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  1. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I hoe you don't do that Steve (create an Off Topic Forum).------As others have stated---it's fine just the way it is.---------Del
  2. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Be warmer in the AZ/CA fields!
  3. Thanks guys-----One thing I noticed about this detector right off the bat is how well it responds/hits on (small) non-ferrous targets--really "slaps" 'em.
  4. Isn't there supposed to be an owners manual that comes with this detector besides that little "Getting Started Guide"?------How long does that rechargeable battery pack run on the GM1000 with a full charge & under "normal" hunting conditions?------How long does it take the battery pack to charge (AC plug in charger) when the battery is flat?-------Didn't see any info in that starting guide in regard to this.------I wish they would have made the shafts longer! LOL (I'm kiddin)-------I'm about 5'9" and I got plenty hanging off the back when adjusted for me.------So far, what little I have tested it, I'm really liking the detector although I haven't even had it on a hunt yet.-----If you've got any advice for me on this detector--I'm all ears!-------I've been reading up on what I can find on it.--------Thanks----------Del
  5. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Yeah & I'll bet you a dime to a donut that if Minelab does get it settled down in this respect that there will be those that complain about it being "dumbed down".
  6. Pieter Heydelaar

    Who IS that young fella??
  7. 2.2 Lbs Of Gold Found In Man's Butt

    No butt joke!----Darrel, check your p.m.'s---I sent you a msg.-------------Del
  8. Pieter Heydelaar

    He makes the Quartzsite coin competition hunts--I talked to him there last winter.-----Darrel should know more about his where-a-bouts if he sees this post.-------------Del
  9. Or share an inheritance with them.
  10. They are just trying to answer your question(s) the best they can at this point in time friend.------It's hard (impossible) to give a comparison report when all the details are still unknown about an upcoming detector release. ----Best to just whatch the forums as the details unfold on this new detector.----Then try to make a judgment call as comparison/features/performance with other detectors of interest.------That's what I am doing but it takes a bit of time.
  11. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Yes indeedy, that is odd.----Let's just hope they got it FIXED this time!
  12. 2.2 Lbs Of Gold Found In Man's Butt

    Wow----That gives a whole new meaning to "taking it in the ass"!
  13. Companies Go Bad

    The point being????
  14. My Monster Experience

    Good report, thanks for posting it.