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  1. The New Coils For The 2300

    Hey Lunk. Sorry mate, I have no clue what you are talking about here. Are you saying I didn`t see the prototype coil?
  2. I saw the prototype of the first coil that will be released for the 2300. 10x5" The tester really likes it and apparently it is dynamite on the jagged bits. And the main thing I wanted in these new coils, it is centre mount . I will probably start using my 2300 a bit more
  3. Usb Camera Again

    The lighting is built in mate. The camera in the link I posted has 8 LED`s. I realize now, after I posted that first picture, there was a heap of sunlight streaming in through orange blinds and the whole room was orange when I took that first photo. That second photo and this one were taken in "natural" light.
  4. Usb Camera Again

    Don`t worry JW, I`ll believe you. Here is a shot of a terrific 12 ouncer I got a few years ago
  5. Usb Camera Again

    A few months ago I put up a thread about this camera where I said to use it you needed a Windows 7 or earlier operating system and it had to be 32 bit. It turns out , unsurprisingly, I was wrong. A computer guy pointed out to me yesterday that I was accessing it wrong on newer operating systems. Now that I know how to access it, this same cheap made in China camera works on every computer I own. I took this photo this morning on my windows8 64bit laptop. You are better off getting a lower power camera like this one in the link. If you get a 500 or 1000 power camera they are just too damn hard to focus. cheers Dave http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2MP-20x-200x-Zoom-8-LED-Digital-Microscope-Endoscope-Camera-Magnifier-USB-2-0-/121968217513?epid=698629027&hash=item1c65df4da9:g:6VMAAOSwiYFXH2OP
  6. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    hey Norvic, how about that. I`m a fridgee as well
  7. Late Season Cabin Fun!

    Peg what a terrific 2 days. well done cheers Dave
  8. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    JW it took me a while to notice this, but when you are turning the coil plug around to find how it plugs into the detector box, there is an arrow on the top of the plug. Dave
  9. Got the 7000 back yesterday after it died on me a couple of weeks ago, and today I managed to get these two. Maybe I should send it away for repair more often. Not every day do I come home with 1.7 grams of gold
  10. My detector failed a couple of weeks ago. I posted it off Monday last week and got it back Thursday this week. Took it out for a quick spin yesterday and all working fine. Thanks Minelab
  11. My 7000 Has Died

    Chuck something along those lines occurred to me. I don`t detect all day because this is my hobby, not my job, but I got mine day one and it has been used maybe 320 days a year since it was released, and I`m guessing mine would be at the upper end of use. It certainly looks like it has been used a lot. I don`t set out to mistreat it but I don`t wrap it up in cotton wool either. I wonder if what has happened to mine is a sign of things to come for older 7000`s. Anyway mine is in the shop now, and I hope I get it back soon.
  12. My 7000 Has Died

    Andy I don`t think you have anything to worry about. Mine would lose sound sometimes when I changed "ground type" but I always got sound back when I restarted the detector. Apparently what has happened to mine this time is a completely separate issue. Dave
  13. My 7000 Has Died

    I was one minute into the day when the 7000 lost sound to the WM12`s. This has happened before but restarting the detector always fixed it, but this time the detector wont power off either. The only way I can turn it off is to unplug the battery. Tried everything, turned off the GPS, plugged in 2 sets of headphones, did a full detector reset- Still no sound and wont power off. I phoned Minelab, they seem to know what`s wrong with it and only want the back end of the detector back, not the coil or shafts or battery Thank goodness there is still 5 months of warranty on my detector.
  14. Yeh I`ve always used other site photo hosting because that was the only way I knew to do it. I didn`t realize it was so easy to put them straight on this forum. I`ve gone back and edited the first photo
  15. yeh mate one of the times I looked at this thread there was a number where the picture was supposed to be and when I clicked on the number it took me to the picture, but since then, for me at least, the picture is back. cheers