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  1. Nice one deutran, Beats my biggest nugget to date for this season, It's a 6 grammer found on my last day detecting, Lucky to have found a patch that yielded me 42 nuggies for the total weight of 26.6g ( Heading back to that spot inside a month as i'm sure i have some unfinished business there ) Pic is of my finds so far this season, 458 pieces, 6 grammer is in that pile on the right from the last day patch. Cheers Ashley
  2. My last few pics of natures wonders out bush ( not so much critters ) Saw lots of Red Capped Robins while out detecting & also Wedgetail Eagles ( they have a 7ft wingspan ) Cheers
  3. Yes it's very interesting seeing the videos & reports ( thanks for posting them up fellas ) on a lot of prospectors mainstay GB2 V the new kid on the block the GM1000 Monster, From what i have seen so far they are both very worthy contenders and i guess from my point of view it will come down to which one handles the mineralized ground in Australia better and i think i know the answer to that already, ( by the earlier posts re the GB2 ) Looks like it's time for a new tool/toy. Cheers Ashley
  4. Kalgoorlie W.A. ( Australia ) is celebrating the 60 millionth ounce of gold to come from the hole " Super Pit ". P.S. Photo shows 1/2 hr after blasting, To see whole area of "Super Pit", Suggest go into Google Earth and have a look. Cheers Ashley
  5. 1. Salty ground solution 2. Some of the feature of the GM1000 that would work with the Zed. 3. Password sounds good, Time shown on screen would also be good. Cheers Ashley
  6. G'day Steve, Must say for my couple of months plus out in the goldfields I haven't seen/heard so many wild dogs before, Almost every night/morning you hear them, Seen plenty wandering around but luckily had no encounters of a bad kind with them. Lot's of wild dogs out there ! The baiting programs don't seem to be doing much to dent the numbers. Cheers Ashley
  7. Good one Dave, Sometimes they just need a bath ! Cheers Ashley
  8. A pic of one of the kangaroos I saw out today, enjoy Cheers Ashley
  9. Good one Steve ! LOL. Yeah jen it's the greenest I have seen it and also the wettest. Cheers Ashley
  10. HUUUUUUUUH ! Too beautiful to eat, Lol !
  11. Good wide selection of critters you have out there Madtuna, great pics Did you have a really good light show out your way last night ? Cheers Ashley
  12. My first 3, For our American friends will add a kangaroo the next opportunity that arises. Pls add some of yours ! Australian Bustard, Dingo, Spider ( I am watching you )
  13. Congrats bloodgold 2, A great way to start the 2017 golding itch. Cheers Ashley
  14. For those that know Malcolm Dam, Leonora where we are currently perched on the high ground, Pretty much 8" of rain . First pic of Malcolm Dam flooded on Friday 2nd Pic of Malcolm Dam over flooded on Saturday., (Couldn't get the same angle shot without getting extremely wet) Cheers Ashley
  15. For those heading West (Western Australia) , Leonora has just had another 84mm of rain since yesterday and it's still coming, add that to the approx. 90mm for the last few days and you start to get the picture of "Bring your Boat " Usual camping spots at Malcolm Dam are several feet or more under water. Water is way past the camping/tree line around the dam, Unreal. Dare say your country got another heap of rain last night Madtuna ? Cheers Ashley