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  1. I thought Gerry was talking about the battery 'blowing up' and the 'competition' was using the story! Minelab has been developing some good products but they have also been developing some good hype prior to release making it seem like it is a 'must have' or you will be wasting your time swinging something else. I feel this way right now. Mitchel
  2. I've just returned from an early morning hunt. I thought I was going to see a rocket launch but it has been put off for another day. There was not too much happening with the beach. Very little sand has been moved recently. I did get my first two rings ... well only one was worn. It is a cheap copper ring. It sounded just like a penny coming in a 20. It was just by luck I dug this one as several others I passed up. The other ring is some fishing gear. Mitchel
  3. Norvic, It is a good question you pose about the GB. When you do the noise cancel you see and hear a completed task and then go to detect. I don't know what is supposed to happen with the GB. Mitchel
  4. I'm finally posting my first two trips finds. The first picture shows the first coin I found which was a dime. My first water find was the hoop earring. Remember I was hunting with the WM8 and did not turn on the power. The second picture was with different beach conditions. There were more targets and I used the blue tooth only. That is completely wireless and I know that needs power Norvic. haha Another question for Norvic ... should I count the $2 in paper as an Equinox find? Maybe say it heard the little wire strip in it? Mitchel
  5. I have both coils on order. I personally think that the large coil will be very useful also. I'm wondering so far with the stock DD coil if it really sees the 'fringe area' that is part of my detecting with the 7000 and the 3030. I know if I get directly over a target its killer so that may be good for gold in a hot rock area. Just wondering and would like to see a thread on this. Mitchel
  6. Chase, I was answering questions at the other end of the thread before I read this question of yours. Your assumption was mine also about being hardwired. My first use I thought (or didn't think) that once wired then I was connected. I was muffled so I need to use the WM8 next time and turn on the headphones. As it turns out the 800 looks for the WM8 first then goes to bluetooth. I was just on the beach for about 3 hours and I used the bluetooth only. I don't know what the WM8 sounds like with the headphones turned on. Mitchel
  7. Dave, The sound was coming through the headphones on the first use. I just had to turn up the machine volume to the limit. If you use a 3030 or 7000 with a WM10 or WM12 you don't have to turn on any headphones. As it turns out the headphones that come with the 800 will work without turning them on ... they are better when you do turn them on. haha Mitchel
  8. I got my 800 from Bill on Thursday. It could have been Tuesday but that is another story. I charged it up and went out to my favorite beaches late in the afternoon. I put on my gear and headed for the wet area I normally hunt. I was using the WM8 with a wire to the supplied headphones. So ... where was the 'bang?' Where was the 'blow my socks off' sort of performance? It was muffled, hard to hear ... disappointing. What was I missing. I was already starting to write the new threads about the lack of 'wow power' I had seen and read about. I found a few coins and pieces but I was underwhelmed by this new detector. I called a friend and told him I'd bite my tongue a bit because it had to be me. I was doing something wrong. I made a couple of tentative posts until I could get out to my testing area with better knowledge. I did and WOW! I laid out some coins, a ring, some gold nuggets, keys and other stuff. This time I started without headphones and it was amazing. The sounds were loud and clear and the entire detector resonates when you get over a target. What had I done on my first trip? (I'll tell you later.) The recovery was fast and adjustments easy (although there are more) and switching between modes was good for the targets can sound different. One of my first tasks was to take my nugget chips I use for my 7000 and Gold Bug Pro and test in all the modes for them. No problem on these which got me excited. I could see these little nuggets in all the modes with all of the tone choices. Gold, single tone could be swung over little nuggets quickly and still sound off! This was just a surface test but it was strong, much stronger than Gold Bug Pro. I'll have to try with the 3030 and its coils. I placed a ring near a .1g nugget. It separates the signal in multi and single frequency. Oh my. My appraisal just went up higher. When I added the headphones then I was blown away. I had to turn the volume way down from my first day at the beach. Why? Well, in that session I had used the WM8 as I used the 10 and 12 before. Plug in the headphones and detect. I've added the JP booster recently and that helps (I didn't use it with the 800 as not necessary) but I forgot a KEY step. I'm embarrassed to say I used the headphones the first session without turning them on. Oh my goodness. No excuses, just plain stupidity. Now you know why I am blown away by what I can hear now. This is certainly a different type of detector for me and I'm looking forward to all of the different ways I can see the ground I'm working. Targets will be hard to hide. Steve's 'faith based' detector will blow some socks off I'm sure. It already has. I'm wondering where to go as we speak which is what a good, performing detector should cause us to think. When you get yours I think you will understand.
  9. Equinox Headphone Jack

    I see you have bagged up your control box to protect it from ?? Mitchel
  10. Equinox Headphone Jack

    I've never wave detected because I need a wet suit that I don't have and I don't know how to trust 'water proof' on the 3030 battery compartment. My wife dropped the SE Pro into some shallow water and it was just a matter of time before it ended its life. I know some of the best stuff is in the surf but I wait for the storms to bring it to me. Mitchel
  11. Equinox Headphone Jack

    Chase, The WM8 takes the small 1/8 pin. The WM 10 and WM12 take the 1/4 pin. If I use my 1/4 in headphones that did not come with the 800 or if I want to use JP's booster I have to use an adapter to make the 1/8 to 1/4. Those are a lot of additional devices and I think just using the bluetooth will be what I do with the 800 95% of the time. Mitchel
  12. Equinox Too Noisy?

    Chase, I have used this on my 3030 with limited success. I thought I had the right channel and setup one time. I went back and it was as noisy as ever. The best thing I could do with the 3030 was to go back when everything was off. I don't do that much any more. The first time under for me was just on Beach 1 and Beach 2 and was only about 5% of my hunt. I'm in need of basics right now. Mitchel
  13. Equinox Too Noisy?

    It is a jumpy threshold and target ID when in a certain area. If I get 20 yards away it smooths out and is not a problem.
  14. I like the feel of the headphones also. They were on my big ears for over 4 hours and I didn't have the 'oh no, now it is time to peel them off' feeling! haha Now I'll have to use their volume adjustments in addition to the 800's.