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  1. Dude, thanks man, but Ive owned it since 1987. Yeah, its a lawn ornament now, but will be building her back soon. Even got it tatted on my back,lol. Pics from early 90s
  2. Haha. Yeah, roofers yard . What to do with materials left over,lol.
  3. Loosing trees in my backyard, the creek crested pretty good. Its back down in the pic. What a mess. Guess if I get cabin fever, can set up a sluice in my creek...theres gold! Looks like flycrap though,haha.
  4. Yeah buddy, be fun when the water flows are down this summer. Going to have to make time for some sniping.
  5. Looked like the biggest part of storm was hitting south, from Turlock down to SLO. We literally got nothing but wind here.
  6. Very weak so far here in Calaveras county. But yeah, super saturated ground. I have a creek running through my backyard. It flooded in 2005...and my cj5 was parked near it. Went to move it to higher ground, buried it to the axles,lol
  7. This is why you have my favorite forum Steve! Thanks. Btw Jasong, my buddy sold some cone tops for good $$
  8. My son got me the NEL Snake coil for my Tejon! Look out relic sites!!
  9. Dude, glad you did not buy the other one! If its a white one in Burlingame, guy is a scam artist. Wasted half a day meeting with that clown. Nice jeep ya got, have fun. As for me, found another sweet Toyota..1992. Later
  10. Always enjoy your posts! Glad to see ya back. Nice nuggs!