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  1. use the biggest coil which would be the 705 and 15 inch coil...almost any detector should find iron at that depth...unless they are stainless steel... You did not ask but I would do a grid of 2 feet apart and the at right angles two feet...also people often mis-remember so do a little extra.... fred
  2. GPZ Memories...classic!

    so, what is the story? I love WA! where and when were you guys there-assuming that from the title... fred
  3. No way to get in shape for altitude except to live it...or be prepared to slow way down... How you doing, DD? fred
  4. I don't use a classifier, however a 1/4 inch is a good addition.... actually, I don't pan anymore...just detect, but when I did.... fred
  5. I like the Garrett Gravity Trap...you would have to really screw up to lose gold from it... The "new" Minelab gold pan looks pretty good to... If I was buying a new one I would get the Minelab kit... fred
  6. Headphone Amplifiers

    None to my knowledge...the enhancer would have to be part of the water proof headphones...I don't know if the DepthMaster company is still in biz but you could look them up and ask... I hope my memory has not screwed up the name fred
  7. Equinox First Gold Nugget Photos

    Very nice, Jonathan! I have ordered an Equinox. The multi-purpose and weight will be a nice relief. However, I agree a small coil does require a different mind-set than the 14" or 19 " GPZ... hope they get one to me soon fred
  8. Headphone Amplifiers

    I have only played with the Gold Monster while helping my buddy Jeff. I doubt anyone needs audio enhancement with that detector. We went out twice for only a few hours, in a well worked spot and found three little nuggets...if you call 1 grain a nugget... At any rate, be careful if you use an enhancer with the Gold Monster 1000! fred
  9. Headphone Amplifiers

    I have always used enhancers...I love Jonathan Porters dual speaker system. It can be used without the speakers...or with one speaker...or with headphones. I would not run my gpz without one. Way back when; I used DepthMaster headphones on my Gold Bug 2...and other detectors. I don't have damaged ears but at 67 they are a bit used...haha! fred
  10. Pretty amazing. And, you have turned the process into a hobby of sorts. fred
  11. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    Because I can... fred
  12. Comparison Videos - This Versus That?

    TOO much work for me...I just wait for Steve to tell me what he likes and why...then I wait and think until he has another one in hand...dang, I think he has finally solved the problem... I hope it all works out with the Equinox... fred
  13. Endings And New Beginnings

    "but if I had to choose just one and ditch the rest, Equinox is the one for me." Such exuberance! Would that include your gpz or are you speaking vlf detectors... thanks for all you do, Steve! fred
  14. Metal Detecting Near Yuma

    SWPA has claims on the California side...there is bureau of reclamation land on the other side. Much of the area is Military... why not send Condor a P.M. and ask him directly. fred
  15. Metal Detecting Near Yuma

    I think Beatup is trying to protect Condor's gold reserves...for when he isn't high-grading the wilds of mexico. fred