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  1. Is It A Ship Deck Spike?

    Wow, probably need a pretty big pouch and they must be heavy, wouldn't want to hunt to near the waters edge with a few kilos of old bronze spikes tied to my belt😳. Rat that must have been a blast hunting in an old site like that, I'm envious... lucky river rat👍🏻 I don't use the emote buttons that much, never used the thumbs up ever... had to stop and pick the color skin I wanted, hmmm if I pick the wrong one is that a problem, or have some message I'm not aware of? Must be important because there was a third button checking to be sure it was my correct choice. OF COURSE NOT, I wanted the color GOLD! Great job rat on finding all the cool stuff.
  2. Is It A Ship Deck Spike?

    Largo and rat, he was in the same general area as the salvage operation of the 1500s wreck unfortunately and probably contributing to the ships accident the coast is very rough and weather stormy almost the entire time he was there, so not much opportunity to hunt plus his digging tool was better suited for a kitty litter box than treasure hunting so he was limited on how much sand he could sift and how far into the water he could go. The attached screen shot of a plastic tub filled with water and artifacts from a video produced by the salvage company shows a few deck spikes that on casual inspection appear very similar to his.
  3. Is It A Ship Deck Spike?

    That's probably where they are staying I'd guess, seems like it would be a fun place to hunt. He didn't say how much time he's had hunting or if he'd found much of anything else, but I'm guessing he will hunt that spot a little more if for no other reason than that spot might collect the heavy metal stuff he really wants. Anything, anything, anything modern or old, don't matter don't matter jut please make it silver or gold. Hmmmm, my wife has been talking about vacation someplace and I've been talking about detecting... this could work.
  4. Is It A Ship Deck Spike?

    There is a little similarity to these spikes found in Florida, supposedly Spanish from the early 1700s.
  5. Is It A Ship Deck Spike?

    1 pair of ray bans have been lost, the curse of the Dominican beach resort... yep, he's n the trail of treasure, just needs to dig one more hole the spike being of Templar orrigan for certain, sending it to the brothers on the island for further research and scientific testing will reveal more clues to the mystery, tune in next episode the secret will be revealeddddddzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz. Ops, sorry I actually kind of hate to admit I kinda like the show, just the past few episodes (ok, most) are difficult to stay awake for until the end they need to quit selling ad space for the network and step it up a little in the treasure/typical cr@p revealing department. The edges are pretty sharp I didn't notice that, the color throws me a little I wonder what it's purpose was? Could be something industrial made for a marine environment I guess, lot of wired stuff out there to find. Yea, sure would be nice sipping a margarita or two and sifting a few scoops of sand with the old beeper and the young beeper, hope he finds a nice piece of gold to remember his adventure he was telling me there are areas near the resort that detectable gold has been found in the past.
  6. My oldest son is on vacation in the Dominican Republic and brought his whites sst with him to do a little treasure hunting while there. He is down one pair of ray bans to the ocean currents but did find this interesting spike that looks pretty old, now he just needs the treasure that went with the ship!
  7. Minelab News

    Good for MineLab a step in the right direction, but the fines imposed a hardly worth mentioning... the largest RMB 250,000 is only in the range of $40,000 USD. Not much of a deterrent when millions and billions of dollars are at stake, but again a small victory.
  8. Early Minelab Gpz 7000 Issues?

    Rail Dawg, I was on the preorder list and had one of the first US shipped GPZ's when they were first released. I'm not aware of any problems affecting a large number of units, I did have a screen issue where two thin dark streaks appeared across a part of the display screen although the unit had also been dropped hard enough to crack the case and bounced around in the back of my car on a few rough roads. MineLab gave me a new 7000 on warranty with no questions about the abuse, I think a few units had the screen issue and may have shown up in the ctx as well, but I don't think it was something widespread and the problem is obvious when the detector is powered up. GB was tough in some small percentage of conditions with the first software version but the software updates have made great improvements. That's my experience, it's a great detector only wish I was as good as my mineLab...
  9. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I looked for one with a detector...
  10. GMT Tiny Nuggy

    Yea, congratulations!!! Great little nugget Tom.
  11. Deus HF Elliptical Coil Strikes Again ( Half Dime )

    I have the pinpointer and am very happy with it. Occasionally if the pinpointer is in my hand near my digging tool or other metal object and is reacting to that target at the time I cycle back to the coil it will cause a long delay completing the cycle. I've noticed the same thing in very bad EMI affecting the time it takes to switch from pinpointer to coil with no audio... in roughly 15 seconds the few times this has occurred the Deus completes the cycle. Moving a short distance from the EMI and a little care what my pinpointer is near when I turn it off has eliminated my switching issues.
  12. Fast it is, sometimes a little hypnotic if I'm not careful it's easy for my mind to wander a little when I'm swinging And it's really trashy, the detector can handle way more than my brain can process. Hard to know how much I'm missing (probably a lot), but it'll single out a particular target sound and let me pinpoint it with a wiggle to the edge of the coil in tight trash if I catch just a hint of the target frequency or sound quality I'm cherry picking during a normal swing. As far as depth goes, my results seem to vary a lot depending on conditions I believe depth is not a Deus strong point and anything deep is by ear with no target ID. waiting to see like everyone how this new mineLab toy plays out, even when I get something new I'll still keep the Deus.
  13. Hmmm... can't seem to load the video, sorry will keep trying to figure this file stuff out.
  14. This is not very scientific the soil conditions, coin type, emi and everything else is different than the equinox speed video, but all that said the Deus running the factory Deus fast program at 54khz, iron vol 0 and reactivity at 5 with 7 nickels lined up and a big piece of broken pick point. i added an earlier air test with the same settings on the deus, the location in my yard had bad emi fairly hot ground, the camera focus was off but the audio is more important. due to the soil and emi the depth was very poor. the pictures show the spacing on the nickels dimes and quarters, the depth sucked even without the rusty iron near the coins and the dimes suffered the most from masking, the nickels did a little better than the quarters, but the quarters were up against different iron objects so its not really comparable. IMG_1150.MOV IMG_4789.MOV