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  1. Ur30's Refurbished - Success

    I had two pairs returned to me and I think I like having the old ones back after repair better than new ones. You just have a good feeling about them when you have found many nuggets and coins. I'm glad it worked out for you Chris. Mitchel
  2. Short Trip To Baja

    Tumble, roll, slide, smash, ankle busting, etc, etc ... Good GOD (gold) Steve! Be careful. Mitchel
  3. This nugget is said to be the world's largest crystalline nugget. http://www.calaverasenterprise.com/sierra_lodestar/article_ca273814-da1c-11e7-b866-b37713f31b00.html
  4. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    Just reading this thread/sub-forum for the first time ... Steve, You are a teacher. You teach us and you teach Minelab. Who else is there to teach? My kid? He is on the way and I hope you teach him too! Mitchel
  5. Jin, You are a young man. Don't be scared by trash. The man I know who finds more than all of the rest of us combined month after month after month has a Surfmaster PI. Sure he has a big pile of trash at the end of the year also but he is greatly rewarded. He goes to the deep 'holes' in the surf beaches and doesn't wait for the wave energy to bring it back to the shore. You will have fun. Once you find a patch treat it just like gold. As Steve has said the beaches are just like a big pan. Once it is shaken around for a few years/months/weeks the fines and the heavies sort themselves out. Look for the lead fishing weights! Look online for a video about the beach you are going to and see what they have found. Mitchel
  6. Jin, I've posted elsewhere about beaches and energy. When there is no energy the valuable objects are not moved into the tidal areas on my beaches here in Southern California. When we had the El Nino a couple of years ago there were many areas with lots of rings and valuables that were washed up because of the short interval waves for many weeks. What if you had a lake or ocean level for a few hundred thousand years doing the same thing with natural gold and then that sea dropped away. You could have both deep gold that stopped at the shoreline and you could have other gold pay streaks that were brought back up by the energy in the waves at the time. We have been told that one area where we hunt in Rye Patch, Nevada had an ancient lake and that shoreline held enough gold for us to target it as a pattern. It has been hunted extensively below the source gold at the ancient lake level at that elevation and I think the pattern produced. Mitchel
  7. Jin, I bought a 5000 in 2010 and used it on the beach for nearly two years. It found everything ... well ... not really ... I've got a story about a diamond on a very thin chain I found by accident. I heard another target and found the chain! Don't use a big coil. It will just see too many targets. You have enough timings on the 4500 to find a place for it to be quiet. If you have a beach with a substantial tide then hunt the wet sand on the low tide. There is no real reason to get the coil or the unit wet. One thing you can do to protect it is to put it in a plastic bag. You can still adjust it. You just have to get your headphone cord out of it. I think you will have fun digging everything. It is a good way to learn a beach. You want to know what trash to look for that holds the rings and jewelry. You'll learn the coin sounds. Dig, dig, dig ... it will go deeper than anyone else on the beach. You'll find some good things. Mitchel
  8. New Members

    goldrat, Good suggestion about being new to a forum. You have to also understand there are many on a forum who don't want to say much or be 'known' as the same guy/gal on the other forums so Steve has to balance things too. I'd say whoever gave you a lesson and made the CTX 'too complicated' did you a dis-service. This is a very good detector that I use very often and I don't complicate. I let it do the work. Turn it on. Select the mode. Ground balance it and away you go. In my case I have it set for the beach, highest sensitivity, low trash and each time I turn it on that is where it starts and stays for hours. I don't do anything but look at the objects on the screen to see if I want to dig them or not. If you don't need that type of detector then I would sell it. (I hope you don't take a big hit.) Mitchel
  9. Busted A Fatty Today!

    Well done Walker! I hope you get to keep this one. Mitchel
  10. Equinox & Salt Water

    Steve, You could have Minelab send mine early and I'll tell you what it is like on the Southern California Beaches. Just let Bill know my order is filled. I'm going out in about an hour so if I had one I could give a report. Mitchel
  11. Having Faith In Your Detector

    Yes, it is Blake! Can I still change it? Changed, thanks Lunk.
  12. Having Faith In Your Detector

    Now that we know you are in Quartzsite we'll be able to have a better idea of your gold problem also. There are many patches and many on this forum that have been going there for many years. Make sure you go see Blake at Miner's Depot and join the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club. Their 'season' has just started and you will get lots of information from them at the claims and at the coin hunts. It is truly one of the best clubs in the world. Mitchel
  13. Having Faith In Your Detector

    Bill, Well done! (I bet you couldn't believe your luck!) You have about the right amount of time per day in I'd say. It lets you enjoy the activity and still be focused. Now you can hear the gold. How deep were the nuggets and were they near each other? Patches will come your way. Gold has a source and when you find some go in circles around where you found it. You are mapping out a path on how it got there. You can see the gullies and follow them. It is harder to follow hillsides or ridges but they all can hold gold. Mitchel
  14. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    Very nice nugget. Mitchel
  15. He's at his new job about 4 miles from me but we have not had time to meet up yet. Next week I suspect we'll see each other and give it a go.
  16. It seems they are still finding a few little nuggets out there Paul. I doubt they will let you detect there but maybe you can go near? http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/gold-fever-in-wa-as-miner-digs-up-big-nuggets-20171102-gzdgmf.html What say the Prospectors already over there? Mitchel
  17. This guy ... a Grey Nomad found $6000 worth of nuggets in 3 days! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-australia-gold-kirklandlake/australias-new-gold-rush-lures-prospectors-down-under-idUSKBN1DU04F
  18. New Wireless Headphones By Minelab

    Now the problem with a booster is going to be where can you plug it in. I think the use of the booster with the WM12 or 10 is ok because I can attach both of them to my cap. I can't do this with the 2300. I have a set of wireless headphones with a separate transmitter but the connections are not compatible with the B&Z. Mitchel
  19. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    I turned in my 'waiting list' spot for a prepaid spot earlier this week. I put down $500 because I was told those orders were filled first. I did this with Bill Southern and got his forum member discount.
  20. New Wireless Headphones By Minelab

    The best part about excess volume is the sound when it is under 50% used! It is like an idling car with a big engine. You KNOW what you've got. In many cases you never use it. Many of us now listen to our detectors more than music and I always wanted lots of power with my stereo.
  21. New Wireless Headphones By Minelab

    Can we ask him how big his nuggets are yet?
  22. Some nuggets are worth more than the gold content. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-42081538 Would you take $200 for a 3 grammer? Mitchel
  23. New Wireless Headphones By Minelab

    Thanks Steve. I hope your suggestions are helping them with the final release. Is the volume enough or do you need the booster? Mitchel
  24. Area I'm Detecting

    Good luck finding the acorns! With time lots can happen and it is a nice 'hobby' for a few months in the desert.
  25. 3 Gram Nugget Sells For $5300!

    The buyer could pay for them with Bitcoin!