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  1. Survey: Whats Your Main Detecting Environment

    Ahhh but you can't really read a whole lot into my selling of the CTX because my motive for doing so is probably not what you're thinking it might be. A lot of my soil around here is very similar to the Culpeper soil. And as you know, that soil shuts the CTX down. The CTX was a niche machine for me. I used it for freshwater and saltwater beach/water hunting, and that was it. Some guys love the FBS machines for silver hunting but the trick for the silver cherry picking relies on great target ID. And that red dirt kills the ID. Anything past a certain depth reads as iron, and this is no exception for the CTX. So my use for a $2400 unit was just using it a couple weeks a year at the saltwater beach on vacation. In freshwater it didn't really matter, as any of the waterproof single freq machines would be just as good. The saltwater is where the multi frequency really shined. If I lived closer to the beach and hunted it more often, I would have kept the CTX. If I hunted areas with better soil where I could rely on target ID for coins, I would have kept the CTX. But I don't, so the majority of the time, the CTX was sitting against the wall. I was also playing the gamble of used detector sales. I kinda feel like this Nox is going to be a big hit and because of that, I feel the demand for used CTXs is going to take a hit, therefore the price in which a used CTX can be sold will have to drop in order to make it appealing to buyers. I wanted out of mine while it still had some warranty left on it and so I could potentially get the most for it. That's it in a nut shell. It might not equal a CTX in performance on saltwater, but I think it will be adequate enough for my few days worth of hunting saltwater beaches out of the year. I do think it will excel in the iron sites, and in the fields/woods relic hunting...so I think that is a big plus for it that I could never do with the CTX. I'm excited to try one for sure. I got ahold of Van the day they were announced and told him I wanted one.
  2. Survey: Whats Your Main Detecting Environment

    This is ALMOST me to a T....even the part about being from Tennessee. I mostly Civil War relic hunt but have taken on a big love for water hunting for jewelry in the summer months. I used to also do the Culpeper, VA hunts but quit going due to the expense of the trip up there. I'm looking for the Nox to be able to do the same thing as outlined in his post...iron patches and home site work, along with water hunting. The one extra thing I will throw in is that I usually take 2 trips a year to the saltwater beaches and like having the multi freq machines just for that purpose. I had a CTX up til a few weeks ago for that purpose and sold it in anticipation of the Nox. The CTX did not do well in my particular soil around here in fields and woods but on the beach, freshwater and salt water...I loved it.
  3. Calm Before The Storm

    It's almost scary at the number of people who have "obsolete" and "extinct" confused/mixed up. I've poked fun at it on a few forums and Facebook. The automobile didn't make horses go extinct and people still ride them. The Amish and Mennonites still use them daily for transportation. I live less than 10 miles from a Mennonite community and they come by often with their horse and buggy. But for most people, a vehicle is what we use for most of our travel needs. The Equinox won't make other detectors die off from extinction and quit working. But it might make people not want to use them. I don't see why so many have trouble seeing the difference there.
  4. Equinox & Salt Water

    I'd bet a wood nickel that Gary Drayton has been testing an Equinox on saltwater beaches. He is notoriously tight lipped (except when it comes to bragging on himself haha) but he doesn't partake on forum blogs and such. He is kind of Minelabs beach/jewelry hunter face. I like that it does have a true threshold based all metal. I just wish it were also an option for the other frequencies and modes. The open screen with active disc filter/circuit is what killed the CTX for a relic hunting machine for me.
  5. Mercury Dime Teaser

    I don't envy you at all Steve! I've been in your position and know exactly how you feel. I had a small role with a couple of Whites detectors. You want to truly share something you think is exciting and as soon as you do, you have critics and hateful Richard Noggins ready to rip you apart like sharks. I took it all to heart and still may or may not have some people at the top of my list for a butt kickin' if I ever meet them in person ;) haha I am on the list for an Equinox. I notified my dealer the day they were announced. I'm ready for it for sure.
  6. Mercury Dime Teaser

    That sounds really promising!! I recently did another couple of videos featuring some heavy hitting VLF machines in my soil and figure it will get a rise out of the fanboys of each machine. I am hunting soil that does the same thing as your description of the 6 inch ferrous transition. In fact, that's almost exactly the depth of the Civil War bullets I dig on video, and all 3 detectors give that iron hit on different bullets in the field. A detector with a good all metal mode can get them but the ID still stays iron. You have to use your ears and gauge the signal by circling it to make a decision on digging or not. Pulse machines get them with no problem...but pulse machines are not practical everywhere you go. So like you say...an added inch or 2 is HUGE for a VLF machine to accurately ID something in dirt like that. People that have never experienced it just don't understand. The worse machine out of my latest video was the CTX 3030. But that same machine on a wet sand beach can accurately detect a dime down to the 11-12 inch mark. My scoop is a 12" basket and in some cases, it took me 4 big scoops to get a coin out. But in my dirt back home...5 inches was actually the transition point for it.
  7. Equinox 800 Pre-ordered

