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  1. Fun In The Sun

    outstanding day indeed Lunk
  2. you will get that coil over a piece very soon i suspect steve.
  3. Headed Back North

    Less then last year Paul, I sure missed seeing you out on your solar powered off road bike, maybe next year?
  4. Well i am headed back north to Wyoming this Tuesday so my time in the desert is done for this year ,did not find any thing big but had a great time down here detecting with my brother and all the rest of our friends here you know who you are,Thanks for the memories and good times. Here are our desert finds
  5. How To Get There? Top Camp...

    looks like a nice sunday drive
  6. Little Speci

    Mark we were out detecting in some washes with a lot of old dry wash workings besides that piece my brother got 3 nice pieces also,in between the pieces of old screen and wire and tacks you would get a good target or two.
  7. Little Speci

    Out yesterday and found this nice little Yuma gold specimen ,not a big find but a nice one just a bit over 2 grams
  8. Nice that you got that one JW , man that is some interesting looking country you hunt in.
  9. Big Win For Southern California Miners!!

    Thanks for keeping us posted guys
  10. Record Nugget Found With Gpz!

    Walker ,sometimes it is more of a struggle to finding those little bits but you can feel good when you do find it,i found my smallest piece this year with the 7000 ,it was .03 of a gram.
  11. 2018 Quartzsite Gold Show

    It is a good show ,was just up that way today .
  12. Spent half a day last Saturday detecting at Quartzsite and found a couple little beauties.