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  1. Very nice......I'd head right back to that spot with a pick, shovel and drywasher to mop up the crumbs.
  2. The Falcon has worked great for me to check a quick sample of the drywasher cons.
  3. I'll check it out....thanks Steve
  4. When placing an ad in classifieds, sometimes it will not upload the photo(s) this past month. Then if I try again a day or two later, upload no problem.
  5. The Whippet, like other small drywashers is good for sampling or modest output. I'm looking for a machine that can really produce
  6. I've talked to "The Gold Lady" or Retta and her husband in that You Tube video and they think highly of the Keene 190. Also talked to others who would prefer the 151 over it, I believe the $2000 price tag scares many off. Jury is still out but leaning toward buy one.
  7. Last year, a prospecting shop in SoCal was selling brand new GPX 5000's for $2999 out the door! Some kind of limited promotion.
  8. Most seasoned desert drywashers, including myself, own a cement mixer for this very reason. I use it whenever I can "practically" get it to the site as it makes small work of caleche, clods or whatever conglomerate crap needs reducing. I use the hand crank model w/wheels as its more portable when I have to drag it to the spot. Once reduced to my satisfaction, i will just run the material right into the drywasher. If the area is mostly known for fine gold, I will classify to at least 1/4" then run it.
  9. The clay clods can be easily broken up by pounding it with a concrete tamp. Also using a cement mixer really breaks down the clods, just throw in some big chunks of iron stone or granite with the material.
  10. Bellows/puffer drywashers will catch an impressive amount of fines so long as ; the material is classified down to -1/8, is "talcum powder dry" and the drywasher properly tuned
  11. Considering buying a Keene 190 but having a difficult time finding reviews or anyone who owns one. Any experiences or input would be appreciated.....thanks!
  12. Sounds like a very well liked fella, I wish to him a speedy recovery
  13. To the Australian's, "I have always like your style and the way you look at life"
  14. I think if you look at mining as a part time venture compared to a full time vocation, most will get a lot more out of it in the long run.
  15. The four hour drive home made me think a lot about what I could do out there in the wet desert dirt and the first thing that came to mind was how easy the sampling will be in those conditions. Not as much fun as mining but the rewards could really come in later when drywashing conditions return. I know guys that run portable ("sort of") wet recirculating recovery systems out there and the recovery is great on the finest gold but..........its a labor intensive muddy pain in the butt. I sure never thought I would be considering it. Sort of reminds me of that saying; "Man makes plans and God laughs"