    I just sold my CTX as well in anticipation of the Equinox. All I used it for was water hunting though. I had no worry of it ever flooding or leaking. Since water season is finished, I parted ways with it since I had no other real use for the CTX. The one thing that concerns me about the Equinox is actually the light weight. The bulky weight of the CTX was a joy in the water. Light weight and water hunting usually don't go hand in hand...particularly in moving water like ocean surf or river current. I hunt the freshwater swimming areas a lot in the summer and the CTX just glides through lake water. My only comparison might be the AT Pro in which was considerably lighter than the CTX but was a pain to use in the water with the unit fully submerged. I can't help but wonder if the Equinox will also be that way. I went with a light weight carbon fiber scoop handle for my beach scoop...and it weighs approx what the Equinox will weigh, and it gets knocked around everywhere in the ocean surf...even when it's not rough. Hoping for the best though. The freshwater beaches don't have the corrosive salt that eats away bobby pins, fish hooks, etc so there is a lot of iron masking in swimming holes. It will be nice having a fast recovery speed machine for the water.
  8. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    I haven't been this excited about a machine in a long time. I've soaked up every bit of info I can find about it. I am very happy to see that you are one of the testers Steve. I've always respected your posts and find that your opinion and findings of detectors often match my own. My buddy got to briefly use the Equinox at the last DIV hunt in Culpeper, VA. They compared it with the AT Max...and just like my finding with the Max, they found it began to give an all iron report at just a few inches in the ground on Civil War bullets. They said the Equinox was still giving a good non iron signal down to 8-9 inches. That is a big plus considering all VLFs struggle in that soil and will make everything read as iron.
  9. Still looking for one guys. Will send you a PM mlgdave
  10. I am too weary of online places like eBay, etc. I would rather buy one from a reputable place. If you guys know of a place online or if you have one you might sell out of your personal collection, I would be interested. What I am looking for is simply a 2-3 gram size nugget. Prospecting in TN has been severely limited on even being able to pan. We didn't have big gold here anyway. I can get pay dirt and such online, but the "house always wins" concept applies there, even with their "unsearched" dirt, you still know it has been classified down and your chances of coming out for the good or with a good nugget are very slim. Your best bet in those cases is going with the seeded "guaranteed to have 1 gram of gold" style paydirt. In which you will pay quite a bit over spot price for it that way. I would rather just spend the same money on one bigger nugget than to have it all in fine flour gold if you know what I mean.
  11. Nokta Impact And New 15"x14" Im40 Coil

    Thanks for the writeup Steve. That will be my next purchase for sure.
  12. Two Stolen Gpzs In Yuma

    I can't stand a thief!! I had a 1st cousin that was always into mischief. He had been in and out of jail so many times he basically had his own cell. In the summer of 2016, he and one of his thug friends broke into a house that they thought was ripe for the picking. Instead, of stuff they could steal, they found an armed homeowner with a shotgun. Boom! That ended his reign of theft. Undertaker couldn't fix him enough to have an open casket. He got what he deserved IMO. I may take some flak for saying it, but if more people would put thieves in the ground, then the ones left living might consider a career change since the stakes are so risky. Because as in the case of my cousin, just sitting in a jail cell for a while for stealing, doesn't do any good.
  13. Suggested Reading For The Jewelry Hunter

    I agree with that. I will also add that Gary Drayton is another author that has good books on hunting jewelry but the same thing applies to his books; once you've read one, you just about have read the others too. He repeats a lot of the same things. He also thinks a little too much of himself IMO but that's just my opinion. lol
  14. Not all powerlines are equal. I TRIED to hunt under some a few weeks ago with the TDI and couldn't due to the machine motor boating and carrying on something awful. I reduced gain, turned the freq knob from one extreme to the other, trying to find a quiet spot. The only thing I found to remedy it was to get out from under and away from the power lines. I have the regular TDI by the way...not the Pro or SL model. These lines were the high tension ones with the metal towers for poles.
  15. Unusual Coil For White's TDI F.s. On Ebay

    They were popular at the Diggin in Virginia hunts back several years ago; kind of like a domino effect. When one person saw somebody else with one, they all wanted one. They are surprisingly very light weight...not just for the size either. I mean light weight as a whole. But they weren't that great of a coil either. Other coils are far better. When people figured it out, you couldn't really give them away. Thus that coil on eBay and why it has been on there for so long. The seller keeps listing and relisting it.