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  1. My First Direct Notice From Minelab

    I am registered with Minelab but not signed up for the newsletter.
  2. This is an optimistic article for us gold hunters to look through. It looks as though the Equinox may do quite well if used in the right conditions and areas. It has it's own language and it'll be fun to learn to translate it.
  3. My First Direct Notice From Minelab

    Yup I got the same e-mail yesterday (Wednesday).
  4. The Simple Reason Why Equinox Is Special

    Admittedly the technology is over my head, but after reading about it, seeing what it can do and when that wonderful intuitive sense we get every once in awhile kicked in, Equinox was an obvious choice. It's going to be an exciting learning curve with lots of teachers here to point the way.
  5. The Fog Is Lifting With Equinox

    Thanks for the encouragement, I will have plenty of questions when I get mine. I have only operated a PI detector since 2003 - based on my experience before that, the technology changes for this kind of detector is off the chart.
  6. That was a near-perfect explanation. It probably would have taken me months to discover what you just showed in 7 and a half minutes. Thank you for taking the time.
  7. Report From Terry Soloman

    That last sentence is an eye-opener Steve.
  8. Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

    I agree with the posts above; That was a much-needed comment. Just think of all the hard feelings and confusion that would have been mitigated if Minelab had simply put out a post clarifying why deliveries are delayed. I am sure we all would have understood. This is a smart customer base.There's nothing worse than not keeping customers (and dealers), in the loop. It is hard to fathom why they continue to not be able to change that aspect of their marketing.
  9. Check It Out My First :)

    Nice going. That was fun to watch.
  10. Big Win For Southern California Miners!!

    Thanks for putting this up. Very interested in learning more.
  11. This Darn Website!

    Hi Vez, When my kids were young, they thought tooth fairy brought gold nuggets. Have fun.
  12. I would just say Chase, don't lose your enthusiasm, it is contagious and welcome. That, along with your obvious level of expertise, is what makes this website as good as it is.
  13. I like that questions are set out so we can answer them as we get information, but separate threads for questions are better, otherwise the answers will have an all-in-one thread get confusing pretty quickly.