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  1. Not Too Bad A Weekend

    outstanding JW, congrats
  2. Two From The One Hole

    congrats on the 2fer
  3. that is what they were shadows cast by the peaks on the moons edges.
  4. Got the telescope out and waiting for it to start
  5. Nurse Paul In Oz

    I expect to get a complete tutorial from Paul in Yuma this winter if he comes down.
  6. Some Gold Basin Love

    you done good , congrats
  7. Nurse Paul In Oz

    he is going to be a real pain when he gets back to the states .
  8. Bit More Zed & GM 1000 Gold

    Nice gold and that is some beautiful country ,thanks for sharing.
  9. From Mining Gold To Mining Neutrinos

    that project is not to far away from where i live,it has been interesting keeping up on it,s progress and all the other projects at the mine site
  10. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Fred, my brother did the same thing to his,he used a non metalic epoxy and gluded it back together it works just find, i would tell the name of the epoxy but i can not remember.
  11. What a great trip and congrats on a real beauty of a nugget with the crystal formations
  12. A Couple Of Trips

    Congrats on your finds Coota,always nice to come back with over an oz. after a trip out.