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  1. A good friend from one of the metal detecting clubs I belong to has averaged over 5000 coins a year for the last 5 years, not counting the rings, bracelets etc. Living in PA the detectable season is roughly 8 months depending on when the ground freezes. An early snow fall actually keeps the ground from freezing and lets you see exactly where you`ve been. This last severe cold snap -15 degrees below will take weeks of warmth to thaw the ground.
  2. Another Tale

    If the smell had not been so bad I would have detected up to it and perhaps detected the 40 oz nugget that was probably under it..............
  3. Another Tale

    I don`t think so........too many parts missing
  4. A Discombobulated Prospecting Tale

    Excellent! A raconteur of renown. In my younger days I spent many months in the bush up there and yes, perhaps because of the loneliness and remoteness there are primeval feelings that rise up in ones mind and hint to a time when others walked the woods.
  5. Another Tale

    Interesting........Reminds me of a situation I encountered in NSW near Kingower. I was detecting some old workings with the 23 getting some crumbs. the area was near a cattle farm and laying in the diggings there was the remains of a steer that someone had poached with in the week or so, leaving only the head and the guts. As I got 20 ft from the carcass the 23 started lightly pulsating, at 10 ft it was extremely loud like some kind of a fire alarm. There were some hydro lines nearby but they didn`t seem to effect anything previously, curious I circled the critter and each time I got close the detector acted the same. I assumed there was some kind of transmitter or chip in the carcass?
  6. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    I would not take a camera that does not belong to me. It might belong to a hunter or is there for some other reason, maybe monitoring cattle by those who graze there.
  7. I need to replace my original Minelab rechargeable C batteries. I have used a set with 6000mAH and they work great, Now I see that 10000mAH C batteries are available and much cheaper than the 6000aMH I purchased 2yrs ago, has anyone used these and is the run time longer?
  8. Hello From Aus

    Welcome to the forum Lagerphone, lots of good information on both sides crosses these posts.
  9. Jeff Williams Video

    I applaud his effort, I will sit through anything to learn something about gold and how to better to find it.
  10. Downloaded video, then watched. That Deus is fast!
  11. Hi Gold Gypsies, I have only been able to watch 4 episodes but really like what I saw, very entertaining and informative. I especially like to hear the signals over the targets, gets my heart pumping! As I have detected in Oz and know the ground. Would like to hear more iffy signals. Do you dig or not dig if you get my drift? Might be good info for other GPX diggers. Wonderful show!
  12. Thanks Jen! Watched `em both.......got my fix
  13. SDC 2300 Limits

    I appreciate all the great feed back, I have a customer who was skeptical of the SDC 2300 ability to find deeper gold, I think now he will consider it for his first gold detector. Thanks for all the great examples, only wish some of them were mine!
  14. SDC 2300 Limits

    We all know that the SDC 2300 has proven itself to be fantastic on small gold and people seem to get the idea that it is a very shallow machine and not too useful for hunting nuggets at depth. I realize it is not a GPZ or a GPX but can anyone give me an idea of just how deep this machine can go on nuggets above a gram and into the bigger stuff. I guess what I`m asking is for some examples of dug targets. Is this machine an overall detector or is it just for shallow small stuff?