean I've been flagging a lot of posts as objectionable on accident?
  7. I replied to you in my trade ad before I saw this post, but here's what I typed since I doubt many people will read it there: Tom - It's a question I had too before I started detecting for gold, and the answer is that it varies but you might be surprised that sometimes there just is nothing but nuggets. Some patches have almost nothing under half a grain or so but then others are worth drywashing. You'd be surprised how many great patches weren't even worth drywashing though. The only somewhat consistent exceptions I've found are "patches" in fairly active seasonal washes or on benches, they tend to be worth drywashing maybe around half or more of the time. Just my experience, I'm sure it varies place to place and also by what a person considers "worth it".
  8. I remember reading the biggest diamond found in Wyoming was something like 20 or 30 carats, and seems it was one of the biggest in the United States too, but I forget exactly the numbers. Doesn't seem like that would be much bigger than a marble so that's probably a good idea with the classifying. I'm having trouble ID'ing kimberlite from internet photos, it seems to vary so much - sometimes it looks like porphyry, other times it looks like cement, other times it looks like basalt. Seems like something hard to ID in the field due to the inconsistent and non-homogenous nature of it too (streak, hardness, etc are often meaningless on rocks, especially ones with many inclusions and different makeups). Anyone got any tips for positively ID'ing it if you've never held it before in your hand? The local geology museum didn't have any samples to check out unfortunately, which is odd because there aren't many geology museums in Wyoming and there aren't many other states with commercial diamond deposits. I think I'll donate some if I end up finding some good representative types, for other people wondering the same thing.
  9. Seconded on posting the vids. Any idea what ID range square nails, rusty old tin can bits or old pieces of blasting caps (if you happen to have any of those) ring up as compared to the pickers you have at 30 and 55k? How easy is it to switch between frequencies? Can you configure it so it's like 1 button/trigger push, or does it require a lot of scrolling through menus?
  10. Awesome, love seeing found gold by the handful!
  11. I gave up on my drone because it was too much work to pack around and all the mods I had to make to get good distance kept breaking. But that new Mavic Pro looks pretty sweet. It packs down to nothing and gets great range out of the box, I'm waiting for a price drop and thinking about getting one for work in the mountains the summer where hiking would take too long. The thing I wonder is if you can point the camera straight down so you can make custom aerial maps, that was the thing I really liked doing with the P2 but the stitching software won't work if the camera isn't straight down and some gimbals stop at like -170 degrees or something.
  12. I could see it being useful for gold in a "reverse" case where all the trash is nice and linear on the plot and the gold is generally squiggly yet both ring up in a narrow VDI range similar to each other. Having never used a machine like this I have no idea how often that happens though, but I do know there are some really trashy places I'd like to hunt where most of the trash is just 1 or 2 different types of items. I love that there are features like these on machines, even if they aren't useful in the end. This thread almost makes me want to not wait for the elliptical and just get the round Deus so I can start experimenting with it in parks here when the ground thaws.
  13. I'm not sure what it is, is it like a series of jigs and grease sluices or something? I'm just gonna go low tech and look for topographical depressions, blue ground, and chromian diopsides/pyrope in the pan.
  14. Did you stake a claim?
  15. That's it. Setting aside a couple weeks to go diamond prospecting here in Wyoming this summer then.