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  1. Original Golden Eagle Nugget Find

    I know where that came from
  2. Strange for sure. I have seen some real dark amber and amber is quite soft
  3. Petrified Wood?

    Good chance that is wood. Should be quite heavy and like Steve said, cut a chunk off. If then it is all solid black, you don't see the grain of wood, soak it in Clorox for a week or however long it takes. Sometimes soaking does nothing but usually it will work. Here is an example that was all black. There are small crystals also
  4. Couple Rocks

    Hibby, look like nice Madagascar fossils, good chance that the light materials on your fossils will fluoresce if they are polished. If they have been sprayed with clear they will not. I don’t know what the host rock is but looks man made
  5. Couple Rocks

    Thanks for your help Jim. Yes, my 60 watt short wave cost me $750 several years ago
  6. Couple Rocks

    What Marx said, Pudding rock and conglomerate kind of are similar. As far as lights, black light is a type of ultraviolet but not much good for use with minerals. There are three wave lengths used on minerals, short, med and long. For where I'm at short wave works best on most Alaskan minerals that fluoresce , but long does work on some. Medium I have never used.
  7. Avoid Getting Lost

    I only use the Inreach for sending and receiving messages, costs $15 a month. You can suspend service if you won't be using it for a period of time for instance winter
  8. Avoid Getting Lost

    Get a Garmin Inreach, my 2 cents
  9. I like the "mashed scorpions" here is "Goldfinger"
  10. For those of you down Arizona way, the big show starts soon. Thousands of vendors at numerous hotels and parking lots across Tucson, have fun, http://www.tucsongemshows.net/coming.html
  11. A Discombobulated Prospecting Tale

    That is a great job of writing Jim, and a great tale. Watch out for that bear spray it can get you. And by the way, bear spray does not work on big foot
  12. Error Uploading Images

    13 mb did not work, this one about 7mb that did work but the size changes to less then one mb
  13. Couple Rocks

    Jim, that jasper specimen is in the house, so is the "bog". Dick, I knew you would recognize that piece. Jasper is Alaskan from the Talkeetna Mts. Some big chunks there that are to big to haul out. What does the haul road jasper look like?? Kanayut conglomerate is probably what you found in the Brooks-has various colors of chert. photo of Kanayut chert
  14. Couple Rocks

    Nice mix of jasper and petrified bog