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  1. Nurse Paul In Oz

    I suspect when he gets back over the pond you`ll find him a bigger pain, like sending kids to their grand parents they come back spoilt rotten. Now with the GHs edumacating him NQ style, we`ll maybe even be able to understand him.
  2. Nurse Paul In Oz

    No SS 1 He is out of phone range 2 Forgotten his old mates 3 Dodging paying up with chocolate 4 In love 5 Finding bucket loads Tick whichever applies or add more, I`ve ticked all................ Don`t worry MN the NQ mafia is on his trail he`ll pay up.............
  3. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Have a NQ torture apparatus set up in his house, we`ll get the whole yarn and nothing but the whole yarn. d d do don`t yo you worry about that. Dave, tell him I`ve searched his house inside out and can`t find the promised chocolate, think he`s been pulling my leg.
  4. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Haven`t heard from him for a week or so, suspect he`s having a ball with the GHs. Smoke signal rumour is the GoG has been treating him well, living the dream.
  5. Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    Crikey.........apologise ML and JW I can`t read......... well manuals anyway. Whatever armed with cable ties to secure the cable noted the slot and the penny dropped, clever buggers those MLeers.
  6. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    I think this detector collecting thingo is contagious, when I joined DP had one detector and mostly for the 30 years before, now I have 5 operating ones. ML are bringing out another next month..............................
  7. Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    A tit bit, when I modded the Monster as a pinpointer, I accidently found ML have molded a clip into the support that goes up to front of battery holder. This clip holds the coil cable neatly and firmly as it heads towards the shaft a 4 or so inches from where it screws into the control box. Have again attached the photo of the Monster Pinpointer to illustrate this.
  8. Aussie Gold Monster Appraisal

    So true, nothing has changed in 160 +years, even though we get about in 4 wheels and have these new fangled electronic thingos that look into the ground.
  9. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    Have not experienced this problem with the 5".
  10. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    For me definitely walk-and-sweep is more betterera............. Crikey Northeast have you done some time up here in the wacky north.
  11. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Have found no benefit using the ferrite to the Zs operation in the country I prospect, in fact only use quick track when the mode I change to forces me to, as when recently after the upgrade. In fact have not quick tracked nor used the ferrite all season until the upgrade. Is my method right or wrong, the manual tells me it is wrong. I guess it is just one of those individual settings we gather to handle the ground we detect. All I can suggest is try detecting without using the ferrite or quick track as a test, but a warning do not put your Z into the back of the ute whilst it is on. Bouncing around in the back of the ute puts the auto GB data that your Z has gathered way out of wack, done this a few times and now ensure I turn the Z off before I turn the wireless remote off. I just feel the Z is more stable if the auto GB or now semi-auto GB is allowed to collect its data without quick tracking as you do when you use the ferrite. Works for me at present but always keen to try anything that ups the productivity.
  12. RDD, Many thanks, myself I started many years back with Fugawi then switched to Oziexplorer once it became available. Powerful tools that help us, hopefully ML will expand on the GPS capabilities that is in cooperated in the Z and give us this mapping ability right there in front of us out in the field, until then I currently use a Ozi android app on a smartphone with GPS built in, with the PC at home running Ozi to "make" the maps. Our Government Mines depts. are making this easy now with their freely available Geo, Tenement etc customisable maps that can be downloaded and exported into Ozi. A tit bit, the Fugawi name apparently originated from "Where the #$%^ are We"
  13. Metal Detecting Olympics

    Exactly you got it out there, you`ve planted the seed and as there are similar type competitions for coins who knows what may eventuate. I found a token on a NQ goldfield that was marked with a Townsville NQ OZ Detector Clubs marking, a few years back, as it wasn`t dated, obviously had been there awhile and was amongst detectable gold to the PIs, I assumed it was from the VLF days. Now is it amongst my scattered "unusual find" collection, must look, find and follow up.
  14. RDD, of interest perhaps, do you use moving map software such as Oziexplorer on a mobile device, with geological and topological maps, to assist getting to those researched locations?