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  1. Equinox Quick Start Guide

    So there is no auto sensitivity on the Nox, sought of thought it would have it for sure.
  2. Antique Blasting Box

    Very cool, I want one.
  3. Equinox First Gold Nugget Photos

    Yes very sneaky photo JP. Consider it a Chrissy present to the forum to share some info on that Equinox of yours.
  4. Busted A Fatty Today!

    Very nice indeed.
  5. First Winter Storm

    Get up early and only do half days, but mostly coins keep the needs at bay.
  6. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    For its weight though the Z is quite ergonomic and well balanced all be it heavy. If Bruce can keep up the electronic wizardry and I need a bionic arm to swing it bring it on.
  7. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    I am in business my self and know very well what makes one person happy, makes the next un happy and rest assure I am not trying to stop anyones voice being heard. I just see realiability as one of the most determining factors as a consumer over every other factor, and also want Minelab to hear my voice for that very reason.
  8. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    Steve I understand the point, I just dont think Bruce and his team intended on making the Z to heavy for some it just is what it is. I am sure if they could make it lighter they would, wouldnt you think?
  9. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    Yeah I get that, but making a detector with new tech in a body that is light weight, strong and easy to swing with a 14 inch coil that is just as sensitive if not more sensitive than the 8 inch SDC coil as well as making everyone happy will now and always be impossible. I understand that some of the older folk can't swing the Z for very long but unless you are going to make a detector as good as the Z and 2 kgs lighter than what is the point of flogging the old horse.
  10. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    Quick question Reg who is James Beatty? and why hasn't he made a detector that is better than the Z and lighter already if he can as you say Do it?
  11. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    Yeah I think you are just going to make more work for yourself Steve, there are plenty of rant forums out there is people want to go down that path.
  12. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    Yeah age is a concern and I get that but conditioning your body for what you do is going to help. Norvic and I carried enough water and provisions in our back packs for 3 days detectors and all 30kg and he is 65. Due to the fact I am only just 40 I cant imagine what its like to be 70 but I have been a fencer for nearly 20 years now and can tell you 8 hours of that every day here in North Queensland is harder on your body than prospecting but it keeps my condition ready for prospecting. And yes I have prospected for gold since I was maybe 10 years old not sure.
  13. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    The truth of the matter with weight comes strength, I am sure they could shave a kilo off it and then shafts would break and coil cables would break down at the coil. I think you fellas need to hit the GYM as the weight of the Z has never bothered me so long as it finds gold bring it on. In fact I will take gold detecting tech over weight reduction any day, as we are gold prospectors not weak wristed coin hunters. Just think of what the old timers would think of us complaining about the weight of the best gold machine in the world, when we can scan whole ridges and creeks with ease.
  14. Bit Of Local Gold

    Very nice, upgraded to a side by side ahh?
  15. Repairing / Modifying My Picks

    Looks okay but only drama is once heated by the weld the spring steel is weakened a lot and normally will break really quickly. I hope it last but I make spring steel pilots for the auger of my dingo and heat it to much even cutting with a grinder for to long and they break.