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  1. Gotta agree, Chuck, wouldn`t have it any other way, a magic pastime.
  2. Crikey, my detectors all have had a big problem with the nut behind them.............
  3. On Ya, will have it on the Kindle once available.
  4. Yeah, the polycarb I got is only 0.8mm, which is about 1/3 of your 1/8inch. Think that is ample thickness, plus you can cut it with tin snips as per Phoneixs post. But I think that it is adhered to the 19 is what makes for the stability, stops the flexing. Pfff.... whatever it just works.
  5. Heh MN, not my solution is Phoneix`s, I just love it and am replacing all coil covers with it, tis way to go for me. Just done the Z14 ready for the 17 season, see how it goes, but not for stability on the 14 as it achieved on the 19, just cos its tough as and lightweight. No more unclipping and emptying out. But it sure collects grass seeds on the 19. Invert every 10m or so no drama, cattle producers will employ us as seed spreaders Grass will also be a nuisance this year in my neck of AUs woods, but in some ways that is good as seems the gold producing patches sometimes produce less grass. Suspect related to the other minerals shed from reefs that don`t produce good grass growing soils. Phh.... don`t know just a "maybe" observation.
  6. PhaseTech and other GS users, notice you listed a Gold Striker in detector used thread, I preferred the GS over the 17000 on shallow ground but a lot were disappointed with it. Just wondering if it had some special "tweaks" in its electronics? Something a bit diff. other then was a single frequency.
  7. 79 Bounty Hunter RB7, AU dealers had sold out all Deepseekers & 6000Ds. On defragment of brain total number around 30 to date, all brands. Most productive A2B, GM2 and Mls PIs in that order, but the Zs getting there.
  8. Fred showed that bungee-handle mod back a bit, works a treat, has the added advantage you can take your hand off the Z and it remains in position with coil on ground coupled to the hip stick. Another little "mod" is to have the swing arm pivot clamp adjusted up the stem a bit so as it can be quickly slid into the "elbow saddle" gets it out of the way whilst recovering. Much more convenient then mucking about with the original clip.
  9. Crikey, sounds like a long drawn out case, jurors locked away for months. Recommend food be kept away from Rooster, get him as hungry as, he may settle matters quickly and juror Paul be released to serve his pending sentence in the downunder penal colony. If this fails Her Majesties AU Governor Normal will be forced to issue extradition orders immediately.
  10. The Z is a big step up with the 14, another step with the 19. Two diff coils for diff depth ground and as per always ML have come up with the goods. It is up to us to learn how to use these tools, in a few years when ML has taken ZVT further todays teething problems will be as we seen with the PIs from the 2000 to the 5000.
  11. I suspect your mod hit the spot as mine falsed when striking rocks etc at first (sens & vol decrease solved that) but now I have the poly-carb plate can up the sens no trouble. Folks I`m not into questioning MLs business policies, they are that far ahead of the pack because of those business policies, just a product backyard solution to ensure I max out on chances of getting the heavy stuff and passing on that solution to help others.
  12. I guess it comes down to weight, if it were made bullet proof, cost would be more and how would we carry it? Myself I`ll be applying the poly-carb (Hillbilly, Backyard, DYO or the newer buzz word Maker) solution to replace all skid plates as they wear, even on coin machines. Lightweight, easy to do, tough and gets the gold but no doubt voids your warranty. The other solution is to simply turn your sensitivity & volume down or was with my stock standard 19 now been turbo`d.
  13. If your into DYO skid plates Phoneixs Poly-Carb( search this 4M) cuts most of those false signals completely and allows a higher sensitivity setting, or as Chet has done glued a PVC sheet cut out to coil. It cuts the distortion of the windings when it jars against rocks or stubble I suspect. But I imagine this will void your warranty, I have found the 19 is a quieter coil then the 14 once this is done. Plus of course follow JPs settings to the letter. The Z is a diff beast to the Xs but once you are one with it, it is magic.
  14. Bugger ya Bloodgold, now that itch has gone viral.
  15. I believe you have nailed it Steve, and that is why there has been so much controversy over the 19, especially here in OZ, expectations were too high and that is where experience and knowledge is the key. In my part of OZ big coils are kings and I`ll swing one when the deep ground allows me. I`d still love a smaller coil also, for those shallow tight places but overall the 14 is the general purpose size.