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  1. There's so much open ground and club claims out there I've never understood the attraction to owning/filing your own claim and dealing with all the hassles and expenses. It's probably a great learning experience but it also sends up a big red flag to everyone as a public record you're finding gold there.
  2. Not super impressed with the results but I hope it's good on the big rare deep ones!
  3. It'll only be a matter of time until he comes out with one, I'm sure. It was mentioned that you can get the 19" coil to false if it's tapped on something hard. Now that I think about it maybe the rubber bumbers around the edges are to soften the blow and reduce falsing? I've never seen a coil or coil cover with little bumpers on it like that before. Maybe Minelab noticed the falsing and this was their bandaid for that?
  4. It's an interesting design for sure and I noticed the first place sharp rocks would pierce the stock cover on my 14" coil was around the edges so I thought Minelab mighta gotten smarter by adding the rubber edges. I haven't had any field time with the 19" coil yet so we'll see how the tupperware coil cover holds up I only got about two months out of the stock 14" coil cover on my replacement GPZ after a couple trips to Rich Hill recently. Pretty nasty place to detect with lots of sharps rocks around.
  5. Yes it is cold down there but I'd like to take advantage of it before the heat comes again. This is gonna be a really short winter, I know it. It's nice detecting down there with a little bit of snow left under the trees and bushes. And yeah I saw some of those amethyst and gems he's been finding. I never realized those even existed in Arizona. The only gems I ever heard about were garnet, peridot (on the indian reservation) and turquoise. I even heard recently that there's aquamarine out here. I find that kinda stuff interesting but I don't know the first clue about finding it or even where to look. Then again I didn't know that much about gold either a few years ago..
  6. Paul if you and Justin meet up in Gville lemme know. I've got my 19" coil and I've been trying to plan a hunt down there with Justin for awhile.
  7. This is interesting and is making me re-think digging out a gravel bench I found up high above an old stream. I found a nice nugget up there mixed in with the gravel and clay and was wondering if more nuggets were up there deeper beyond the reach of my detector. But that nugget could have been brought there by a flood a long time ago and that spot wasn't necessarily a place where gold accumulated. I've found a few more smaller nuggets in the surrounding area but didn't find any others in that gravel yet.
  8. The other thread got me thinking that I've heard it over and over again about areas being "pounded to death" by hoards of detectorists over the years. But I've been doing this hobby for almost five years now in Arizona and I can count the number of detectorists I've ran into in the field on one hand. 99% of them have been forum members. It must have been different in the old days and a lot more people must have been into detecting. Or maybe I'm just hunting in the wrong places..
  9. When I find one or two tiny dinks after a long day of detecting part of me says it's better than nothing. But the other half of me wishes I was back on some coarser gold. There's really no thrill to me like digging anything over 4-5 grams (and much bigger) and everytime I'm out detecting I'm praying that I'll find another big one. I found a nice nugget once that wasn't very deep and I probably would've found it going fast and I dug another nice specimen once that was VERY deep and quiet that I would've only found going slow. As long as you're out there swinging and not sitting at home I think anything is possible. I like to imagine that as the search pattern of a mono coil reduces down to a cone at depth, say a foot and a half deep, all you can cover is an area the size of a quarter at the end of the cone. If you think of a goldfield the size of a place like Greaterville and all anyone has searched at depth there is the size of a quarter, it's impossible that everywhere will get detected.
  10. Yes I understand it can be found through the GPS but I never have it on. Just kinda seems like a no-brainer to have the time at the top next to the battery life (like a phone).
  11. I just wish Minelab would release a software update to show the time on the screen
  12. Hard to find and easy to lose. Even the big ones apparently.
  13. I usually dig everything too but depending on the sound it makes I can let myself start to get a little excited or get ready to pocket another boot tack