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  1. TDI SL Battery Pack Up Grade

    Thanks, at least now I can move forward.
  2. TDI SL Battery Pack Up Grade

    White's for the past couple years, I was told, has been working on an up graded battery pack for the TDI SL which will allow it to operate at to 14 volts or more. There is plenty of "home made" stuff out there that seems to work very well but I keep waiting for a factory product that should have been out by now. I'm just a breath away from buying a reputable model from a guy making /selling them on eBay. Has anyone heard anything concerning this matter from White's? They sure can make it tough to be a loyal customer.
  3. Visiting With Jim Straight

    Sure glad I have all his books, pull them out from time to time.
  4. NEL Coils

    Thank you for sharing, I think that I'll get a snake and sharp shooter coils now. BTW, how does the 5" sharpshooter compare to the stock 5" round GB Pro coil?
  5. NEL Coils

    I plan on getting the "snake" coil for my F19, mainly for tailing piles and hot bedrock work. This coil reminds me a lot of the Goldmaster 4x6 DD shooter elliptical which I've really come to prefer over the little round 5" puck coils for working the tightest spots. My hope is to also increase the sensitivity some with this little DD peanut loop.........we shall see.
  6. NEL Coils

    Got what I need, thanks for the help............Rob
  7. Been procrastinating picking up a couple things from Keene............Ordering today and thanks for the heads up!
  8. NEL Coils

    Looking for a good retailer for NEL coils , any input would be appreciated..........Thanks!
  9. Visiting With Jim Straight

    Jim sure has leaned down since I saw him several years back in Randsburg. Looks lean and tough enough to hike most anywhere! This man has been a true inspiration to me in my desert prospecting efforts.........glad to see him getting along well.
  10. Wanted L/f Box & Tray To A Keene 151

    Made the trip to Chatsworth last year (from San Diego) for the same reasons. Talked to Pat for quite a while, man that guy has got some stories of mining back in the 50's-70's. Ask him what it was like for the first suction nozzle dredgers up in the East Fork back in the 1960's.........the gold they got will blow your mind!
  11. A Couple Pounds

    Nice to see some are still getting the big stuff these days! Looks like killer specimen's in that jar too!
  12. Wanted L/f Box & Tray To A Keene 151

    Have you contacted Keene directly? I have found most parts replacement from there reasonable.......especially if you ask for Pat directly. Not sure where your located but there is a prospecting store in Quartzite, AZ called the "Miners Cache" and he has all kinds of used drywashers lying around outside his shop in various states of repair. The guy's name is Blake and he is only open during the cooler months of the year. Still I think Keene is your best bet........Good luck!
  13. Scams Out There

    Bad grammar and run together sentences is always a red flag that your being "worked".
  14. Perfect Hunting Season

    Concrats on the buck and new patch, sounds like a "rake and scrape" kinda spot.
  15. Gold Hunting Shop In Ca?

    Most of the prospecting shops in SoCal have closed the past few years. San Diego Metal Detector and Prospecting Supply in south central San Diego county is open and has a well stocked store. Mainly geared for detecting and drywashing (after all, this is the desert down here or nearly so). Nice guy and very experienced.