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  1. Gold Spear

    Old prospector I knew years ago in Arizona *as well* took me out and showed me how to use his gold spear. It worked well for locating fine gold streaks in gravels. You count the number of strikes as you probe and the higher the count the better the run. Biggest problem is pushing it into the gravels. Have not seen another one used since then but there may be a few floating around still. Still nothing replaces sample panning but the spear can clue you in.
  2. Equinox Sensitivity

    I bear in mind that what is being witnessed online are testers and pre-production machines. They are still being tweaked for the final model and the testers are pushing them harder than a normal user probably would.
  3. Equinox 600 No Respect???

    I find myself kicking the can between the 800 and 600. In one hand to have a fully unlocked detector, the 800, or keep my budget down because I'd primarily be using it as a coin shooter anyway with the 600. I've seen nothing that says you cant find micro jewelry with the 600~ the 800 would just give one that little bit of edge in doing so. I dont look for micro jewlery anyhow so what would be the point of higher freq's ? A larger tone range and adjustments with the 800 but is it necessary for a 600 for what I'd use it for? I can get most of the bells and whistles or just the ones I want to use. Who's to say that a service center in the future might not offer an upgrade for 600's in the future on request?*** HINT TO MINELAB*** What do I want out of it is my point and probably the same thought others have. There is not a lot separating the two but there is a lot separating what I want to do with it.
  4. This is true however there is no reason why a manufacture could not increase the power output in a digital device. Its not that the output devices for power are analogue its the drivers and receivers being analogue requiring that power to give us that information to dig or not to for machines of that vintage. :) Thing is, to me, there is no reason to do so as digital devices do not really require high power outputs to pull the most information out of the data they process. In fact I expect it would be detrimental to a digital device with higher outputs as it would create more noise in the data than information. I feel older tech is still good tech just have to have an operator behind the wheel to get the most from whatever they are using.
  5. I believe Steve is just the most vocal of the testers and that these units have been out and about for a fair while prior to the first announcement. :) I did not need to read the coming out statement to know he already has one in his hot hands and I have little doubt there are a few more in the USA as well. Its already been noted that some Europeans have been testing as well. No doubt there are a few Aussies as well. So the testing is right on track in my opinion.
  6. Beer Caps

    I did not feel there would be any marked improvement in non-ferrous information between lead and gold I was curious as to whether the multiQ system would provide improved target data for areas that one caliber of bullet is more common than other sizes of targets. Yes one will be walking away from gold I'm sure but as a patch finding feature~ *shrugs* just a thought.
  7. My though is that PI detectors in the 2000 series, both mod'ed and standard, were a steady progression of improvements in sensitivity, ground balance and depth. The 2000 was the most modified of the series and as the base model it was the most accepting of tinkering for outright depth. However it suffered for sensitivity. Could not have one for the other. With the advent of the GP, GPX series the transition to digital processing has made greater depth with sensitivity to smaller targets that the 2000 series can not accomplish due to analog design restrictions. As to outright power the 2000 has it, thru modification, but it simply cant perform as the later GP series can. There is no need to put the GPZ into this thought as its a different system altogether. My thoughts.
  8. Early Minelab Gpz 7000 Issues?

    As 1515Art points out there were very few issues with the first run aside from screens and Ground Balance. Only complaints I've heard over the years were about later run GPZ's not being as effective as the first run when the owners sent them in and received a replacement GPZ in stead of a repaired one. I personally question it as I gave a bit of assistance to one such holder, he'd gone thru a few of them, and later on ran into him to find out my advice "fixed" his issue with the later issue Zed he owned. Like 1515Art I have an original brown box unit, the first demo unit for a certain company ;), and have had no issues with it at all. Most of the newer ones coming over the auction block are due to people being dissatisfied with the unit for various reasons. Weight being one of them and the need to use a harness. My opinion.
  9. Beer Caps

    The results sound interesting on caps and warp around effects. I do hope this detector is tough on aluminum slaw as well. But how about bullets on the prospecting angle? Bullets are one critter I've yet to see anything tackle well when it comes down to nugget hunting.
  10. 3 Gram Nugget Sells For $5300!

    Kinda like real estate Location, Location, Location.
  11. Five Frequency Times Eight

    Thanks for that Steve. I'd read it but it didn't click. So I reckon it wont be long till there is a hack.... well a few years maybe if you like your warranty ;) and have a couple of grand to break things with. Hahh. I was excited and well pleased with the new tech of the Zed so I am keeping an eye on this as my old DFX is a bit long in the tooth for a multi freq park sniper.
  12. Five Frequency Times Eight

    So when you say the 600 disallows access to the top two frequencies is this something in the reading material? :{) Are the goodies in the box waiting for curious fingers to turn on.....
  13. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    Your forum here has evolved nicely as it is Steve no need to add bloat to it in my opinion. Just the kind of KISS forum I like to read in and participate in. :)
  14. Well boots down in Oz land, tis magic. Got a small bit to break the ice on a hard hunted patch. .3 grams but its a start. Doing a section 40 and going to point around a bit. No glamor shots :) Slow and quite for a bit while me and my mates figure out our targets. Cant describe the smell of eucalyptus in the morning from the local fires or the beauty of the bush from a long drive from Perth but it puts in in ya. Coogardie is the drop TA!
  15. Nurse Paul In Oz

    If I can ever unass myself to get away from the beauty of the desert bush I'd love to get some fishing in, but I suffice to just sit by a dam and yabbie fish with a slab of coldies and a good book Hehh! The remoteness of it all is one of many reasons I do love Oz. The big smokes have their appeal, some of the cleanest cities I've ever encountered, but even they shutter up like small towns after a time. Not like here in the States where its full on in most places 24/7. Well tomarrow is the hop and in a week it'll be campfires and swinging. Mayhap I'll run into someone from here but I expect it'll be sunrises and sunsets with a bit of gold in my pocket to polish the day. Luck to ya Norvic, Nursepaul see ya in the flip.