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  1. I'm out of detectors!! (yeah, right)
  2. Thanks Steve.-----I read your other post on the Deus, Impact & G2 also---very informative.------Del
  3. Hello everyone.----Steve, I respect your input & opinions--always have!----Here's a couple of questions I have for you.---Considering detector performance---With the Nokta Impact running at 20 kHz and the G2+/F-19 with their 19 kHz---IYO, which one of these detectors would give the best performance for hunting for (smallish) gold?-----Also, there has been a lot said (hype?) about the Impact with its 5, 14 & 20 kHz frequencies being able to replace other detectors running in that range.---A sort of "one for all" (if you will).-----Do you feel that could truly be the case?-------I said two questions---here's another one! What is your "overall" opinion of the Nokta Impact?-------Thanks--------------Del
  4. Tom----Thank you for the response to my question.-----The very first detector I ever purchased was a Whites.----That was over 41 years ago now and although I have owned/used many, many different brand detectors since then.---In my experience, with the Whites detectors I have had (and over the years) I can't recall ever having to send a Whites detector in for service/repair--so I think that's a pretty good "endorsement" for the company.------As to the MX Sport---wouldn't it have been simpler to just do a MXS total "recall"---and take it from there?----Or wouldn't that have been possible?------As it stands & from what you have said on the MXS---I think I will follow some of my oft given advice (and not always followed by me) :) of waiting a year & taking another look--to see how things "shakes out".------One last comment & question though----years ago, I purchased Whites detector(s) directly from the Whites Company.------Can that still be done?---thus taking the "guess work" out of the purchase of an MXS by KNOWING you would be getting the latest produced & "upgraded" MXS.-------Again, thank you for the answer to my question(s) Sir.-------------------Del (from Oregon)
  5. Hmm, hasn't Whites got SOMEKIND of answer/response to this question???-----I see their man is on the forum the last few minutes.-----I think buyers deserve/require some assurance of what they are buying (in regards to time line of production (or upgrades).-----I & I'm sure others may well be interested in this detector----but----------
  6. Tom------If a person purchases a MX Sport---How do you know/how can you tell if you are purchasing one of the latest produced ones (one with the very latest "improvements")?--------Thanks------------Del
  7. I've been wanting to ask this question for awhile now & I realize the answer is somewhat conjecture (at least to a point & at this time)-----but-----what is your feelings on the (hopefully) soon to be released version 4 & new coils for the Deus? (particularly the elliptical coil)-------Do you think the Deus could then well fill relic, coin/jewelry---AND---gold nugget hunting needs/requirements in an improved fashion?---What with being able to use both the old coils and the two new coils and the "enhancements" version 4 provides.-----I have my thoughts/hopes on this subject (I must, I ended up getting another 3.2 version Deus with 9" coil & WS5 h.p.'s) & in anticipation of the version 4 & new coils.------But-----I wanted to see what other peoples feelings are on this.--------Thanks---------Del
  8. Looks like there is three coils (so far) that are going to be work on the Impact.-----They are made for the Impact--other coils don't interchange.------Is the new wireless headphones for the Racer 2 & Gold Racer going to work on the Impact?
  9. Hey Chuck-----Rings are fun to find NO MATTER WHAT their color!
  10. Wile wimmen ncluded n da deal????-----Herd tha's tha way holliwood duz stuff!
  11. Great info guys, thank you.----------Del
  12. If a person purchases a new Deus detector in the version 4 (when it is available)---are you going to be getting this new 5X9 coil with it---or are you going to be able to select which coil you want?-----Maybe that info isn't even available yet--but thought I'd ask.
  13. Are the 9" & 11" DD coils on the version 3.2 Deus going to work on (be compatible with) the new version 4 upgrade?-----Also---Is that new coil that's coming with the upgrade going to be a DD or concentric?---------Thanks
  14. Rick----Are those Omega 8000's the latest version 6 Omegas?