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  1. Hi GB, The first treatment was a quick scrape with a knife blade while visiting with Peg Leg John at his trailer on my way back from the hunting grounds, I always stop in to say hi and see how John's doing. Also, his money has been tight for him lately and he had some trouble with thieves and such in the area, so I buy some crystals from time to time or try and make the day better in other ways if I can (gas, smokes..), the piece was pretty green from the oxidation and we thought galena with some copper, nothing that special. I was looking for information on the piles of dirt it came from so I thought 5 bucks for an XRF was worth the time. The middle pic is what it looked like at the time of the test. After testing for fun I tossed it in a big rock tumbler filled with park clad and laundry soap for a couple of hours and then gave it a buff with a buffing wheel and compound. Still worth the 5 bucks as everything tells me that chunk of melted brass has some age and those piles of red dirt and crystals have been there fore a while. The big crystal and some of the small ones as well as most of that trash came from the piles without going beyond the surface more than a few inches. The smoky quartz was a gift from john to my wife, he knows she likes rocks and sent her this on this trip. If you find yourself in the area stop in and pay him a visit, he appreciates the company, is very helpful and is full of great stories.
  2. Condors reports are very encouraging I'm really looking forward to trying it and even though I don't have anywhere near his experience or skills, will give feedback as best I can. The high frequency coil is the reason I bought the Deus in the first place be natural to pull the trigger now on the round coil instead of wasting more time, only thing is last minute plans are moving my next trip up a little so the high frequency coil will have to sit at UPS and I won't get to try it until next time up...guess I'll have to schedule another hunting trip soon, Oh darn.
  3. Ya, you sure do find all kinds of strange melted, rusted globs out there. Just one more thing to confuse us new guys...at least I never thought it was gold and the hunt goes on. Keep telling myself the only way for sure to not find gold or anything else cool is not to try, still it's a head game.
  4. Thanks Condor, I think the 9" hf option may be better as an all around hunter anyway and when the elipitical shows up, if it's that much better then I will consider getting it, or the GM as it would be best as a loaner for a friend with no experience to hunt with. Called Rob and ordered the 9" hf and new pin pointer should have them in a couple of days.
  5. Steve your chair is a very nice solution, may build one someday and as usual a lot of good solutions here even for natures call. Made the mistake of walking into a roadside rest stop deep in the China country side, no matter how fast you look away some things can't be unseen, really could have used one of those folding chairs then, it was a long drive to the next city.
  6. Found a copper ore nodule scanning some mine tailings in n Nevada, 94 on the Deus and very heavy. XRF readings at the local pawn shop were; Fe 1.53%, Zn 27.37%, Sn .632%, Cu 67.68%, Pb 2.37%. Sure wish there was a little Au in there, next time I wish. Or, could this just be a melted fitting buried in the tailing pile way in the desert high on the side of a hill?
  7. I am getting a little impatient waiting for the Deus elipitical as summer starts and I find myself wanting to explore more with some discrimination while still being sensitive for tiny gold. By tiny I mean the small stuff I'm missing with the gpz, but big enough to see with my old man vision...not flakes I'd need tweezers to collect. I have the Deus with 11", so going down to a 9" coil would be great improvement in the feel of the detector, also I've been using it for a year now and am beginning to understand it a little. The reports on the 9" hf have been good as have the reports on the GM1000. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to how they might compair? Do I keep waiting with still no firm release date? Is it technical issues or marketing strategy delaying the release? I'm planning a drive to Colorado the end of next month and was going to bring the Deus with a hf coil, now I'm beginning to wonder if I wouldn't be better off with the GM?
  8. Put some wheels on it, hang a cooler on one side, a BBQ on the other and finally one of JP's detector arms mounted off to the front and you'd never have to get up...patent pending.
  9. Chuck, A little training and you could have him recovering nuggets for you all you need is to find out what scent to spray on the ground where you mark a target with the zed and then turn buddy loose on it.
  10. That's some very nice looking silver, pretty gold...and the dog looks proud of himself too. Nice hunting Chuck and you will be back on the gold rings soon, just a matter of time as there's a big old diamond gold ring just sitting and waiting for ya on the next swing.
  11. I'll take the elipitical now please and promise to be careful with the charging clip...
  12. All the companies could improve, XP is just as bad... here we are 1/3 of the way through May and honestly I have little faith we will see the elipitical here in the US this month. No matter... as I'll be drooling all over myself when it does arrive and all will be wonderful.
  13. What about space rocks? Some awfully big conductive chunks of outer space have been dug up from time to time and there must be more, how big a chunk would you need to find from a low flying air craft? Would it be economically worth the effort, guessing no?
  14. That's cool that it's a vehicle reg tag, I'll bet those are in pretty high demand with the antique car crowd. original lead tags have to be scarce and anybody doing the show route would want to sport an original tag on their show car. Lots of targets is an understatement, extreamly unlikely you'd ever hear the words "hunted out" uttered there unless as a good natured barb. That was a blast the area is so big and I just wanted to be everywhere at once...took me an hour to convince my feet to settle down and wait for my coil. Found some cool stuff, can't wait to try the new elipitical there as I'm sure a lot of small targets were being masked swinging the 11" on the Deus. Thanks for the great hunt Chuck and next time I'm gonna bring the big pick that concrete is only going to get harder in the summer sun. clark
  15. Some nice fossils, minerals and gems. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/24039/?utm_source=bonhams&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=STS_Lapidary_24039&utm_content=link3