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  1. Happy that you made it there...good luck! I wish I was there swatting flys, checking for hidden nastys and generally having a wonderful time! fred
  2. The gold is in being in OZ...nuggets are icing on the pasty! (an Australian meat pie or other filling) fred
  3. he is too big for peacock...Giant Emu is the thing!
  4. I had a truck that would only start after being roundly cursed with drywaller hanger bad words...give it a try! fred
  5. A sifter is a far better option...for house fires, 3/8 inch mesh..... Terrible tragedy.... fred
  6. That is great news, Paul!!! WTG Minelab! Paul, last time I seen you, you had a trailer... I know you are wanderer and vagabond...I wrongly assumed that you might have a living room in said trailer that some neighbor could peek mistake. Good hunting to you and Norvic! fred
  7. Man, that is in fantastic condition...what a great find! fred
  8. just one more thing, DS...I would grind the real sharp corners off the scoop and the pick...just round them off. It will still hurt if you fall on it, but, it might not slice into your side... of course, not falling is the best option. fred
  9. oh the temptation is hard to resist...but, I will. Modifying equipment to suit the user and the need is always good. fred
  10. I love my hermit pick! I have the medium size for most things and the Big one for heavy duty digging. Bill Southern carries them-I think. And Bunk had a website...or has... I carry mine on my hip and slightly behind, otherwise the swing to the left picks up the pick using my GPZ-14. The corners are very sharp, as is the point. I have had mine forever...I did take the handle out and reinstall it to remove the is not a pry-bar! Oh, the hoe side can sling-shot debris right back at you if you try prying bedrock with the corners... The best all-round pick ever for my uses. fred
  11. Excellent results, as usual. You rarely mention having any company or competition. Are nugget hunting detectorists a rare item in NZ? beautiful country!!! fred
  12. I dread to think of the work in digging that least the target was gold not junk... Lucky, what is that white collar on your detector rod? fred
  13. I am curious , Paul; was the gpz control box in your checked bags that got delayed? Or, did you have it in your carry-on? If you showed it to customs and laid it down they surely would return it to you... Of course if you think you left it home maybe someone could go look for you... I know what a mess not having my "stuff" made of the first week on Mark's are not nearly as agitated as I was... hope it all comes together for you fred
  14. nice fish, nice gold...good boy! fred