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  1. Good report JP and very in depth information on the QED operation.
  2. Well I am just going to have one of them. Very GoFind like in design, hope its not like the go find.
  3. Yeah after using the Deus the CTX really is sluggish at keeping up when there is a lot going on under the coil but with the extra info on the screen you can end up digging a target without an actual tone. I chase our aussie $1 and $2 coins but alot of the places I go the rubbish isn't ferrous but just loads of non ferrous close to the surface around these coins but if I get a clear dot on my trace screen in the right area bam coin. Now our 1 and 2 dollar coins are a copper-nickel combo and stand out almost on there own in the ID other than squashed alloy bottle tops. If the Deus could do this I think my CTX would sit in the cupboard.
  4. One thing I would like on the CTX and I know this is not new tech but feedback on the LCD screen about the frequency the machine is running at on any particular target. The one thing I like about the CTX over the Deus is the amount of info it tells you on screen and knowing the frequency could help with not only depth of target but also fast info on size of target and when chasing jewellery this would be invaluable.
  5. Yeah unfortuently these Aussie forums demand truth and proof and when you give them proof they just dismiss it anyway. They are taking constructive criticism to a whole new level and the hard part is most of them are running around with Minelabs in their hands. JP has given us ways to use our Z's and with his new conservative settings for the Z19 really having an impact these haters should just suck it up a try, it's only been out for 2 months anyway and who has put enough hours on it yet to say otherwise.
  6. Very nice JP the big coil doing what its designed to do.
  7. Nice GOLD JP. ha ha nah I turned my Z off after that one, as I was stuffed from the enormous friggin holes I had to dig.
  8. You run a tight ship Steve, that is one of the reasons I have started using this forum more and more. This forum is very info based and adding more will only make it a better forum for all. Keep up the good work.
  9. Yeah I feel the same way about audio smoothing, it was on when I first got the machine and since then it has been off and use sensitivity and threshold if too chattery. I love the Z for the information it is able to give you when detecting, when the ground changes it changes but also continues to give you feedback. I have dug many deep targets this year with nothing but a pause in the threshold and by pause I mean something in the threshold that has stopped me and even after scraping the ground no real audiable signal, it is just the Z telling you something. It was actually chasing $1 and $2 coins in the parks that has made me a better Z user as going slow and covering the ground produces more dollars and coil control and sweep speed has a huge impact when it comes to what information the Z can tell you on those really deep targets.
  10. Thats great, awesome to see the 19 smashing it, well done Dale.
  11. Good report JP, one question have you noticed the Zed chewing more battery with the larger coil?
  12. Ha Ha yeah I put 500 grams of bananas on my Z coil to see how much heavier it would be.
  13. I am with reddirtdigger, any variation of tone or bump in the threshold needs to be investigated lost count of the amount of targets pulled from depth from nothing but a pause in the threshold. Running a lot less threshold on the Z seems to allow the complex responses of a deep target pop, I know this is not for everyone but like Norvic said no threshold and maxed sensitivity can really find it deep.
  14. Yes I find it very strange with the new small battery that Minelab has come out with did not carry a wireless module, just make it the same RF as the WM10 or WM12 receiver. They obviously saw the demand for a smaller lighter weight battery so people could free them selves of the wires but no true wireless. Just gives us a project to work on I suppose.
  15. Just thought I would share my wireless setup for anyone thinking of trying this. I have used Avantree Saturn Pro (Low Latency) bluetooth Transmitter/receiver and some Camcorder batteries. I have also got a couple of Lipo batteries from my RC which run the 5000 really well as they keep their voltage for longer. The leads I made myself with genuine power plugs and a deans RC battery plug and a 1/8 audio jack so as to go straight into bluetooth wireless module. These little module are very good and are lasting well over the 8 hour mark on a charge, and their size and weight make them very versatile. The 7200mah pack and wireless module come in at 325 grams with leads included this lasts about 5-6hours I have made up a couple of 3400mah packs with 18650 cells and these weight 180 grams with module and leads and lasts about 3 hours. I have a 5000mah Lipo hardcase which weight 200 grams with both wires and module, this goes for 7 hours before the low voltage alarm comes. Lipo batteries aren't for everyone as they can be a little volatile, but I am yet to have one explode and treat them with care when charging with a good lipo charger.