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  1. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    I have the same type as Cabin Fever has ( Little bit longer legs ) from my Sovereign GT days, From memory i got them from someone in the USA. Just tried it on the Monster and it works a treat. Cheers Ashley
  2. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    G'day Madtuna, My very limited experience with the falcon was pretty much like yours so I reckon it's a matter of getting the hang of it, Hopefully some experienced operators of the falcon probe chine in with some advice. Great to hear the reef hasn't run out yet for you. What do you think of the small crusher your using ? ( You were talking about purchasing a small crusher some time back ) Cheers Ashley
  3. Jackpot!

    Again congrats Steve, Some serious weight there, Enjoy the experience, You are living the dream ! Out of interest : Did you end up with one of them small crushers for just this sort of occasion, If so How is it handling it ? Cheers Ashley
  4. G'day Steve, Downloaded the update and am i understanding it correctly, The new ground smoothing in the Off ( default ) setting is what the detector was before downloading this upgrade, Only when you select "Locate Patch" or "Salty Soils" will it be different. So if correct there is no problem using the new downloaded version as your detector is still the same as before, Only when you select Locate or Salty will it all change ( Hope that all makes sense ) Cheers Ashley
  5. Jackpot!

    Congrats Steve, Good onya !!!!!! It's what we all dream of finding. Will be interesting to see what difference the new Zed updates do for you in the Laterite. " " With the Locate Patch setting, it is now possible to use Normal Ground Type in very ‘hot’ laterite soil… this is exciting!” Field Tester 1 – Kalgoorlie, WA " Cheers Ashley
  6. Exciting stuff for sure, To be able to add salty ground and heavy laterite ground conditions to an allready brilliant detectors portfolio and to top it off be able to use the "Normal Mode" is what dreams are made of. I have an area i was just at recently in W.A. ( Aust ) that will be getting re-visited in the next few weeks to continue the "Normal Mode" experience/testing. Normal actually worked in this spot, got 42 nuggies for 26.6g but 20 metres away Normal was un-workable.. Going to be interesting !!!! Thanks Minelab ! Cheers Ashley
  7. Part 2: The Gold Monster 1000 In The Field

    Thanks Chris, Informative video. Like your broomstick pin pointer idea, Can be made very compact. Think i'll be adding a bit of broomstick to the kit. Cheers Ashley
  8. A Happy Day Out Today

    Nice one deutran, Beats my biggest nugget to date for this season, It's a 6 grammer found on my last day detecting, Lucky to have found a patch that yielded me 42 nuggies for the total weight of 26.6g ( Heading back to that spot inside a month as i'm sure i have some unfinished business there ) Pic is of my finds so far this season, 458 pieces, 6 grammer is in that pile on the right from the last day patch. Cheers Ashley
  9. Aussie Critters Seen In The Goldfields

    My last few pics of natures wonders out bush ( not so much critters ) Saw lots of Red Capped Robins while out detecting & also Wedgetail Eagles ( they have a 7ft wingspan ) Cheers
  10. GB2 Vs. Gold Monster 1000. A New Champion?

    Yes it's very interesting seeing the videos & reports ( thanks for posting them up fellas ) on a lot of prospectors mainstay GB2 V the new kid on the block the GM1000 Monster, From what i have seen so far they are both very worthy contenders and i guess from my point of view it will come down to which one handles the mineralized ground in Australia better and i think i know the answer to that already, ( by the earlier posts re the GB2 ) Looks like it's time for a new tool/toy. Cheers Ashley
  11. Kalgoorlie W.A. ( Australia ) is celebrating the 60 millionth ounce of gold to come from the hole " Super Pit ". P.S. Photo shows 1/2 hr after blasting, To see whole area of "Super Pit", Suggest go into Google Earth and have a look. Cheers Ashley
  12. GPZ 7000 Wish List

    1. Salty ground solution 2. Some of the feature of the GM1000 that would work with the Zed. 3. Password sounds good, Time shown on screen would also be good. Cheers Ashley
  13. Erlistoun WA - Dogs

    G'day Steve, Must say for my couple of months plus out in the goldfields I haven't seen/heard so many wild dogs before, Almost every night/morning you hear them, Seen plenty wandering around but luckily had no encounters of a bad kind with them. Lot's of wild dogs out there ! The baiting programs don't seem to be doing much to dent the numbers. Cheers Ashley
  14. A Few Bits

    Good one Dave, Sometimes they just need a bath ! Cheers Ashley