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  1. No Tracks Since The Upgrade - GPZ

    Ok, so I am an idiot... my life and sojourn in the world would be sooooo much easier if I only had a brain. Steve, feel free to slap me when we meet again...however, not too hard. Thank you all for herding me back on the correct path to happy hunting...all I had to do was pay a little more attention to the icons and the manual! fred
  2. Most Effective 19 Inch Coil Cover

    Nice job! how did you attach it to the coil??? fred
  3. well, someone might pay extra for the feminine touch.... fred
  4. Unexpected Way To Pay For The 19" Coil

    norm, just treat the result as a positive...very nice specie!
  5. When I sold my 5000, it went with several coils, the new minelab harness that came with the 7000 and some other stuff. The sale price was no where near the retail price paid for it all. When I sell it is because I want to be done with what I am done with...that usually means some one got a real good deal. Nontheless, I was happy to lighten my load and they were happy to shoulder the burden.
  6. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Thanks, Steve; I did just put the broked pieces in a plactic box...seemed to work...now I will have two...a whole and a lot of pieces. fred
  7. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    wow, Klunker, that really would have been exciting.... Thanks for all suggestions, comments and lessons-so much to learn. fred
  8. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    no worries, I ordered another... just for fun I will glue this broked one back together and see if it works... fred
  9. No Tracks Since The Upgrade - GPZ

    I will have to check the settings...I don't remember what I did when the thing was new...it just worked. So, I will do some homework...some problems are always because I am me...oh, well! fred
  10. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    thanks, Klunker; what happened to my death-defying ride in your jeep...I waited sooooooooooo long for you... haha fred
  11. So, just one more issue during my Outing... I have been in the habit of tossing my ferrite on the ground...foolish me. They break into many pieces...so no more tossing... I wonder if the ring can be super glued back to one piece and function correctly? Or is it more like a metal ring that no longer gives the same signal once the circle is broke? Or do I need a new one? so many questions.... fred
  12. No Tracks Since The Upgrade - GPZ

    Hi Steve; I reset the gps to enhanced. The gps did work and I could mark wp and fp's...however the tracks which would normally show whether I was saving a geotrail or not, did not appear, ever... twice, I reset the whole system and set every thing up per spec...no tracks.I am thinking the machine is slipping into those nefarious intermittent problems..like me getting older not everything is as it should be... That is correct, Jennifer...but, I don't think the upgrade allows the x-2 at this time.... fred
  13. No Tracks Since The Upgrade - GPZ

    Thanks, Jennifer, no uploading of maps possible....I just meant the map button on the gpz that takes you to the tracks and grid.... fred
  14. While up in the Sierra for a WSPA Outing I used my gpz. I had not used it since I did the upgrade. When I pushed the map button the man-icon came up but there were no tracks. The unit would mark a point and display it but no tracks to see where I had wandered. I also noticed the unit would not return to correct threshold in a timely manner. Nor did the other functions always work correctly... two different issues I think. What say yea? fred
  15. Metal Detecting Olympics

    Mitchel; perhaps you could contact various dealers and manufacturers to gauge interest. A formal written proposal with most of the ground rules done might help. I believe there once was a Treasure Hunters Gathering back when Fred Brust and others were around...that would be the place for this event. You have many good ideas there...good luck getting manufacturers to actually go head to head... Too many moving parts for me to play... fred