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  1. Gotta agree the hot rock elimination of the auto sensitivity 11 is pretty good. With its sensitivity setting range in both auto & manual and auto HF GB the Monster, as is, while not a competitor to the Z or PIs (except on shallow scraps) jcomplements them, suspect it may be the start of a new era for the VLFs. Certainly has brought back the VLF fun to my prospecting although certainly not a weight producer. A challenge to the other manufacturers for sure.
  2. Mn true Lunk can probably find gold with a stick and blindfolded, but in time I believe it will prove anyone can find gold with the Monster, it is that kind of a detector that suits the newby through to the pro. But I`m just praising our downunder product so they can make heaps for R&D on the Z2...................
  3. Have to get rid of that weird dialect first Dave, but we are working on it. Mn WHERE??????????????
  4. I`m pissed off Paul skunked me, like a pro.
  5. Suspect at this early stage tis the DSP of the Monster combined with its auto sens & auto gb, that may be the future. The power of the processor in short. Time will tell, exciting stuff.
  6. I`ll back the Monster, $1.10 to 90c with time feel this edge will increase.
  7. DD, that was wise not getting Nurse Paul to pack your detector in........................ Beware BB with his 3030, but most of all soak it up and enjoy.
  8. Hottest ground, snakes & spiders galore, great white crocs opps sharks, fall bears, triantiwontigongalos. Crikey there are some myths, must`ve been that Paul Hogan fella floggin the Harbour Bridge.
  9. Fred spot on, "Let me tell you about Old Man Emu opt to do da da, he can`t fly but I`m telling you he can run the pants of a kangaroo................." John Williamson. Google him he is a top OZ C&W song composer & singer. Although I haven`t seen nurse Paul run yet, suspect he`s stuck in low range. Gotta go and stop the lad Proposing to Sarah and thus blow the deal.
  10. No No Mn, Paul contacted ML directly and they dealt with him directly, MLs top offer has naught to do with me except Pauls address (he notified them after they offered) is c/. of me. It is simply the generous human side of ML, also as we of DP know if there is one guy who has a heart of gold it is our fellow member Nurse Paul, it is just magic to see him being on the receiving end of a generous deal. Just don`t tell him I said this or his bloody hat wont fit and he`ll be prancing around OZ like a bloody peacock............
  11. No worries JP I`ll be hovering like a hawk in the background, making sure................
  12. Yeah, Minelab ( Codan) have always been a Company that produces top products along with top customer service, to assist Paul as they are now with a loan control box for the duration of his stay down here clearly demonstrates this. Thank you Minelab, even though he had a SDC and a brand new Monster to keep him busy with I had to lock my Z away from him. Now I`ll be able to detect with complete concentration on those signals rather then peering behind continuously, wondering when he was going to attack. Nothing worse then a Yank with Zenvy....................
  13. Sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can one sleep 50 yards from a unmuffled chainsaw........................
  14. CG gotta concur ML have done it again, the Monster is dynamite on that small stuff. I spent two days of fun behind the Monster in what I consider the hottest ground in NQ AU that sees 1000s of MDs annually, it is a hot VLF with lightening fast auto GB, and discrim that is as close as.