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  1. Dave told me about the story and he alluded to the shooter thinking he poisoned his dog but it seems there are mental issues involved which made for an ongoing dispute. If you Google some of the names and read other accounts ... one of them said that the shooter had moved away from people to that location. The account said he wanted to be as far away from people as he could get. (Paranoia) I guess he could not move far enough to feel right.
  2. Norm's coin was a plant! (I got a silver dollar!) haha Don't go to Gold Basin looking for coins and relics.
  3. Last week I was in Gold Basin and I started asking a few questions about the residence at the corner of Gladiola and Gregg's Hideout Road. The wooden structure was gone but the shell of the RV was still there on the property that still had the neat driveways and walkways made out of the native rocks. A couple of trips before this (I have some pictures somewhere) the property looked like it had been hit by a tornado but they don't have those in Gold Basin, right? I met the couple who lived on that corner. They were like 'gate keepers' because everyone had to go by their place on the way to the club claims and the open land in the basin. They had come out and met me one time when I was on the GSSN claims a couple of miles away. He and his wife both metal detected and from what he told me he was much more successful than I was so I took verbal notes! They were very friendly. On my trip last week I met Dave who has lived in GB for many years. I asked him if he knew anything about the damage. He told me a tale which some of you may already know. It seems that this couple had a neighbor who they had a dispute with and it turned violent last April. Now I know (and you do too) what happened at the 4000 block of Gladiola Drive last April 8. RIP Sherman. Since that time the property was ransacked and now the only thing left is the RV shell.
  4. It is a tough job any more for both and getting harder! Thanks for looking.
  5. I got out for 3 days to Gold Basin. The first day was a skunk but then at the end of the second a little color. I got up at daylight on Saturday and found a couple of meteorites before 8 AM. Then on a long walkabout I found a mini-patch of 3 pieces. Later on a 5 mile walk I found a 15g sunbaker meteorite. It is nice to get even small results with the 7000/14. Mitchel
  6. After she is gone ... does it make detecting better or worse?
  7. Actually ... you only need a 2" coil or a pointer! (Where can it 'hide?')
  8. Bada Bing, Don't you get lost over there WITH your car? Mitchel
  9. They just announced the Google App and this article goes over the iPhone App as well.
  10. Yes, you heard it right. Time may be used in the future to find gold and/or oil. Here is a very technical observation of this technique from 2012:
  11. That is a great patch ... do you tell the land owner? haha I think I would bring out my flashlight and keep hunting unless he was a great friend and would let you back! Nice birthday. Mitchel
  12. Thursday we were by in Rye Patch and while I didn't get any nuggets Lu got 4/1g with the 2300. We hunted until dark (about 7:00 PM) and then got back to Santa Monica about 5 AM! Are the drive times shorter in WA?
  13. Paul, I was just there today and I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Lu and I took pictures at the old Hudson (??) then drove up a couple of miles past your claim toward the upside of Rabbit Hole. It was a road no one uses because you can't get across the big wash coming out of the Rabbit Hole valley. We had to turn around and go back (past your claim) to get back on Jungo Road. There were very few tracks (maybe 3 only) to near your claim since the last rain and now I've added a couple of them. There were piles over toward the old power lines and older activity but no new holes on your claim. I didn't add any either. (I know you have a camera out there some place!) Tomorrow back to Rye Patch. Mitchel
  14. We spent time out near Rabbit Hole today and Jungo Dry (Wet) Lake. No nuggets and no meteorites ... a bit more wind today and some light snow showers were in the area. Tomorrow back to Rye Patch and then drive back to Santa Monica (8+ hours) so we plan on some color!
  15. It is another great day here with some high clouds filtering the sun. Today is a day for exploring what the winter has done. One thing it has done has been to fill up the lake. All of the flats now have water over them. The fishing is not so good yet as the fish that were concentrated now have extra miles to go. They may be in different temperature groups but that is another sport for a different time. Now is a time for Jungo Road. Mitchel