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  1. It’s just a feeling but Beach 1 feels an awfull lot like my CZ-6. I’m pulling the same kind of targets. Hitting the mid conductor range at the beach with a vengeance. And Hey,... it’s an awfull lot of fun to drive as well :-) Can’t wait for my next hunt,... but alas weather and car troubles are keeping me from my hunting.
  2. Our Goal Is To Fulfill All Backorders By End Of March

    He probably just had a bad day. Everyone gets them. Even I now and again have them, usually Monday till Friday during opening hours :-)
  3. A Couple Of Nox Mods

    Equinox is designed for patient people :-)
  4. A Couple Of Nox Mods

    I beg to differ. They supply the machine with 3 coils, 3 coil weights. So they would need to balance it using 3 weights at the back of the machine. From a manufacturing standpoint pretty easy. But a lot easier to just drill 2 holes each side on the bottom lips off the rest. And attach a cheap bicycle drink bottle under the armrest. Mine contains a spare set of earbuds, some rags to prevent everything from cluttering around and I add weight at the very back in the form of fishing sinkers. You can really trim the machine so that its slightly nose heavy and it swings like a dream. Add a bungee at the bottom of the handgrip which attaches to your harness and it is near weightless. What I don’t understand is the camou treatment people give their detectors. But I’m sure there is a valid reason why they want it to blend in.
  5. I came home from a first beach hunt with a few coins, small bits and pieces, gold and a big smile on my face. My other half knows me far better than I do myself and stated very firmly: ”Don’t You go messing around with that Beeper,... it brings home the goodies!!” I just hate it when She is Absolutely Positively 1000% wright on the money,... makes me feel like a hammer in the toolchest. Use when needed :-)
  6. Feel The Power Of Your 800

    Only have a few hours of Nox under my belt. But who ever designed the audio should get be very pleased with themselves. This machine is a real pleasure to listen to, no audio fatigue what so ever. The tones have a nice full body to them. Especially that Iron tone is spot on. Its there easy recognisable even the deep small stuff. But it doesn't become annoying.
  7. Nox 800 First Backyard Target

    Well, weather was nice-isch. A few rays of sun, not a gust of wind and with my chores all done. OFF TO THE BEACH. Beach 1, Adjusted threshold pitch to suit my ears and dropped it just below audible, GB-ed often and kept it fixed, Sens 22-23, All Metal, Noise Canceled. I always hunt All-Metal at the beach, dig it all except iron and I even dig iffy iron. Usually the larger stuff but often the stainless kind. Hit the towel line, with the tide coming in. So the sand had about 6 hours to drain out, moist but not waterlogged. This Puppy Hunts! Gold ring 2.0 gr with a gem, partially worn through, will need to get it tested, hallmark is unreadable. This Puppy Hunts or do I need to fill in my lottery ticket today?? Just Lucky I guess. Tried engaging Gold mode at the beach?? Oh My God it turned this machine into Starship Enterpise doing Warp 9. Need to read the manual again :-) Don’t hunt by numbers people, this is a Deus Killer that hunts by ear. It just loves those iron core, copper filament coins.
  8. Nox 800 First Backyard Target

    What kind of animal is that on the far right :-)
  9. Nox 800 First Backyard Target

    The trailcam at a local lake yesterday. I'm probably going to try the beach if this weather persists.
  10. Noxday was cut very short with the ground still frozen and sleet coming down. Managed to use my X-terra armcup with my bicycle drink bottle. A bit of weight in the bottle balances everything out nicely. Straight out of the box settings, Park1, conservative sens, GB-ed, Multi-freq and out pops a 0,5gr target next to iron. That's a nice surprise for an 11in coil!! Nox is charging, time to read the manual in earnest.
  11. So with all these machines not flowing out the factory like a tsunami. And dealers having to make cloak and dagger deals with their loyal customer base. People getting tired and frustrated that their Nox hasn’t turned up. Out of the blue, lightning struck on a clear sunny day and it’s sitting in my mancave as I write??? The agony of it all,.... a second one is inbound via another channel and I really have to read the manual now. Sunday just turned into Noxday!!
  12. Daniel Tn got the same VIP treatment I experienced. Talk about a spoil sport :-) Anyway people are talking iceskating here at the moment,... so no worries at all!
  13. Don’t worry about it Gerry,... people are just trying to get their hands on it any way they can,... Understandable. Minelab is trying to pump out as many as they can,... Understandable Dealers are trying to please their customers with the few units they are receiving,... Understandable. No major hickups as with software or build quality are coming to light,... a breath of fresh air considering other product launches. And it has the ability to update if need be. It’s business as usual if it were a new Iphone or @pple gadget. But we’ve haven’t seen this kind of feeding frenzy in metal detector land before. The reasonably priced Top performer. It just has obsoleted a whole lot of stuff. Even tried and trusted relationships :-) Just wish mine would drop out of the sky like the first one did,... Now that would be pretty awesome!! In stead it will be delivered with the UPS truck as per usual on a daily basis to our shop the same as all the rest of the shipments. Which I haven’t had the time to check out this week due to being stuck behind the chainsaw grinding machine all week!!! Business as per usual :-)
  14. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    The dealer can’t do anything the internet can’t. And the big stores can surely do something your local dealer can’t,... order enough of them to start with! My dealer is shifting the handfull of Nox 800’s into peoples hands who are continually badgering him where their order is at. Understandable. But that isn’t exactly a First in First out way of doing things. To keep my sanity and refrain myself from giving my dealer a piece of my mind. Well,... Currently paid up in full on the importers waiting list and couldn’t care less if it arrives tommorow or in six months. Probably get a small coil and fix myself up a sniper.
  15. Important Tip - Global Vs Local Settings

    Tracking in a field is a bit of a nuisance, especially the very precise tracking of a Minelab. Any kind of harvested, plowed or worked field has ups and downs in the terrain even if you try and keep your swing level. So the machine is continually seeing more and less mineral. And your tracking is trying to keep up. Best result for me at least is perform a GB on the crest of the ground. If your in a field where you expect good stuff, GB next to each target you intend to dig. Not only will this add depth, it might give you a more trustworthy ID from one target to the next.