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  1. Short Trip To Baja

    life is a choice...go get'em, Condor! fred
  2. Need Help With Possible Meteorite ID

    There always the chance someone high-graded a nice lump of silver/gold/copper.... fred
  3. Need Help With Possible Meteorite ID

    I hear you...very unlikely to be meteoric... fred
  4. Need Help With Possible Meteorite ID

    Most likely ballast, slag or some type of basalt....the holes tend toward terrestrial rather than extra-terrestrial .... their is all kinds of rocks around rr stops and along the tracks. fred
  5. Ur30's Refurbished - Success

    I learned a hard lesson many years ago regarding spares...my headphones broke and after fetching my other pair I could not locate the little patch I had just walked away from...this was before gps... and after that is when I started carrying the little ear buds...they take no room... extra parts are always good! fred
  6. Short Trip To Baja

    Steve...you got to be crazy!!! Those Rocon will take you anywhere-if, you can stay on them...too much for me to ride. Nice gold!!! fred
  7. The first one, except I am apparently archaic....the ones I bought were all metal with a metal tube on the front...good luck! fred
  8. No plans, but; select the size pipe you want 2 inch or 2 and 1/2 a solid childrens rubber ball that fits a threaded shaft an some washers and nuts a handle for the shaft a 1 inch nozzle and adaptor for the business end If you want you can t-in a catch basin...like a dirty arm on plumbing... you can get as crazy as you like...or Just go buy a cheap grease gun with a handle or a large turkey baster... fred
  9. Beach Detecting With A Gpx4500

    you will be well worked digging everything...especially iron...way more junk than most people realize...18 to 24 inches on quarters is not unreasonable...take a good shovel!!! fred
  10. UK Antiquity Detecting Laws A Success

    changing the laws requires a major change in our "culture". Regulators love to control...that is their reason for existing...that is one of the things that needs to be changed... fred
  11. Early Minelab Gpz 7000 Issues?

    There is a local dealer in Rancho San Diego... Rob, Doc and Bill Southern are online dealers...check them out fred
  12. I assure you that there are multitudes of placers on very rough hills, mountains and cliff type structures...Desert areas in Az, Nevada and California are relatively flat in spots. Much of Oz that I have been in is very easy walking... But, I have climbed many a rocky mountain, turned to look back and said...what the H am I doing way up here...gold is where you find it-sometimes easy, sometimes not so much! fred
  13. Early Minelab Gpz 7000 Issues?

    buyer beware....I suspect any deal where the price is too low...I repeat...buyer beware!!! fred
  14. L'equinox En France

    Dang, welcome...wish I spoke French...sorry! fred
  15. I think the elevation of deposition has more to do with geologic forces than water level...there are gold areas in California that might be defined by elevation. There are other factors besides... in other words-no simple answers. fred