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  1. I think you got the last piece, no more gold out there😉 Awesome looking specie! Chris
  2. Great adventure. You definitely need to thank your wife for prompting you to bring the detectors. Some good size pieces! Congratulations Chris
  3. Wow! Solid haul!!! Congratulations
  4. Yeah Dave it was a great half day. Well worth the drive. You should post a closeup of that big nugget. It has lots of character!!! Chris
  5. Hopefully this is a better picture.
  6. A plastic scoop, and pick.
  7. Detected (gpz) this with my buddy Dave and couple of weeks back. It's tiny I know but looks possible. I tried to get some good macro shots. Chris
  8. I was thinking about making the drive to Gold basin based on Jen's recent finds! Her skill behind the detector got me fired up. Instead I opted to stay in Nevada and headed to a closer spot. I decided to try a spot in usually drive by on my way to usually spot. I had check out a couple of times with my ATX, but there was an absence of bedrock, and what there was was mostly calichi. First signal in an area with no trash was a nice 1+ grammer up on a bench. Worked my way up a small drainage and got another both at good depth. I moved over to a bigger wash and worked up most of the wash for nothing then got a faint signal under the edge of a rock. Kept digging and the signal got louder and louder. Finally this plopped out of my scoop. .62g biggest nugget yet. I picked up a couple of smaller nuggets before I headed back to the truck to have lunch. After lunch I decided to head to some drainages coming off a ridge. Worked my way up one till I got a faint signal. Again it kept getting louder and louder. Finally getting it into my scoop! This specimen was exactly 3/4 of an Oz. I cannot believe what the GPZ is capable of. Total for the day. I'm 2/3 of the way to pay off my GPZ in the 2 months I've owned it! Now I have to break that 1oz barrier. Chris
  9. My favorite "pick" is a modified potato rake used with a traditional pick. It works really good for the initial scrape after a signal. Easy to pull the rocks out of the way. Then when I get to hard pack I use the pick then rake out. I'm sure most people are comfortable using just a pick, but it works for me.
  10. Still exciting, reading your discovery. Was it an unmistakable signal, or just a change in the threshold? Looks really deep in the picture. I run a GPZ, and actually am starting to gain some confidence with it. Just don't have confidence in Gold Basin (only because I struck out so many times there) lol but I haven't been there with the GPZ yet, so that may be the game changer. Go find some more!! You are on a roll, with your luck, you should stop and buy a powerball ticket on the way home lol. Chris
  11. Wow! That is awesome! What was initially signal like? I was planning on going to Johnnie but you got me second guessing and thinking about GB. But I don't really have confidence there. Congratulations Jen!
  12. Hey Jen, great detecting!. I have yet to detect some nuggets out of gold basin, other than my drywash pile. I hope to change that luck soon. Thanks for the inspiration!! Chris
  13. Nice nugget! I would detect for copper nuggets if I new where to go. I know south of me into Arizona some guys find then quite regularly. Chris
  14. JW, I have a buddy in Rockhampton Queensland. I want to visit and he 'forced' me to watch Wolf Creek lol. I'm not a fan of scary movies. Good luck in the hills. Anyone named 'Madtuna' can't be a bad guy lol
  15. Thanks Dave. I thinks it's the same camera as yours. The one on my phone Galaxy S6 lol Chris