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  1. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Where o where could my Gold Kruzer be, Oh where o where could it beeeeee 61 killihertz hot, with a mic-ro pro-grammm oh where, o where, could it be.
  2. Copper / Brass Belt Buckle

    Good find, Mark. What do you think about the Pro-Arc? Any better than the hobby brand? HH Mike
  3. 68 Pounds!!!!! What a day!!! Congrats HH Mike
  4. That is a lot of tabs, Skate. A lot of large pull tabs. Why do you think that you need to be digging square tabs to find a gold ring? How many types of gold rings are likely to give the same ID as a large square pull tab? Who would wear a large pull tab type of ring? What activities would cause someone who wears a large pull tab type of ring to be lost? Are any of those activities taking place where you dug all those square pull tabs? Does that activity take place often enough that there is a good chance of a ring being lost, and, most importantly, lost and not recovered? I'm trying to be helpful. If you are going to go out and dig pull tabs at least understand why to dig them and where to dig them. I cannot over emphasis the importance of those books titles I posted if you really want to be successful at this. You hunt gold with your mind and recover it with a metal detector. HH Mike
  5. Most of the sour grapes thing is just jealousy. Mfgr send units out to people who can write well enough to be understood. My start as a prototype field tester for 1st Texas came about from a post I made on the old Bounty Hunter forum about DD coils. This was pre-T2. Dave Johnson told me he printed my post and used it to bolster his pitch to Tom Walsh about the need to build a good DD coil - and it was that post that brought me into the metal detector engineering prototyping world and allowed me to participate in the T2 project, then the F75 project and many others since then. However I only have to write for the engineering team. I don't have to write up reports for public consumption. I give mucho kudos to the public consumption literary group. Much tougher crowd. If you want to field test all you need to do is up your writing game and show you have some knowledge on the subject. HH Mike
  6. One of the reasons I find the Complete Zip Zip so valuable a read as an inland jewelry hunter is that he really gets into how important it is to set up your detector to hear the desired target. I may not be out in the boonies prospecting for raw gold, but I find the premise is the same for processed gold in urban sites and I attribute many of my gold finds to setup tips I learned in this book. Its information is valuable enough to me that I try to re-read it at least once a year. If you are a dedicated gold hunter you want this in your library if you can get it. I wouldn't pay 100 bucks for it, but I'd pay 30 - 50 dollars for it if I was to run across one at that price. HH Mike
  7. Hi Steve, First off, The whole reason you created YOUR site is so that YOU can say and post what YOU are excited about. We are free to read it or not. If people don't like what they find on YOUR site they can go elsewhere and bellyache bellyache over there. I for one like the early information. I really really really like the thoroughness of your posts. So chin up there friend! HH Mike
  8. I highly recommend this book by Clive Clynick. http://www.clivesgoldpage.com/ “DFX Gold Methods: Finding Gold Jewelry with the White’s DFX “E” Series TM Metal Detector” While he writes to the DFX, the information is valuable for the inland jewelry hunter no matter what machine you use. There is also this one, which is very good but I like the DFX one better... Gold and Silver: Understanding Beach, Shore and Inland Metal Detecting Sites” This is better than just telling you where to look as it puts you in the right mentality for gold hunting. HH Mike Shoot.....almost forget this one...... The Gold Jewelry Hunter’s Handbook: Finding Lost Gold at Beach, Park and Shoreline Metal Detecting Sites
  9. Will include a 4" Greek concentric I bought late last year but never used. This is the 7.8 kHz coil made to work with the 7.6 and 7.8 kHz Greek/Fisher units. HH Mike
  10. I'm the original owner, got it in December 2015. Well taken care of. Sent in for a checkup last August where they replaced the board and gave it a new serial number with a 0817 date code. I left the plastic film on the display just to keep it nice. Its a way cool, feature rich metal detector that has some unique features. I've included the specs below: Comes with the stock coil (no coil cover) and original manual. Sorry I don't have the original box. $275 shipped via parcel post. USPS Money Order or Paypal (add 3 percent or friends and family) The Omega has a unique control interface that incorporates both analog and touch pad controls; adjustments are easy to make with one hand. The Omega has three graphics that display information about soil conditions: Fe3O4 bar graph, Ground Phase number and Ground Error indicator. These indicators keep you aware of the ever-changing soil conditions, allowing you to keep your detector perfectly balanced to achieve the greatest possible target depth. If you hunt in difficult soil conditions, the Omega is for you. Adjustable Backlight Waterproof Elliptical Searchcoil Notching Controls – Discrimination & Variable Volume by Category Independent Gain & Threshold Control Ground Mineralization Readout Ground Phase Error Readout 2 Modes of Operation: Discrimination All Metal Selectable V.C.O. Base Tone Choice of 3 Tones plus V.C.O Digital Target-ID System Ground Grab® Computerized Ground Balancing with Manual Override Frequency Shift to Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Visual Background Iron-ID Enhanced Multi-Level Depth Boost Static Pinpoint with Numerical Depth Indicator Large Target Overload Alarm Quick-Switch Mode Control – Discrimination to All Metal Mode Multiple Audio Tone ID Options Expanded Iron ID Range, 1-39 Unique, Intuitive Interface & Display
  11. Best Coin Detector Suggestions

    NuggetBuddy, If I could only have one metal detector to 'do it all' I would pick the new F75 LTD with DST. Reason being that it CAN do it all, do it simply, and do it well. It is feature rich enough, powerful enough, and sensitive enough for all tasks you set for it to do. It has a very good selection of search loops and its a proven performer. It only has one user requirement. You have to learn the F75's sweep speed. Check it out. HH Mike
  12. Kruzer Product Brochure

    Thank you Steve!!!!! No mention of E.U.D???? 3700 mah of Lipo on the high frequency ought to last forever. HH Mike
  13. Kruzer Product Brochure

    Guess I have to wait until tomorrow. HH Mike
  14. All the 7.8 and 7.6 kHz coils work but only to a set signal strength. They are basically on and off coils. Air tests to about 7 or 8 inches and then quick cut off. No modulation. I occasionally use the 11" Triangulated concentric coil on my F75LTD for a little concentric ground coverage. Seems ok for the top 4 to 5 inches of ground. I'd like to see one of these specifically for the F75 as I like that coil. The new 7.8 kHz 4" concentric coil air tests good on the F75. It will allow modulated audio to about 6-1/2 to 7". Haven't used it in the ground yet. I hear you Cipher on the V3. I pretty much just use the 9.5 and 12" concentric on my V3 for the finer discrimination ability. The DD's get better depth in my ground but I want the better discrimination I get from the concentric. HH Mike
  15. Bought A " New To Me " Etrac

    Thanks Bado1. I had it out yesterday digging dimes. I do have one question. When detecting I get one set of FE-CO numbers, and when pinpointing I often got a different set of FE-CO numbers. The number with the major difference was the FE number. A dime would give me a 12-44. Pinpoint would often give me a 29-45. A big jump in the FE number. Should I care about the Pinpoint FE-CO numbers? Thanks Mike