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  1. For the Aussie guys, I would definitely bring a friend, especially if detecting near "Wolf Creek" lol just not safe Chris
  2. Went out with a buddy Saturday and tried a couple of new areas. Full of trash. Got tired of digging trash with no gold see we decided to move on to another area that had been extensively drywashed in hopes of picking up a few scraps. Still a bunch of trash but I picked up the specie on a bench on bedrock under about 10 in of silt. Nice solid signal on the GPZ Same nugget, different angle. 3.3 grams Also found a half gram solid piece. Chris
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies. I feel like my detecting IQ went up substantially. Can't wait to get out tomorrow and try a few things. Chris
  4. Hi Steve, as a warning, when I clicked on link my phone kept flashing what I think is a "fake" virus warning. Fake Google page. It tried to get me to click on another link to fix. I just rebooted my phone instead. Not sure if it was something that only happened to me. Chris
  5. Hello everyone, I am a relative new owner of a GPZ, also my first minelab product. So I don't have much experience with all the different settings. I have been doing really well in the last 6 weeks, but I get the feeling I may not be fully utilizing the capability of the GPZ. I have read the posts on the "insanely hot settings" and a couple on the "low sensitivity" settings. I have a few questions. Do you have settings you like, and stick with? Are you constantly changing setting during a hunt? Are there specific situations where you adjust settings? Any surprises when experimenting with settings? I am in southern Nevada, the ground is relatively mild. Most of the gold is sub gram to 3 or 4g, with the occasional 10 grammer. I usually run relatively hot up to max sensitivity, I do get lots of warble. I understand the GPZ is relatively noisy (much noisier than my ATX) Is it beneficial to find the smoothest threshold possible? Thank you Chris Excited to learn what I can.
  6. Nice! I've been thinking about doing something similar . A member mentioned he checks all his GPZ holes with I think a gold bug, and picks up some extra scraps. Chris
  7. Why would one need to use a harness? Those coils aren't that heavy😉 lol jk Chris
  8. Lol being in the desert I always find rough chunky gold. Would love to find some of that water worn stuff. Attractive looking Gold. Chris
  9. Great topic, lol I was going to post one about "the one that almost got away" same idea. It was Aug in southern Nevada HOT! and I was out exploring new washes. Went out farther than I should have, and just ran out of water. Told myself I would hit this last wash then beeline back to the truck. I was breaking every rule, walking to fast, not overlapping coil paths, coil to high off of the ground, and not working full width of wash. Really I was just in a hurry to get back. Well, I heard a little whisper with my ATX, and my first instinct was ground noise, and I kept walking. I got 3 or four steps away when I decided to go back. When I put the coil down, it was a solid signal. It actually was my first signal for the day, so I figured bullet. Dug down 10 inches and saw a little glimmer of gold in a crack in the bedrock. Tried to pick it up and wouldn't budge. After prying, out pops a 10.8 gram slug. Many lessons learned
  10. Hi JW, I previously ran an ATX and still use a GMT. Really amazed at the GPZ. Chris
  11. My mission to pay off my GPZ is off to a good start. Saturday was out for a few hours and picked up 8.2 g. Then today made it out, and got 10.6 g big one was 4.2 g. I was amazed at the depth of the 3 gram nugget. Just been hitting old patches mostly, with a couple of stray nuggets here and there. cheers. Chris
  12. Hello, I have a Garrett ATX for sale. 3 coils. Stock, 8inch, and the deep seeker. 2 minor flaws. No headphones, and broken stopper on telescoping stock coil. Just careful when extending. May be warrenteed. Other than that, great condition. Found lots of gold with it. $1800 or trade for GPZ 19 inch coil.
  13. It's worth a shot, and most of the desert washes I find nuggets in will have fines, and will probably be worth drywashing. With that being said I have found washes with nuggets and almost no fines. So you never know Chris
  14. Great looking gold!
  15. I have had the problem of the falsing. It gets irritating. Not sure about the new coils. Did find gold with my ATX though. Chris