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  1. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    I just love that last 27 oz piece, nothing beats a natural water worn nugget and when 20+ozs even better.
  2. Attention Western AU Prospectors.........

    Yeah you just never know whats gonna happen when you get airborne.
  3. Attention Western AU Prospectors.........

    We should tell Paul about the little accident, shouldn't we?
  4. 15 Pieces For The Zed

    Yeah you have some great looking detecting ground there and nice gold. Its brown or black where we get it here.
  5. My 19 Inch Coil Arrived Today

    Where are the car wash girls?
  6. My 19 Inch Coil Arrived Today

    Ha ha yeah reckon every Barra I have caught would be worth at least a couple of hundred. Its not about the money remember. Ive only got 4 detectors anyway and only 2 of them have dust on them.
  7. Minelab Equinox???????

    http://md-hunter.com/minelab-announces-sensation-new-2017/ Here is some info, looks like magnetic field generated from the coil. Sounds cool as hell.
  8. CTX 3030 Battery Question

    Yeah they are the same voltage just more capacity, i use my Z battery when ever I forget to charge my CTX battery.
  9. Some Nevada Gold Nuggets

    Nice write up Steve, I love hiking with the GPZ looking for virgin patches. 1 piece patches seem to occur everywhere.
  10. Yeah I just drag and dropped the update direct to the GPZ as if it was an external hard drive and it worked perfect. I really like the look of locate patch mode as I usally tame the Z right down with audio smoothing and lowering sensitivity when I am hiking and prospecting but hopefully I can leave all my settings and just switch to locate patch.
  11. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Living the dream you 2, smacking gold one day catching Barra the next.
  12. New CTX 14"x 9" Coil

    Interesting, i have had the 14x9 on my CTX since the release date with none of the issues from that report and mine is serial number 216. How could it punch deeper than the 11 inch round it is only 9 inches wide. I really like the 14x9 and have found it to be fantastic in the water and on the beach.