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  1. Counterfeiting dirtbags trying to cheat those poor hard working African miners that live one day at a time.
  2. Great info, I suppose you don't know until you try. Julian also was not known for being much of a placer or nugget producing gold district but those that have put the time in, myself included, have done OK
  3. Drywashed the area long time ago with my dad, I just remember fine gold. Not known for being much of a placer area for detectable gold.......drywasher country. Most people keep going a bit further to the Yuma/pot holes area.
  4. Steve, I always hoped that some day you would have a forum titled; Pacific Coast Beach Detecting (USA) and Atlantic Coast Beach Detecting (USA) Expanding your forums I think is great! Happy Holidays.........Rob
  5. Perhaps this new year, the pendulum will finally begin to swing back toward the rights of prospectors and other public land users.
  6. I have kept my Gold Bug mainly for a "loaner" to friends who want to come along but not really prospectors ( lots of hunting and fishing buddies) Lite weight, easy, tough and effective its a good machine. However, I find myself grabbing it (or my F19) often when prospecting out of a back pack because it breaks down and stows better than most any other detector. I recently bought the NEL 6.5x3.5 "Snake" coil for my GB/F19, I've only used it twice in the desert but it really seems to work well. I can run the sensitivity a bit higher with this coil (compared to the stock round puck and the 6x10 loop). If you keep your Gold Bug I would recommend buying this NEL coil for it.
  7. Tom, I think you deserve one heck of a Christmas bonus this year.
  8. If Reg was in charge of the TDI program years ago, there would be a lot of happier SL users today and much, much more $$$$$$$ for White's
  9. Wow....very well put
  10. I seriously doubt any other metal detector company would make such an investment in the next greatest nugget finding machine. Especially since the nugget patches and gold fields have been plowed and plucked clean by 40 years of nugget shooters. Just think how many nugget shooting snow birds are pounding Arizona right now! I would like to think First Texas, Garret and White's are working on some "top secret" detector prototype with incredible hyper accurate discrimination. Features that could pinpoint a 5 gram nugget hiding under a pile of buried old timer iron garbage.
  11. Tom, Any estimates on when those new battery packs will be out for the TDI SL...... before Summer I hope?
  12. For the small shallow nuggets in nasty mineralized ground, learned a long time ago not to use any coil on the SL larger than 10" (actually, the smaller the better). Hence, at the 8usec and smaller TDI coils a perfect match. Dan Geyer for a brief time made a TDI 4x6 Mono "Shooter" coil that runs so well on the machine that I can run the gain/sensitivity maxed out and the ground balance turned off EVERY TIME I use it and thats no kidding. The Miner John 5x9 Folder Over, Jimmy Sierra 6x10 Duel Field, White's 7.5 DF and the White's 7.5 Mono Aussi have also been good nugget producers and pretty much in that order. I am 100% convinced that making these easy mods. could really be a great thing for the SL as a nugget shooter and revenue producer for White's.
  13. Tom, I've been using the TDI SL for several years, have found my share of nice nuggets and love the machine. Been tempted to go with the SDC2300 for its increased sensitivity but even it can't compete with the ergonomics of the SL. So why not make the SL approach(or match) the sensitivity of the SDC2300. Two modifications to consider that I think would make the SL even more sensitive the smallest gold nuggets: *Increase the input voltage from the factory 11.6 volts.... to 13-16 volts. This could be accomplished by just adding another AA battery to the factory dry cell pack. *Decrease the pulse delay from 10...... to "8" usec. This would (I feel) substantially increase the sensitivity on the smallest nuggets being especially effective using the smaller coils on the TDI SL Talk about breathing new nugget hunting abilities into a already good detector and with the already existing means to do so! How about this: Existing SL users could ship their TDI back to the factory for the "Nugget Hunter Modification Package" which includes having the pulse delay permanently preset at "8" usec, 2 new factory dry cell packs that will hold the " 9" AA batteries ...increasing the voltage to 13+, as well as a general service of the detector. The service cost for such a TDI SL "Nugget Hunter Modification Package"? If you keep the cost below say $200 per machine, I think you will see plenty of participation from existing users. Easy money for White's and a lot of happy TDI SL users, especially myself. Thanks for listening..........Rob
  14. I have found my share of gold nuggets with my TDI SL over the past several years, liked the detector so much I bought another. I know there are plenty of better nugget PI's out there these days but not for the price and especially the weight (or lack there of) allowing me to swing all day without fatigue.. I nugget shoot way off the beaten path up steep desert mountains, ridge lines and gullies. The lite weight of the SL and its rugged dependability I'll vouch for....... plus its still in production. Not sure about the SD2200 or future parts and service. I would want to know the answer to that before buying it. The TDI SL is no depth demon and not the PI to use in the larger desert washes. Shallow feeder gullies, residual placer bleeding off the steep slope in iron oxides and even some small nuggets through desert pavement surrounded by iron stone is where my SL has really shined.. I also use the T2, F19 and GMT often to begin with but when encountering highly mineralized ground or hot rock hell overloading my VLF's switching to the TDI always gets me back into the game. I think the best way to describe the TDI SL for nugget hunting; A rugged. lite weight, cost effective PI best suited for hunting nuggets in shallow highly mineralized ground.
  15. Unless I'm mistaken, White's only TDI in production currently is the SL............Tom?