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  1. 20 KHz Disc Mode

    Thanks for the clarification. That's what I thought too, but Steve's post made me think that maybe the 600 was dropping off 20 and 40 kHz completely, both in single and multi. Re-reading his post, I see that "MF" is separate from the three single freqs. How the MF works is what I am most interested about the Equinox. It would be nice if ML gave us another installment on Multi-IQ, in particular, how (or if?) the MF differs between the modes.
  2. 20 KHz Disc Mode

    So, I wonder then if the 600 will actually be superior for coinshooters since the search frequencies are concentrated into the three low freqs rather than spread out over all 5 as with the 800?
  3. What Date Did You Pre-order Your Equinox ?

    September 18th, and I paid in full up front at that time. Hopefully that will put me near the front of the line.
  4. Mercury Dime Teaser

    Naturally, we would all like to know as much of the secret sauce behind Minelab's new technology. At least the question about relative signal strength of the different frequencies ought to be easy to answer with a scope and spectrum analyzer. Of course, the digital processing that goes on will likely remain a mystery. It would still be nice if Minelab explained a little as to *why* Park mode is better for parks and in what way, Field for fields, etc., so the operator can understand better what the mode settings are influencing rather than just a "trust us." There may be some conditions where the operator may want to select Field even though he isn't in an actual plowed field environment. The more an advanced operator knows how his detector works, the more he can get out of it, and I hope Minelab pulls the curtain back at least a little on the inner workings enough for advanced users to get the most out of the detector. Thanks for info on the ferrous wrap, too. So there is enough room between ferrous wrap signals and actual silver coin ID's. Great to hear! With the non-ferrous tone options on the 800, especially since they can be adjusted in 50 tone audio mode, we ought to be able to do some decent tweaking to remove the ferrous wrap signals yet retain the true high coin signals. Of course too much and you lose coins. Everything is a compromise, but hopefully Minelab left these settings in the hands of the users to decide, at least on the more advanced 800.
  5. Mercury Dime Teaser

    Really great report and info, Steve, thanks. You are really starting to get at what a lot of us have been super anxious to hear about for the last couple of months: how the detector "feels" in a true real world environment specifically with regard to audio and target ID. The repeatable coin ID "squeak" is a term you may have coined (no pun intended) that we'll be hearing a lot once this detector gets into consumers' hands. One question about the Multi IQ that hopefully you can answer is about how the frequencies operate in the different Multi IQ modes. Specifically, what parameters change when you go between Park, Field, and Beach? Do the relative strengths of each frequency change depending on mode? Even though it is still in Multi, do the signal strengths change among the individual freqs? When in Park, for example, is there more energy put into the 5 kHz frequency than the other freqs? On the V3i, for example, you can operate in either multi or any one single freq. When you are in multi, the signal strengths of the three frequencies are always the same and are not adjustable. If on the Equinox, the relative signal strengths are different for each mode when in multi, this would give the operator a huge new adjustment capability never seen before. Maybe I'm just dreaming, but that would be awesome. Maybe there is some other tweaking going on too between the modes, like Beach having a faster auto ground balance tracking? Can you shed any light on what is going on under the hood when you switch modes but stay in Multi? Thanks.
  6. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options

    Great information. Thanks, Steve, for taking the time to put this together in such a coherent manner. There has been a lot of talk lately that the 600 is the much better bargain, especially once Minelab said that multi freq will operate exactly the same on both units. But imho the adjustability on the 800 is well worth the price difference, especially once you throw in the wireless headphones and WM08 module. Sort of like the clipped wings of the VX3 vs the full-featured V3i. Besides the 20 and 40 kHz single freq modes, the only big differences between the 600 and 800 are the tone adjustments. Your explanation ought to really help out anyone trying to decide between the 600 or go all-out and order the 800. I think you just sold a bunch more 800's.
  7. Video - MX7 Features Explained

    Steve did a nice job on this little video. I, for one, really like the looks of this MX7. It's basically a lighter non-waterproof MX Sport (with the bugs worked out), which is basically a MXT with more adjustability and a modern housing. At a street price around $500, the MX7 is a better value and should have equal or better the performance than the MXT All-Pro, and ought to do well for White's as a solid mid-range detector.
  8. Equinox Battery Replacement Program?

