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  1. beatup

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    Reg,gold that i have found in Oregon runs between 20 and 22 Karat
  2. beatup

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    Great finds,congrats.
  3. looks like a precarious spot.
  4. Me also, besides the gold photos i really enjoy the photos of the country you guys detect in.
  5. beatup

    Weekend SDC Butter

    good going
  6. beatup

    Gold Bug Gold

    Thanks, Strick I will, I used to come to California more often but since the dredging ban i just have not got over that way as much anymore.
  7. beatup

    Gold Bug Gold

    Yes that scale is about 2 1/2 inches square, my little pocket scale.
  8. beatup

    Gold Bug Gold

    Had to go over to Monterey the end of March to help my relations move some things back to Wyoming and since the weather was just great at the time on the way home i made time for a day trip to do some detecting with the GB pro and managed a few small ones,all found detecting bedrock cracks and crevices.
  9. beatup

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    I think Paul just goes commando .πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ˜
  10. beatup

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Good to see you went prepared Paul and your detectors got there with you this year.
  11. beatup

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Yea Paul more pictures this year ,good luck to you.