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  1. A Couple Of Tiddlers For The Zed

    JW just proved that there is more fun in the journey than in the destination! Good job.
  2. Gold Monster 1000 Nuggets

    Thanks Gerry, I was using the 5 inch coil for the nuggets shown, but have also used the large coil. I am using Mike's Gold Monster while my Fisher GB-2 is in for repairs. (It is back as of today, but of course the season is over now.) It is probably true that I was pushing the sensitivity on the small coil and that could have been my problem. I was able to learn which signals to ignore and by going a little slower was able to pretty much solve the problem. Thanks to all the forum member's comments and help. Sure, use the photo as you need. Looking forward to getting out with you again. Your friend, Gary
  3. We were out a couple of days ago and detected these nuggets with the GM 1000. Temperatures were right at 32 degrees and the ground was wet and slightly frozen in a few places. One of the guys got a 6 gram nugget. My Gold Bug 2 is in for repair, so I was using the Gold Monster. It is more sensitive than the GB 2, but certainly more difficult to handle. The signals are not as friendly and the chirps on every blade of grass is annoying. But you can get gold with the Monster.
  4. Using Old Headphones On GM 1000

    This is my last post on this subject I promise. Got everything plugged in at home and yes the Koss does work on the Gold Monster.
  5. Using Old Headphones On GM 1000

    Must have been another pair of headphones-the Koss' didn't work today. Found 4 small nuggets though.
  6. Using Old Headphones On GM 1000

    My Koss headphones work fine on the Monster.
  7. First Winter Storm

    Winter is rapidly closing in on us here in Oregon, although we have been finding a few small pieces lately. We expect to get in a few more short day trips after the morning thaw before we are force to quit for the season. Sent my Gold Bug 2 off for much needed repair yesterday, but have a Gold Monster and the 4500 hanging in the basement. We'll mostly just talk and dream about how great it will be next spring.
  8. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    My friend did send the defective 10 inch coil back and Minelab returned a brand new one. Haven't had time to try it yet though.
  9. Thanks Steve. I'm aware of the three coil sizes you mentioned, but was hoping that other sizes were out there somewhere. In a former life, I would have wound my own, but not having the schematic rules that out. We are having good success with the 6.5 inch and thought an eight inch would bridge the gap by going a little deeper. Gary
  10. The six inch coil for the Gold Bug 2 is working great and we find a few with the 10 inch, but we wonder if there is an 8 inch coil available somewhere for the Gold Bug. In several locations in our hunt area, an additional inch of depth would open up a whole new world of small nuggets. Just asking and hoping competing vendors' coils might work on the Fisher.
  11. Jeff Williams Video

    Way too corny for me. The drivel to knowledge ratio is just too much.
  12. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Chuck, We did mail off the 10 inch coil that I had trouble with and mentioned in the earlier post. It was just sent out, so it is too soon to know anything about Minelab's findings. The coil did have a bit of rattle or looseness inside the cover though. And like Reg said above, it started off okay, but shortly got unusable. So thanks for the advice. Gary
  13. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    The Gold Monster I am using works perfectly with the 5 inch coil and I've found some truly tiny pieces of gold. The 10 inch coil is another matter-it sometimes works okay, but after a bit of time, the coil detects a target, but on the back sweep the target has disappeared. When this happens it continues for the remainder of use. Kinda indicates a coil defect or a defect with the automatic ground balance. While this is a problem, I'm more annoyed by the ergonomics of the unit. When I set the detector down to pinpoint the target in the Jobe scoop, it promptly tips over and when I lean the unit against my shoulder, it spins around so the back of the coil plate faces out. Totally annoying and very time consuming. But I really like the new technology that Minelab and others are trying out on us detectorists.
  14. Gold Found With Anything But A Minelab?

    Some Gold Bug 2 nuggets in the last four weeks. Even the 4.0 gram nugget was in the patch.
  15. Snakes Are Out

    They are out Swifty. Up our way we have Diamondbacks, Bull Snakes, Blue Racers, Garden Snakes and Rubber Boas. Have seen all but the Boas in the last couple of weeks. Only the rattlesnakes are a worry though. Time to start watching where we step and where we place our hands. Ticks are still out too. But the lure of nuggets is strong.