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  1. Yes, but the test showed the same frequency transmit weighting in all the Multi modes. The conclusion being that whatever the differences are between the modes, they are being done in software. Inside the "Black Box" of programming algorithms is where the magic happens.
  2. Equinox Headphone Jack

    Dirty fingers. I always put a control pod cover on all my detectors to keep them looking new. It's amazing how quickly the pod becomes grimy and worn with dirt and sand being rubbed into them all the time. Since there are no control pod covers available yet, I fell back on my old standby, the Glad sandwich bag and a rubber band. It didn't take long for you guys to expose my OCD ...
  3. Equinox Headphone Jack

    "I have been eying those very phones to use with my GPX. Why did you decide to go with those vs. the stock supplied pair?" Good question . I wanted to have a spare set of Bluetooth headphones regardless, and now I'm thinking I might as well use these and keep the Minelab's as a spare. That way the original Minelabs stay new and all the wear and tear go on an easily replaceable (and probably cheaper) aftermarket pair. And I've found all sorts of other cool uses for the headphones, like watching TV without disturbing the wife, listening to music on my iPhone, pairing with my PC, not that I'm going to regularly do all that, but it's kinda cool if I ever wanted to.
  4. Equinox Headphone Jack

    Minelab was smart in making the Equinox compatible with a large number of Bluetooth low latency headphones. Here are my Avantree Audition Pro's, $59 with free shipping, that I got Friday. 40 ms aptx low latency that pairs up perfectly to the Equinox and really work great. I can't perceive any audio lag all. Of course, they will run out of juice at the most inconvenient time, hence the search for a wired backup.
  5. Equinox Headphone Jack

    This gold plated Radio Shack 1/8" mono adapter works great. It properly silences the external speaker, and, conveniently, it fits nearly perfectly inside the metal ring without hardly any gap so the horizontal pulling stress is transferred to the inside of the metal ring rather than to the headphone jack itself. Until Minelab finally releases their adapter cable, this is an adequate solution for being able to use wired headphones. I just want to be able to use my old Jolly Rogers as a backup to the Bluetooth setup and this ought to do fine.
  6. Equinox Too Noisy?

    I've had my 800 out three days and to about a half a dozen locations and noticed that it is indeed somewhat sensitive to EMI. Also, the coil on the Equinox because of its double D design has extra signals at the edge of the coil, in fact much stronger "edge" signals than any other DD coil I've used, and this makes for a very chattery audio especially when sweeping over numerous shallow targets. At one location, a park near a federal building, the EMI was so bad that I had to switch out of Multi and go to 10 kHz to quiet the detector down. The EMI seemed to be coming in through the 5 kHz channel, which was very noisy, but all the others were quiet. This is a location I've hunted many times with other detectors and the only other detector besides the Equinox that was this sensitive to EMI was my V3i. I guess that is the downside of a sparky detector running many frequencies simultaneously with a greater chance of picking up EMI. But it's not un-tamable. You just have to make sure you do a good noise cancel, drop the sensitivity, and switch to single frequency if absolutely necessary. This is a "hot" detector. It's good that Minelab didn't dumb it down just to make it more stable.
  7. Multi Iq Spectrum Test

    You are absolutely correct, Mark. The magic is in the DSP processing algorithms where nowadays they can do just about anything. The radio receiver I used for this test, the RF Space SDR-IQ (yes, the same IQ as with Multi-IQ, or Inphase and Quadrature) uses the same general technology to change the analog signal into digital. Once it's digital, you can manipulate the signal in practically any way you choose to by software programming. The Equinox is really just a purpose-built radio transmitter that uses a Software Defined Radio (SDR) radio receiver. Going SDR is really just the next step away from analog and toward more complete digitization and computer manipulation of the signal. What's really exciting about the Equinox, is that since the software is where all the "Magic" happens, and the hardware is just an analog-digital converter, then the detector can be easily reprogrammed via USB as further refinements and advancements are made. Minelab had to get the Equinox out the door in a reasonable amount of time, and so they had to cut their programming short at some point. But now that the product is out the door and in the hands of actual users, reports from the field will come pouring in and tweaks can be made. I would be very surprised if Minelab doesn't offer a firmware upgrade after 6 months or a year to address any issues that come up or just to make the detector even better. And this can be done for years to come as the basic hardware isn't likely to become obsolete for many years. Exciting times!
  8. Multi Iq Spectrum Test

    I just edited my post to include the possibility of a third fundamental frequency at 18 kHz as you noted. The two biggest spikes (the two most powerful frequencies) are still at around 7.7 and 38.8 however and in keeping with Minelab engineering tradition, it's likely that those two are the main frequencies. There's probably some engineering reason that there are two fundanental frequencies, but I don't know enough theory to understand it much further. However you can see there are also several other frequencies being emmitted, just less power. Whether the Equinox uses those extra frequencies in its DSP algorithms is anybody's guess. I'm using a software defined radio receiver that feeds into my PC. Capturing the rf is actually really simple. I just have a short wire antenna coming out of the back of the SDR receiver draped across the front of the coil. A metal detector is really just a radio transceiver that is always transmitting when its turned on.
  9. Multi Iq Spectrum Test

