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  1. This was a sunbaker on top of a hill 10.8 grams. In the Johnnie district in NV. Chris
  2. Few Finds From Last Week

    Jim that 18 to 20 inches, is impressive...for the GPZ...Lol. I just happened to get my coil over the right spot. Chris
  3. Dave and I went out last Sunday and had some success. First I heard a slight but repeatable whisper in the center of a flat wash. Dug down about 20 inches and got an attractive 3 gram nugget. I really am amazed I found a nugget that small, that deep Next I headed to the other side of little valley and hit a wash (tiny drainage) I wasn't expecting much but came across these 2 nice specie. They cleaned up pretty nice. Very spongy gold, again impressed with the 7000. Dave found a nice 2 gram sunbaker!! Chris
  4. First Steps

    Joining the club's is a good place to start. It's where I started. I learned where people "look" for gold, and next where people "find" gold. As well as how people "look and find" gold. I stayed a member for 2 years, then I went on my own. I still keep a GPAA membership just in case I travelto a place I am not familiar with. It gives me a place to start. And yes by all means, learn as much as you can from this forum. Best of luck. Chris
  5. My Last Three Weeks Activities

    Always feels good to help someone out, and find a lost treasure. 👌 Good job, Chris
  6. 2 Good Days In Gold Basin

    Buzzards, I struck out a long time in GB, before I finally found gold there. I use a GPZ 7000. The nuggets were not that deep, though I did dig a few 20 Inch holes for the bullets. My best advice is to just cover a lit of ground and use a GPZ. Lol Chris
  7. I had a couple of productive days in a new area me and my buddy Dave have been checking out. First was last Sunday, I found a wash that gave up 8 nuggets, 6 for me and 2 for Dave, then I found a few small pieces in a couple of nearby tributaries. Ended up with about 8.8 grams. Then today we tried an area nearby, and I guess I got the lucky wash. I was able to dig up 11grams, biggest was 4.9. Two nuggets came out of the same hole. Dave and I hiked a lot and dug a bunch of bullets. Deep ones on bedrock, a bunch of heartbreak digs. Worn out we called it a day. It was a beautiful day to be out prospecting. Chris
  8. New Topic Viewing Limit For Forum Guests

    Hi Steve, is there a function you can add where when you click on a topic it brings you to your first "unread" post. Instead of going through all old posts? It's like that on one of the fishing forums I'm in. Thanks Chris
  9. I bet more than a half a gram. Chris
  10. Question On GPZ Firmware Update

    Hi, I actually never did the update. For no reason other than I haven't gotten around to it. I usually use the same settings, but lately I've been noticing different sounds. Just seems to be running different. Unfamiliar responses to familiar ground is the best way to describe it. Not sure, may be in my head lol. Chris
  11. We'll i finally got to join the 1oz+ club!! My buddy Dave and i headed to Gold Basin for a half day trip. We hit our usualy spot and split up. I headed to a wash that i found a 5.4 gram piece a couple of weeks ago. I didnt hit the whole wash, so i figured id start where i left off. A bit later, i get a nice signal by a bush in the middle of the wash. It turned out to an 8 gram specie with some dark host rock mixed in. 10 feet away in the bank of the wash i get another screeming signal. This was the flat nugget, also about 8 g. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news. The next couple of hours there was nothing except a couple of meteors. I decided to hit the bottom end of that same wash on my way back to the truck. After a bit i get a nice signal in the wash, it was the .8g flat piece. The wash had widened out, and the bedrock was deeper, so i wasnt detecting to slow wgen i got a slight sound. I thought it was just ground noise because i was running the GPZ hot at 18 sensitivity and high yield and normal ground. I did a scrape and the sound was still there. I took about 6 inches off with the pick and the sound seemed more distinct. I fugured it wasnt mineralization but rather trash because the dirt was silt, not hard pack. I kep widening and deepening the hole and when i got to over a foot it was screeming. I was figuring tin can ir something. After about 6 more digs and around 2ft deep. I get it out of the hold. I did reach bedrock so i was feeling hopeful. It turned out to be a 1.41 (OZ) nugget and a pretty one at that, with a bit of quartz. I finally joined the club. I feel like i deserve a patch or something lol. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news, and he was eccited for me. (He was already a member pf the club) a bit under 2 oz for the day. I took Dave to the wash, with his big coil on the GPZ, to try to score him a big nugget, no luck. We packed up and headed home. oh and i finally paid for my GPZ in nuggets ...and some. thanks Chris
  12. GPZ 7000 Wish List

    Brian, glad you have become a believer in the GPZ! I was out on Sunday and finally peeled the screen cover off....WOW, its literally a night and day difference! Completely visible in sunlight. We still have to do some detecting together next time im up there! Chris
  13. Scored A Few

    Mitchel, thank you, i did soak them for a couple of hours in CLR. That was it. Chris
  14. Scored A Few

    Hi Chuck, Thank you, the GPZ works great for me. I do have a 9 in metal plate and 17 screws in my hip. That is a lot of metal. I seriously doubt you would have a problem with your shoulder. I only had a problem with the big coil. Interestingly when i turned the sensitivity to 18 on small coil if i wasn't careful i could get a signal on my hip, but nothing that was a hassle. It was something i didnt notice on a setting of 12 sensitivity. Which i would infer that the GPZ on the super hot settings would pick up more gold, if you could ignore the noise. I am trying to get a hip replacement, so im not sure if that will make things better or worse? Yes this spot is interesting, i do think i am getting closer to the source, nut not sure how to locate it. We've found gold all through the wash, and up the side of the bank, and now, well up the hill. Chris