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  1. From my viewpoint and I suspect a lot of MD users viewpoint, the SDs, GPs, GPXs gained a lot of purchasers because after-market coils were available, eg. it appears the 4500 has had a lot of sales on the back of the "new age" coils since they closed the performance gap somewhat with the Z, sales I suspect not just brought about by the price drop. Be good to see that with the EQ and of course the GPZ or any detector, I am particularly keen on NFs SDC coil being a goer. Also of course as Steve points out, a manufacturer cannot let these aftermarket accessories deter users from purchasing their product.
  2. Could be just the water ...........................now I`ll never be able to admit to the same once I`ve an EQ. Off on a bit of a tangent, something I`ve not got my head around reading the manual is there a screen that shows the GB "ID" of the ground and the current position "ID" you have the GB in, allowing you to manually adjust the GB to the grounds "ID" either positive/neutral/negative as suits you. Somewhat like the h/s screen on the Deus (XP call it "ground mineralization index") and I believe some other detectors have this feature also.
  3. Crikey, desperate people do desperate things
  4. Crikey, MN if I was near I`d have you stoned............nah only joking. Good one, but I`m a wee concerned about you folks.
  5. TNSS, many thanks for your details in this thread, just wondering as you are a Deus user, do you miss the EQs lack of a GB screen "ID" and the ease of just adjusting this up or down to suit this reading manually on the Deus, to have either positive/neutral/negative bias to suit conditions. This is a feature of the Deus I learnt to use on near all hunts, looking at this ID on screen almost as often as the CO ID.
  6. Minelab Performance Competition Ends Feb 25th

    Many thanks Steve, didn`t think ML would leave JW & me out of it. PS. If they didn`t come across was going to ask nurse Paul to give them a bit of curry for us.
  7. Minelab Performance Competition Ends Feb 25th

    Wow maybe interesting, did a wee by no means complete search and couldn`t find such a competition for OZ users. Probably this old codger is looking in the wrong place and missing something.
  8. Big Gold Top Ten With History !

    Perhaps of interest, a "story" told from the early gold field days in NQ OZ, 4 Chinese men were seen carrying a hessian covered heavy object overland to the Port of Cooktown ( took them weeks apparently) to send off to China, rumor has it when they come across someone they`d put it down and sit on it. Myth, reality or what, we`ll never know, but how big was it...............
  9. Seems We Could Use A Contest

    Steve please send your EQ to RR, PM me the date & time he`ll receive it.
  10. Headphone Amplifiers

    Recently son gave me a neat booster to trial, Treasure Mate V3 http://www.vkteksolutions.com/ Very compact, Speaker inbuilt, HDphone plug, inbuilt 9v Lithium battery, external USB recharge, volume control etc . Brilliant, no drama way to go for me..
  11. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    Why buy a equinox?.....I guess it boils down to, in my earning life I bought something because I needed it to earn but in my hobby life it is because I want it to enjoy.
  12. Opinions Wanted On GPZ 7000

    Simply put as BB said the 5000 was the best until the GPZ7000 came along, and BBs TIP to start in factory settings is the go, don`t fiddle with settings until your happy and scoring in default. It is an easy machine to use and is a killer in our NQ AU ground, I too am a NQer.
  13. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    That`s it BB, I`m mounting a culler on the drone............ But seriously you`ve nailed it just a matter of learning the ropes and giving it a go, I see Boeing has got in the act and have a payload drone. https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/10/16875382/boeing-drone-evtol-cav-500-pounds
  14. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    I`ve a Phantom 3 but same here gotta be able to see it to control for me, maybe tis just a matter of getting some "flying" hours under the belt. Time will tell.
  15. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    I want one that I can hop on and fly the Z, dog & me in anywhere then follow me around like the dog to take me home again at end of the day ........safely