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  1. I believe good things are happening concerning the SL these days at White's.......just a bit of patience
  2. That was big of you to help that older couple even though your efforts/sacrifices should have been appreciated just a bit more. I do believe in karma and in my book your good deed just scored a pile of points on that one.
  3. Hey Rod, like we discussed a while ago, the SL has never had the power input to effectively use the larger coils for practical nugget shooting in most conditions. Whites, Coil Tech, Minelab whatever, any coil larger than a 6x10 and the SL becomes unstable and noisy in mineralized hot ground typical of most gold fields. Using larger coils on the SL in these circumstances usually results in backing way down on the sensitivity while turning the ground balance up substantially to stabilize threshold. This results in poor performance at depth especially searching for small nuggets. Good performance with this machine is achieved by using the smaller coils allowing for sensitivity to be turned way up and ground balance setting kept low...... often turned off completely. Larger loops can work quite well (on the SL) in more mild ground conditions like finding 50 cal mini balls on old battle fields or gold rings at the beach. The stock 12" spider works well in these areas. I've spent a lot of money trying the larger coils on the TDI SL and while I have found some gold with them, 90% of my nuggets with this machine have come from using the ;TDI 6x10 DF, Miner John 5x9 FOM, and TDI 4x6 Mono Shooter coils. Two of these coils were made by the late White's Chief Engineer Dan Geyer and are sadly no longer available. It is said that Dan Geyer understood the Eric Foster design and potential better than most anybody. It would have been interesting to see where Dan would have taken the TDI series by now had he not passed so suddenly several years ago.
  4. Tried it out at the Vegas gold show this weekend, feels great with the little round puck coil but somewhat front nose heavy with the larger stock coil......for sure lite for a Minelab. Rep assured everyone it would be out very soon, I for sure want one. Kevin Hoagland has been field testing it for some time and is supposed to have a story/report out in GPAA magizine in the near future (I was told by the GPAA staff at the show)
  5. Cool vid....thanks for posting
  6. I believe White's is in the process designing a new battery pack for the SL to increase input to 14-16 volts (from the existing 12volts.) which by itself will substantially increase performance..... especially on small gold. There may be other mods the engineers at White's are considering to improve the SL's performance as well. You might want to sit back and wait a bit.........Rob
  7. I've seen Jim around Randsberg a few times, once he gave me some good drywashing tips. Nice guy and a real prospecting legend. Glad to hear he's doing well.
  8. I heard this at a club meeting a few months ago and took it as fact.......I must be mistaken and stand corrected.
  9. Does anyone know what Kevin is working on these days (since he left GPAA) ?
  10. Very nice......I'd head right back to that spot with a pick, shovel and drywasher to mop up the crumbs.
  11. The Falcon has worked great for me to check a quick sample of the drywasher cons.
  12. I'll check it out....thanks Steve
  13. When placing an ad in classifieds, sometimes it will not upload the photo(s) this past month. Then if I try again a day or two later, upload no problem.
  14. The Whippet, like other small drywashers is good for sampling or modest output. I'm looking for a machine that can really produce
  15. I've talked to "The Gold Lady" or Retta and her husband in that You Tube video and they think highly of the Keene 190. Also talked to others who would prefer the 151 over it, I believe the $2000 price tag scares many off. Jury is still out but leaning toward buy one.