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  1. DDancer

    GP 3000 Vs GPZ 7000

    When last I used my GP3000 I was still picking up gold walked over by 4500/5000 users. I've retired that wand in favor of the 7000 and have not looked back. Been back to some of those 3000 spots and picked up gold it left behind with the 7000. Its all in where ya swing it and how well you know your machine. I installed the button mod so I could work in manual verse's auto GB and I use DD coils on the 3000. There are plenty of areas the 3000 can go into that the 7000, even with the updates, cant. However the 7000 punches thru mineralization much better than the 3000 ever did in mild ground.
  2. DDancer

    Silence Isn't Always Golden

    As to timing I tend to detect during business hours and during the week but I have no problem going in on the weekends bold as brass. I feel no need to hide what I'm about however I will keep a respectful distance from other people's space~ sans playgrounds which are fair game. I've gotten the eye from a number of parents and being one myself I understand, as well as some cat calls, but I shrug it off. I feel it shifts the stigma that I'm somehow in the wrong with others perspective if I just keep about my business and do the right things. A smile, a wave, a chat and collect the trash as well as the goodies. Yes I like to be left alone, and prefer it, but I'm not going to lurk when there is no need. Its a free country, I served it, so dont tread on me. 🙂 And I wont bite you 😉 Hehh.
  3. DDancer

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    Instead of sawing off the flange on the GM rod take it to a shop and have it turned off, lathed, that way its still usable on the GM. Not sure what to think on a different coil design as I'm waiting to see what the new coil does.
  4. DDancer

    Silence Isn't Always Golden

    Yep you made me look. :) Like you I dont go outta my way to talk to people but when talked to its often been a good conversation even when I'm ushered out. Most people are curious what I've found, always answer pennies, however my answer when they wanna see is," Once its in the pouch it does not come out, Sorry." Though I will show them the trash, adults agree I'm doing something good there, and occasionally with the kids something coming out of the ground~ usually pennies. Even had kids and adults chuck coins out for me. Hahh! For those who've ushered me out I just be polite, point out my recovery techniques and have a yarn with them and go over the rules as they see it. Though in one case the lady brought out a real "Rule Book" and pointed out I was in the wrong. With adults they generally want to know how expensive it is to get a detector and what its worth to me to be doing it. Dare say most of them shy off on price and how long/hard I work for what little I get. Occasionally I meet another detectorist, sans detector, and we have a yarn but beyond that no real drama's. I'm just the junk man after most talks ;)
  5. Watch out for some of the Michigan nuggets they can have good gold values in them as well. Nice piece there.
  6. DDancer

    What Are They?

    Mark this may sound a little blase but "A rock is only worth what one is willing to pay for it." Its something I say often because... well its true. But don't let that put ya off. The tourmaline specimen might be worth a buck or two and the citrine can be worth up to about 10 bucks to the right person. My opinion. Thanks for the kind words all. Citrine is kind of a generic definition based on coloration of quartz. Yellow and gold coloration of true citrine is due to iron and is not very common. Most common citrine is actually smoky quartz of very light coloration and then you have the type that is an alteration by heat treatment of other minerals. The specimen Mark has shown falls in the latter type to me due to the strong darkening at the tips. But I'll not rule out native simply because its not in my hands ;) Jim, thanks, you point out the geometry of tourmaline nicely with those pictures. The specimen shown has some cross section bits that helped identify it but for me the outside luster, layering and angles *not to mention having picked up bunches of this stuff ;) hehh* were pretty clear for what is shown. Not as nice as those gemmy pieces your showing but I'd stick it in my collection. Jeff, I've not picked any citrine up in the area your describing but I'll keep an eye out for it. Clear, smokey, rose and amythest are all I've seen in the Carolina's. Still hoping to score some good blue though.
  7. DDancer

    What Are They?

    Cool :) I stand corrected.
  8. DDancer

    What Are They?

    The first is quartz with tourmaline inclusions *the black crystals*. Nice. The second is citrine quartz, also very nice. The quartz/tourmaline mix is not an uncommon find in some area's of the country however the citrine makes me wonder as that mineral is not found in North America if I recall correctly and much of it is treated amethyst quartz. Could be someones old collection left behind.
  9. DDancer

    Info On Diamonds Needed

    Get well and good hunting. Thanks for following up.
  10. DDancer

    Info On Diamonds Needed

    Its possible that they could be small topaz. Topaz is heavy and shows up in the bottom of the pan. I use pans to prospect for gems as well as gold depending on the region. Be nice to see some pictures.
  11. DDancer

    Detecting In The Surf Question

    Ya beat me to it Fred :) Use the swing thingy myself.
  12. My only treasure back then was my mom and a warm bottle ;)
  13. Gerry makes a very good point on using depth to distinguish old and new targets. Its a tactic I employ a lot once I get to know the ground I'm detecting in. Still I have to take a lot of tabs, caps and slaw off the top to grab those deeper targets. IHC's are a challenge right up there with nickles in the hash.
  14. DDancer

    Zeq--- " Zeke On The Beach "

    I rather like Equinox. Balance and power.
  15. DDancer

    Zeq--- " Zeke On The Beach "

    Looks like a good hunt Vanursepaul. That ring appears to be a hand made silver ring with a malachite cabochon, kind of costume-ish as the open ring is adjustable for little hands :) ZEQ hrm...