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  1. Blind Lead...

    You could have determined it by specific gravity, probably,
  2. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    I have been securing the cable to to the lower shaft since the Fisher T10 days and I haven't had any trouble with Gm1000.
  3. The battery door loop may make a good safety tether for my Deus controller.
  4. Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    Thanx Steve, I like the compactness of it.
  5. Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    Steve, where did you buy the Golden mask rod? Thanx,,.......... D.
  6. Retorts are fine if you have one and I don't have a problem with em. I also have had no problem recovering mercury from nitric. Aluminum foil put into the diluted nitric drops the mercury out. If tis is dangerous please let me know...
  7. Get a wheel, you can run it in reverse to amalgamate the gold and mercury then switch the polarity and pull the amalgamate out. Mustard gold is hard to recover without mercury. Don't breath the fumes. Nitric acid can be used to remove the mercury from the gold and then reclaimed from the nitric. . .. ,
  8. 1.8v AA Battery?

    Yes it has the charger and I will ship for $80.00. However I am currently on my way to Nev. then Ca. and its in Az. and I won't be home until Round the first part of Sept.
  9. 1.8v AA Battery?

    I have a reedman battery pac that i would like to sell
  10. Today's Gold

    Are you still hunting in the same area? .......D.
  11. Minelab's Sensational New Metal Detector

    Trying to limit the rush on buying the czx?
  12. what is a one grain gold bar? My TDI wouldn't detect a one grain piece of gold.
  13. Back in the old days before they invented coil covers I used to cut a piece of plastic the size and shape of the coil and attach it with a large "rubber band" cut from a auto tire inner tube, crude but it worked. Nowadays there are probably better ways to build one.
  14. What Would You Choose? (poll)

    I would bet you aren't over 80 yrs old either.
  15. What Would You Choose? (poll)

    I have a HEAVY, ML and some lights, Deus, . Monster 1000 and a medium. Gold Bug2. Don't use the heavy much. I prefer the light wt. over the 10%