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  1. Short Trip To Baja

    WTG ,Steve I was wondering if you had been out finding nuggets .Looks like you should be able to get into some out of the ways places with the new toy.Good luck to you when you head south after Xmas ,maybe when you get back to Yuma we can get a few days detecing in, i should be in yuma sometime after the first of the year.Find a big one .
  2. Perfect Hunting Season

    good going you guys should be fun detecting that spot this coming spring.
  3. every time i am in columbia have to make the trip to the winery for a look see and a maybe a concert if a good one is going on there.
  4. Busted A Fatty Today!

    Congrats on getting a good one.
  5. I have a friend who does it just can't kneel down close to the coil when digging targets
  6. Gold Monster 1000 Nuggets

    congrats on your finds
  7. 3 Gram Nugget Sells For $5300!

    a good deal for the seller and the auction house
  8. 2 Good Days In Gold Basin

    Real nice gold for the area,congrats
  9. Proud Of This One

    congrats,it's a good one
  10. looks like i twas a good day out for everyone and you doc
  11. A Few For The Zed, GB2 & GM1000

    thanks for sharing JW great photos as always
  12. A Short Hunt, Snagged 1

    Pretty nugget
  13. 19" Big Boy And The 5" Monster

    as always causing trouble paul
  14. I was going to say the same thing