    This would be a great opportunity for an aftermarket company to step in here and make a custom USB powered external battery pack. One that snaps on and fits perfectly right under the armrest with a well thought out wiring connection. Some weight under the armrest would help balance too. To any aspiring engineers out there: hint hint!
  9. Equinox 800 Search Modes - Four Detectors In One?

    I can make out a bit of the text. Under park, I can make out "high-trash." Under Field, "mode for low-trash locations." Beach "ground balances ... salt." and Gold "nugget hunting." But I can't make out any of the other words. Maybe Park has a higher recovery speed than Field?
  10. Minelab X-Terra 705 Now Only $499

    One thing the Gold Bug Pro (and the G2+, now also $499) still has over the 705, is the ability to run in all metal mode and simultaneously still give disc readings and ground phase. So more information at a glance while in all-metal mode. That alone would make me pick the G2+ over the 705. Even with the 705 at $499, I have no regrets putting an Equinox 800 on pre-order. ... but now wonder if it will have the ability to run in all-metal while simultaneously displaying target ID and ground phase like the GBP/G2.
  11. Video - Equinox 800 Depth Test

    Best video yet. He goes through all the frequency modes and reactivity settings on actual buried targets so you can see both the separation and depth capabilities. Stunning would not be an overstatement as to how I reacted. Very encouraging to see how stable the ID's were on those deep targets. Also how depth wasn't significantly reduced when reactivity was set at 8 (high). It may not turn out to be any deeper on isolated high-conductor targets than the CTX, but it looks to separate better on closely spaced deep targets.
  12. Hopefully! Since I have an Equinox on preorder, I'm going to find out and would love it if that were the case. I was specifically thinking of the 19 kHz GBP to 20 kHz EQ comparison when I made that post. The GBP was better for me than the GB2 hunting small gold jewelry anyway. The mid frequency was more stable, handled mineralization better, and got better depth than the GB2. Likewise, I'm assuming the 20 will be better than the 40 on the EQ for all except hunting the tiniest pieces. If the EQ can use 40 and still have the stability and depth of a mid frequency machine, that would be awesome.
  13. This is my dilemma too. I have a GB Pro already but would really love to jump on this deal. My GB Pro is awesome, and the extra features of the F19 would be nice. Problem is I also have an Equinox 800 on preorder. I keep wondering though if the GB Pro (and the new F19) might not still be better for nuggets or tiny gold jewelry because it's a single frequency detector right in the sweet spot at 19 kHz. Wouldn't a single frequency detector be optimized for that frequency, especially the coil, where the multi freq detector would be a compromise and probably not inherently run as well when set in single freq mode?
  14. Whites MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector

    To bootstrap on several previous comments, I'm pretty fired up about the MX Sport, and agree White's is launching it in a good way. My only worry, and I've got my fingers crossed, is that it is a "real" MXT circuit with certain tweaks and improvements, rather that a Treasure Pro set up to mimic an MXT. I would be very happy with an MX Sport if it turns out White's took the MXT and squeezed every last ounce of capability out of that platform. I'm sure that with a year of careful design and testing of the "old" MXT circuitry, White's would be able to get every last bit of capability out of that excellent original design. Maybe a little quieter, a smidge deeper, and a bit more stable and accurate VDI. Going through the circuit, there had to have been a few components that weren't sized quite optimally, or maybe there's better transistors available now, less noise, or whatever, where White's could improve a bit. That's really what I am hoping for. Give me a real MXT and improve its real-world performance by just 10% or even 5% and I will be a happy MX Sport owner.
  15. Whites MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector

    Ok, sounds like the MX Sport will have an adjustable tone break in relic mode, but that it will probably be adjustable in steps rather than continuously variable. I can live with that. The rest of the machine looks fantastic. At $749-ish street price, I will be right down to my dealer (Gerry McMullen, shameless plug...) with all intention to bring one home. Whether it's based on the MXT or the MX5 won't much matter at that price - I'm willing to take a chance. Looks like White's is taking square aim at the AT Pro and the Makro Racer - comments have already been floated that it is better in the trash than the Racer. If so, than that would be a feat indeed and should quickly put the White's machine on top sales-wise. The only remaining thing to check before purchase will be to verify the ergonomics are OK, specifically the grip angle, balance, and keypad usability/button effort. As for waiting until they get the bugs worked out. Usually that's good advice, however I have total faith in White's customer service to perform any necessary upgrades free of charge, certainly during the warranty period, for those early adopters if any problems surface. Any problems should become evident well within the 2-years.