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  1. that is what you are looking for!!!!! Very nice! HH Mike
  2. Nice rings! Did you have to deal with any tiny ferrous while hunting low conductors with the TDI? HH Mike
  3. 11 grams of 14 karat is a nice find! Congrats! HH Mike
  4. My plate is too full right now. Sorry. Mike
  5. Thanks Steve. I appreciate the effort and found it helpful. It is the CZ functionality and the "bullet proof" construction that has me interested. I'd like to do more real treasure hunting this year and there is a hole in my kit that something like this could fill. F75 on the ground, V3 inside structures, and a good heavy duty all purpose unit like the CZ-21 could really round me out. My real question if I jumped would be making sure I got a hot unit and not a cold one. I would classify 'Hot' as being one that could air test both a nickel and a dime at 11" or more in Disc mode. I wouldn't want a CZ-21 that only gets 7 or 8 inches on a nickel air test, especially since its locked in salt mode. I guess if I decide to get one I could call the factory and see how hard it would be to get said unit. But it looks better and better as I spend time plugging it in and out of my equipment gap. HH MIke
  6. Hi Steve, with the CZ-21 being locked in salt mode, how does it do on jewelry in the water and on land? Coins? I have never seriously considered a CZ-21 before but your post put it on my radar and it seems like it would be a great tool for those nasty sites, like caves, under porches, wading and swimming areas, sumps and such like. It just seems to me like an Exanimo tool that begs more attention. HH Mike
  7. I have seen supported hand grips similar to this style on cheap china products..... Here is an example of one version.
  8. I have two objects that give the same phase response. One is a piece of foil, the other is a little 18kt white gold ring. At high frequency, the phase response is identical. The spectra-graph response is identical...a nice tight signature. What is the difference between the two items? Mass. The ring has a much higher mass than the foil. So a specialty gold jewelry detector needs to be able to capitalize on this difference. High frequencies cannot differentiate mass, yet we still need the higher frequency just because the targets are small. Lower frequencies can differentiate mass. With the V3 as the example unit, 2.5 kHz isn't very responsive to foil. Foil doesn't have the mass to store the eddy currents long enough to report very well. It scatters the spectragraph, and often doesn't even report at all. But the little ring will hold the eddy current and still give a good spectragraph signature. You can see this low frequency effect even on non-round gold items. You can see this effect in the sizing screen in the sizzle of the line before and after the hump. What I am getting at here is that a specialized gold jewelry detector can't be the normal thing we are all used to using. It needs to key into the differences between our trash and our desired targets. Go ahead and give me the high frequency squeal but with that also give me the low frequency mass response. And let me be the one who doing the low frequency dialing. Let me see their responses at the same time. That is just one requirement. I also need to be able to run hot but with low gain, like on the F5 and V3 so that I can key into tiny targets. Give me the additional tiny and large target response filters like the Berkut-5. There is more, but this basically points toward what I'm looking for. HH Mike
  9. take a look at this... http://www.findmall.com/read.php?66,2339836,2339836#msg-2339836 I agree with you Steve, on the need for a dedicated inland gold jewelry unit. The issue is that there is a mistaken belief that a good relic unit makes a good jewelry unit. Or that a high frequency unit makes a good jewelry hunter. All bogus premises. A inland jewelry hunter's problem statement is, "how do I locate a low to mid range conductive target in a high EMI environment full of low to mid range conductivity non-ferrous trash?" What we are given, for the most part, are what I call trash squealers. High conductive relic units that are good in the ferrous.vs non-ferrous response but poor in the low conductor vs low conductor response. You can find gold with them the same way you find gold with any detector but its not optimized. It squeals, you dig and hope for the best. The V3 is the first unit to come along that actually holds promise for a inland jewelry hunter, yet, as has been said it has a long learning curve. HH Mike
  10. Pictures of gold makes you antsy to get out doesn't it? Hope the weather holds for this weekend. HH Mike
  11. Good start for the year! Do you know what ID number it liked? I'm trying to see how much gold hits as foil range on the F75. HH Mike
  12. Its a bummer. Be February before I get to swing out side again. Mike
  13. The Rutus Alter 71 is the one I'm watching too. Raw VDI possible with any frequency selected with the ability to choose between 2 normalized frequencies. Tried to buy one last year but they weren't ready for me yet. The Impact will probably create a flood of unsaleable Racer 2s on the classifieds much like the Racer 2 created unsaleable Red Racers. For some reason Makro never caught my interest, and still hasn't, although I have given the Gold Racer a recent hard look, but walked away. HH Mike
  14. I live close to the foothills of the Sandia Mountains and its normal to get snow on them at nearly 11,000 feet elevation. When the weatherman says snow I figure I'll get an inch or three in my area but it will be clear by the time I get down into the valley. It looks like this one caught us all by surprise and snowed across the whole valley and it was followed by extremely low temperatures. So that measly little 1-1/2" turned the roads into snow pack and ice covered rinks. Basically the more it got drove on , the worse it got. That and the city didn't have the cinders out. I think we just get rain later in the week this week. I don't mind hunting in the snow as long as the ground is dig-able. I have even hunted in blizzard a couple of years ago. But when I have to use a pick to get past the frozen surface I have to wait a bit. HA! HH Mike
  15. Woke up Friday to snow and packed and icy roads. Got to work before they closed all the roads behind me. I was like 5 minutes ahead of the road closures. If I'd known that I'd stayed home. The temps dropped so low this weekend I didn't get out. Ground would have been frozen. Hoping for a better weekend next week as I found another hot spot to hunt that I think will be productive. Hope the rest of you got out for a chance at silver or gold. HH Mike