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  1. I'll bet Paul forgot his boots someplace
  2. Scott That is one of my favorite views and finding gold is frosting
  3. The full moon rising over Rye Patch, Gold Basin in the spring and a sunset near Quartzsite
  4. JW This nugget came from an area that was cleared of all debris by another detectorist a few years ago and not the first nugget I had found in the clearing, but had never found one there before getting the ZED. It was only about a foot deep and I am suspecting it wasn't laying flat or it would have been a booming signal. I agree with you it had my name on it but, I am going to blame the 19" coil and go back to most areas that have been good to me. Norm
  5. Was it The download? Was it the 19" coil? Was it me? Went back to an area that I thought I had covered carefully more than once with the 14". Was pleasently surprised to get a very clear signal right in a very open area that produced this 5.56 gram nugget
  6. For all of my Yank friends that don't know what a Bower Bird looks like, I found this link. Great video Norm McQ
  7. Enjoyed the video, didn't understand a word of it. They sure were having a good time. If the Gold Monster has the same quality coil cover as the ZED coils, they probably need a new cover before the next session.
  8. Steve Knowing some of the areas you hunt, you are lucky to stop at three rotations. I am surprised there aren't some pictures of puncture wounds from the unfriendly vegetation there. Hope you heal soon Norm
  9. Great story. I felt like I was next to him in the hole. My great uncles were pocket hunters and as a small child at my grandmother's house before electricity and television, they sat telling stories about following the trace. I became interested in pocket hunting at an early age but, pretty girls and hot rod cars took the front seat. Oh to be young again
  10. I had the same falsing issues with my 19", but worse was the fact that it almost came off when detecting in brush and rocks. To solve the problem of the cover coming off, I used 18 small zip ties to secure it. After my mod, the falsing was gone. I assume that the zip ties added stability to the coil. Here is a picture of my mod
  11. Nevada Chris
  12. Jennifer Don't try to kick out big nuggets with that footware you have!
  13. Check out these boots. I just bought a pair after seeing a friend wearing them. He is very happy with his. No metal, no side zipper. Water proof Gortex liner, slip resistant, oil resistant sole, can be resoled. The sizes seem to be right on. They were comfortable right out of the box. They look to be very durable. Bates E03135 Lace to toe 8" $160.00 from Amazon
  14. White's DFX used very little, standard accessories $575.00 Plus Shipping Posting this for a friend. Contact me Norm McQ @
  15. I just read the reviews on the Red Heads, lots of negative comments.