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  1. Scams Out There

    Bad grammar and run together sentences is always a red flag that your being "worked".
  2. Perfect Hunting Season

    Concrats on the buck and new patch, sounds like a "rake and scrape" kinda spot.
  3. Gold Hunting Shop In Ca?

    Most of the prospecting shops in SoCal have closed the past few years. San Diego Metal Detector and Prospecting Supply in south central San Diego county is open and has a well stocked store. Mainly geared for detecting and drywashing (after all, this is the desert down here or nearly so). Nice guy and very experienced.
  4. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    Sure is nice to have "mining friendly" people running our government again........its been a while.
  5. Painful paying full price for a detector only to see it come out at 1/3 to 1/2 price not too far down the road.........ouch!
  6. Mining Partners? ( Do's & Don'ts )

    I have a couple friends that I mine or detect with. Been hunting and fishing with these fellas for decades and trust them like brothers. When detecting we head out different directions. We meet back at camp or the truck at a given time. Finders/keepers on this one and as they swing the best available GPX/GPZ series while me with my TDI.......Oh well suppose I'll always be a drywasher first and speaking of that; Drywashing is hard work as the more dirt gets processed generally the more gold in the box. Nuggets found in the header/tailing piles are shared (as is everything in the tray). Usually we do the gold split at the end of the day before chow. All expenses split accordingly and camp chores shared except that I do all of the cooking and they do dishes. This is only so because neither one can cook worth a damn.
  7. Hey Mister, You Look Hot!

    Very nice and I stand corrected.
  8. Hey Mister, You Look Hot!

    Like the water bottle but more impressed with the M&P
  9. TDI Super Pulse 350 Coil On Sale

    Hey Rod, its basicly the Jimmy Sierra "Digger" coil with different decal. Good for relics, beach swinging etc. and totally different from the MJ 8.5x11
  10. New White's GMT Detectors For Half Price!

    This summer my GMZ has been a real jewelry producer at the beach finding even a couple of tiny gold bracelets and earrings. Been using the standard 6x10 loop but had been eye-balling the large 8x14 for a while. Unfortunately, that $250 price tag kept scarring me away. Glad to pay $65 for it..........Thanks Tom! Rob
  11. Weekend Gold And Night Beach Finds

    A good buddy of mine scuba dives/detects just past the surf line at a very busy beach. His best morning ever; seven gold and two platinum rings!
  12. Yikes - Big Change To Forum!

    Nice web site upgrades Steve. BTW, how about writing a detector/prospecting book (if not already working on one)....?
  13. All that scrub was intended to: sprout, grow and BURN....then repeat. Good for the critters and prospectors.
  14. Jerry Keene Passes Away

    Great guy and what a loss, went to Chatsworth (Keene Engineering) just last month to buy a new blower and hung out with Jerry for a good half hour listening to his stories. He truely was one of the few "old timers" left among us.....amazing man who lived and talked prospecting. A story that really stood out was one he told of a friend, one of the first dredgers to work the east fork of the San Gabriel river back in the early 1960's. This guy averaged at least a POUND of gold every day on the river for several years back in the day........ very cool indeed.
  15. 10 posts minimum......that should help weed the skeemers out!