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  1. I have a brand new GMT concentric shooter coil that I'm selling for $90.00 (no scuff cover) , price includes shipping to lower 48 States. PM if interested...........Rob
  2. Weekend Gold And Night Beach Finds

    A good buddy of mine scuba dives/detects just past the surf line at a very busy beach. His best morning ever; seven gold and two platinum rings!
  3. Yikes - Big Change To Forum!

    Nice web site upgrades Steve. BTW, how about writing a detector/prospecting book (if not already working on one)....?
  4. Incessant, caustic, negative behavior can infect web sites like a putrid fever...... I'm glad you took action on it. ***On a more positive, finally got my GM1000 yesterday!
  5. Lightning Fire Near Eugene's / Rye Patch

    All that scrub was intended to: sprout, grow and BURN....then repeat. Good for the critters and prospectors.
  6. Jerry Keene Passes Away

    Great guy and what a loss, went to Chatsworth (Keene Engineering) just last month to buy a new blower and hung out with Jerry for a good half hour listening to his stories. He truely was one of the few "old timers" left among us.....amazing man who lived and talked prospecting. A story that really stood out was one he told of a friend, one of the first dredgers to work the east fork of the San Gabriel river back in the early 1960's. This guy averaged at least a POUND of gold every day on the river for several years back in the day........ very cool indeed.
  7. New Rule - Number Of Posts Before Being Allowed To Use Classifieds

    10 posts minimum......that should help weed the skeemers out!
  8. Doc Opens Coffee Shop / Cafe In Winnemucca

    Be it coffee, food, booze, merchandise or mechanical trouble........mining the miners hasn't gone out of style.
  9. Ground Balancing Goldbug Pro- Is This Right???

    I've used the GB Pro and F19 for years now and came up with my own routine for maintaining ground balance. When detecting in mineralized ground (most gold districts) I got into the habit of every 10 or so swings, hitting the GG while pumping the coil a couple times, 10 more swings and then repeat. After a while you don't even have to think about it and it works well for me. If the ground is super hot and nasty you would have to ground balance much more often but at that point I just go and get the PI. Good luck!..........Rob
  10. Unfortunately, the TDI series isn't even "splash proof" let alone water proof and this I learned the hard way, let me explain. For several months I was taking my TDI to the beach and all seemed well as I was very careful to stay above the water line. Then the detector started having issues with static and stability. So sent it off to Whites and several days later got a call from the Tec with the bad news. The circuit board was corroded and even a couple of pots (knobs) were shot. He asked if I had dropped it in water and I replied no, but had been using it a lot at the beach and many of those days it had been over-cast and somewhat damp. Well that did it alright , expensive lesson learned (about a $400 repair) so I bought a Sand Shark which has worked quite well for this type of detecting and also considering buying an ATX for my next shoreline detector. Until White's makes a waterproof housing for it, there will be no more "days on the beach" for my TDI
  11. If looking for a good PI machine on a budget, the Tesoro Sand Shark has done me good on rings in wet beach sand (and underwater) However it should be considered a "dedicated" beach machine though and not really suited for nugget shooting. Another reasonably priced PI for prospecting is the Whites TDI SL, the nuggets it has found me over the years have paid for the detector 5X over Looking for gold in trashy tailing piles, my Fisher F19 has also done a great job. Good luck! Rob
  12. Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Begins Delivery

    I wonder how the GM1000 would compare to the White's GMT on small gold/quartz specimen pieces?
  13. Dealer Communications Or Lack Thereof

    I've always tried to patronize small business as my folks were SBO's and I grew up seeing the ups and downs of that way to make a living. Bought all of my new detectors from a mom n' pop prospecting shop and glad I did because they were proud of their old school customer service and always did me good should there be a problem with the machine. Unfortunately, these upstanding folks have been the exception to most of my recent dealings with small business operations over the last several years. From boat and rv dealers to gun shops, I could go on and on about the crappy customer service and outright lying I have experienced with many these people. Especially in regard to any warranty issues, once they have your money your the last person they ever want to see again. I really think customer service in general has tanked in recent years no matter the business or venue and its really too bad.
  14. Minelab Coil On Whites Tdi?

    I believe good things are happening concerning the SL these days at White's.......just a bit of patience
  15. Clueless And Ill Prepared

    That was big of you to help that older couple even though your efforts/sacrifices should have been appreciated just a bit more. I do believe in karma and in my book your good deed just scored a pile of points on that one.