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  1. I just thought that due to where the coil ears are located (clear to the back) that it might be hard to keep the coil level when swinging it (from coil weight to the front/excessive pivot)----Guess not.-----Thanks Steve
  2. Steve------With those coil ears waaay back on that new ellipticle coil for the Deus----it looks like it would be a real buggar to control.----How was it in that regard?------------Del
  3. Gentlemen------Thanks to all of you that responded.------I've detected "forever" but not so much gold hunting.-----I'll read & re-read these responses, very good info here.-------Del
  4. What Would You Choose? (poll)

    I'd say that was a pretty good bet Darrel.
  5. Plenty to "digest" here!-----Do you get that coil knock issue you mentioned when running in maxed auto sensitivity on the GM1000?-----Does it occur with both coils?
  6. Pros & cons on these two detectors? (one versus the other)----All opinions welcome!
  7. I remember that one.----They pegged him quick!
  8. I think it's a good idea Steve.-----Having a set # of posts (and perhaps time registered) on the Forum before being qualified to make a FS ad.-----Also feedback info on an individual (seller) that is made available to a potential buyer is (IMO) a very good idea.------Most of us old timers know each other (if only through the forums) & the above isn't of any concern--they have past the test of time AND earned the respect.-----BUT-----It's the newcomers to a forum that come on/register to IMMEDIATELY post a FS ad that need to have some sort of accountability before hand.-----I know (most) of these people are good, honest people---and I also know that there are a few rotten apples in every barrel.----Bottom line---Buyer beware & deal with someone you at least know SOMETHING about.-----That's my two pennies worth on the subject.---------Del
  9. Mrs. Sourdough's Gold Monster 1000

    Now THAT'S what I call a tector!!!!-----How much for them brooms now-ah-days? LOL
  10. I'm out of detectors!! (yeah, right)
  11. Thanks Steve.-----I read your other post on the Deus, Impact & G2 also---very informative.------Del
  12. Hello everyone.----Steve, I respect your input & opinions--always have!----Here's a couple of questions I have for you.---Considering detector performance---With the Nokta Impact running at 20 kHz and the G2+/F-19 with their 19 kHz---IYO, which one of these detectors would give the best performance for hunting for (smallish) gold?-----Also, there has been a lot said (hype?) about the Impact with its 5, 14 & 20 kHz frequencies being able to replace other detectors running in that range.---A sort of "one for all" (if you will).-----Do you feel that could truly be the case?-------I said two questions---here's another one! What is your "overall" opinion of the Nokta Impact?-------Thanks--------------Del
  13. Question For Tom (tboykin)

    Tom----Thank you for the response to my question.-----The very first detector I ever purchased was a Whites.----That was over 41 years ago now and although I have owned/used many, many different brand detectors since then.---In my experience, with the Whites detectors I have had (and over the years) I can't recall ever having to send a Whites detector in for service/repair--so I think that's a pretty good "endorsement" for the company.------As to the MX Sport---wouldn't it have been simpler to just do a MXS total "recall"---and take it from there?----Or wouldn't that have been possible?------As it stands & from what you have said on the MXS---I think I will follow some of my oft given advice (and not always followed by me) :) of waiting a year & taking another look--to see how things "shakes out".------One last comment & question though----years ago, I purchased Whites detector(s) directly from the Whites Company.------Can that still be done?---thus taking the "guess work" out of the purchase of an MXS by KNOWING you would be getting the latest produced & "upgraded" MXS.-------Again, thank you for the answer to my question(s) Sir.-------------------Del (from Oregon)