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  1. Composite or fiber glass would be the way to go. Target recovery would require that the harness be removed unless you got a partner. Just the 14 sounds off on my glasses during recovery. Neat rig though.
  2. Thanks for the links on those documents Jennifer. Never thought to print them but its good stuff. Never had a problem with the pick and I always get a "love" letter saying the TSA has poked around my underwear drawer. Hahh!
  3. All those thoughts on the old GP :) I have, retired, my old 3000. 3500 really did not do much better in my thought as I knew my 3000 and usually smoked 3500 users. Only things it really needed were the button mod, did that myself back when I got Rob A. to send me a 3500 handle on the sly.... ML didn't want anyone buying one unless they had a 3500... hehh next came the Pocket Rocket to replace the Humpy and Audvio wireless and a great coil for me was the NF 16" DD with reversable polarity. Other coils and such but still an effective combination here I reckon. Cant get some of that stuff anymore but then I have the Zed. Price wise on the 19 and an old GP unit in good nic I'm of the opinion I'd get more miles out of the GP due to its abilities to go where the Zed winges a bit. Something to be said about old analogue machines.
  4. Gotta say thats not a Zed hole ;) Good on ya JP hahh would have dug a hole thrice that locating that target.
  5. Don't own the 19, probably wont The 14 is and exceptional coil compared to the GPX series in my experience. Even on small stuff the Zed did as well on the small stuff as the SDC on hunted patches. Minor opinion. JP's got some strong mojo on the coil however its where yo hunt not what you get when it comes to results. My thoughts. Lot of areas where the Zed, large or small coil are limited.
  6. Not at all Fred, thats called selective hearing ;) Mothers train us young and we refine it as we get older. Found a lot of nuggets due to selective hearing on the part of others. Hehh. Northeast your forgetting about the desert subspecies. They are smaller and have darker fur. More prevalent from western SA and interior WA up to the pilbara.
  7. I'm a headphone user. Like others here I work in a high noise environment so accordingly I have some loss's however its only part of the equation for my use of headphones. I had a few audiologists check my hearing while I was in the service because of a complaint, on my part, that I could not follow conversations in large group settings or places with a lot of background noise. This was a problem I was aware of as a kid but did not really take hold till it became a problem in the service. They did the tests and mixed in white noise generators as well to try and get an idea what was happening. Back then my hearing was excellent, even with the white noise, so the last one I talked to referred me to a psychologist. Reason being was that its not that I cant hear its that I have difficulty separating the noises around me from what I am trying to concentrate on. Well I saw the shrink *tongue in cheek* and was given a test that pretty well proved it. I was given a set of ear plugs, music and white noise were played and we had a conversation. I actually was able to hear all of it and follow it. How that relates to headphone use verses speakers. Well a few of the posts have touched on use of speakers when its dead quite and headphones when there is something like running water in the background. With my problem there is always to much noise but isolating what I want to concentrate on verse's the environment I've found I can still hear whats around me and not miss what I'm looking for. Ear bugs work to and I learned to use a Rattle snake headphone as well for those locations where I really dont want to step on upset reptiles or have the locals try to come up behind me and bonk me on the head. Drop bears are always a problem out bush and honestly I find it irritating to hear the sqweee and squeel of a speaker out bush as well.
  8. Firefox works ok with Telstra just gotta watch your usage as you know Telstra's always got a hand out, or in your pocket. Open up a Yahoo mail account and download it from there next time your in town however I reckon you have good band width if you can see a video out bush madtuna :) Another great contribution JP and Steve. Got a bit of a kick in the last part of that vid watching JP dig like a honey badger and hearing the pitch of the detector shoot off like an angry humming bird. Hahh :)
  9. Fred, Delays of that nature are not real common in today's aviation industry. However I did put the caveat of planing to stay in ones destination till wandering bags appear. Yeah it puts a dampener on plans and if there is a tight schedule its all the more important to make those buffers between destinations and final end points. Cheaper to discard a reservation than to show up at the counter without one. Between you and me this year is not a scheduled holiday should things work out ;) I dont do tours however my initial adventure to WA was an eye opener of sorts.... rebuilt a vehicle, hooked up with a guide *of sorts* and traveled from Victoria to WA... Kevin Hiller was on that trip so was Scotty but most dont understand that gotta understand Jackhammers army..... The previous trip 1999 was pretty much a play by ear but I did not suffer much more than an accelerated education. On that point... what do you do?... see previous post. Well no one's chimed in so here is a good hint... back packers.... seems we are the only country that does not cater to the industry.
