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  1. found Flak; if I knew all the great stuff Steve and JP know...first, I would be smart and second I would have written that wonderful explanation Steve just wrote! I will be adding this to my notebook. And finally, I used doc's settings, norms setting, lunks settings, Jonathan Porter's (80% of the time). The only settings I could not tolerate is Steve's-they really are insane setting! What ever works, it is a big universe! and factory default...I have found bits of gold with them all.
  2. when in doubt use less rather than more... fred
  3. Steve, thank you for this forum and for leaving this up. fred
  4. yes, it pays to be specking while detecting...very nice! fred
  5. good could have plugged the headphones into the gpz....I always have a spare set in my pack... Sony mdr- j10 with a 1/4 adaptor....they take little space and work as well as any headphone I have ever used. The cord is too short to put directly in the detector but a short adaptor would solve that. Or when you get a signal shorten the shaft on the is a bother but better than not using the detector. But wait! there is more, you can wear a broad brimmed hat and hear outside noises. Of course you don't have rattlesnakes, mountain lions, bears or bigfoots sneaking up on you in NZ... fred
  6. I just received an email form Roger Dyer's wife Sue. Roger has had chronic medical problems and is in the Hospital. All good thoughts will be appreciated by him and family. I don't have any details, just a prayer request. fred For those that don't know Roger he is the finest sort of human. Roger has educated and assisted many...I wish him all the best. Steve, I know this doesn't fit the forum but if you could just leave up for a few days, please.
  7. I have hunted wherever I see those trumpet plants...I do not think I have ever found a nugget in, under or around them...but, there is always hope! fred
  8. Mining the investors has always been very profitable. As has mining the miners! fred
  9. It is a sorry world but you got the dirty end of the stick...sorry for your loss. I have no idea where you are or where you bought that machine...hopefully you have some recourse... fred
  10. makes me dizzy to look at...but, I have special problems... fred
  11. You might think that from a picture...they can drive you nuts! In the Northern Territory the flies work the day shift and the mosquitos work the nightshift...I had to drink my beer through the mask! If the wind is blowing they settle down or if it is cold. fred
  12. nice chrondrites, Lunk...many gold hunters would toss those away. this is my only Oz meteorite found near Halls Creek and on loan at the Bathurst Observatory, Australia. fred
  13. Yes, stand up for the right! I rarely post on the Oz forum but when I see the dogs attacking the wolf I have to jump in...not that JP is unable to take care of his self... from thousands of miles away, we got your back, Jonathan. fred
  14. hype ain't new...for years every new model from Garrett (to name one) was touted to go 20% deeper than the previous model...I think they were correct if all you wanted to find was iron... fred