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  1. Early Minelab Gpz 7000 Issues?

    Rail Dawg, I was on the preorder list and had one of the first US shipped GPZ's when they were first released. I'm not aware of any problems affecting a large number of units, I did have a screen issue where two thin dark streaks appeared across a part of the display screen although the unit had also been dropped hard enough to crack the case and bounced around in the back of my car on a few rough roads. MineLab gave me a new 7000 on warranty with no questions about the abuse, I think a few units had the screen issue and may have shown up in the ctx as well, but I don't think it was something widespread and the problem is obvious when the detector is powered up. GB was tough in some small percentage of conditions with the first software version but the software updates have made great improvements. That's my experience, it's a great detector only wish I was as good as my mineLab...
  2. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    See, bad idea.
  3. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I looked for one with a detector...
  4. GMT Tiny Nuggy

    Yea, congratulations!!! Great little nugget Tom.
  5. Deus HF Elliptical Coil Strikes Again ( Half Dime )

    I have the pinpointer and am very happy with it. Occasionally if the pinpointer is in my hand near my digging tool or other metal object and is reacting to that target at the time I cycle back to the coil it will cause a long delay completing the cycle. I've noticed the same thing in very bad EMI affecting the time it takes to switch from pinpointer to coil with no audio... in roughly 15 seconds the few times this has occurred the Deus completes the cycle. Moving a short distance from the EMI and a little care what my pinpointer is near when I turn it off has eliminated my switching issues.
  6. Fast it is, sometimes a little hypnotic if I'm not careful it's easy for my mind to wander a little when I'm swinging And it's really trashy, the detector can handle way more than my brain can process. Hard to know how much I'm missing (probably a lot), but it'll single out a particular target sound and let me pinpoint it with a wiggle to the edge of the coil in tight trash if I catch just a hint of the target frequency or sound quality I'm cherry picking during a normal swing. As far as depth goes, my results seem to vary a lot depending on conditions I believe depth is not a Deus strong point and anything deep is by ear with no target ID. waiting to see like everyone how this new mineLab toy plays out, even when I get something new I'll still keep the Deus.
  7. Hmmm... can't seem to load the video, sorry will keep trying to figure this file stuff out.
  8. This is not very scientific the soil conditions, coin type, emi and everything else is different than the equinox speed video, but all that said the Deus running the factory Deus fast program at 54khz, iron vol 0 and reactivity at 5 with 7 nickels lined up and a big piece of broken pick point. i added an earlier air test with the same settings on the deus, the location in my yard had bad emi fairly hot ground, the camera focus was off but the audio is more important. due to the soil and emi the depth was very poor. the pictures show the spacing on the nickels dimes and quarters, the depth sucked even without the rusty iron near the coins and the dimes suffered the most from masking, the nickels did a little better than the quarters, but the quarters were up against different iron objects so its not really comparable. IMG_1150.MOV IMG_4789.MOV
  9. Found Buddha

    I'm guessing Merton prime rib would put yak anything to shame. coincidentally my wife said Chinese news was covering a story on a crisis at Napa lake, seems the fish are to well fed and overcrowding is causing some big problems, to many big fish...probably don't want to swim there, you might not get very far.
  10. I'll agree also with what has been said, I've used both the Deus ($$$) and whites SST and they both performed surprisingly similar taking into consideration the limited settings options on the SST. One super easy and one small light and complicated, I wish many times I still had the whites it was fun to use and performed great at my local parks and beach.
  11. Found Buddha