    One of the interesting findings is that the single frequencies clearly show up exactly where they are supposed to be, but Multi frequency does not actually use any of the signal frequencies. It seems single frequency is being generated just in software, and that the single frequencies have no relation to the Multi IQ frequencies. It's almost what would happen if you "forced" a CTX to operate on single frequencies. The single frequencies really do appear to be just an add-on that the engineers left in as an interesting oddity but nothing more. Contrast this to the White's V3i which actually does generate its multi-frequencies by operating each of the three fundamental frequencies simultaneously. So here are each of the single frequency modes (in Park1 mode), from 5 kHz on up. You can clearly see the dominant spike is right where you would expect it to be: 5 kHz: 10 kHz: 15 kHz: 20 kHz: And finally 40 kHz:
  10. Since it snowed today here in Boise, I was stuck inside with nothing to do but fiddle and experiment with the new Equinox. I was able to do a basic spectral analysis of my Equinox 800 to try to see what frequencies it uses. I got some very interesting results. Bear in mind that this only measures all frequency outputs and does not measure if they are being "fired" in rapid sequence. An oscilloscope (something I don't have anymore) would be required to make that measurement. Here is a shot of the Equinox in Park1 mode with "0" ground balance setting: It looks like the two fundamental frequencies are 7.7 kHz and 38.8 kHz (with a possible third frequency at 18 kHz, but that would break with the past precendent of two basic frequencies in BBS/FBS). The short spikes around 30 kHz is external noise. Clicking through the different modes made NO difference, so all the difference between the modes is all being done in DSP, not by varying frequency. All the different modes looked identical to this screen shot I posted below for multi park1. Here is the background noise with the machine off, so you can see what is external interference:
  11. Samsung Power Usb Fast?

    I have a 2A 5V USB charger that works perfectly with the Equinox. I also have a 1A USB 12V car charger that should also work just fine, although with 1A, it should take twice as long to charge, so about 8 hours to a full charge versus the 4 hours from the 2A wall charger. Computer USB plugs only supply about 0.5A. So from your computer or laptop, it might take around 16 hours to a full charge. Minelab says 0.5A is OK, it just will take longer to charge. Just get yourself a decent quality 2A USB wall charger and you should be in business.
  12. First Equinox In Idaho

    The snow is in the mountains behind the capitol building just out of the picture. Actually we've had a very bad snow year this year. Bad for skiing this winter and also bad for streamflows for irrigation later in the summer ... but great for detecting. It's going to be another beautiful unseasonably warm day tomorrow. ...I think I feel something coming over me, and I'm going to have to call in sick tomorrow.
  13. Took delivery today of what I think might be the first production Equinox in the state. Got an email from my dealer, Gerry, who said his first batch had arrived earlier today and I was free to come down whenever to pick it up. Naturally, I immediately high-tailed down there on my lunch break. It's a beautiful day and my backyard test garden awaits, which is making it awfully hard to get anything done at the office this afternoon! The floodgates indeed are open as all the reports start coming in from around the country. I'm going to put this machine through the paces and compare notes with all the other new Equinox owners and see what kind of performance we can wring out of this nifty new Minelab. Thank you Gerry, you're the best. You really know how to take care of your customers. And greetings from beautiful Boise Idaho!
  14. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    Good point about junk targets usually being jumpy even on shallow targets such as the ones in this video. But the two airtest videos that were posted yesterday also seem to show jumpy ID on coins. I also re-watched this video and noticed that during his sweeps while noting Target ID he was not over the center of the target most of the time and was a few inches off one way or the other from where the target was actually located. That can also cause the jumpy ID. I think there are just too many variables to know for sure without using an Equinox yourself. The best part about the video for me was getting a good listen to the audio, which sounds excellent even in 50 tones mode. I'd dare say it sounds like a real Minelab (similar to the CTX 3030 and Sovereign GT I owned).
  15. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    Nice to see the Equinox in a real world park situation. However, I feel compelled to point out that this hunter’s recovery techniques need some improvement and shouldn’t be viewed by less experienced hunters as an example of what is acceptable. Long handled shovel in a public park gives our hobby a bad image. His plugs are way too big, he could’ve recovered those targets with a plug about one tenth the size of what he dug if he had better pinpointing technique. So please if you are a new detectorist, don’t think this is acceptable technique that you should emulate. But having said all that, I am still appreciative of this hunter taking the time and effort to make this otherwise informative video. I’m a little concerned about the jumpy target ID I see in the video but it could be because of the settings used or maybe collocated targets. Once more experienced detectorists have some time with the machine, we’ll know the answer to that and a whole lot more.