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  1. My Rye Patch Hunt

    Jeff and Sue had Rye Patch wired this week! I had to 'avoid' them because each time I saw them they had more gold and I didn't! haha They went to patches I couldn't find and once there they found it! Well done. Mitchel
  2. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    I didn't know who was the sponsor. My point was that lots of people would have headed up to the patches and hunted after that event. There are a lot more people at that hunt than any WSPA event.
  3. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    This 2017 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot. It says this is the 5th year. I was going to leave a link but it had some fire picture or something so just the name.
  4. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Yes, we have a group. WSPA I think in the last couple of years after the big coin hunt there at the dam there must have been even more head out to look for gold. Isn't there about 250 who go to that event? Does anyone here attend that hunt? Mitchel
  5. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Ah, I was thinking of it in WA because Paul had asked about that area. I'm sure it would be no problem in Victoria.
  6. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Reg, I wonder how often you have to get fuel? It must be miles and miles to find it. Mitchel
  7. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    What is detecting like there in April, May and June?
  8. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    I felt like I wasn't using what you taught me Lunk!
  9. Koss Headphones

    When I got back from Rye Patch I had my Koss box. I opened it and they looked like the same headphones! What? In the past I had two new headphones if that is what I sent them. This time I had mine back? Well, I read the note inside and they reconditioned the old ones. One says Minelab and the other just says Koss UR-30s. I'm ok with new pads, cords and speakers. The scuff marks on the outside don't bother me. The new policy must be to repair rather than replace. Mitchel
  10. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    This is a great thread. History, current conditions and eye candy galore ... I go here first for my entertainment then other things! Thanks for all who contribute.
  11. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    The guy we met in the mountains had some stories about 80 year olds who are now dying off. They found the Big Nuggets. We heard about a 2 pounder so I guess that would be 24 ounces Troy or so over here. JR has shown many nuggets in that category. To tell you the truth I was expecting more. When at a hammered spot the choice is to move quickly and find the missed nuggets around the bushes and plants or go painfully slow to get small and deep nuggets. I was probably somewhere in between and could have gone slower to find those little things but then I could have missed a bigger, easier one! It only got better after finding 1 nugget because I knew it would be even more painful to come back here with a skunk.
  12. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    JR, It is good to catch up on the album. I've been offline for about 6 days. That is some real gold. Mitchel
  13. Rigging Up The Zed's 19" Coil

    I was in Lovelock. I just missed OJ! I made it to Mill City on Sunday but the Star Trading Post was closed.
  14. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Well ... I'm back! Jennifer's advice would be well heeded. The areas I hunted in Rye Patch were very hammered. I did a lot of research before I went. I identified some old push areas near where gold has been found for years. There is a reason why there are no claims on property. There was very little gold to start with and it didn't seem to have any that I and my friends could find. There were others in our group of 50 that did find gold. The largest nugget I saw was 4 grams and the same guy got a 3 grammer at 18 inches. Everything else was smaller. There was one unique piece that was a small fully faceted crystal with about .4g of gold around the bottom of it. I don't have a picture. I would like to have bought that piece. About 1 PM on Saturday I actually put my friends on a spot that still had some little nuggets between all the dig holes. I was using the 19 and one nugget my friend found could not be heard with the 19! (.1g) I had to leave and still had the skunk. It was time to set up for the dinner. Things were late and I got in a relic trip where I found a copper nugget with my 3030. Felt a little better but still a skunk in my book. Sunday I went to the Eugenes and met a guy who showed us some places to hunt. There were lode claims and nothing placer. Still had a skunk. By the time I got back to the Saturday patch there was only two hours of light left before I had to drive all night to get back home. About 20 minutes after I got there I broke the skunk. The slight little sound was a .2 gram nugget with the 14. Finally ... after several days and multiple trips I had a nugget! (Last year I had 5 nuggets on this outing for about 2 g.) The group that followed a prolific leader who knows the area well found many nuggets. My friends ended up with a couple each. Everyone worked for them. There are no easy nuggets on that side any more. Mitchel
  15. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Two days and two big crystals to show for it. Not my idea of a good time so far. I've got half day tomorrow and Sunday ...