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  1. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Nurse Paul, Patience Grasshopper Patience................you'll probably forget something and be grounded waiting, (dunno why I suspect that?) just take it easy no.......keep feet on ground.............. capice no/yes. You US mates of Paul, control the lad........dunoo how but just do it.............no
  2. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    No as a plumber worked sub-contract with a fridgee building aircon ducts for a bit, got very interested and did an advanced trade course in refrigeration, short story.....combined the plumber & fridgee and for 20 years built 12/24v battery operated refrigeration cabinets for RV and Solar applications. Had a message on answer machine stating I was out field testing whilst off prospecting( well the beer had to be cold). Worked in real well with gold fever, sold direct throughout OZ to a lot of other prospectors & fishermen. Those days the only battery operated cabinets were the imported Engel, I used the Danfoss BD compressors which were more efficient combined with marine aluminium custom built cabinets, which made them also lighter & less prone to corrosion. Just a tit bit on my early contracting with a builder, he always was having a shot at plumbers, reckoned along with Architects plumbers were the only other profession that could make water run uphill. Once you`ve changed coils on the Z a bit it becomes fairly easy.
  3. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    Whoops 500m........... patch obviously has your name on it, nothing to do with chance...... hope it opens up to be a beauty. Might have to apply for an extension on that culling directive you WAers have to cover FNQ............
  4. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    Good one BB, use Ozi myself have also found it is a powerful tool, finding me some nice patches, just never been as far as 500ks out yet. Perhaps your version is more "attuned" to gold then mine. Please give directions to where I can obtain your version, promise I wont share it with it with Nurse Paul and will only use it in FNQ..........
  5. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    Had a bit of a giggle with your manual "where is it comment". Ya slippin, crikey thought you were right into manuals re. that clip thingo on the Monster that a few of us missed. But I do think there was a bit in a thread on DP, thought Steve went into some detail cos you can get things arse about face in the confined space where the conxs are on both the CTX & Z. Bloody builders, I`m a plumber-fridgee....... we know all about you builders.............
  6. 9 Bits Of Zed Gold

    Nevada watch out NQs coming.
  7. Yanks Do It Right In Oz

    Watch him TK, he`s got the fever big time...............
  8. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    Yeah thought there was something diff in your question, but reckoned better to soldier in then sit back. The Zs manual is the go for the actual directions for the changeover, seems a wee daunting at first but goes easy once you`ve done it a few times. If you`ve big fingers and sh sight like me tis a wee time consuming getting conx right, no need to hurry but.
  9. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    Other than fitting it, you may find using say a Hipstick is the go. Would also suggest you go with Phoenixs poly carb skid plate fixed as per his instructions, this really works and cuts down on bumps flexing the alignment of the coil, this I feel is really important. But all that aside looking at your photos I can`t see a problem except you are going to be digging some deep holes keep the Monster handy for pinpointing but you know that already. If you lose a signal once dug a bit don`t give up, the 19 is even worse then the 14 in regards to depth in air.
  10. 9 Bits Of Zed Gold

    Crikey that is some magic country, thank you for sharing.
  11. XP Answer To Minelab??????

    Comes out around the Sth Hemis winter solitice..........
  12. Well he did say it`d follow a Toyota even up a lamppost..............
  13. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Watch Mn, JW, could be an evil plot to raid your backyard ..........
  14. Crikey he`s ratted on me again...............
  15. XP Answer To Minelab??????

    DT good to hear someone calling it, me I`m all for the smartphone as a RC and XP have a beta App that tries to "nearly" do that. But you gotta love that "low drag" shaft, cuts through water like butter, maybe the French will take up your suggestion and wrestle the Americas Cup off the Kiwis. Hmmmmm or maybe just some creative xter stirring the pot but then again ..................