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  1. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    Nice job, Chuck...go find some thing!!! fred
  2. GMT Tiny Nuggy

    nice nuggie, wtg! fred
  3. The Logistics Of Metal Detecting For Gold

    To get a good idea of the bending, kneeling and digging involved in an easy day of nugget hunting, go to a local park and dig every signal...every signal! Do this for 4 to 8 hours and see how you feel. I suggest a good, comfortable pair of knee pads or neoprene knee braces ( the ones without a hole)...this will ease a lot of the strain on your joints... Better yet, get a digger to do the work for you...a willing and well trained child or wife will do... fred
  4. Be cautious, emergencies are the sellers worst enemy and the buyer's best friend... If you can go to two or three coin shops and ask for an offer... There is or was a forum member that buys gold...don't remember who he is.... btw; ordinary dates and worn coins will only be worth spot minus their cut... maybe you should post them in the classifieds with pic's...? fred
  5. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Chuck; if it works don't worry, be happy! Testing a detector in the house or in the city is often not the best choice...way to many sources of interference... Techs usually don't have the time or inclination to try and explain their magic...like some religions you just have to accept the mystery. fred
  6. Quantus did the same thing to me...Not having my own equipment, boots and clothes cost me over a week of serious detecting...I don't need that kind of adventure!!! The rest of the trip was great. Management at Minelab , Australia has certainly become kinder and gentler since the charged me $600 dollars to fix what their las vegas Techs screwed up-several times. You certainly do come out smelling like roses, Paul. fred
  7. 15 Pieces For The Zed

    nice gold...appears your 19 inch make-a-man of you... has a bright future. fred
  8. Jeff Williams Video

    he is too hyper for me...but, there are a few nuggets to be found in his show...you just have to mentally shovel a lot of overburden ...or not. That is why we get to choose... fred
  9. Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Too true...there are often variations from one machine to another. However, if there is a great difference, comparing is often the only way to know. fred
  10. Rye Patch - The Struggle

    nice job, Lucky...where was your crew? fred
  11. Gold And Quicksands

    The science of quicksand/gravel is pretty interesting...apparently the right combination of sand/gravel, organic material and an up-flow of water can cause this... The experts say to relax and swim your way out... When I was young I tried to make quicksand but never got it right...
  12. Pieter Heydelaar

    Through second hand info I believe he winters in Quartzsite, Az, hits the Tucson Gem Show and....that is all I sort-of-know. fred
  13. Koss Headphones

    Mitchel; I use the speakers that come with Jp's amp...before that I used Montana Bob's dual speakers, which I still have... The one problem with having the wm, enhancer and two speakers is that the 7000 picks them up and you can get some kind of feed-back on the set-up. fred
  14. glad I looked at the article...you never know what a dog will lick... go ahead and burn this Steve...I can't help myself!!!!
  15. even those that hate whiners have to get some out....once in a while.... I have had no problems. thank you, as always for this forum and all your effort! fred