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  1. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Here is a vpn thats free and will give you 10 gig . Windscribe .... beers an cheers
  2. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    hey Jen are you saying you need firefox as a browser too ? windows 10 and internet explorer sucks in my opinion anyway , I watched the first episode of Devils canyon then could watch no more even trying UK links and different pirate sites that ended up just wanting a credit card , ended up giving up , thanks for that
  3. The Sound Of Gold

    On the sherberts now bada bing , friday footy night Carlton Cold 40 bucks a box at woolies , woo hooo ,
  4. The Sound Of Gold

    Thanks Jen and was actually sipping a Muscat .... winter slurpies over here , cold as ya mother in laws kiss at the mo . Ha ha ha
  5. The Sound Of Gold

    Yeah thats it Steve ! Thanks and oh you have already seen it , found it on an aussie fbook forum page , makes me cringe on what ive left , got a few targets to recheck at Rushworth , the 4000 sounds a lot different to the 3500 which sounds much my old 2100 , cheers Jed
  6. The Sound Of Gold

    yup, trying to take a video out of an email ,you tube actually , I,ll get it yet
  7. The Sound Of Gold

    Na trying to edit and upload something but its not working
  8. This may surprise a few , and make some go back to places known . jed martin sent you a video_ _Finally I Know The S.eml
  9. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    CRIVENS I hear the Aussies now LINDSAY LINDSAY OUI OUI OUI . just because she never broke a nail , she sure new how to handle a pick even put your mob on the map !!! Jen Jen Jen rethink your horid rant I think I need a beer and a lie down ,,,,, bring back miss ironbutt whoops ironside oui oui oui
  10. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    *throw a ring on her finger * Just read that back to front and was gunna say he is ,,,,, woops back under the house you may have just thrown some new romance into the series Jen , wonder if the lovable Lindsay returns .
  11. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    HA HA in the gutter outa the gutter ha ha , yeah she was a bit scary at the gold melting with that hair do ..... and she sure looked pretty luvy duvy with ol Henry, bi polar you bet shit ........"" SCARY DEAD BUNNY " , laugh , nearly fell of me chair , bet Henry is on a 457 visa and using Bi Polar bunny for leverage
  12. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Doon,t want to lay bait ! BUT GO GYPSIES
  13. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Foxtel is not badly priced 55 bucks get ya the sports and entertainment pack for a month , all the gold shows come with it and afl with no adds and you can record it all
  14. GPZ 7000, A Look Inside

    Yup Jen do notice , a lot more obvious on the pc compared to the 8x4 tablet , and why wouldn,t you . Many moons ago when I was learning the poker machine repair trade or slot machines as you call them over there , I was with a small private business , and we repaired every board we could , money was money , and a jumper wire didn,t cost more than a couple of beers unlike the Aristocrat board jockeys who were our competition , rip it , swap it , send it back to factory when box was full . ha ha was checkin a couple of curley chords off the 3500 a few weeks ago that didn,t work , checked continuity and both had none at same pin , took a punt and cut 3 inches off the most stretched end and bingo problem solved , resoldered ends and when wires of offcut were stripped back just for interest , both white wires in the leads had breaks ,mmmm go figure ,
  15. GPZ 7000, A Look Inside

    Notice anything on the photos ? Yup looks like ya had a couple of resistors removed !