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  1. Value Of Used GPX 4000?

    If you can get one in Oz for 2 grand thats a good buy !
  2. My New Detecting Vehicle

    How do ya go for a tub in the winter , with it bein out in the yard ?.
  3. Wow narrow gutted tyres ! Any good in the mud an slop ?
  4. Thanx for the vid ! Cringed every time a vehicle oncoming passed on the left , covered wagon ? Sounds like cowboys and indians !
  5. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Ha ha freezing ones dingly bits is right up there with finding no gold .
  6. Echo Just Turned Up In Mail

    Minelab Adelaide just called , 4500 bellybutton fitted along with a couple of other things and babys on the way home , done me two days ,got two nights then four days off .....Rushworth is on the the radar to Mungass,s patch
  7. Jen ! more info on washing your hari nearly fell off bloody chair again !!!!!! got bore water here at home , had the lab at work test it and they said it was better than the town water , just a bit harder , might need more soap when washing , maybe I should send you a gallon might be good for your hari
  8. Echo Just Turned Up In Mail

    I wish Jen ! .not that lucky , headed away to Daylesford for ten days detecting a fortnight ago , then was to shoot across to Maryborough and meet up with my long time detecting mate and his brother from Geelong , and ended up with the jeep gearbox playing up, 125c pulling the van and wheel alignment issues , spent 2 days in Bendigo , 2 days in Castlemaine and nearly a thousand bucks on it ,then it rained and snowed for 3 days , then when I finally got out to pickpocket diggings had the on/ off switch on the 4000 crap itself , total time on ground 2 hrs for 4 targets one two foot deep but a 2x 1 piece of steel . packed traps and come home , bubble wrapped control box and sent it off to minelab for an updated 4500 switch
  9. Echo Just Turned Up In Mail

    You were doing the echo thing ! I was doing the echo ing noise of out the bush , remember the sound of the woomera in crocodile dundee echo ing across the scrub .? Anyway hows ol mates form .? Not a bad effort ,
  10. Echo Just Turned Up In Mail

    ya ya ya,, wiga waga,, wiga waga,,, zip bam ba ........
  11. Like fishing Jen , but you don,t throw the little ones back WOW thought you loved the 5000 more from your posts .....
  12. Here is a vpn thats free and will give you 10 gig . Windscribe .... beers an cheers
  13. hey Jen are you saying you need firefox as a browser too ? windows 10 and internet explorer sucks in my opinion anyway , I watched the first episode of Devils canyon then could watch no more even trying UK links and different pirate sites that ended up just wanting a credit card , ended up giving up , thanks for that
  14. The Sound Of Gold

    On the sherberts now bada bing , friday footy night Carlton Cold 40 bucks a box at woolies , woo hooo ,