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  1. Oh, I don't know, Whitebutler; public flogging seems to be effective... at the least they should get the spanking that never happened when they were young... now where is that belt? fred
  2. will size does not matter on this first Franconia was the size of a pinto bean... fred
  3. Hi Fred,


    I saw a post you had written on finding Gold in Halls Creek....


    I spent 2015 in Halls Creek and found lots of beautiful nuggets near the Blue Bar and proximity...


    Hope to go back someday and search  for a few more....



    1. fredmason


      Thanks, Will;

      that was beautiful country but my least successful trip to Oz...


  4. heavenly! fred
  5. I haven't seen any real old mine dumps in the areas I go...I would try some old mines along hwy 95, way back! Just a couple of cautions: stay off Tribal land... There are military lands for much of the distance from Yuma to Quartzsite...if you are military you might get permission and I have heard of others getting permission... The BLM thinks that old trash is sacred... fred
  6. Is a gold sovereign holder similar to a coin purse...seems a bit flashy... nice finds fred
  7. well it is certain, you never give up! Great pic's and story, as always! Reminds of a vw sized rock I moved with my 5 foot bar. It was on "kanacka" creek as I recall in the early 80'sl... Of course I was young and strong back then...however there was no gold under that beast... My buddy was very impressed with my stubborn nature but not my good sense. fred
  8. I sometimes change the tone a little, especially when I start finding the tone irritating. Also if I feel I am going numb to that tone... Doug Stone always advised taking a break from detecting to refresh and give the ears and brain a rest. fred
  9. oh come on Klunker, why be shy now?
  10. I have a small notepad with many most used is Jonathan's with minor adjustments. I know guys that find a lot of gold and still worry there may be just one more thing that will increase their finds...and sometimes that is true. However, as long as the machine is on, it will find the gold. fred
  11. a million acres in heaven...and you don't have to die to get there! fred
  12. Thanks Chris, I was too lazy to look up the conversion. anything over 80 is hot to me anymore, especially with humidity! I am a wimp fred
  13. Nice gold...isn't 36 c about 110 f? Too hot for me!!!! fred
  14. southern California....USA fred
  15. two hours one way that a long slow trek or highway travel? good detecting and nice bits! fred