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  1. JW.........In my situation and area patch hunting with the Zed is like hunting rabbits with a 30 cal. rifle, every patch I am aware of has or had a significant amount of the gold detectable by a vlf. At 80 + yrs old I can't wear & lug (or want to) a Zed all day. Once a patch is located a heavy pi can clean it out. The GB was and still is a great gold finder, the biggest patch l ever found was with a original GB. I just believe l can cover more ground effectively with the 1000 than I can with the GB2.
  2. Thats true and if l get a non ferrous signal I will dig it and ferrous most of the time. True. All l am saying l enjoy patch hunting and hunting a bit larger pieces more. I think for me the GM1000 will make a good patch hunter.
  3. I don't disagree with anything you are saying, but for me just hunting for fly specks in an area where that is all that is left or ever was does not excite me, l would rather be patch hunting or searching for larger pieces. I have been using the Gold Bugs since the original was introduced, but l think l like the GM 1000 better.
  4. There has to be al limit on the size of fly speck that it is practical for a person to spend the time digging. Its probably different for different folks . For me I'm not too excited about any smaller than a grain, unless its been a while since I have found anything.
  5. I may have to resort to something like that when I get old. ....... older
  6. Looks like my last hole that yielded a 30 cal. chunk of lead.
  7. How will you know its gold if you can't see it?
  8. Your shovel is way too big, try a small irregular shaped bit of ferrous metal. A small nail or such.
  9. Now they are going to build a big fabulous wall down the middle of the Rio Grande In Big Bend National Park.
  10. I disagree, everyone is entilted to an opinion and the right to express it. I like the Monster but that dosen't mean every one has to.
  11. Where you find gold in caliche you can also find magnetite and black sand which will affect detector preformance.
  12. Me too, its not like l don't have another detector.
  13. Where are those available? Never seen one before.