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  1. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Mine (f ring) is wrapped in orange paracord that also has a 3/4" loop of extra cord I use to hang the ferrite off of my detector harness. The cord protects the ring and the bright orange color makes it easy to see on the ground.
  2. Weekend Gold

    Beautiful gold...
  3. Starting out I followed the advice of my mentors (shofoo, master in Chinese...for fun if interested, I was at a party with a large group of friends and the conversation was directed towards me, I'm language isolated most of the time and was probably dreaming of looking for nuggets, it was something about our wives so I did the best I could on short notice with a compliment... I was dubbed holio shofoo, holio means very sweet saying sarcastically I think, we all had a good laugh and I still don't know what the conversation was about) anyway, Some time back discussions on here turned to which pinpointer played well with the GPZ and I gave it a shot with my trx. I seemed to have no issues with it in the off position as to affecting stability out running around, I don't know however if the trx adds to some other cumullitave impact with anything else on hand on the overall performance while hunting? After trying it I quickly gave up, because it seemed to much trouble, more to pack/forget, it false a lot around the Z so, I quickly gave it up. Lately however I've been trying to force my self to have a dig it all mentality and when I start to drop below say...90 % or so I quit hunting that location and move on or do something else. Finding all the tiny bit the z is able to see can be incredibly frustrating depending on the surface and how obstructed the coil. I gave the pinpointer a shot again and now find it handy mostly for getting the surface trash identified a little quicker. The 14 coil really pinpoints fairly well on either edge of the recieve coil, if I've got that right. Pinpointers also handy if I'm not giving too much up in the process in performance for narrowing down the dig as not to damage the gold. All is not perfect however, you need to get the coil of the 7000 as far as I can reach and that's not really enough to make the trx stable enough. so it's not always useful, sometimes it comes in handy, sometimes not...still like norvic's mod and think there is a place for a compact GM discriminating pinpointer with a 2 or 3 inch coil and make the whole thing water proof so you could use it in a river with head phones too, also I'd make the end recieve a paint roller extension...quick MineLab patent that.
  4. Norvic, I love what you did...OK MineLab, we don't need a continuous 3 days of battery in a pinpointer. Take the gm1000, cut the battery time make an even smaller coil and bingo mineLab's next new hot must have accessory for the 7000... drum roll, the Norvic1000, pinpointer delux.
  5. My impressions of a detector I don't own and have never used...seems silly to have an opinion on something I've only known by observation, but thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their experiences I feel if I decided to purchase a GM 1000 I could do so with a high degree of certainty I would get exactly what I was expecting. What have I been told the GM is? Well everyone says it's a VLF type detector running in a high frequency designed primarily for the entry level gold hunter and its main attraction is it's very easy to use. My observation is many experienced electronic prospectors are having good results within the limitations that one would expect and no one has ever said the GM is magic...just that mineLab has done a good enough job engineering their software that the new user can trust the settings and work on technique. Some users have found weaknesses in the GM and I appreciate that information also as my level of satisfaction sometimes has more to do with expectations rather than actual results since it don't take much to make me happy. Is it engineered well? Beats me, but I've seen a bunch of cool stuff people have done with the GM in little fun modifications that I would feel comfortable it would be worth having one. For whatever reason and it really doesn't matter why the GM is becoming a little cult like in its followers, kind of like having a Volkswagen wagon...simple, cheap, you can mod it and make it your own and like a VW Bug, you aren't going to get there fast, but you'll get there and have fun doing it if you want to.
  6. Know Thyne Enemy

    Klunker, nice, I love stories like this with a happy ending. Every time I'm out exploring and run across a new area with trees piled across yet another road or trail closed...well, it's just not a healthy thing for my already mild hypertension. Thank you
  7. XP Deus 74 KHz Elliptical Coil - I'm Impressed!

    Steve, thank you for posting your early experience with this new hf elipitical, I've struggled with mine a little, but took the opposite approach and jumped right into some of our difficult ground. The flat pieces of rusted tin are bothersome, square nails and bits of square nail show numbers in the 98-05, but on the hot ground after gb if I throw a 1/2g nugget down it will sound off 4 to five inches, give iron numbers at around 3" and finally a nonferrous reading when the coil is right on the gold. A chunk of old lead (4g?) down in some river gravel sang out 4" deep with #'s in the 60's. I've been running pgm 10, sen 80-85, 54khz (29 is still very good, 14khz looses depth on the small gold a little as expected. Of course another huge difference is my results also exactly correlate to my experience level and are consistent with success ratios I'm accustomed to, so my results are based more on comparisons to typical targets found and one unscientific test of a couple of unburied nuggets. I've also hunted up there in the hot program, deep and Deus fast (v2, v3.2 and v4 filters) the discrimination cuts out the hot rocks and iron really well, I was still using similar settings as I used with pgm 10 (GF). Despite struggling in the early stages if feel (hope) with a lot of practice I'll get the hang of what the Deus is trying to tell me.
  8. Finally A Hanger

    Thanks Steve, great story...I think all of us husbands understand our wives have first right of refusal to any nugget we find, if for nothing else and no other reason needed...just tolerating this obsession. My sweetie has been looking forward to this since my start at nugget hunting, she likes knowing how hard won these trophies are (at least for me) and has announced this will be her favorite bobble.
  9. Finally A Hanger

