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  1. Nice one, how's that 19" doing down there in the SW on old patches? Have you taken it to patches you've gridded and flogged with the Z14 and 5000 with that 25" you used to have or an 18"?
  2. I dunno, a "control box" is really an anachronistic relic in general when it comes down to it, they are completely unnecessary today. Not that I mind one, just saying...it could all be integrated into a control rod with some LiPo's if someone really wanted to, with just a fold out screen (Think digital cameras), making it ultra packable. Sorta the direction the Deus is going. You can source full color LCD screens for $5 or so out of the Shenzen mega market these days, not a big expense. Also, make everything that CAN be carbon fiber, carbon fiber. For flagship machines. They are already crazy overpriced, give the customer some value. I mean, since the dude is skipping across boulders like hopscotch and jumping off cliffs and all while sporting a pack, I'm guessing packability might be something they would incorporate into a design. Coincidentally, this is something no gold detector manufacturers ever seem to concentrate on even though it's the segment where machines are most often packed.
  3. Microcontrollers are tiny. Why not an AT Gold plus an ATX in one package. VLF/PI at the flip of a switch for under $1500. With epic theatrical build ups like that, I hope it's something bigger/newer than an update to the AT Pro...something no one else has done before or something along those lines. It's clearly something that can be used for prospecting anyways which has got my attention a bit...
  4. Is it supposed to be a VLF? Or do you suppose they could put a PI/ZVT type unit into that package? Not much room for batteries I guess...
  5. Ran across a new sneak peak while looking for something else, though not much different than the first one in this thread except maybe a closer view. I haven't followed this release at all, but here is the vid I saw FWIW.
  6. I think you really need to do a hardness test though before drawing any final conclusions because it could be a few different things. It looks more like beryl to me than sapphire, but impossible to tell from a photo it could easily be either of them. Also, it should be notably heavier than a piece of quartz in your hand if it's sapphire, beryl not so much. Either way if it's blue beryl or sapphire then it's collectible even if not gem quality. It has good crystal structure and it's twinned. Also, location is everything, even though Indiana is likely not the source, a collector there may be willing to pay more for it because it was found there. I'd say it's a $50 piece anyways, especially to the right person, maybe even double that. Some of the common black tourmaline I found was selling for a fairly decent price just because it was from a completely unknown location. You'd be surprised (as I was) how many people collect very specific types of gems/minerals and try to fill their collections with all different type locations - sometimes the location is worth more than the sample...especially if it's rare and you have proof of where it came from.
  7. Haha I hear that Klunker, that's mostly what I find too. I'm pretty happy when I find something like a rusty old box of bolts in the garage usually...hey no need to buy 3/4" bolts for the next 35 years! Thanks everyone, wasn't sure how a non-prospecting video would go over.
  8. Lol, well no detectors were harmed in the making of this video so not sure if this forum is the right place. But, gotta do something to stay entertained up here in Wyoming with negligible gold. We are buying another house with a rickety old shed with 3 padlocks that supposedly hasn't been opened in decades, might get that one on vid too. I stuck my eye into a crack and saw some old barrels or something. It's a fun business sometimes. Every one of these houses is older too, so lots of detecting to do in the yards (if my Fors Core actually worked, bah).
  9. A used Garrett green machine (I don't know what model) in 1996 that a friend's dad sold me for $5 and I used until it broke. Owned 9 detectors total in this order - Old Garrett, Ace 250, GMT, Explorer II, 4500, GB2, Fors Core, 7000 (or maybe vice versa), Antique Fisher. All I want is 1 more revolutionary gold machine and I'm good on detectors.
  10. I'm not sure what forum to post this, many of us use Google Earth though so here it is, the new version which I just saw released. https://www.google.com/earth/ Kinda let down personally... Cloud storage of my KMZ's...not going to ever happen with me. Also, looks like they eliminated most of the actual useful tools from the desktop version, bummer. There does appear to be some previously unreleased high res imagery in at least some locations anyways though so that's cool. Haven't really had time to look through it a lot yet, maybe I'm missing something new that is actually useful, dunno.
  11. Nice! Love how they even left a little thin white film over the yolk of the eggs...pretty accurate.
  12. Has anyone out there in NNV been running the Z19 much yet? Just curious how it does on the alkali there when its dry, there were some places I couldn't even run the Z14 if it was damp out due to the salt. Your coil spacer idea is probably not bad really. A swivel wheeled platform with nylon hardware and a windshield wiper motor on a stick to swing the detector.
  13. Nice stuff Dave, you and Chris are killin it!
  14. Haven't run a Z19, but you'll still pick up birdshot with an 18" standard mono coil so I'm guessing the Z19 will hit it hard. You can use Salt Coarse to ignore birdshot and tiny wire bits (like around Franconia for instance) on the GPX without losing a whole lot on 1/2 gram+ stuff if you are in some area that you really need that sort of functionality. Or, maybe if they come out with an update that helps the GPZ deal with salt that might be an experiment to try out.
  15. That is a damn good find out there these days Jen, nice! I'm guessing you must be on a private claim/private property? If you got that off a club claim out there or unclaimed land, then that is seriously the most impressive thing I've seen all year, that place is beaten to death! That black stuff with the dirty quartz is a dead giveaway for western AZ/eastern CA/southern NV gold. If you are curious, I had a college ID it for me from on a few nuggets from different places including one from the heart of Gold Basin, and it's the crystalline form of limonite, which is at least mildly resistant to acids even though limonite isn't. Looks like manganese oxide but isn't. Random tidbit of info, was a mystery to me for years.