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  1. CTX 3030 Battery Question

    Yeah they are the same voltage just more capacity, i use my Z battery when ever I forget to charge my CTX battery.
  2. Some Nevada Gold Nuggets

    Nice write up Steve, I love hiking with the GPZ looking for virgin patches. 1 piece patches seem to occur everywhere.
  3. Yeah I just drag and dropped the update direct to the GPZ as if it was an external hard drive and it worked perfect. I really like the look of locate patch mode as I usally tame the Z right down with audio smoothing and lowering sensitivity when I am hiking and prospecting but hopefully I can leave all my settings and just switch to locate patch.
  4. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Living the dream you 2, smacking gold one day catching Barra the next.
  5. New CTX 14"x 9" Coil

    Interesting, i have had the 14x9 on my CTX since the release date with none of the issues from that report and mine is serial number 216. How could it punch deeper than the 11 inch round it is only 9 inches wide. I really like the 14x9 and have found it to be fantastic in the water and on the beach.
  6. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Ha ha and you are not out in the middle of no where with him yet.......
  7. Does not matter how good the machine is these bloke just hate Minelab for some reason or another. The machine has only been in peoples hands for maybe 4 days and reckon old mate hasnt even used one yet.
  8. GPZ 7000 Wish List

    1. More depth like Norvic. 2. Program saving like the CTX. 3. More time to use said Z.
  9. My First Impression Of The Minelab Gold Monster 1000

    Thanks Steve, I just found 3.5mm male headphone jack to micro usb cable online for audio so should work with the Pro Sonic to make it wireless.
  10. My First Impression Of The Minelab Gold Monster 1000

    Nice report Steve one question, did you use headphones or was the speaker good enough? wonder why Minelab didnt go wireless.
  11. My New Prospecting Vehicle

    Hey Madtuna can you come and pick me up I need a gold hit.
  12. GPZ 19" Coil Falsing

    I feel because high yeild is the most sensitive setting it made the most falsing with the 19 same with 14 HY and high sensitivity and my 14 falses. Slowing your swing speed and good coil control with the 19 on really reduces the falsing. I ran in General/Normal with sensitivity at about 10 and alot of the noises were gone.
  13. How To Not Get Lost

    Just like anything prevention is better than cure. Always being prepared never hurt or got anyone lost in the past. I have a day and a half extra food supply stashed in my boat as a precaution and periodically change it out. Same as my pack when prospecting compass, gps, spare batteries and when wandering always look up from time to time and take in all the landmarks you can.
  14. Why Do Some Find More Gold Than Others

    Yeah location is one important factor, but you can have the best location with gold 100m from were you park your ute and still not find any. Hours on the ground swinging the coil and confidence in your ability with your machine and the method you are using trump location in my book as we all know where to look. You can miss a piece by a coil width and that piece could be the first of a patch of who knows how many ounces. Covering as much as possible of the gold bearing ground you are in and dig every target is the only way.