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  1. Garrett AT-GOLD with stock 5"x8" coil. Great shape! Works perfect. $400.00. I will pay shipping. Dean
  2. Minelab Equinox 800 Prospecting Mode

    Awesome.Thank you, Steve! Dean
  3. Minelab Equinox 800 Prospecting Mode

    I've already asked this in another thread but seemed more appropriate to ask here...Is the prospecting mode on the E800 a multi freq mode or can it be selected as such? Would there be any advantage to it being MF? The E-TRAC seems to ignore mineralization very well compared to VLF but is not good on small gold jewelry. So, I'm wondering if the proper frequencies were used in MF (Multi IQ), would it be less suseptible to mineralization and more sensitive to small gold? I couldn't find this info anywhere yet on the E800 " Gold Mode". Thanks! Dean
  4. So, is the Gold Mode a multi freq mode? Dean
  5. Same as Steve, Daniel. I would be happy to help. Just PM me and I can send you some pics. Dean
  6. I Want It Now Minelab

    +1. Well said. Dean
  7. I Want It Now Minelab

    Chuck, It's called marketing. Auto manufacturers, iPhone, etc. all do it. Look, it's got us all salivating and drooling...so it's working. Hold your horses...it will be here soon. Very soon I hope! Dean
  8. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    Like Steve said..."I'll be getting one of these"! Waterproof and a 40kHz option. This is what I (we) had hoped for with the Impact. Looks like Minelab has been listening and took action. Good job Minelab! Time to sell some machines!! Dean
  9. Lightly used NF 12" Evo for sale. $300.00. Works perfectly Dean Email- dbado1(at)hotmail.com
  10. I'm with you, Luke...I'm not a fan of nuggets cleaned with the acid bath method. They look like museum pieces to me. I like getting the dirt off of them without changing the " out of the ground character". Thanks for sharing your method. I'll give it a try. Dean
  11. A number of people were killed earlier this summer here in Central Az. due to flash flooding. Horrible tragedy. Yes, be careful! Dean
  12. Nokta Impact Questions

    I would have to agree with Nenad and Mike. I've used the Impact with the small coil searching for nuggets in AZ and I am very happy with it's performance. Very stable in Gen mode. A very capable VLF for nugget shooting. Dean
  13. Today's Gold

    Nice fat nug, Lunk! Two for the price of one. Can't beat that. Dean