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  1. wow Steve what a fantastic find Well done mate
  2. Steve I took that photo with the camera you gave me and that undetectable speci of mine, I got it about 10ks up river from Sofala about 30yrs ago
  3. I`ve only been to Bendigo about 3 or 4 times, but the first time I went there I just pulled up at a spot at random and got a bit of gold about 3 min after I turned my 3000 on
  4. No Mitchel, it wasn`t a sun baker, it was about 8 " down and the signal came through as big as a bucket. Mate never got any gold at Bathurst but years ago I got a couple of pieces at Sofala and Ophir and I got about a dozen pieces at Native Dog Creek and I`m told if you are prepared to put the time in at Hill End there is still nice gold there. These four spots are all within about 50-60ks of Bathurst. cheers Dave
  5. A couple of days ago went to a new area, no diggings around, and no finesse to my detecting, I`m not working low and slow trying to hear faint changes in the threshold, I`m hooking in and covering as much ground as I can. Two days ago I hit a point oner that I thought for sure was a birdshot and yesterday I got this one. So for about nine hours detecting I got 2, the gold is hardly leaping out of the ground all over the place, but it`s a big area and I`m still young (i wish). 2.69 grams. Dave
  6. I was out detecting today and thought of something I would like to see in a 7000 software update. In "ground type" instead of having Normal, Dificult and Severe, have it like the volume control, constantly variable. Severe 50, Difficult 25, Normal 1. I was detecting in ground today that the 7000 appeared flat or listless in Difficult but every time I switched to Normal it was just way too noisy. I think this would have been good ground to set the detector at say 12 ground type. Dave
  7. Welcome to my world JW. Just lately that`s the size of the stuff I`ve been finding as well. But then I try to console myself by thinking, anybody can find a multi ouncer if it`s just laying there, but it`s good detecting to find those small ones Dave
  8. How cool is that I`ve seen a few partials but never a total Where ever you end up Mitchel, I hope it`s good
  9. Amazing results for your better half. Well done
  10. Very good report JW. Well done mate
  11. Well done Steve on some nice gold. I`ve been waiting to see how you did with the 19" and I was very interested in the settings you use. I`m still having no success what so ever with the 19 and no way will I be able to run your insanely hot settings but I`m going to have to ramp it up a bit. cheers Dave
  12. How cool is that seeing a rattlesnake. I don`t suppose I`ll ever see one, I`m on the wrong continent. I`ve seen a few brown snakes though. I hope you wear snake guards. I bought a pair of made in USA guards and I wear them every time I detect. I don`t know about the rattlesnake but I`ve been told the secret to a brown snake bite is, have a beer as quick as you can. Your still gunna die but it`s the last beer you`ll ever have. Only 2 weeks ago a mate of mine took this photo of a sunbaker on the side of the road. And nice gold mate. cheers Dave
  13. Very nice gold there mate. Well done cheers Dave
  14. Good on you JW. Looking forward to what you are going to write
  15. Mate bad luck with the postage snafu, but on another note the coil may be repairable, I mean for your use, not to sell. I have repaired a few cracks and other damage to coils with 2 part Aralidite and some of the repairs lasted for years and I did major damage to my 8" Commander and that repair is still going strong. Dave