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  1. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    Excellent! That's the video and results that I've been wanting to see. As a ghost town/ old home site hunter, that hunt gets me excited. I'm more concerned with separation and unmasking than depth. Great video! Dean
  2. My 800's Maiden Voyage

    WTG, Dan! Thanks for posting!! Dean
  3. Some Equinox Videos Done By Purchasers

    Thanks for your input, Steve. I do appreciate the effort and the time the operator took to show us this test. I'm just not a fan of the various "nail board tests" (from anyone) as they are easily manipulated or not performed well. Dean
  4. Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

    Well said, Tim. My dealer, who is my good friend and hunting partner, said the same thing that JP said...Minelab made no promise of delivery prior to January ( I was called a troll on another forum for stating that, though). He ( my dealer) was a bit disappointed at the meager number he received on his first shipment. It is what it is and I will swing a couple of other great Minelab units until an Equinox with my name on it arrives. Soon, I hope! Dean
  5. ***fixed Audio*** Nail Test Revisited

    I had no problems with your video either. Thanks for doing it. You have to remember that viewer's experience levels vary. Thanks again! Dean
  6. Goldgetter, I have found gold with this coil and was surprised by it's sensitivity for being a large DD. I couldn't speak to it's depth capabilities though as the ground I have hunted with it isn't that deep. I got it for very mineralised ground. The only draw back is it's weight. I have the 8" version too and absolutely love it. Super sensitive. Excellent DD coils. Dean
  7. Wall Charger?

    I have a bunch of them laying around but didn't have a multi- port charger. Sod-buster had posted a nice looking one. So, when I was at Walmart, I went and checked them out. My wife didn't know that they were made like that (multi port) and wanted to know why we didn't have one! She is very organized and doesn't like stuff plugged in all over the place. So, I picked up a 6 port 5V 12amp charger. It was less than 20 bucks. It will charge quickly at 12amps. Dean
  8. Half Day At Quartzsite

    Very nice! Dean
  9. Wall Charger?

    Thank you, Steve. Dean
  10. Wall Charger?

    Why would you assume to know how people are gonna act? Especially a bunch of old guys that still use flip phones! Of course we are excited! I, too, have a bunch of chargers... just wanted some input from someone that has had some experience with the product. Dean
  11. Wall Charger?

    I believe that if it was that big of a deal ML would have said so or included a smart charger or something. As Steve said in a previous post, (para phrasing) ML and others put LOTS of thought in to this machine... I doubt they would blow it on something as obvious as a battery charger. Nobody questions what type of USB-wall charger they plug their tablet or phone in to. I've got a bunch of them from different phones, tablets, etc. and never look to see which goes to what. I've got some USB chargers that plug in to the accessory ports in my truck. I charge my wireless head phones, cell phone, tablet, and anything else that has a USB charging cable. I've NEVER had a problem over many years of charging stuff. Some of these USB chargers are advertised to charge your phone faster than others, etc. Therefore, all of these devises must have "smart" circuitry built in ( including the NOX). The charge to the battery is regulated and it shuts off when the battery is full. ML recommended which one to use in the manual and, to be safe, I will go through my "electronics junk drawer", where I have phone and tablet chargers dating back to the 1860s, and find the recommended one. I'm no electronics guy, but I'm guessing that the little USB-Wall "charger" isn't much more than a invert-er that changes AC to DC and that the "smart charging" happens in the device circuitry? Dean
  12. Wall Charger?

    Yep. That was my thought as well. O.k., cool! Thanks for clarifying, Chuck!
  13. Wall Charger?

    ???. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, Chuck. I have other detectors, too, that I've never had trouble with. Dean