  10. BWAHAHAHAHAAHH! I snuck up on my ute one time thinking I was going one way when I went another... I have still yet to figure that out. Did it agian a few years later. No Old Bold pilots here. Bush is bush. Carry extra batteries and be prepaired for a long dark night. Compass is easy, note your sunrise and set in camp and note your track away from the tracks. Kinda sucks in OZ as the sun is in the north and you have to flip your file for that. Seriously though like said all the suggestions here are good and useful. Carry fire, carry water and a bit of tucker but if in a difficult spot STAY PUT and make some noise.... fire, radio, flares what ever. Also never ever leave without letting someone know where your going and when you will report back! Might help some one cares enough to go looking for your nugget cup. geo I'm diabetic so you know my meds are on me but its a valid point... not much use to me If I run out of food but heart med's dont require sugars ;).
  11. Disguise is one way of hiding baggage. *nods to Steve* However most bag theft is related to new bags, markers or just plain physical markers like a lock. Photo's are always a great idea. Tell ya what I'm going to open this topic up a bit more. Give me some love here people :) I got over seas, with my bags, so what do I do to find a place to stay? Travel about the place~ Europe, Asia, Australia. Accommodations while you wait to get to a gold field or what ever you are hunting for *me a bucket list item is Great Britannia and the old fields there *... port of call, or just someplace you want to get a detect on ;). I will tell you mine but you gotta tell me yours. Travel is a significant thing to myself and those who just "want/dream" to go... and may do so. Heck just getting to Hawaii or Guam, Porter Rico can be a challenge but when you step outside the territories, I except Canada unless you a gun enthusiast, there are things one simply Must understand. It is not America anymore and that can be off putting. Got Ideas or practical advice on travel well spell it out mates PLEASE DO SO! No use keeping inside a pup tent in the American deserts when a few of us got out and about a bit. Me I'll keep quite a bit. Seems I killed my own thread with to much advice though it has gleaned some better information....
  12. Gets my blood hot and that little desert devil is the tops :) Good stuff and in the heat. LOL gotta think of the fly's!
  13. Very kind of you dgatelyDP. :) I do hope other members will chime in. Typically the tags on the bags have the itinerary coded and displayed for baggage. However it is a good idea to keep things marked. Big thumbs up! Packing and labels are significant employ's to getting things to the final destination. There really are not to many other ways to do it short of being an aviation employee and having things shipped com-mat. *company materials*. Just gotta get it done. Honestly no one else can think of things? Hehh, It is the basics but if you do not work in aviation well...... get'r done.
  14. Gotta say the stupidest excuse I ever heard for not filling your holes is "I leave the hole open so that seeds will collect and water will stay there. It helps the environment." That was out bush in 2006. I fill my holes, and a lot of others. Only one reason I leave a hole open and thats to come back the next day with my hand jack and a chisel. Like others have said, I also look for the holes, so why tell me about your patch unless you want me to clean it out. I know when I go back to my patches I have to know where they are because I cant tell I was ever there. As to camps.... only way you'll know I was there is by the fire wood left stacked nearby.
  15. Over the years I've found I can go both ways however my preference is that I have some company back at camp. In the States going it alone is not a big deal to me *unless I'm down near the border of Mexico* but in Australia its a different story. My first go down under, in Victoria, I learned the value of having a mate you could get back to and share your experience's with. It gets lonely out there. This last season, 2016, I was well and truly on my own for up to two weeks at a time in some remote areas. My only relief was coming in for supplies and a day or two in the caravan park. But out bush its a bit of an irritation to worry about your camp, getting injured or just getting lost and not having much in the way of back up except your pick and native ingenuity. Camping alone also limits, for me, my overall range because of those worries. Granted camping up with friends and mates makes things easier but when I prospect I will move off to be alone often walking for K's in my search. Seen gold fever to many times to ever be comfortable, with exception of a select few who are immune like me, with group hunts. If there is more than two people in an area I will move off. This last season I stood my ground a few times when other prospectors unsuspectingly dropped practically on my camp. It was friendly but my own native distrust sent alarms off that were hard to calm down. Having company at camp also helps when your not finding anything. With good friends and mates we support each other and that's not just for the gold but in practical ways as well. Someone puts the billie on the fire in the morning, wood for the fire, bit of bacon or butter to help tucker along and stories or just complaining about the flies.... little things that make life enjoyable That aside there were a lot of very peaceful days and the solitude did me loads of good. Its a tricky balance.