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  1. Mitchel, my friend...I repeat-just teasing!!!! I confess nugget hunting is exactly that-HUNTING, HUNTING and occasionally finding. I have only been on a few small patches where almost every target was gold. The patch I found in the Northern Territory in 2003 was every nugget hunter's dream. Not a bit of trash. What a thrill! El Dorado's Patch was a close second with almost every signal a nugget....and then there is The Rest of the Story...which will remain obscure for now. I have spend days hunting and not finding...for most of us, that is the way it sad. fred
  2. Scott you are leading my mind down the wrong path...go back! fred
  3. Don't be bitter, Mitchel; there are endless combinations of setting and ears to hear them. Patches are hard to find and even harder to share...besides you used up all your good Karma in the beginning...just teasing fred
  4. rMadhatter; I generally run my volume at 8,9 or 10; my sensitivity 6-8 vol 7-10 I use Jonathan's enhancer and dual speakers most of the time and turn the enhancer voulume up if it gets windy... don't just listen for clear signals, listen for repeatable won't hear the subtle changes unless you go low and slow and overlap your coil swings.... fred
  5. Well, aside from a pic of my pretty face...I click on one of my articles and I get an article by Rod F....that could really confuse me...thanks Steve...that is a problem. fred
  6. I just went to the website and searched for my articles. Oddly to me, the authors are alphabetical by first name. The site showed the authors and when I clicked on my name it worked correctly...
  7. Madhatter; I use a 1.2 GRAIN nugglet for testing...the signal will change with the setting and in really tough conditions it may not be a great signal. Of course this is a surface test and out of the is a good indication of correct setting for me. You may not be going over any tiny bits... I assume you are in Oz...but, which part? fred
  8. Minelab says it is critical to use their ferrite... fred
  9. Of course, Jonathan Porter and Steve are the go to experts...That said, read the manual and follow the directions for GB-ing. Then do what I do, read every post regarding the GPZ and write the settings in a small note-pad. Yes, I use pen and paper. The figure 8 pattern for the ferrite is a good start. The area you detect in will largely determine your HY normal, smoothing off, and other setting to suit your ears you will find grain sized pieces and IF there are big ones lurking you will get the GPZ. No better nugget detector has ever seen the light of day-in my not so humble opinion. fred
  10. Steve; I wonder if you happened to give the Monster a go at the local parks? Jonathan, very interesting review on the TT blog...thanks. thanks fred
  11. Dave; Bob Verish wrote an article about the SBW and mentioned me. He wanted to know where I found the pieces I had, so, he came out, camped and I gave him a short tour. On his way out he lucked into a scatter area and picked up a bunch. He later confirmed they paired with SBW. I did not mind sharing my information with him. However, he was just using me to get information and location. I asked for the coordinates to his find but he never would cough them up... he won't ever get anything else from me... fred
  12. good detecting, Dude!
  13. A few years ago someone told me that some meteorites had been found in the Dale area. I am always on the lookout for hot rocks that are actually meteorites. So when I dug a hotrock that sounded different from the many ironstones in the Dale, I examined it very closely. Back then I could still see fine detail without a magnifier- so, as soon as I cleaned it off I knew what is probably was. This happened to be in some one else's dig hole. They walked away and left it for me-thank you who ever you were. After grinding off a corner I confirmed the presence of nickel-iron and knew there might be more... I ended up with a mention in the Meteorite Bulletin as the finder of the most grams (mas) at the time... my name will live forever in that resource and the books Doug Stone has written. I think that is pretty good for a poor boy from Colorado. fred
  14. Good for Nokta for delivering! Good for you for following through with words and action! all is well...all is well fred
  15. "It is a hot rock, but they are always broken into shards, like they exploded underground" Steve, you might check carefully to be sure it is not some type of chrondrite...although,I have found a few weird hotrocks that do not not look like the usual suspects out that way... fred