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  1. flakmagnet

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Actually polite disagreement is what makes this forum go. It is the differences that add to our knowledge. It's especially true when people with an abundance of knowledge and experience, work out their differences in ways that educate us all. Thanks...
  2. flakmagnet

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    Spectacular gold. Continued good luck.
  3. flakmagnet


    Yes Cal_Cobra, me too. From the way the 800 has worked on the beach and in the parks I have been working in, there seems to be a real possibility this may be a great (lightweight), possibility for finding gold. Can't wait to be able to try it out. Thank Steve and Lunk et al, for alluding to the possibility.
  4. flakmagnet


    Lunk how do you reckon it will do on larger pieces?
  5. flakmagnet

    Big Specimen Little Gold

    Nice going Mitchel, that's encouraging for the Equinox.
  6. flakmagnet

    Equinox Ergonomics - The Challenge

    I don't care if the Equinox tips over when I lay it down. I just don't.
  7. flakmagnet

    One Additional Step...for Me

    I always ground-balance, a holdover from using PI's where it's a must.
  8. flakmagnet

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Semi-Auto it is...
  9. flakmagnet

    I've Seen A Picture

    Hi Steve, just musing, not implying I'm stating fact. It will be fun to hear about it.
  10. flakmagnet

    I've Seen A Picture

    I would think any half-way decent detector would have found it, but it's fun that it was an Equinox...
  11. flakmagnet

    I've Seen A Picture

    Now there's a provocative post. Wow... Interested to hear and see the story.
  12. flakmagnet

    Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    Really? That is quite amazing if it is true.
  13. flakmagnet

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    The only hitch with my 800 is that the rubber on the cuff basically became unglued. I don't actually consider that a problem. It's easy to fix. It's the most fun detector I've ever used - and the most versatile.
  14. flakmagnet

    Minelab Equinox Essential Information

    Perhaps when you add a new article or update an existing one, when you put "new" also include the date of the change.