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  1. I'm with JW... that is a cool feature, thanks Steve fred
  2. picky, picky, picky, ...but you are correct,as usual... just teasing fred
  3. Research dowsing, the people selling those types of things have found their own pots of gold- and the only digging they do is in the pockets of their naïve customers. fred
  4. On my second trip to Oz, one of the guys found a completely back stone about three grams. It looked like a black dove egg. He passed it around to some others and was about to give it a throw. Just then I asked to see it. After pinching and squeezing it broke open like an egg. Inside was a solid nugget, my what a surprise. Of course, he reclaimed the piece. I wish I had a pic of the before and after... fred
  5. now that is a really great nugget! fred
  6. Sajuu; you have been given gold of a different type from Steve and Lunk. There is much patience and many years of experience invested in their advice...I hope you do practice, become perfect and find many pots of gold! fred
  7. Probably depends on the thickness of the grease vrs the size of the diamond. Just as gold miners classified there material to maximize production the common size gold, so do the diamond miners. As I understand the process the matrix is crushed to a certain size for the usual diamonds...I wonder how many real big diamonds have been crushed or lost in tailings because of these methods...? Hey, DD lets go diamond mining in OZ...hahaha fred
  8. I think you may want to research ground penetrating radar, etc. A two-box detector MIGHT reach those depths on large pots and iron boxes...not single coins .... With my 7000, I can faintly detect old metal cans 16 oz size) at four or five feet...but they are on the surface. You will have to find the best settings for your area by experience...good luck fred
  9. I have found several Gold Basins with my certainly sniffs them out! fred
  10. I think the most fun coin detector I ever had was the Silver sure loved silver, that was no misleading name. And I found my only gold coin with it, an English sovereign...some one made it into a broach... this Mohave seems like a great little detector. fred
  11. Thanks Lunk, careless reading results in foolish questions...speed reading is not always reliable... fred
  12. Lunk, does the 161g Franconia pair with the tiny and small irons found out there? very nice pieces! fred
  13. that would be a pricey pinpointer... fred
  14. Norm; since the detector is brand new I would ask for a shipping should not have to pay when the thing has hardly been used...worst case they can say...are you #$%^ kidding!