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  1. Fred, If it sounds bitter ... it just sounds like I was in the beginning and no one told me. Every prospector spends MOST of their time not finding gold. (Most means 99% no gold and 1% on gold but I would take that. Every 100 targets = 1 nugget ... great in my book unless you find a trash-less area.) How much of your time are you digging a gold target these days? Mitchel
  2. Madhatter, Have patience (I sometimes don't). Why do you need patience? Well, everyone here giving you their settings and advice spends most of their time swinging without a natural target present. You can't hear what is not there. We all have experienced complete days of 8-10 hours and more without a hint of gold. When you see someone posting 3-4 nuggets now sometimes that is the result of more than one day of hunting. My last trip to a gold producing area took me 10 hours to drive there. I found a little flake within my first hour of hunting and for the next 2 days (20 hours) I was unable to locate any more gold even tho I had found gold in these areas in the past. It is easier to get good or great settings on the 7000 than it is to get directions to a patch to use it. Research your search area MORE than you research your settings. Mitchel
  3. I think that I should also add that most large, living cactus are more valuable to me than a nugget. I don't want to make a choice. Now if you are talking about cholla, I hate those things! haha
  4. Andyy, First time I used my 7000 I went to Quartzsite. I didn't get a lot of targets but I thought I had one at the base of a BIG saguaro. I waited and didn't dig. I tested the other cactus and all of them set off the 7000. It would have to be a huge nugget for me to fell a saguaro. I don't use a 7000 around them (and most tree roots) any more because they are all false signals. Mitchel
  5. Fred, You'll probably be getting the directions soon ... Your nugget is about the size (.9 grain) of my Sawtooth find ... my only find. I got it the first hour I was there and then no more. WTG. Mitchel
  6. Repeat after me ... Effective, Light, Affordable ... it will find gold.
  7. I know, I know ... I'm SOOOOO excited. Steve, this is an alchemy shortcut! Now you don't have to waste time with transformations ... you just find the real thing with ease. alchemy - the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir. But ... why would anyone make more than one? Ok, ok ... I got it again now ... I'll just rent mine (free labor) for a percentage.
  8. Steve, Just one question. Can I wear my steel toed boots? Mitchel
  9. You will see the screen! You will see it better ... now let me see ... I didn't have my polarized sunglasses on so I don't know what the screen will look like but it is sometimes unreadable with my sunglasses.
  10. If you want the BEST display possible go out and get an anti-glare screen protector. Last week I went into my local Radio Shack and about the only thing they had left were screen protectors. I have bought these in the past and put them on my detector screens. It is not a big improvement from my perspective. I didn't buy the right product it seems. I now have bought the ANTI-GLARE kind. BIG difference Hurry out to your local Radio Shack before they close and get 3 of these protectors made for digital cameras and camcorders. My brand was PointMobl. They are easy to cut because they already have rectangle lines you can follow. You will feel great outside day or night. Mitchel
  11. Well done Swifty including the filling in of the hole at the end. That was a deep, loud little guy for the size. I think if someone had not read it was a .6grammer up front they would never believe their eyes when you only got IT. I've been there and dug those but they are getting very hard to find now. We know these are left because the GPXs missed them. There are still some 2300 nuggets out there. You are on 9 with a high smoothing. That will be different than many who will watch this. The only thing that I think we are missing is how 'faint' the signal was before you set up the camera. You had taken a couple of scrapes and you hoped it was going to be a nugget. How faint was it? Mitchel
  12. Good job Dave. You guys have just been treated to the finds of one of the best guys in all the basin and beyond. Go to YouTube and see a few of his hunts. Google him and read some of his wisdom. Mitchel
  13. Steve, I want someone to design a stand that will let you release the detector and it will be much higher than just laying it on the ground. If there were two legs that could be popped out of the stand (just like propping it up against a tree or bush) then it would take a lot of pressure off the shaft and coil ears when digging. It could be free-standing like a tripod. I know people who have broken the 7000 shaft because it was propped against their leg, belly or whatever as it began to slide and they were digging a target. I have broken coil ears on the 3030 coils for that reason. I lean it against me and try to dig wet beach sand at the same time. Snap ... You don't want to lay these detectors in the water or sometimes in the dust. Do you get what I mean? Mitchel
  14. It will be better than the gold I'm going to find on a night beach hunt I'm going on soon!! They will clean up nice and rough. Mitchel
  15. A dealer told me presales have sold out all of the first shipments that they expect to get by the end of May. That was their 'take' on the availability. They didn't know how long the wait will be for a new order unless you find a dealer with an allocation that was not presold.