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  1. I'll take the elipitical now please and promise to be careful with the charging clip...
  2. All the companies could improve, XP is just as bad... here we are 1/3 of the way through May and honestly I have little faith we will see the elipitical here in the US this month. No matter... as I'll be drooling all over myself when it does arrive and all will be wonderful.
  3. What about space rocks? Some awfully big conductive chunks of outer space have been dug up from time to time and there must be more, how big a chunk would you need to find from a low flying air craft? Would it be economically worth the effort, guessing no?
  4. That's cool that it's a vehicle reg tag, I'll bet those are in pretty high demand with the antique car crowd. original lead tags have to be scarce and anybody doing the show route would want to sport an original tag on their show car. Lots of targets is an understatement, extreamly unlikely you'd ever hear the words "hunted out" uttered there unless as a good natured barb. That was a blast the area is so big and I just wanted to be everywhere at once...took me an hour to convince my feet to settle down and wait for my coil. Found some cool stuff, can't wait to try the new elipitical there as I'm sure a lot of small targets were being masked swinging the 11" on the Deus. Thanks for the great hunt Chuck and next time I'm gonna bring the big pick that concrete is only going to get harder in the summer sun. clark
  5. Some nice fossils, minerals and gems. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/24039/?utm_source=bonhams&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=STS_Lapidary_24039&utm_content=link3
  6. Bhonams now has this one up for sale.
  7. Wouldn't be practical selling gold without a high reserve, be interesting to see the auction results... I had an old letter from 1774 been sitting around the house for years, another one of the thousands of items my grandfather collected in his business. As a rule they aren't worth much surprisingly they are fairly common, one day I decided to google the name at the bottom of the page, Geo. Taylor (George Taylor), I contacted Bohnams (Christie's wanted it but they were too late, I'd have been better off with Christies) they got $11K for it and kept $3k for their trouble. Worst part is about a month after selling it I found out one of my friends in China wanted to buy it and would have paid more and I'd have had no commissions. Still better than a sharp stick in the eye...
  8. Gold and mineral auction with lots of pretty nugs, could even be some from someone we know? I get catalogs from this auction company all the time and I thought this one would be of interest here, hope this link works its worth looking at; http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/24041/?utm_source=bonhams&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=STS_Gold_24041&utm_content=link3
  9. Ahh... I thought this thread "nut at the end of the coil" was a comment of something about us operators.
  10. It would be nice if mineLab would officially sanction some of these aftermarket modifications to the 19" coil as to not voiding the warranty. It's a new design and in true field use all of the end users seem to agree the mods improve performance while not damaging the coil, in fact protecting it more. MineLab should then incorporate some of these free design ideas into next gen. User confidence would in purchase of the coil would improve, fewer complaints and in the end more sales and profits for mineLab simply by saying ok good add it if you feel it helps.
  11. Fred, Jason...the artists are amazing and visiting their studios watching them work is a very humbling experience. It teaches you patience, I've got one friend in central China area and one of the things he carves are these 5 ton crystals from Brazil, some are flawless. He will spend sometimes 2 or 3 years just studying the stone before ever touching it with a tool, then another 5 years for a dozen carvers to cut and polish the design. The work is breath taking as are the prices these things command. the picture is one of his students carving a smaller crystal, the master carver is this cool guy who looks like a Chinese version of "Doc" from "Back to the Future" most of my photos from there a on a memory card someplace.
  12. Wish I could narrow down where it came from a little better than just grandpa, be nice to know more about it and how it was found. The back side looks as good as the front and it probably didn't have any chips on the edge when I got it, but ship happens in the hands of an eight year old...wonder it survived my childhood abuses at all...Many a treasure was less fortunate.
  13. Hey Terry, thanks for posting have to check that out sometime. My grandpa gave me one of those teeth when I was a kid, they are pretty cool.
  14. Some family from China came for a visit last week and brought some rock my wife bought a while back to use for decoration in the studio and as small items for sale. Everything is all natural colors untreated chalcedony, the carvers are just real good at bringing out the design they see in the stone and using the natural features. The tempura and peanuts are all individual little pieces of different colors, the bacon is just polished a little otherwise pretty much as found.
  15. Google is usually so helpful, only one hit... no help at all. my dogs are barkin and now my head hurts, but I looked at lucky's gold again and I feel a little better. Ahh, being cooped up all winter has got me all bar-Ken-otts, hmmm soon the snow will all melt and the bar-ken-otts will be out in their full glory, you know it's so beautiful in the mountains until all the bar-ken-otts from the city get here, possibly...can't wait to start swinging that new bar-Ken-otts over all my old patches. Damn, now my head hurts again...