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  1. We had heavy rain and strong wind pass through the Santa Cruz mountains yesterday, power went out in my area yesterday morning when a couple of large trees took down a half dozen power poles and dropped them in the middle of the main road into town. Poles are still laying in the street and light fading, so looks like it's going to be a while before the powers back. Minor inconvience compared to those dealing with flooding. My niece lives in Morgan hill not far from coyote creek and it looks like their neighborhood is flooding again. Hope everyone is doing ok and looking forward to blue sky and getting out...
  2. So...your bark was worse than your frost bite? Sorry, I got to get out soon!
  3. Ahhhh...sorry Steve, was typing and missed your reply.
  4. The xy screen as well as multi tdi, are both present in ver 3.2 although the representation of the graphics looks slightly different. Did XP change anything about this screen other than how you access it. I really like the multi tdi screen, it locks onto numbers and holds them a bit alerting to signals that might warrant a little more investigation, hope they still have access to this screen or have replaced/changed things so it's no longer needed.
  5. Bummer...
  6. Chuck, it would probably need more red paint, extra lights, lic plate would need to say "ENG 1" or similar, the license plate frame would read fire department, the bumper would have a sticker with something about "my other car is a fire truck" or something about "hoses" and most importantly...a plethora of firefighter cross union stickers on windows from every direction, so when speeding down the boulevard my friends in blue will give me the wave. Course...no chance getting a speeding ticket in the jeep :)
  7. Nice finds man... you and your machines are always amazing and I love seeing all the cool relics and jewels.
  8. Wow, I couldn't agree more...all the storms are giving me a major case of the fever being cooped up and all. Have had it in the mud out at rye patch and all around Alleganey a couple of times, rucky chucky was tore up enough the Mercedes would have had to stay at the bottom forever... the jeep didn't miss a beat, was pleasantly easy just the way I wanted it. Thanks Rick, thinking about heading out to rye patch this Sunday if conditions are dry enough? Anyone been out reciently?
  9. Hi Rick, thanks, it's petrol and the fuel tank is not plumed in...they give you a syphen that has a foot valve it flows directly into the jeep main fuel tank. Gets me an extra 12 for 30 gallons total. thanks Swegin, I was a bit worried before getting a jeep after hearing about some of the things Everyone says about driving them long distance, but the 6 hour drive to Rye Patch was easy. in fact I enjoyed driving it, best part is I've always been a leadfoot and now I enjoy going the speed limit. My driving needs a certain amount of adrenaline to keep me happy and the twitchy characistic's of the jeep is perfect.
  10. Hey Rick, just so I don't miss you and Rudy and you will know my jeep... also so got the fuel tank, sliders and lights too.
  11. I hope it's a bit of gold in that piece of quartz, cause if it's not I'd be looking for anti-venom.
  12. You know, lot of chance that's exactly right...pretty gutsy to steal a truck out of a driveway, right next a camper likely to have a guy sleeping in it while not knowing what was inside only to dump the truck...were you plugged in? Sure sounds like someone had a bead on you from someplace local.
  13. Paul, so sorry to hear this news. My son's a Denver sheriff, I'll spread the word easterly, just in case they go prospecting in Colorado. Heck, if you think there'd end up in China I'll call my father in law, he was Shanghai Chief of Police, we could break their knees in China too, you could have the first whack!
  14. Fresh snow on the road fron Wednesday night storm in peaceful little town of Sierra City, gonna need the mittens...baby it's cold outside!
  15. Photo off google from Tuesday, at the riverside (back) of the carriage house inn, downieville.