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  1. GB2 Gold

    great pic and nice gold too
  2. My Rye Patch Hunt

    well done and congrats
  3. The New Coils For The 2300

    if it comes to fruition i sure want one
  4. Rye Patch - The Party Hunt

    Good going and congrats to all Rick
  5. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    outstanding work locating that patch.
  6. Archives Closed - New Forums

    Good plan Steve
  7. Yanks Do It Right In Oz

    Good to hear my country men are so well behaved.
  8. Late Season Cabin Fun!

    way to go cleaning them cracks
  9. Hello From Aus

  10. A Few From The Desert Southwest

    Good to see you posting up some nice finds steve. Eric said he is headed back to Yuma around the 20 th of October and I hope to be there by January got to much work to get down any sooner.Keep posting up the finds i need the insperational fix
  11. Tow Coils / Detector Sleds

    Oh good god Paul on the loose with a 4 wheeler and detector sled i can already imagine the the various out comes both good and bad
  12. Black Box Gold Detector

    cool old relic