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  1. I had the same falsing issues with my 19", but worse was the fact that it almost came off when detecting in brush and rocks. To solve the problem of the cover coming off, I used 18 small zip ties to secure it. After my mod, the falsing was gone. I assume that the zip ties added stability to the coil. Here is a picture of my mod
  2. Nevada Chris
  3. Jennifer Don't try to kick out big nuggets with that footware you have!
  4. Check out these boots. I just bought a pair after seeing a friend wearing them. He is very happy with his. No metal, no side zipper. Water proof Gortex liner, slip resistant, oil resistant sole, can be resoled. The sizes seem to be right on. They were comfortable right out of the box. They look to be very durable. Bates E03135 Lace to toe 8" $160.00 from Amazon
  5. White's DFX used very little, standard accessories $575.00 Plus Shipping Posting this for a friend. Contact me Norm McQ @
  6. I just read the reviews on the Red Heads, lots of negative comments.
  7. Fred My hearing is terrible and now you have shown me I can't see either.
  8. Good job Mitchel I think we both need to take lessons from Jennifer. I was fortunate to be a half mile in front of Mitchel and came up with these.
  9. Very nice B-Day presents!
  10. I thought that it might look like that after being in Klunker's Jeep!
  11. Trent North of the equator, your tongue must be to the right.
  12. Found this in Bull Head City Az.
  13. Thanks for the responce. I have been having troubles with the chattery threshold and with a complete restart, the chatter was gone. I don't always use the GPS and did not put the two together. From now on, I will use the GPS for find points and a time piece then turn it off. Norm McQ
  14. Are there any updates for the aftermarket skid plate for the 19" and could you comment why the GPS should not be used on ZED?
  15. Happy B-Day J.P.