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  1. It's worth a shot, and most of the desert washes I find nuggets in will have fines, and will probably be worth drywashing. With that being said I have found washes with nuggets and almost no fines. So you never know Chris
  2. Great looking gold!
  3. I have had the problem of the falsing. It gets irritating. Not sure about the new coils. Did find gold with my ATX though. Chris
  4. Prayers and thoughts for Jim.
  5. Randy, I can't wait to get back out myself.!
  6. Skill and determination? Thanks man, but I'm learning from you, seriously. Not nearly as much determination as much as just plain stubbornness. Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to next outing. Chris
  7. Steve, I was thinking about selling it, but may reconsider. Maybe Chris
  8. We'll not to bad mouth the ATX, because I did well with it and learned a lot about detecting for gold with it, but I had been through this wash with the 3 coils and didn't find anything. The gold was either too deep or too small for the ATX. I think it says more about how good the GPZ is. Chris
  9. Hi all, finally got to take me new GPZ out for its Maiden run. To my girlfriend and her daughters out with me, but had to promise to take them to see the snow in the mtns after. I hit a wash I had found a couple of specks with my GMT, but struck out with my ATX. In 5 minutes I had my first signal, a sub gram specie at about 6 or 7 in. A few moments later hit another subject gram piece. A few minutes later dug up a 2+ grammer. Then I was notified by my girlfriend that the kids were cold and wanted to leave. Lol that was quick but I was happy with 3.5 grams for the day. Better than I had been doing. The next day was to be a more serious day detecting. Met up with my buddy Dave and headed out to a new area. Walked a few washes for nothing then got a high pitched signal. Dug up what may be a small meteorite. I don't have a picture but Dave might. Then found the tiniest speci with the smallest speck of gold visible. Wow! the power of the GPZ. After basically striking out Dave and I decided to head back to and area we had done ok. Which happens to be near the wash from yesterday. So I got right back into it and was back on the gold. I have to say this was the first true patch I had found. Tried to radio Dave and tell him how I was doing, but he was out of range. When I got up to about ten nuggets I got a call from Dave and he said he had no luck. So I told him there was still 40 or 50 yards left of this was. Told him to start at the top and we'd meet in the middle. He even picked up a couple I missed. I ended up with 20 nuggets for the day, and Dave got 9. Best day ever detecting. 13.6grams for the day 17grams for the 2 days. I'm on a quest to pay for my GPZ and 17 grams takes out a big chunk. Completely amazed at the power of that detector. I'm sure there is still some gold left in that patch. Can't wait to get back. Chris
  10. As requested, to prove me and the ATX can find some gold and not just lube lol
  11. You guys are cracking me up with the responses! Lol. But I figured other people would post some strange things in crazy places lol. Chris
  12. Hi everyone, I saw one comment in other post about square nails being dropped in places they shouldn't be by pilots, and it got me thinking about some I found detecting last weekend. We find some of the most random things, in some of the most out of the way places. I found this after a several mile drive off a dirt road, then another couple mile hike in a gold bearing area in Nevada. No trash, no cans, no roads...? How and why did this get there? It is scary to ask, maybe I don't want to know lol the only thing around for miles are the burros...hmmmm🤔 What strange things have you guys found? Chris PS that was my last hunt with my ATX , I picked up a GPZ this week, and hope to be posting many nuggets.
  13. If there is a way to, let me know
  14. Hello, I am in Las Vegas and am in the market for a GPZ 7000, new or used. I am trying to find best deal possible. I prefer recognized dealers. Cash discounts? Accessories? Please PM with offers or advice. Thank you. Chris Had the opportunity to give one a test run this weekend, and I was impressed. I have metal plates in my hip and wasn't sure if I could effectively run one without interference from my hip. Also good to see one in the hands of an accomplished detectorist, that knows how to utilize the capabilities of the machine. Thanks Dave Also if this is an inappropriate use of this forum is apologize and please delete.
  15. That's horrible, sorry to hear that. I am looking for a really good deal on A GPZ, but not that way. Best of luck on getting your detectors back. Chris