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  1. Well boots down in Oz land, tis magic. Got a small bit to break the ice on a hard hunted patch. .3 grams but its a start. Doing a section 40 and going to point around a bit. No glamor shots :) Slow and quite for a bit while me and my mates figure out our targets. Cant describe the smell of eucalyptus in the morning from the local fires or the beauty of the bush from a long drive from Perth but it puts in in ya. Coogardie is the drop TA!
  2. Nurse Paul In Oz

    If I can ever unass myself to get away from the beauty of the desert bush I'd love to get some fishing in, but I suffice to just sit by a dam and yabbie fish with a slab of coldies and a good book Hehh! The remoteness of it all is one of many reasons I do love Oz. The big smokes have their appeal, some of the cleanest cities I've ever encountered, but even they shutter up like small towns after a time. Not like here in the States where its full on in most places 24/7. Well tomarrow is the hop and in a week it'll be campfires and swinging. Mayhap I'll run into someone from here but I expect it'll be sunrises and sunsets with a bit of gold in my pocket to polish the day. Luck to ya Norvic, Nursepaul see ya in the flip.
  3. An American In Australia :)

    Good on ya Aussieau! Good of ya to finally be able to turn them out on some good ground. Moral here I see is,"Never turn down an offer from the Locals." We yanks can be stubborn as mules sometimes but then I know a few blokes down there just as stubborn and usually they are on the gold ;)
  4. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Good thing my plates are WA and I can speak the lingo at need after a few coldies. But then not to many mess with the Mad Yank ;)
  5. Appreciate the review :) Way to go Finders Keepers Tin City is in for a rumble I reckon.
  6. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Every time I've gone down under I've asked "What do you think of Australia?" and every time the reply is, "Tis paradise Mate." And I can believe it. You can make some good cash in the parks while ya wait to get on the gold. All those lost Abo's and Kanga's add up quick. Best hunt I had, in Perth, netted 225 dollars in a day. Wont say where but I was asked to leave ;)
  7. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Well with luck you'll figure out a pidgeon english with him that ya both can rely on after he gets over his bluey. Till then just open up note pad on your computer and share messages that way ;) My mates in WA usually just smile an nod knowingly when I start speaking Yankanese. Hahh! Hope they use a reliable donkey to get his bags to ya. Knock on wood I'll arrive full kit next week myself on the other coast. Luck with the hunt Norvic, Nurse Paul.
  8. Finders Keepers in Kalgoorie keeps them in stock. https://www.finderskeepersgold.com/product-category/gpz/ Matt, the owner, will ship to the USA.
  9. GPZ 7000 Wish List

    1. A signal graphic similar to the DFX but based on audio response with variable update speed, tie the baseline to threshold. 2. A reading on current GB so I can see when it begins to struggle instead of guessing with my audio 3. The ability to suspend coil operation temporarily while digging, taking a break or just going over to see what my mates found and compare signals. Tired of having to turn things on or off and chucking the detector away so I can dig in peace. 4. As said before, on screen clock without having to open the GPS Both 1 and 2 could be put together but would require a better screen.... 3 would mean a bit of circuitry or maybe programming... 4 should have been a no brainier for the engineers.
  10. Most likely they did Steve. You have just that kind of forum when it comes to the who's who and whats what on new and old metal detectors. I reckon it does not hurt your a well known tester either ;) Mate down in Oz is going to give the Monster a go so I'll see it in action this year I believe. He wants to see how it mates up with his SDC. Me, I'll stick with my Zed. Gave up VLF for prospecting a long time ago however I do appreciate its use's for those who do use them.
  11. Rye Patch Stuff

    Good gold and a good time, or just a good time, are what its about. Great stuff Fred Like the landscape a lot. Northeast, the Australian dollar is about the size of a quarter and a little thicker than a nickle. The 2 dollar coin is a bit smaller then the nickle and a third thicker. The 2 dollar loves to fall outta pockets but the dollar jumps just as often :) Made a bunch of cash in Ozzy parks detecting for that gold while in the big smokes.
  12. Composite or fiber glass would be the way to go. Target recovery would require that the harness be removed unless you got a partner. Just the 14 sounds off on my glasses during recovery. Neat rig though.
  13. Thanks for the links on those documents Jennifer. Never thought to print them but its good stuff. Never had a problem with the pick and I always get a "love" letter saying the TSA has poked around my underwear drawer. Hahh!
  14. All those thoughts on the old GP :) I have, retired, my old 3000. 3500 really did not do much better in my thought as I knew my 3000 and usually smoked 3500 users. Only things it really needed were the button mod, did that myself back when I got Rob A. to send me a 3500 handle on the sly.... ML didn't want anyone buying one unless they had a 3500... hehh next came the Pocket Rocket to replace the Humpy and Audvio wireless and a great coil for me was the NF 16" DD with reversable polarity. Other coils and such but still an effective combination here I reckon. Cant get some of that stuff anymore but then I have the Zed. Price wise on the 19 and an old GP unit in good nic I'm of the opinion I'd get more miles out of the GP due to its abilities to go where the Zed winges a bit. Something to be said about old analogue machines.
  15. JP Digging For Soy Sauce Again

    Gotta say thats not a Zed hole ;) Good on ya JP hahh would have dug a hole thrice that locating that target.