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  1. we got around 18 inches of snow wednesday and thursday in the high country here it just won't end this year.
  2. Congrats Fred on a pair of good finds
  3. Congrats on the specimen and a heck of a great story to go with it.
  4. congrats on no one getting skunked Lucky also you shared some good points on hot ground.
  5. always one in the crowd
  6. WTG Steve looks like you will be packing the Dues with you from now on.
  7. congrats on a good day out
  8. Nice; no mater the size.
  9. Nothing like a good out in the wild BBQ
  10. A good read thanks for sharing Lunk
  11. great gold and photos,every now and then i get to see the northern lights here in wyoming always a good thing.
  12. good job get those Fred
  13. Big Bits I like em