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  1. The Loss Of My Forums

    Jim I hope you are able to sort this out mate. Dave
  2. My Own Gold Monster Shaft Modification

    I don`t own a GM but I think your mod is very clever
  3. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Yeh Jen don`t get the small ones, I also bought a pack of 18mm to try them and the 7000 just doesn`t hear them at all. I gave them to a mate of mine that`s into electronics. Dave http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10-x-Power-Inductor-Ferrite-Ring-Iron-Toroidal-Yellow-White-18mm-x-9mm-x-5mm-/301683948285?epid=1638286108&hash=item463dc3bafd:g:Kl0AAOSwXYtYuKNZ
  4. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Fred I know you didn`t ask this but, a few months ago I bought a couple of ferrite rings on ebay for 2.68 AUD, and Minelab say in their blurb on the ferrite ring, they recomend you use their one, but the real deal and the cheapy both seem do the same thing. If I can hear one, I hear the other, and if I tune out one, it tunes out the other. I still use the Minelab one, because it`s the Minelab one, but the cheapy seems to me to do exactly the same thing. Dave http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-Pcs-33mm-x-19mm-x-11mm-Yellow-White-Iron-Core-Ferrite-Rings-Toroid-SY-/252300099205?epid=733722113&hash=item3abe41fe85:g:RHUAAOSwnbZYIUgr gif image host
  5. Most Effective 19 Inch Coil Cover

    Hey Fred. The 19" coil is the first coil I haven`t glued the lexan directly onto the coil. It was my intention to remove the original and slap the lexan directly onto the coil, but when I saw the pottings were exposed on the coil I glued the stuff to the original, so I`ve got the weight of the original skid plate plus the Lexan, but as you have pointed out the coil is so heavy anyway, I think the increased weight is three fifths of five eighths of not much. I think Norvic could be onto something about the increased stability of the coil as well. My coil is not bump sensitive and neither is Norvics, but some people have reported their 19" coil is bump sensitive. I`ve got 1mm but Norvic says 0.8mm, so if you can get 0.8mm that`s even better. Dave temp image host
  6. GM 1000 & Zed Gold

    Terrific report mate and nice gold And as always, good pictures
  7. A Nice 2 Grammer

    J Hey JW. mate I`d like to say that getting this piece was one of the most incredible pieces of detecting that has ever occurred, I was one with the detector, it was just the tiniest change in the threshold and I wondered if I was imagining it, the ground was rock hard and it took me 15 mins to get to it.... but the truth is, it was about 3" down, gave off a signal as big as a bucket, and I recon just about any detector or coil on the planet would have got it
  8. A Nice 2 Grammer

    It`s been pretty lousy weather here for the last few days, but I got out for a couple of hours today. This is my biggest piece in about 6 weeks and is my very first piece this year with the 19" coil 2.1 grams. Dave image upload free direct link
  9. I`ve not commented on the GM1000 since it came out because I can`t think of anything good to say, other than price and weight. one of the comments I read about this detector was you have to approach the GM1000 with a VLF mentality, and the last time I used my Whites GoldMaster I lasted about 5 mins with it. I lasted about 1 hr with the 1000 to realize it is not for me. I am just too used to the GPX range of detectors, the 7000 and the 2300. But I notice people that are still familiar with VLF`s and still use them, think the GM1000 is a pretty good detector. It`s "horses for courses" and I think Steve and JW and a lot of other people have made that pretty clear. Dave
  10. I was going through a couple of folders on my computer to see what was in them and came across this 72 page PDF. Apparently Thomas Jefferson Hurley in 1900 was a member of American Institute of Mining Engineers and American Geographical Society. The quick look I had at it, it looks like it mainly deals with gold found in the USA, so it may be of some interest to people in the States. I did a very quick google search to see if I could spot this PDF and didn`t find it, so I have uploaded it into the cloud and if you want a copy, be my guest. You can either look at it online or download it. It`s a 7.18mb download. I have no memory what so ever of how I came to have this PDF. Dave https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2EVZvrVlXTnX3E0bHpQT2Z1d00
  11. Bench Monster

    Terrific story Peg, terrific pictures and well done getting 1.4 g
  12. Know Thyne Enemy

    Interesting story Klunker. Well done mate
  13. A Site For Overlaying Maps

    hey JW. Mate another thing I should have said is I found another site for converting PDF`s to JPEG`s. Jpegs are way easier to work with in "MS paint". cheers Dave https://pdf2jpg.net/
  14. For a few years now I have been fascinated with a map that was published in 1915, but this map is very hard to work with, because most of the roads that are on it no longer exist and there is no sign of them what so ever and most of the tracks that are currently there are not on the map. It took me a bit of mucking around to get 2 maps the same size and location, but I found a free site where you can overlay one image onto another. This is part of the original map that shows roads that are no longer there and the bottom map I have overlayed the original to put in the tracks that are currently there from a topographic map. This map now becomes way more user friendly for me because of the overlayed tracks. Somebody else may find this site useful. Dave https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/impose-picture-on-another-picture.php imghost
  15. Like a lot of people, I detect for gold because I want to find gold, not because I want to make heaps of money out of it. If I was doing this for a living I would have starved to death years ago. A mate of mine yesterday found this 1½ kilo rock with a 5000 and brought it around to my place to have it SG`d. It SG`s at 11.1 grams gold and I`ve never seen a piece anything like this so when my mate said he was going to smash it up to recover the gold I offered him spot price for it. This is the first piece of gold I have ever bought, I thought it looked too good to smash up. It looks better in real life than it does in the picture. And I scored major points when I gave it to my lovely lady as a birthday present. She loves this kind of stuff. Dave upload my photos