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  1. Wow! Such a sensitive subject. We can't seem to get enough of it for fear we missed something. None of us will get it all but with a good grid pattern and a couple of passes it may be time to go to another patch. The last pass after most of the trash has been removed I'll push the sensitivity up if I'm still getting some pieces. If you wander search a patch it could last for a longer time on all settings. (The search for the missed grid gold!) Mitchel
  2. David, If you go to the top of this forum you will see a search engine. I used it with the following key words: 7000 sensitivity I got 42 results which included some of the very important threads on this forum which deal with your question. A couple of the results will not apply but I think you will find lengthy discussions on sensitivity and volume limits, JP's conservative settings and Steve's super hot settings to name a few. These results will answer questions most of us didn't think of asking. I hope this helps. Mitchel
  3. Roger has been cleared for release from the hospital tonight. He called me with the news. Mitchel
  4. Thank you Fred. I know you have spent more hours with Roger than I have but those I have spent with him were quite special. He had stories about gold and meteorites. He was a gold hunter in Gold Basin long before anyone knew there were meteorites. I miss him each time I go past his camping pad on the way to the GPAA claims. He told me a couple of months ago he was prepared to go out with a new trailer. Here's wishing you well Roger my friend. Mitchel
  5. Well done. We appreciate the update. Mitchel
  6. Chris (the video producer) said: Our two week detecting trip is over, we find two last nuggets and five nuggets in Pahrump NV and one in Lost Basin AZ. It was a lot of swinging going, eight hours a day for two weeks. It was awesome fun and great exercise. And as the way things go, found three the first day and a half and two the last, frustrating days in between. That's prospecting! Mitchel
  7. You caused me to find a quote: Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. Leo Tolstoy A metal detector attempts to find gold by ignoring all that is not gold. That ... like finding truth is very hard to do.
  8. Look at the muddy water in the North Bay and all of the delta!
  9. As the author of a 'bashing a coil cover thread' I must say that I would not let such a rant touch upon JP or any of the other Minelab developers and innovators here or in Australia. Their focus has been on using the technology to maximum advantage and I am a great beneficiary of their efforts. The 7000 has provided me with more pleasure than any detector I've owned and other Minelab products have provided me and my wife even more. Brand loyalty takes many forms for different products from automobiles, computers, headphones, cameras, etc., etc. When someone bashes for purposes that don't suggest a benefit to the brand then they are a quite blind and stupid lot. They should just spend their money and promote the brand of their choosing and leave the 'bashing' of other products to someone who wants to make those products better. (They should also thank Minelab for making them so mad as to use their product to prove Minelab inept. Many will make great finds with their equipment just to prove Minelab wrong!) Good luck to those bashers as I don't want to read them. Steve's forum is enough for me on such details. I am hopelessly immersed in Minelab jargon from JP and others and hope to continue for many years. There are times to express frustration as I did but as Norvic has said ... time has proven the technology. Unfortunately this will NEVER win the day in a brand loyalty contest. Mitchel
  10. Fred, I wanted everyone to see the gold. He said he got skunked ... far, far from it! Good job on the edit Squizz. Mitchel
  11. After all of this and more yet to come ... where is the gold going to stop on the Yuba? Where did it stop after 97?
  12. First, try to edit the post. Some will let you edit the title and others won't. Good Luck. Edit: I just looked at one of my posts and sure enough you can edit the title of the post. I'd say: Over Half Ounce of Gold and a Specimen for 2017
  13. Well done. You fooled me with the title. I didn't think I would see any gold let alone a nice slug and pretty specimen. Please edit the title. I don't like to be 'faked out' like that. Mitchel
  14. I have one of these that I don't really use but the concept is solid. It works but it has been made for mounting on a tube when it should be some other type of mount. I used it briefly with my 5000 by using a splitter for the phone jack. (You can also use it instead of headphones but this was going to take a learning curve ... especially on the faint targets!) One had headphones and the other this vibraphone. It does work. It says on the advertising it doesn't work on Minelabs but I had no problem. It sits in my box for further testing one day. Why? Well ... it does convert the target energy into vibrations that can be felt rather than heard. What I discovered was that my sense of vibration was not as sensitive as my sense of sound (even with some frequency gaps). That is my personal choice to abandon use of it but for someone with very limited or no hearing (or if I lost my hearing) I would use this in a minute. When I bought mine I chatted with the manufacturer and I don't really know why it is not a more widely used product. Mitchel PS Check out the other products. I've considered one of the pointers in the past but haven't gotten one.