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  1. Hey Minelab. I believe you have a typo there. I imagine it`s meant to say "expected high demand" . cheers Dave
  2. Hey JW. I have another quartz speci that I got about 30 years ago with a 60khz Whites GoldMaster that sg`s at 13 grams of gold, and it has heaps of gold visible, a 5000 can not hear it at all, the 7000 can hear it at about 6" and the 2300 can hear it a little deeper. No mate today I was using the 14". My settings were gain 7, target volume 6, high yield and difficult ground, and the only setting I played around with on the 7000 was general gold mode. General can hear it but not quite as deep as high yield. cheers Dave
  3. I got out to Tarnagulla today for a detect and I got 2 little specimens and then I finished off the day with this beauty. I was using the 7000 with JP`s recommended conservitive settings and this sounded like a very deep target. I was surprised when I moved it about 5" down. What really excited me about this one was I did some testing and the 2300 can get it at about 8" and the 7000 can only get it at 6". That in itself told me there was a fair bit of gold in it. I suspect a 5000 would struggle to hear it. This speci is predominately quartz but it has a thin layer of ironstone around it. In the first 2 photos are the only two pieces that are readily visible but under high magnification there are at least 100 pinpoints of gold visible all around it. I have no idea how much the ironstone mucks up the SG, but the sg for quartz says there is 28.649 grams of gold in this piece. I`m not going to drop this one in acid till my mate waves his 5000 over it. I`m hoping there is going to be a heap of gold visible once the ironstone is gone. cheers Dave
  4. Hey Norvic. When I read your post this morning I had never heard of the Gold Striker so I googled it and the top two results were this. Not detecting but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. (hope you don`t mind Steve)
  5. Hey Fred. Did know there was a sequel to that song? And yes, it`s as bad as the original was. cheers Dave
  6. Garret A2B. I no longer own the detector, I traded it in on the Minelab 16000 Ground Tracker, but I still have the very first piece I ever found and I found it with the A2B.
  7. Yeh mate, next time you are in town bring your coil and we can do it
  8. Hey Road Dog. Mate I agree completely any new purchase shouldn`t have to repaired before you can use it, but before I bought my 19" coil I knew I was going to fit a solid plate to it straight away for no other reason than solid coils are way easier to use. I have not experienced any falsing with my coil and I truly don`t know if it`s because I fiitted the solid plate or if I was just pure and simple lucky with the coil I got. I hope you and Jen get it sorted. Dave
  9. Very nice gold there mate, well done
  10. A very nice find Dave. well done
  11. This is a specimen I got last week with the 7000 and 14" coil at about 5-6" and it readily sticks to a magnet. The total weight of this piece is 0.85 gram so there is not a hell of a lot of gold in it, and I figured the 19" coil would struggle to hear it, but with JP`s deep gold settings, the 19 can hear it about 4" away . It should look good when it`s been acid cleaned.