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  1. Johnathan Porter GPZ 7000 Dvd

    All these gents are professional prospectors. That fact that they have taken the time to share their adventures and their expertise with all of us is a rare gift of their time and effort. Sometimes I wonder how many people have tried to follow the Goldhounds and JP to the places they have shared with us. I do not blame them for 'going dark' as it were - they have left us with amazing video records that we all can continue learn from.
  2. Johnathan Porter GPZ 7000 Dvd

    Ken, not trying to speak for JP here, he does that perfectly - But I think the effort required to research, film and edit these amazing DVDs may be outweighed by the fact that the profits may not be enough to justify the effort. Also, the months and months it takes to photograph and do all the post production single-handedly only to have your DVD duplicated by counterfeiters is enough to give anyone pause.
  3. Nura Headphones For Us Deafies

    I am very hard of hearing in the upper ranges and I love the idea of these headphones. They are expensive but if they work as advertised they could be a huge boon to those of us who need hearing help. Mn90403 definitely try JP's booster. You will be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Potato Gold

    Just don't do it inside folks…any kind of retort in an enclosed space is asking for big problems.
  5. Bit Of Local Gold

    JP that was such an important observation that you added in your last post: "…The GPZ is perfect for expanding patches, I tend to find the main locations can often be expanded into territory where nothing has ever turned up, so an ever widening circle out from known ground is an important part of my work flow these days…" Certainly worth some thought.
  6. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I was involved as a moderator on one of the forums people are mentioning that got involved in out-of-control flamewars. The threads in that forum did absolutely nothing to help the site as a whole, they did nothing to further our knowledge of gold detecting and they seemed mostly to bring out widely divergent political views. In other words it brought out the edgiest aspects in many people who are otherwise great contributors. (My opinion only), It seemed that those who were involved no matter which side of the disagreements they were on, did not feel that forum accomplished much of anything other than ruffled feelings and some lingering bad feeling. This forum is a refuge from that kind of thing. That is why I am here. There are people that I am close friends with who disagree with me on many things, but when we are out hunting together, when we are talking about what we love and sharing our hard-earned detector knowledge, well that is what really matters. I wholeheartedly vote "no."
  7. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    I am probably an outlier on this but I don't understand having a gps on the GPZ at all. It is clunky to look at and to use (highly technical term), and even if it were good it is not convenient to keep having to look at the screen 'way down there on the detector handle. I don't like the weight of course, who does? But that being said, I gladly use the machine - it is the best I have ever used.
  8. Minelab Equinox Full Specifications & Brochures

    The most tempting all-around detector possibility I can remember…But the Gold Detecting Mode will be the most important aspect as that is my main focus.
  9. Question On GPZ Firmware Update

    Wow, great suggestions JP.
  10. Bit Of Local Gold

    A touch off topic but I am 5' 7" and have found that using the Minelab harness including the J-struts and a Hipstick makes detecting easier than using a 5000. It takes a little work to get the balances right but it's worth it. That being said, it IS a heavy detector to use in the way that makes it work best; precise and consistent coil control.
  11. A Few Days At Rye Patch

    you do know your stuff Lunk…it's always interesting to hear your thoughts.
  12. Equinox 800 Search Modes - Four Detectors In One?

    I don't pretend to be deeply technical but if this machine does what you are intimating it may be able to do, and do well…it sounds like a game changer.
  13. New To Detecting

    you have stepped into a wonderful world filled with possibility…have fun
  14. I used to dredge a lot. Even though I do not think I would have the patience to work ground that gave up gold that fine (is that typical of the gold up that far north?), it made me miss being underwater for 10 hours a day. Thanks for showing…
  15. I have no experience with LSD but that was a great video. Thanks for putting it up.