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  1. bado1

    Wrap Up Equinox 800 / GPX 5000

    Wow! Awesome wrap up! Thanks! Dean
  2. Nice work! I usually ignore the zinc penny numbers as well in the more modern areas I hunt. Last evening though, I got surprised. I was hunting a small wood chips tot lot as I only had about an hour. It was pretty clean. Someone else must have hit it recently. I'm detecting the area of the big kid swings and I got a solid "zinc penny" hit 19-20. I decided to dig it since targets were few and was rewarded with a beautiful brass compass. Weird. Sometimes you just don't know what you're passing on. Dean
  3. Nice! Seems like you and the Nox are really gelling well now. Dean
  4. bado1

    Beach Hunt #8

    The steak lives on until next fall! Very nice work! I always enjoy reading about your hunts and enjoy hunting the beach vicariously through them. Thanks! Dean
  5. bado1

    More Patch Gold

    Nice! I found a new tot lot today when I went to watch my grandson play football. Gonna hit it on Thursday. Dean
  6. bado1

    More Patch Gold

    Very nice , Mike! Were you using your E-TRAC? I did the same thing and only found a small silver ring and a silver crucifix with the 800. No gold. My Nox must be faulty! Dean
  7. bado1

    One Additional Step...for Me

    GBing is just part of the process for me as well. If the ground is too trashy and I can't find a clean spot to GB I just put it in tracking and let the machine figure it out. It seems to settle down after a short period and all is good. Dean
  8. bado1

    A Thank You!

    Congratulations on your purchase and good luck! I wish we had Colonial cellar holes to hunt here. Looking forward to a pic of your first silver. Dean
  9. bado1

    Needle In A Haystack

    Awesome finds! That ring is really cool! WTG. Dean
  10. bado1

    Got My E-800 Back

    Nice to hear ML is on the ball, Norm. Have a great hunt! Dean
  11. Jim, Don't encourage Terry to come back to AZ and hunt nuggets! There won't be any left for the rest of us! Terry, Nice hunting! What is the disc with the hole in it? Dean
  12. bado1

    Xterra 705 Help

    You guys have an excellent detector. It sounds like something is wrong with the machine itself since you have used different coils. I would contact ML. Good luck! Dean