    Mitchel, it's a good thing I love the thrill of the adventure and being out in nature, because my worst enemy is staying focused while digging bit after bit of rusted tin, it gets so I'm wishing for lead as it's slightly more interesting to me than the rusted tin and bits of square nail. When I hit gold (which is almost never) I'm shocked to see the color along with the feel of its weight, takes a few seconds for the disbelief to fade...I wish that feeling never goes away, it'd sure be nice to feel it more often. I've hunted the river area a few times and have never found anything good, I remember when you found that piece, it was the same time as the rye patch hunt, nice find. Good luck up there in the sierras and hope you find a nice fat one this trip. Chuck, I think I might have overdone it a little, just before finding the hanger I was contemplating giving up for the day, my left knee was swollen and stiff from climbing hills and getting down to retrieve junk was getting impossible. Only problem was the guy hunting near my car, pride was stopping me from ending early. Finally I was running out of determination and the long way around back to the jeep took me in the path of that nugget...you just never know. On the way home I gave a shot getting into another claim off the American river, the road was over grown and the brush hid a washout, the right side of my jeep dropped uncomfortably off the edge and even with the axels locked any attempt to move only wanted to scoot the jeep down hill in the wrong direction. Luckily I'm prepared and was able to winch myself back onto the trail and back the jeep out without any issues other than being covered in bugs and other crap from climbing through the brush trying to wrap my cable around a suitable tree. Swamp, I'm not overly optimistic, but they do keep showing up occasionally and by no strange coincidence to those who put in the time looking, that fact alone keeps zed out of the closet and my feet moving at least. Thanks everyone for the comments and for sharing your finds it keeps the long dry spells tolerable.
  10. What Would You Choose? (poll)

    I have the light and the heavy, despite that I love swinging the light most times I'm swinging the heavy...
  11. Finally A Hanger

    I spent a few days up in the high Sierra running the 7000 around looking for a new patch, a first patch...not to be this trip and not surprising as hopeful as I tried to be I have also come to terms that finding a new patch will likely be a long term endeavor. Exploring is fun however and every outing provides a tid-bit of new info, view of old workings new to me and more experience hunting that elusive nugget. Paying attention to the sage advice of those far more experienced than me offering their wisdom here for us newbies I allocated a portion of my time to hunting previously fruitful earth. This proved to be very good advice as I've scored one of my most important goals, finding a nugget suitable as a pendant for my wonderful wife (she did give me the 7000 for my b-day, I think that was a good thing). It only took 2 1/2 years, but on the afternoon of the second day I hit a old well known patch and scored a nice flat 9.7 gram nugget sitting on edge down only about 5 inches with another 4 or 5 inches of Forrest mulch on top of the dirt. I had been hunting for about 30 minutes when I got near an area I'd found a small round 1/2 gram on the previous trip. The 7000 was running so smooth with the new update I decided to jack the sensitivity to the max just because this spot has been so heavily pounded...after swinging the coil forward possibly 3 feet I picked up a promising target signal and out popped this little hanger for my sweethearts birthday next month. I also scored another little half gram nugget back at the old patch on the next day to sweeten the drive home. The little round one was found hunting the previous time up after meeting up with forum member relic/park master Strick for a little social hunting. Happy hunting, clark
  12. Mrs. Sourdough's Gold Monster 1000

    Portola the new Stepford, a plot by the towns menfolk...are they putting it in the water?? I knew that place looked to good to be true, any homes for sale?
  13. I used the new update in the hot rocks and mineralized soil of the high Sierra for a few days and must comment the update is terrific, ground balance is faster and after running the coil over the ferrite ring and surrounding soil the ground noise for the most part melted away, this was true both on the first gb in difficult and a much better gb after switching to normal than before updating. I ran mostly; high yield, normal, sen-9, thresh-27 (will try 29 next time), audio smooth-off, vol-8, semi auto gb, everything was reasonably quite, switching to locate patch made everything very steady and subtle targets seemed to stand out against the background threashold better than with it off. The worst hot rocks still gave off a little high/low groan that was easy to differentiate from a compact metal type signal response. This was a great update for the conditions I was hunting (now if only the iron disc...). Need to put the coil over the yellow stuff as none this trip, still...the zed felt one with the force and I had little doubt I would hear the signal if it came. cant wait for the next release, zed is getting so much better the next go should be sweet!!
  14. Ten posts, very reasonable...give a new member time to say hello, doing them a favor really as a little street cred bumps the value of what's for sale in my mind. Was someone new selling a ctx3030 pkg on another forum for a great price, the detective members there outed the seller in hours. Seller advertised the sale as US location, someone on the forum was sharp enough to ID the "baseboard molding" used in the home shown in the pictures as not sold in the USA, but European and they also spotted non standard electrical sockets as euro...from there the whole sale story fell apart and the photos were outed from an England eBay sale, amazing...scammers would be better picking easier targets.
  15. I use one of those plastic coated wire twisting things you get at Home Depot for securing wire cables and hang my keys somewhere under the car or someplace out of sight, can even put them up in a near-by tree above eye level.