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  1. Good job on both accounts.white sea bass is on my bucket list. I have a 3.5 day trip coming up out of San Diego. Chris
  2. Great job! Great detecting!! Still never made it up day! Chris
  3. Great job! Great detecting!! Still never made it up day! Chris
  4. Great job! Great detecting!! Chris
  5. Congratulations! That was a big score!!! I still haven't found a nugget at Gold Basin Chris
  6. Yes good call, a leopard lizard
  7. I'm watching, I like seeing people take chances, I like pondering the possibilities. I like seeing people succeed. I try not to get caught up in the sensationalization, be cause I figure that is created by the producers. "Gold Rush" is actually what got me into prospecting. Think what you want about the Hoffmans, but they took a shot and seem to be doing ok for themselves. Big risk knowing so little about mining and going for it. They all have messed up and overcome big mistakes, not an easy thing to do. I like seeing Parker kick their butt and Mature a little bit. I like seeing the big piles of gold lol. There are a few really good people on the show, as well as some characters. Such is life. Chris
  8. I cannot confirm nor deny that statement ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Thanks Chuck, Dave, and Mitchell. Mitchell, I'm actually not used to digging much trash lol. Yeah Steve I'm with you, I like seeing nuggets posted, it fires me up to go looking. Hope you get out soon. Let me know if you ever get down to Vegas. Chris
  10. Hi all, I want out yesterday to an area that has some gold , but also lots of trash....i dug a lot of trash. Deep nails were my nemesis with the GPZ, but I did manage to dog up these 5 nuggets. Largest was 2.7 grams. Thanks, Chris.
  11. I think you got the last piece, no more gold out there๐Ÿ˜‰ Awesome looking specie! Chris
  12. Great adventure. You definitely need to thank your wife for prompting you to bring the detectors. Some good size pieces! Congratulations Chris
  13. Wow! Solid haul!!! Congratulations
  14. Yeah Dave it was a great half day. Well worth the drive. You should post a closeup of that big nugget. It has lots of character!!! Chris
  15. Hopefully this is a better picture.