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  1. Going For The Ugly

    Sure pulling some strange ones out!
  2. Pocket Gold!!

    Holy cow!!! I can only dream. Nice man!
  3. Going For The Ugly

    Those are my favorite sites. Never pass them up!! Congratulations!!
  4. Lucking Out...

    Fantastic hunt buddy!!
  5. Good review buddy, thank you for posting.
  6. Mixed Bag

    I broke my Hodan too. Nice pics, the site with the chimney is awesom.e
  7. Snakes Are Out

    My son is a firefighter, had a guy come in the station the other day with a rattler bite to back of the leg. Dude is a flatland er came up to fish some local ponds...in flip flops and shorts!
  8. XP Deus HF Outing 4 Cancelled

    Your a tough dude Condor. Heal quick!
  9. Ger Easyway 3D Detector?

    Haha.... love it Condor!!
  10. Deus HF 3rd Outing

    Way to go. Keep the reports coming! Someday I may have a day off,haha
  11. Eating Like A Millionaire

    Camel ? Looks good
  12. New Garrett AT Max

    Hopefully they change the coil connection....what a pain. But I love the at pro for relic hunting....it's super in iron. My son took over mine, and he kills it in thick iron.