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  1. Happy B-Day J.P.
  2. Having grown up in the mountain community of Yankee Hill and riding the school bus down through the old highway which is now under Lake Oroville, I wittnessed the construction of Oroville Dam and had a few jobs that were associated with different phases of the construction. One of my friends was a construction laborer that was involved with cleaning the bedrock before the concrete core block was poured. There was quite a bit of gold recovered by that crew. The only draw back, was they could only clean the bedrock for themselves before work or during lunch break. As for the actual material that was used for the earth fill, most of it was tailings from the huge dredgers that had woked in the area. Having said that, I am sure there is a considerable amount of gold in the dam itself, the recovery methods were never 100% Norm McQ
  3. It is boring to detect behind Klunker, he gets all the gold and most all of the boot tacks! Norm
  4. Update I took Steve's advice. Talked to my dealer, then Minelab service. Minelab service (Kelleyco) said it should be treated as an out of box failure. I then called my dealer back with to info I had. He then called Minelab Americas. Between my dealer and Minelab, my defective detector is on its way back and a new one on its way back to me tomorrow. Minelab is paying the freight both ways. I am happy to say, I think I have a great dealer and Minelab made it happen. Norm
  5. Thank you Steve and everyone else that has attempted to help me. I will call my dealer and Minelab Americas and will keep you informed of how it was handled. Norm
  6. Ok I did every thing that was suggested. Checked all connections,recharged the battery, changed coils, held power button in for two minutes several times. Machine has NEVER been close to water and has less than an hour of use. When powering on does not go beyond start up screen and no tunes. Looks like I have a defective detector. Is there a repair facility in Arizona? Norm
  7. Battery is on charger and will check in the morning to see if anything has changed. I had checked the reset earlier, no tones and nothing beyond the start up screen. Norm
  8. I will recharge the battery, and try again. Never could get to the reset menu.
  9. I got a CTX 3030 for Christmas and left home for some better weather. I got my 3030 out for the first time at a club coin hunt a little over a week ago. I got it out for the second time today to detect a beach at a State Park beach. After about fifteen minutes, I started to hear a sound like a jack hammer. I stopped and took my headphones off thinking there must be a maintenance crew close by. The noise was gone. The noise was coming from the detector. I restarted the detector and from then on it would never go past the start up screen and no sound coming from the machine. I have a second battery and the 17" coil. I changed both and still would not go past start up screen. I am a thousand miles from home, my warranty info and the box it came in. Any thoughts out there? Sending off to a repair facility not knowing where I will be or when it might get repaired or replaced is not the option I am looking for. Norm McQ
  10. There are some good videos on KCRA 3 news about what is going on at this time.7:30 P.S.T. 2/12/17
  11. I think you were on a little known shortcut to "Burning Man"
  12. Near LaPorte in Plumas county, there was an area named "Secret Diggins" The story is after finding gold in the chicken's gizzard, they followed the chickens to where they were feeding and that is where the secret diggins were.
  13. I would like to say, I love ths forum and especially the topics on the ZED. I found early on with the 7K that the target responce in Normal was much better than in Difficult I am wondering if it is because I am hunting in very mild ground. I switched between Normal and Difficult on un dug targets. Does the Difficult setting only apply to hot ground?
  14. Bill and Linda's is loaded with lots of great stuff. We met him and his dog Coco several years ago out in Rye patch. Before I found this forum, his was my go to prospecting site. I still look at it daily. Norm McQ
  15. Great find and a great way to get your son started on an adventure that could last a lifetime. Norm