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  1. Gerry makes a very good point on using depth to distinguish old and new targets. Its a tactic I employ a lot once I get to know the ground I'm detecting in. Still I have to take a lot of tabs, caps and slaw off the top to grab those deeper targets. IHC's are a challenge right up there with nickles in the hash.
  2. Zeq--- " Zeke On The Beach "

    I rather like Equinox. Balance and power.
  3. Zeq--- " Zeke On The Beach "

    Looks like a good hunt Vanursepaul. That ring appears to be a hand made silver ring with a malachite cabochon, kind of costume-ish as the open ring is adjustable for little hands :) ZEQ hrm...
  4. Sign Of Problem?

    Actually its a pretty good plan of action for the service centers Chase. I doubt what they have in stock would make a dent in the current waiting lists and fast turn around is what is expected by customers. Rather not hear the gnashing of teeth personally.
  5. Depending on your age and health it can take upto a month to acclimatize one's self to higher elevations. That generally means you have to live in the area for a while. People who work out with high cardio activities tend to acclimatize faster than people who do not due to the training allowing them to use oxygen more efficiently. Best advice when moving to higher altitudes is to just slow down. Even as a kid in Colorado just going to the high country would sap me and now much older its more pronounced.
  6. Emf Teknology

    Be interesting to hear a dub on whats being said. It comes to mind of OKM but in a box unit. Maybe it'd be better to set the trigger on the unit instead of tapping the phone.
  7. Endings And New Beginnings

    My thanks to you as well Steve. Been following ya for years and will continue to do so though I'm still a little regretful never getting upto Gains Creek all those years ago. I'd like to add a big THANKS to Minelab as well for allowing you to distribute what information you have to us on the release of this and other very advanced detectors. From what it sounds like your going Pro with R&D so hopefully that will pan for you and your developers to kick some tid bits our way as you go into the future. Good On Ya Mate DD
  8. Look for information in your area for areas that are producing and how they are producing it. If possible try to get together with locals in that area for a bit of training. In your research note area's were the gold is relatively shallow and recovery is done by hand then apply what you learn from reading up on geology to look for area's like that. Historical accounts can help a lot as well. Reg said it best, Dig It All, because if you go into those historic areas your going to dig a lot of trash but once you hit gold SLOW DOWN and really work it. Dont leave gold to find gold. I'm sure you'll run into lots of stories of where gold was found but I dont recommend chasing them no matter how fresh they might seem. You find it and you stay on it. Good luck.
  9. My First Equinox Silvers

    OZ is my favorite place to detect gold or coin :) Make you a convert for sure JP Good on you and your Mate! There is gold in those parks to ;) lots of lost Abo's and Kangaroo's but its a thrill to dig 3 pence 10 pence shillings and fluorine's along with the old big penny's as well. Lots of good stuff down under.
  10. Looks like they are already being found :) https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/01/18/michigan-meteor-meteorite-whitmore-lake/1044529001/
  11. Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    So far the armies have begun beating the drums. Just following the reading here and there a lot of ground has been laid for those taking notes and for the eventual commentaries. Hopefully Steve's shot over the bow here consolidates the figurative fighting into a solid thread.
  12. Equinox Internal Photos

    Just a side note but you can catch a few other glimpse's in the ML video : Someone has definitely been working on the board pictured here ;)
  13. Sweep Speed Target Depth

    Steve has been pretty firm in his thoughts about "Depth". I don't feel its an issue. Sweep speed has been somewhat covered and the bottom line has been consistently that the EQ is a very fast machine when it comes to target separation. As to a sweet spot in the video's that have been released its not hard to figure out where it is. As with a DD construction its pretty consistent that its in the middle of the coil somewhat forward of the shaft and I'll bet there is a second one aft like any DD. Having watched the video's and the way they are sweeping then I feel your thoughts on slowing the sweep, using the sweet spot should lead to deeper finds. The separation of targets is the thing one needs as well as higher reliability of target information but a fast sweep will muttle those signals in target dense environments. The Russian video is pretty good. Check it out. Also Steve has some things to say in his Mercury Dime Teaser thread *a few pages back in this forum*. My thoughts.
  14. Equinox And Updating

    Heck Exchange can even be used for registration and tracking if you get you stuff ripped off. My thoughts and some thoughts to ML. The OS can transmit this data and even register new users for warranty..... well random thoughts........
  15. Equinox And Updating

    I edited a few times in that last post. However the Exchange program provides an instant access to upgrades or updates even if its bug fixing. One shop shopping and for user profiles, even if the EQ is a down grade for coordinate mapping, these are easily incorporated I think. If ML is going the way of online updating its a good way to do it and saves users from scratching their heads. *edit* and for user profiles a way to save and retrieve data for hunts.