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  1. Costume Jewelry Find...." Sterling Shank "

    Thanks, I haven't gotten to the stone yet. I'm thinking glass but not positive. It doesn't have that shine a good stone would give. HH Mike
  2. I was out and about with my F75 LTD Sunday morning and found this ring. I thought at first it was junk but closer inspection revealed that it is marked " Sterling Shank" with a jeweler's mark. I had never found a ring mark Sterling Shank before so I had to research it. The band is silver and the stone mounting is silver plated. Its not a continuous band either. Its cut out at the top and the stone mounting is dropped in the notch and soldered in place. That would explain the zinc VDI reading it gave me. Researching the jeweler's mark, This ring has the ,the 1947 Vargas mark on it. Somebody lost one of grandma's rings. Link to a site where you can research jeweler marks. http://illusionjewels.com/costumejewelrymarksv.html I'm calling it treasure. HH Mike
  3. Dry Spells And Groundskeepers

    Very nice! I like finding 18k White Gold. We need a green emoticon to show some envy. HH Mike
  4. Racin' The Racer

    Thank you for that review, 1864hatter, and congrats on your gold. HH Mike
  5. Deluxe Field Toilet

    I need one of those for the wife. I went fishing and took her along. Drove around the lake until I found my spot for the day. Got there and got out of the truck and heard the words, "I've got to pee". I get back in the truck and drive her to a toilet. (she is frail with bad hips). When finished I drive back out to the spot, get my gear out and get all setup when I hear this, "honey I'm sorry but I got to go to the bathroom again, #2". I pack all my gear back up and drive her back to the toilet. When finished I drive back to my "spot" only now to find someone else parked and fishing my honey hole. sigh. This is one I've been looking at, the bumper dumper. But your chair model ( with arms for support) looks to be a better idea. Especially if I can integrated it into a bumper dumper.
  6. Garrett AT Max Delayed Until September?

    I was excited about the AT Max until I saw the operating frequency. 13 kHz needs extra attention to deal with EMI. Hopefully they are changing it back to the ATPro's 15 kHz. I can hope anyway. I'd look at it again if they did. As of now its dead on arrival in my book. HH Mike
  7. Following A Lead To A Spill

    That is a good post, Deft Tones. I like the way you tracked down the lead. I wish all those rings would have been 18 kt for your sake. HH Mike
  8. Hi Bryan, In low minerals you can get away with a lot of variation in your sweep speed but as the mineral strength increases, sweep speed becomes more critical. The T2/F75 are very sweep speed dependent in higher mineralization. You have to speed it up. A 4 to 5 feet a second sweep speed is good for me when I'm looking to punch deep. Any slower and the signals tend to vanish. If folks aren't getting depth, its typically because they are sweeping too slow. The T2/F75 ground filters require some speed to deal with higher minerals. HH Mike
  9. In my area, the ATPro was the least affected by EMI. The Lobo St runs well too. The 19 kHz Fisher/Teks units have to have the sensitivity set about 80 to run quiet, which I disliked to do as the sensitivity setting acted more like an volume control on those units. Then came the new Fisher DST feature/function. It is FANTASTIC. I cannot say enough good things about Fisher's DST feature. In the same places where I have to run a F19 at a 80 sensitivity setting to mitigate EMI, I can run the F75, even in FA mode, at maximum sensitivity with zero, zilch, nada instability. I love this thing. I absolutely love this thing. In fact, in order to use a different unit, like the V3, or my 8500, I actually have to pack the 75 LTD DST model away so that its not so easy to pick up and go. Regards the V3 and EMI. First line of defense is ground Filters. Switch to a Band Pass filter. Then dial gain and sensitivity settings. Frequency offsets, while ok in single frequency modes, should be the last resort in multi-frequency mode, especially if you are running in three frequency correlate mode. HH Mike
  10. I wonder what machines, besides my Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, don't need it? EMI is my number one metal detector issue I have to deal with, followed by high mineralization. If I can't control the EMI response, then what good does it do me to worry about number 2?
  11. New White's D2 Coil Design For 2017

    That looks much better. I'd be willing to run that one. HH Mike
  12. White's Electronics Visit And A New V3i

    You know, I never use the stock coil on my V3. Its always the 9.5 concentric, or the 5x10 DD, or the 10x12 SEF or even the 12" 300. But never that D2 coil. From the moment I first saw the D2 at the V3 release I've been turned off it. It looked garage made cheap. It would be ok if I made the coil in my garage for use on the V3. But not as stock on a $1700 detector. Side note. Coils are not parafocal on the V3. Each coil requires program tweaks. Good luck with your new V3i. I have stuff I want to post but no time. HH Mike
  13. Coin Air Tests For White's V3i?

    Thanks Mark, Sometime my charts are hard to read as I'm making them for my own reference. They also get a bit time consuming so it takes a while to complete them and I have to be in the mood to do so after I get the basic information I'm looking for out of them. HH Mike
  14. Coin Air Tests For White's V3i?

    You'll need to map your Gain and Sensitivity settings to get a grasp on whats what. Here is mine... Its a work in progress. I believe this is with the 9.5 concentric Mike
  15. Hobby Dilemma

    Tom, You do know we don't really want to increase the competition, umm... I mean grow the hobby. Some ideas: Think virtual Pokemon. Sell a $1 metal detector phone app with $99 in hardware. First company that gets a metal detector app on a cell phone will win this game. Think $100 Dues. Promote regular treasure hunts like you did with the Easter hunt. Once they get the bug an upgrade in equipment is a given like any other hobby. If I was a metal detector dealer I'd already be doing this. I have an acquaintance that is really big time into solar observing. He creates solar viewing events. No he doesn't make the sun do anything special. He just goes around and makes it possible for people to have a chance to look at the sun. Sets up lots of scopes at different events and lets people look. Metal detector dealers could be doing the same thing at fairs, special school events, boys/girls clubs, scout clubs, etc. Anywhere there is an event where poeple are gathering to have fun, there should be a corn box with some trinkets where you can hand a kid a detector and let him find and keep a trinket. Think bubble gum ring or something. Kid has fun, parents get an idea for gifts or something. Another words in sight, in mind, out of sight, out of mind. Too bad you don't have dealers/distributors selling anymore . HH Mike