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  1. Yeah is interesting but the ferrite made no diff in my ground, buh.....regardless as long as ML keep coming out with MDs that put the weight in my pocket as they have for........ crikey tis getting onto 30 years................tis great to have an Oz Co. that is a world leader, their MDs have enriched my life, may they keep progressing.
  2. Dunno whether it is the "halo" or just the Z liking undisturbed ground, which in a round about way is the same difference.🙄 But I do know in quiet flogged ground where you can use normal over difficult, manual GB can be the go especially with the 19. But for me semi-autos the go for new ground so far, never can one be totally sure but. Tis a powerful machine no doubt.
  3. I have not used an auto ground tracking detector that doesn`t track out some gold, the Z auto tracking is miles ahead of the SDs-GPXs which I found you could not trust to run in auto tracking, but even the Z tracks out some, not much but (unless as Fred suggest there missed😉). Most signals it tracks out are mineralisation, just a very odd one gets through. Set your user button to manual GB and switch to it each time you hit one of those iffy signals easy to do and soon you`ll gain confidence and go mostly with the repeatable signals. This is one of the features that sets the Z out from the PIs, it allows you to cover ground without being held up checking too many iffy signals. Now if only ML`d get rid of that pesky quick track button and replace it with a GB alternate between manual/auto button as per the PIs they`d make it even better, give us the option of taking that crappy process out if we wish.
  4. Way to go, my 3D printer is a Geeetech Acrylic which is more basic then the Anet A8, over the years I`ve modded it and it now handles PC, without modding the Anet I suggest you go with ABS, more UV friendly & flexible but a little more difficult to print with then PLA. 3D printing is a mind stimulating hobby that has massive potential, I suspect they will be a common household appliance in the not to distant future.
  5. PLA does not handle UV and high temperatures very well, perhaps you could consider PC which doesn`t suffer from UV and is tougher thus you can print with less infill, this would cut weight a fair bit. However PC requires a 3d printer capable of higher printing temperatures. Don`t give up on your ideas, remember the only people who fail are those who try, they also are the only people who succeed.
  6. Norvic

    GP 3000 Vs GPZ 7000

    The GPZ7000 handles mineralization better then the 3000 is the short answer, but the 3000 is a very capable MD and bluntly if you`ve not done any good with it, you may be not applying it correctly in which case the GPZ7000 would not improve on that. Always the detector is a smaller % of the chance of success, the operator is the bigger % , just check out the successes some have with VLF MDs on this 4M. VLFs cannot handle mineralization anywhere near as good as the 3000 or the 7000. Tis the nature of gold detecting, if it was easy it`d be no challenge, all the best as it is a magic quest.
  7. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Nah nah they would need to be cleared by customs for that to happen, what I`ll do is go 50/50 with you MN, sort of under the counter way............
  8. OK from my experience on eluvial deposits in FNQ AU, always with few exceptions the larger pieces are further down the slopes. From my observations, this may be contrary to accepted wisdom, but I think what happens is the quartz with gold eroded off the reef in rolls down the slope eroding off the smaller pieces on the way until only the larger piece is left and there it sits, because its SG has been considerably increased by losing the lighter quartz, to be covered by lighter materials, is why on the slopes the deeper areas lower down the slope are the most productive for the larger pieces wheras higher up in the shallow/bony areas the smaller pieces are found. The majority of the area I prospect has very little alluvial (placer) gold, it just has not travelled to the creeks thus be aware the old idiom tis where tis is the best guide by far.
  9. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Nah nah, he`s gotta release em to my care tis a FNQ custom..............
  10. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Nah, nah, the boozer is a section of the separator where the real work is carried out, you graduate to that section only after a lot of experience in the loading end, tis a critical and exacting part of the process that requires exact concentration and dedication, otherwise top results may not be achieved.
  11. Norvic

    Anzac Day Afternoon Detect

    Good stuff, JW nearly did the same myself but ended up having an all day remembrance breckie, I think someone spiked the coffee.
  12. Ok I am just passing this link on, as I found it of interest I feel others on DP perhaps may be interested. This is the first I`ve heard of such thus have no idea if it is for real but I hope it is so, we want lighter, smaller, even bigger coils for our Zs. and as we`ve experienced, with the aftermarket coils for SD-GPX series, increased finds, why not for the Z? http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t25940-aftermarket-for-gpz
  13. Norvic

    Gold Net Australia Archives

    Coincidences, here we are looking back and discussing a few names that are legends in OZs modern electronic gold rush. A day after the below comes up for sale. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=25824
  14. Norvic

    Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Coz they work, even better if you go another step and ditch the crazy spring loaded battery compartment. With a battery fitted that doesn`t require dodgy spring connections, you get an even more stable & smoother operating detector, which just makes the SDC so much better, that along with a weight cut. Tis the WTG.