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  1. I too like to be a lone wolf. I did participate in a push a couple of years ago with several detectors on a 150 x 300 foot area. Not an easy deal getting all the detectors to cooperate with each other. Just hoping there might be an other opportunity to test out a better way. Norm
  2. With several GPZs working in a small area, is there a recommended auto tune procedure to tune each other out? Norm
  3. I just returned from a trip to Oregon to watch the Solar Eclipse. I took my CTX 3030 just in case. Well, we arrived in Central Oregon a couple of days early and stayed in a U.S.F.S. Campground on the route. I checked out the empty spaces and found a few clad coins. Judging by the layout and size of the camp spaces and the lack of any old roads near by I was guessing it to be built in the 70s or 80s. After checking all of the obvious places, I moved out between the trees where someone could have set up a tent. After a few minutes, I got a nice signal and found a 27 Lincoln in pretty nice shape. My wife was waving to me to come back to camp. She was talking to an older woman( I can say that, she is six months older than me) and she asked me if I had found any treasures and I replied that I had. I shared the 27 penny with her. She told me that her father had started her collecting pennies at a young age and she didn't have a 27 s mint. I gave her that penny, and it made us both feel good. All night long, I kept wondering why was that penny there? The next day, I had to go back and see if there were any more old coins there. I did find one more coin in that general area. A very nice Merc. I still don't know why those coins were there.
  4. CTX 3030 Battery Question

    Thanks for the clarification Steve, I thought I read that someplace before I got the CTX. Norm
  5. I know it is ok to use the 3030 battery in the GPZ. Is it ok to use the GPZ battery in the CTX? I am thinking the larger battery would help with balance when using the large coil. Any thoughts? Norm
  6. Bada Bing That specie with that much gold is an amazing find especially with the 19" and had been invisable to the other detectors. Congratulations on that find. It really doesn't surprise me that the gold content was much highher than expected. I am attaching a picture of a specie that I found with the 14" that a specific gravity test shows a negative amount of gold. Maybe it has a void in it and causes a false weight. Norm
  7. Nurse Paul In Oz

    I'll bet Paul forgot his boots someplace
  8. The Desert Is A Beautiful Place

    Scott That is one of my favorite views and finding gold is frosting
  9. The Desert Is A Beautiful Place

    The full moon rising over Rye Patch, Gold Basin in the spring and a sunset near Quartzsite
  10. The Jury Is Out

    JW This nugget came from an area that was cleared of all debris by another detectorist a few years ago and not the first nugget I had found in the clearing, but had never found one there before getting the ZED. It was only about a foot deep and I am suspecting it wasn't laying flat or it would have been a booming signal. I agree with you it had my name on it but, I am going to blame the 19" coil and go back to most areas that have been good to me. Norm
  11. The Jury Is Out

    Was it The download? Was it the 19" coil? Was it me? Went back to an area that I thought I had covered carefully more than once with the 14". Was pleasently surprised to get a very clear signal right in a very open area that produced this 5.56 gram nugget
  12. Aussie Critters Seen In The Goldfields

    https://youtu.be/1XkPeN3AWIE For all of my Yank friends that don't know what a Bower Bird looks like, I found this link. Great video Norm McQ
  13. Enjoyed the video, didn't understand a word of it. They sure were having a good time. If the Gold Monster has the same quality coil cover as the ZED coils, they probably need a new cover before the next session.
  14. XP Deus HF Outing 4 Cancelled

    Steve Knowing some of the areas you hunt, you are lucky to stop at three rotations. I am surprised there aren't some pictures of puncture wounds from the unfriendly vegetation there. Hope you heal soon Norm
  15. Great story. I felt like I was next to him in the hole. My great uncles were pocket hunters and as a small child at my grandmother's house before electricity and television, they sat telling stories about following the trace. I became interested in pocket hunting at an early age but, pretty girls and hot rod cars took the front seat. Oh to be young again