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  1. I'm selling this slightly used F75 5x10 elliptical concentric coil w/scuff cover for only $70.00 shipped lower 48 PM if interested.....Rob
  2. I'm selling these two TDI coils, well proven from the gold fields to the beach and priced to move; *Brand new 7.5" TDI Mono Aussi loop w/scuff cover $90.00 shipped lower 48 *Brand new Miner John TDI Folded 8 Noise Cancelling loop w/scuff cover also $90.00 shipped lower 48 PM if interested......Rob
  3. Considering buying a Keene 190 but having a difficult time finding reviews or anyone who owns one. Any experiences or input would be appreciated.....thanks!
  4. Sounds like a very well liked fella, I wish to him a speedy recovery
  5. Most want the 6" shooter on the GB2, for sniping bedrock, 10"elliptical good on mine dumps and drywasher tailing piles. I know a guy that may have what you want............ PM sent
  6. To the Australian's, "I have always like your style and the way you look at life"
  7. I think if you look at mining as a part time venture compared to a full time vocation, most will get a lot more out of it in the long run.
  8. The four hour drive home made me think a lot about what I could do out there in the wet desert dirt and the first thing that came to mind was how easy the sampling will be in those conditions. Not as much fun as mining but the rewards could really come in later when drywashing conditions return. I know guys that run portable ("sort of") wet recirculating recovery systems out there and the recovery is great on the finest gold but..........its a labor intensive muddy pain in the butt. I sure never thought I would be considering it. Sort of reminds me of that saying; "Man makes plans and God laughs"
  9. Just got back from my claims near Ridgecrest and couldn't believe how much rain and snow this area of the high desert received in the past 2 months. Looking north west to north east, the southern Sierra Nevada, Inyo, Argus and Panamint mountain ranges were just blanketed in snow down to 4000"........just beautiful. I can't remember the last time I've seen it like this. Standing puddles of water all over the claim, so much for drywashin. Even dug several holes with the slightest hope of hitting something dry enough to run but no chance. One hole that I dug 4' deep by 4' wide actually had water starting to seep in at the bottom! The only time mining the desert that I actually wished I had a power sluice back in the truck instead of my drywasher. Decided to go into town, have a beer and consider my options as I didn't feel like driving all the way back to San Diego so soon. Ran into an old timer at the bar who I've seen working his claims near by and wandered over to say hi. He said that he'd seem me around as well and was glad that I came over and introduced myself. Dennis was his name and has been drywashing the area for over 40 years and a heck of a nice fella. He said that the last time he'd seen so much winter rain around here (Randsburg) was well over 10 years ago and most areas were not even fit for drywashing til fall! So I bought him a beer and split my Subway sandwich with him while he told me a couple stories and shared some great mining tips. Even though I didn't find so much as a speck of gold this weekend meeting this old miner was a rich experience in its self. Suppose I should get serious about that power sluice idea after all.
  10. Because your vehicle hasn't been reported as "stolen". You would be surprised how many fixed, real time cameras that are posted on the freeways (usually over-passes) but often the larger avenues on stoplights headed south within 10 miles of the international border crossing. Monitored by the government constantly, plenty of time for the highway patrol to make a stop. Even when stolen cars make it across, they are more difficult to move these days even in Mexico. Easier to hide a couple $20,000 detectors which likely have had buyers in the waiting. I feel bad for these guys having their detectors sacked. I would like to think that the perps were a couple of local opportunistic punks that will soon make a mistake and get pinched.
  11. Not so easy as you would think driving stolen vehicles into Mexico these days on both sides of the border. . Easier and safer to just smuggle detectors as most Mexican authorities aren't really trained on what they are.....yet anyway. Coming back from Baja a while back, at a military cheek point one of these guys found the control head to my F19. Asked what it was and I told him it was the depth finder for my aluminum boat, he said "OK amigo" and away I went. Huge market in Mex and down to South America for the best Minelab detectors.
  12. I hate to say it guys but I think Fred is right. Yuma is just a hop, skip and a jump into mainland Mexico or Baja. Likely crossed at Calexico/Mexicali with in hours of sacking your detectors. Sounds like you were being scouted with the dirt bags waiting for the chance. May still be state side but not likely. Really sucks and I sure hope it works out some how.
  13. Thats a good one!
  14. Counterfeiting dirtbags trying to cheat those poor hard working African miners that live one day at a time.
  15. Great info, I suppose you don't know until you try. Julian also was not known for being much of a placer or nugget producing gold district but those that have put the time in, myself included, have done OK