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  1. Fresh snow on the road fron Wednesday night storm in peaceful little town of Sierra City, gonna need the mittens...baby it's cold outside!
  2. Photo off google from Tuesday, at the riverside (back) of the carriage house inn, downieville.
  3. That's super cool, this resolution was instant fast on my cable (Comcast) connection and iPad and easy to navigate around, thank you.
  4. Out of boredom and while cleaning up around the garage I decided to re make my pac vac using my old blower ang an old back pack weed sprayer, hope it works out better than carrying the 5 gallon bucket...already was great for wasting a couple hours.
  5. I'm probably too far away to do much good today filling bags, but let me know if I can help with clean up after roads open up.
  6. Chris, looks like this is going to hit our friends in the Sierra pretty hard, good time for all of us to consider how we can get together as a group and help provide some relief effort, donations and man power to help out in the name of detector prospectors. I'm available as many others here are as well I'm sure, to help out where I can, perhaps we can organize some resource here to help other members and the communities we live and recreate in?
  7. Storm was fairly mild last night in the saratoga foothills, but things are picking up now and the power just went out. Strong winds and emergency sirens off in the distance... Think we are in for a long night of candles and flash lights.
  8. Wind is blowing pretty strong already in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains and the rain has started, certainly could be a good one tonight.
  9. So true, it's crazy and they just keep sending catalogs, with stuff...different stuff, cool stuff...stuff I need. Think an intervention is in my future, love my jeep. Help...
  10. Looks like you hit a hord of pirate treasure, nice haul...time to go pro and hit the big time!
  11. All I wanted for Christmass was a new small elipitical high frequency coil for my Deus under the tree, but the French Grinch ba&%a#d stole Christmases this year and our Aussie friends weren't feeling the Christmass sprit enough to tempt me on the 19. a lump of coal woul be nice... however i did put some more junk on my jeep to satisfy my needs until XP lets go of the goods...hurry please.
  12. Steve, I don't think klunker.izm is a valid link, but if it ever appears would be worth watching for... nope, DP forum to digital cameras in German... no izm's
  13. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Almost, makes hitler... ummmmm, naaa still a monster. But, funny.
  14. Rick, you are welcome to any part of it and the rest is up for grabs to anyone who wants to pick it up, cause it don't fit in the jeep. The cross bars are the type with clamps that grab the car roof rack, the pod is a narrow clam shell that locks onto most cross beams and the bike racks lock onto the bikes front forks with the bike on top of the car.
  15. Lucky, I've saved the Yakima roof rack with 2 bike carriers and a silver fiberglass pod from my old Mercedes, it doesn't fit any of my cars so I'm not using it, just sitting in my garage taking up space... you can have it if you want, just have to find a way to pick it up in the south San Francisco Bay Area. clark