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  1. I like the "mashed scorpions" here is "Goldfinger"
  2. For those of you down Arizona way, the big show starts soon. Thousands of vendors at numerous hotels and parking lots across Tucson, have fun, http://www.tucsongemshows.net/coming.html
  3. A Discombobulated Prospecting Tale

    That is a great job of writing Jim, and a great tale. Watch out for that bear spray it can get you. And by the way, bear spray does not work on big foot
  4. Error Uploading Images

    13 mb did not work, this one about 7mb that did work but the size changes to less then one mb
  5. Couple Rocks

    Jim, that jasper specimen is in the house, so is the "bog". Dick, I knew you would recognize that piece. Jasper is Alaskan from the Talkeetna Mts. Some big chunks there that are to big to haul out. What does the haul road jasper look like?? Kanayut conglomerate is probably what you found in the Brooks-has various colors of chert. photo of Kanayut chert
  6. Couple Rocks

    Nice mix of jasper and petrified bog
  7. Couple Rocks

    Jim Idaho, I actually see quite a bit of blue which is mostly calcite and some agate. Don't know much about rocks from your part of the country. I do have some stromatolites I think from Montana or Wyoming, Bob
  8. Couple Rocks

    sounds good Jim, I would like to see more of your minerals, Bob
  9. Couple Rocks

    Guys, I'm just trying to wake up this minerals forum a bit. Here is a thunderegg with short wave light. Love these eggs
  10. A couple of my finds from this summer, a tube shaped piece filled with quartz and calcite and an ammonite with and without shortwave light Both about 8"
  11. I think Si Tech has it along with others. Don't remember what brand I have but looks like the picture, B
  12. I use this type inner and outer ring, never had a glove come off. Glove just fits tight over outer ring and I do add a rubber band but probably not needed. I have latex seals but should work on either.
  13. Been ther done that as far as no sun in the canyon. Tough this time of the year when you get out of the cold water and into the colder air. Have you ever tried a dry glove set up, works great, no cold hands. Something that happened to me late Sept last year on Alfred Creek my foot valve kept freezing up with ice and slush. Temp was in the 20's so not that cold, had to quit, B
  14. Thanks,I am familiar with that site. The camera there has been all crazy lately like the wind blows it around, B
  15. I use the same USGS site, very helpfull