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  1. Mike Hillis

    More Patch Gold

    Hi Bado, In the wood chips I use the F75LTD with DST and the little 5x10" DD coil. HH Mike
  2. Mike Hillis

    More Patch Gold

    This little beauty came out of another patch. This particular patch is an elementary school's wood chip playground that is adjacent to a park. I found my first gold ring ever there back in 2005. (I think it was 2005, might have been 2006 as I think it took me nearly 2 years to find my first gold ring). Over the years this patch has yielded some nice finds. It dried up after a while and I put it on a 6 month cycle. I found this ring there yesterday morning. 10k gold. About a size 7 I think. Ring is marked 10k and CZ so the stones are probably cubic-zirconia. Very pretty. My wife laid claim to this one for Mother's Day. HH Mike
  3. Nice hunt. Look at that tab. Just when you think you have seen them all, a new one pops up. HH Mike
  4. Mike Hillis

    Patch Gold

    That is a good book, too, and its fairly recent. Wait and see...it will help. HH Mike
  5. Mike Hillis

    Patch Gold

    Hi Dukester, If I say, "tot lots", what makes one tot lot better than another one? If I say, "basketball court", what makes one basketball court better than another one? If I say, "soccer field", what makes one soccer field better than another one? If I say, "park", what makes one park better than another?. If I say, "school playground", what makes one school playground better than another one? I had lousy luck hunting jewelry until I read Clive's "DFX Gold Methods" book. That turned on some lights and helped me a lot. If you want repeatable success you really have to read it. He puts you into the right mindset. The lights turn on, so to speak. He can help you find that first jewelry item. Once you find your first one or two items you are on your way..... Tip number 3 is the key....tip number three: Learn the loss characteristics of the items you find. Seek the answer to the question, “Why did I find what I found where I found it?” Once you think you have the answer, validate it by hunting other areas where that loss characteristic could be repeated and see if you find jewelry there. A validated loss characteristic is more valuable than the jewelry find itself. HH Mike
  6. Mike Hillis

    Patch Gold

    Patch Gold = A patch is a hot spot with the right ingredients (cover, clientele, and activity) to allow re-occurring jewelry losses over time. Patch Gold is gold jewelry found in this hot spot. This is nice piece of Patch Gold from one of my patches. 18k White gold with a very pretty diamond I found a few weeks back. HH Mike
  7. I have to say the Rutus Alter 71 is a bit of a labor intensive unit. Nothing is really defined so you have to do all the defining. Not even the ferrous / non-ferrous boundary is defined. Well....they do have a preset 29/30 tone boundary for ferrous non-ferrous but....... I'll be writing more about it, maybe, but I tell you right now I had to ask myself if I wanted to invest the time it will take to make this unit useful to me or would I be better off devoting that time to one of my other detectors. I'm still undecided as to my answer. I see promise but the effort required to realize it is substantial. The other issue is that you are limited to 3 configurable audio programs which effectively limits you to three frequency selections. You can make a useful audio for each of the normalized preset VDI choices and have one left for a Real VDI Frequency selection. There is one single tone preset audio and one so called ferrous/non-ferrous audio response selection that can be useful but that is about it. It kind of limits the joy of having 71 frequency options when you can only use three with any type of audio discrimination outside a 29/30 tone boundary. Maybe I'll think it is the best thing since sliced bread after I put another month into it. HH Mike
  8. Anyway to see a picture, Jackpine? HH Mike
  9. Thanks for the great tip, Jackpine. I look at it this way; melt value is money in the hand, all else is pie in the sky. The "semi mount" sounds like it might make pie in the sky money a whole lot easier to get. HH Mike
  10. Mike Hillis

    Value Of E-trac

    I just recently paid $600 for an great condition Etrac with 2 weeks of warranty left on it (basically three years old) and I thought I got a STEAL of a deal at that price. Felt like a bandit and still do. I find the Etrac to be an excellent metal detector. Already found 1 diamond engagement ring with it, which I'll post about later after I get the picture taken. Most are selling around $750 to $850. HH Mike
  11. Mike Hillis

    Why Dig Nickels?

    I only dig nickels when they show up in the gold range. HH Mike
  12. Mike Hillis

    New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Cancelled my pre-order today. I've grown tired of waiting and there is other stuff I need to do that I've been putting off because of the Gold Kruzer. Once it does release, I'll take a look and if it looks good I'll fund it later in the year. But right now there are a couple of coils I need and I have two detectors that need trips to the factory (Tesoro and Whites). I'm just not big on waiting on something once I've decided to obtain it. The more I have to wait the less interested in it I become. HH Mike