    Deft, you will have a blast in China and if you can speak a little mandarin it'll be easy getting around and people will want to talk to you a lot, they are curious to learn as much about western culture as possible and take every opportunity to study English when they can. There are opportunities teaching English if you talk to the right people, I've met people over there that have supported themselves for a couple of years teaching English and some of them I know did not speak much Chinese. I've been to a bunch of different areas and one thing in common everywhere is how hospitable most everyone is, only downside to all the hospitality is I've had to eat stuff I hate and then of course try and pretend it's good, this in turn gets you a second helping...sometimes some for the road. We had lunch with a local family in a traditional farmhouse in Shangri-la, yak butter tea, samba, yak cheese, some bread that was like pita bread and fried pork. The bread, cheese and pork were pretty good although the cheese was very strong and bitter... the yak butter tea was another story, very spoiled tasting and greasy at the same time. The samba was a flour of some sort mixed at the table by hand and was a combination of this bland flour and yak butter tea. My wife, when are hosts aren't looking kindly slips her samba onto my plate, guess I'll have thirds. You being more aware than me in your study of Buddhism probably wouldn't make the same mistake as I did, we were heading to the farm house for lunch driving past Napa lake. This is a giant lake, no boats or people in sight anywhere around the water, I ask our friend if there are fish in the lake? Oh yes he says, but it turns out this lake is where you go after you die and the fish there eat the remains after the appropriate ritual, so fishing is kind of frowned on there as they are against the whole eating our ancestors thing...don't ask if you can fish there.
  12. Found Buddha

    Deft, you seem pretty knowledgeable in this eastern stuff, interesting info you spent any time there? your little carved Buddha sounds cool, I've got something else similar carved out of olive pits a friend from Beijing gave me, not as unusual a location for this type of gift to come from as Branson.:)
  13. Found Buddha

    Thanks Chuck, first thing I have to do is work on some communication issues, not uncommon in cross cultural relationships. Seems my new hunting friend is misunderstanding things a bit and when I say silver coin, hehe oh my, language barriers. Went back yesterday and little silver Buddha keeps thinking I'm saying torn up crumpled shredded aluminum. I tried different words thinking my accent was confusing my partner, clad quarter... must mean deep crushed aluminum can in his ancient dilalect. Guess I'm going to have to bust out the Rosetta Stone and try and sort this miscommunication thing out before this new threesome between the French girl, Buddha and me goes south.
  14. Found Buddha

    Buddha (I'm a terrible speller, thanks Steve for the halp)... thanks Deft, Buddha is now my little lucky hunting buddy, we been chatting and he said he might show me a silver or two, just have to be careful not to be greedy or anything like that. If I behave myself when we get to gold country, no promises or such...just have to rub his belly good.
  15. It's finally cooled down enough here to get out and hunt a little, temps have been up around 106 and staying in the high 60's overnight. Yesterday was warm and humid and most of the time the sun was hidden by the overcast, me and the French girl hit one of my regular parks late afternoon for a couple hours of trying to find the elusive silver coin I know is hiding someplace there. I've found a dozen wheat's and beaver tails are plentiful, to rub salt in the wound one of the neighbors has told me his story of finding a seated dime in his front yard next to the park, he keeps forgetting he's already told me the story...I'm sure I'll hear it again. I've been playing with a customized Deus fast program running the disc at factory preset GB slightly negative, sensitivity at 95, 14khz, reactivity at 2 1/2 silencer -1, iron vol 1, audio 4, 4 tones with the highest frequency threshold break point elevated to 89 and the frequency set at 800 as a set hunting program and an alternate same settings with full tones to switch back and forth to help with audio discrimination. I've been playing with multi-notch and only searching display numbers 50-78 and 87-99 I'm digging a higher percentage of targets and trying to limit some of the foil while still having a chance at a gold ring, although it seems to make the audio a little Chirpy, that's where switching to the unnotched full tones gives a better second look. The locals were showing up and I was working my way back to the car when I hit a very solid tight target locked on at 90 with the round hf coil 14 kHz, down about 6" out popped what I thought was an high voltage pg&E connector, when I rubbed the dirt off it was a little Buda. Thought it was a lead token/game piece at first but after a rinse and brush the metal is much to hard, weighed almost 28g and the specific gravity is around 10.14, almost silver? My guess based on where it was found it could have been made in something like a high school jewelry class, back when I was in high school we did stuff like this and everything was mixtures of what ever silver scraps the kids collected at home plus/or bought from the teacher at class. Almost everything all the work was cast or sheet silver it was cheep and easy to work with, we used nickel silver too but the SG is much lower I think. Hard to say how he wound up buried in this little park but I think it's has to be good luck to liberate him.