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  1. Equinox 800 At My House!!!

    Hey Tom----You're lookin PLENTY SHARP with that new baby!!! Keep us posted how she's doin for yah!---------Del
  2. Equinox Screen Glare?

    Hey, that's cool beans Steve!----These old eyes really like that!
  3. Equinox Screen Glare?

    Yes, I get that flash/glare at times even with my F-19.-----I probably didn't phrase my question right.-----How is the readability of the Equinox in bright (and certain angles of sunlight)?----Does the #'s etc. become quite dark and hard(r) to read or is there no appreciable change in that regard (I'm talking without a screen protector on).-----I know my Etrac screen graphics gets so dark in certain light that I can hardly see them & am hunting by tone only (which in a way is a good thing)! :)-----My CTX--not so much (darkened screen).
  4. Steve------Does the Equinox have a glare on the screen (in sunlight) like Explorers, Etrac & even the CTX?---Is it easier to view the Equinox screen in these conditions?----That's been a problem "forever" that Minelab hasn't addressed with these detectors (IMO).---The Xterras didn't seem to have this "problem".----------Del
  5. Steve-----In regards your last paragraph.-----Are you finding gold (nuggies) with the Equinox 800?-----How does it compare with the GM1000?
  6. Calm Before The Storm

    Steve-----What detectors have you hung onto for the "oddball applications" that you speak of?
  7. Steve---I just thought of another question. :)------Is there much glare on the screen of the Equinox?-----All the FBS detectors had that problem with the least being the CTX (in that regard).-----Don't remember the Xterras having that problem at all.
  8. Target ID Normalization

    Thank you for the response to my question Steve---much appreciated.
  9. Steve-----This question may have been asked & answered before.---If it has, I apologize for asking again.------Does the Equinox have a "normalization" feature?------That it gives the same TID in any of the frequency modes?-----As in---a silver dime (or any coin) will give the same numeric read out in any of the modes?-----I think I said that right. :)-------------Del
  10. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I hoe you don't do that Steve (create an Off Topic Forum).------As others have stated---it's fine just the way it is.---------Del
  11. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    Be warmer in the AZ/CA fields!
  12. Thanks guys-----One thing I noticed about this detector right off the bat is how well it responds/hits on (small) non-ferrous targets--really "slaps" 'em.
  13. Isn't there supposed to be an owners manual that comes with this detector besides that little "Getting Started Guide"?------How long does that rechargeable battery pack run on the GM1000 with a full charge & under "normal" hunting conditions?------How long does it take the battery pack to charge (AC plug in charger) when the battery is flat?-------Didn't see any info in that starting guide in regard to this.------I wish they would have made the shafts longer! LOL (I'm kiddin)-------I'm about 5'9" and I got plenty hanging off the back when adjusted for me.------So far, what little I have tested it, I'm really liking the detector although I haven't even had it on a hunt yet.-----If you've got any advice for me on this detector--I'm all ears!-------I've been reading up on what I can find on it.--------Thanks----------Del
  14. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Yeah & I'll bet you a dime to a donut that if Minelab does get it settled down in this respect that there will be those that complain about it being "dumbed down".