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  1. GPX 4500 Mods

    Don't believe everything you see on youtube. I know which one I would pick out of the modded or a 7000 and it's not the modded ones. As for saying the older 4500's aren't as good as the new ones is not right either, the only advantage a new 4500 has over an old one is it will have 3 years of warranty. The best advantage you will get with the gpx4500 is use the new type flat wound coils, either Nugget finder or Coiltek types, spend your money on these type of coils instead of spending it on getting the detector mods. cheers dave
  2. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Thanks Wes, the adaptors turned up today by post from the USA to Aus which was in my book pretty quick I reckon. Wes has done a very good job on these and I just need a bit of time to get out and try them, I'm sure they will be great. Thanks again Wes. cheers dave
  3. Yep JW I recognise it no worries, I see it in most of your posts and the dig holes, they are digging holes all over Aussie and NZ cheers dave
  4. Well done JW, great pictures and story to go with them as always, good way to fill in the day finding some gold ay. cheers dave
  5. Google Chrome And Xchange2

    Has anybody heard anything about the Xchange 2 problem being fixed, as it was not compatible with the latest software upgrade for the 7000 was released many many months ago. I am not sure why there has been no progress on the xchange2 problem and I get it that some people don't use it nor do they care, but for those of us that do use it and want it fixed as there has been ample time for Minelab programmers or whoever it is that fixes this stuff to get on with it. We paid top $ for a top of the range ML GPZ7000 which had all these features and now it is crippled and it should be fixed. cheers dave
  6. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Ok Wes, I'll send you a PM with some details etc. cheers dave
  7. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Hey Wes, that sounds great, let me know when there ready and I will PM you some details for my address and work out a payment method, I'm happy to do Paypal using the payment to a friend option that way you get the full amount and no fees, or you can suggest another method. cheers dave
  8. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Hey Wes, is there any chance you could turn me up a set of these so I can try the 26650's, I don't mind paying for them and postage, if your interested I will PM you with some details etc. cheers dave
  9. and the 50 gram sunbaker I mentioned in the other post, well it's a big specie that had 50 grams of gold in it
  10. An 80 gram sunbaker was the biggest, and a 50 gram was it's its smaller brother.
  11. This one you can maybe see a Labradors Head in it.
  12. Hey Norvic, good to see you thinking outside the box. cheers dave
  13. G'day Norvic So what are you thinking, like fitting it all into a different housing? maybe a GPX4500 type box? and then you can easily change coils! This will be interesting to see what your upto here cheers dave
  14. Ground Balancing The 7000

    Use the "USER BUTTON" and set it to "MANUAL GROUND BALANCE" then you can switch back and forth, I have been doing it this way for ages. cheers dave
  15. I'v not tried the the "Steelphase" system, but I have had the B&Z for a long time, (since the GP extreeme) and used one on all the ML models since, lets just say I wouldn't leave home without it. I have tried other brand boosters and very quickly go back to the B&Z cheers dave